Organ Mountain Solar & Electric review

Solar energy systems for homes and businesses are the company's area of expertise. Organ Mountain Solar & Electric is a renewable energy provider. They provide a variety of services, including specialized design, setup, and maintenance, as well as energy-saving options that are catered to their client's requirements. With decades of combined expertise in the solar energy industry, their team can provide the best quality work at the most affordable costs.

Organ Mountain Solar & Electric overview

Solar energy systems for homes and businesses are the company's area of expertise. Organ Mountain Solar & Electric is a renewable energy provider. They provide a variety of services, including specialized design, setup, and maintenance, as well as energy-saving options that are catered to their client's requirements. With decades of combined expertise in the solar energy industry, their team can provide the best quality work at the most affordable costs.

What Organ Mountain Solar & Electric has to say about itself

Organ Mountain Solar & Electric serves both commercial and residential clients in the region with solar and energy solutions. Our mission is to meet your renewable energy requirements in a way that is most convenient for you. Both grid-connected and off-grid options are available from our company. Our solar goods are of the greatest quality, and they are proudly made in New Mexico. To guarantee you get the greatest solar solution for your home or business, our team of experienced specialists is committed to delivering the best customer care possible and a comprehensive menu of services.

Organ Mountain Solar & Electric Solar Review

Year Started2019
Service AreasNM
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Construction, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries and lead acid batteries.

Organ Mountain Solar & Electric website review

Overall, Organ Mountain Solar & Electric's main website is well-designed and simple to use. It offers comprehensive details about the services and goods they provide, their costs, and their customer service. The website also has a news section with contact information and the most recent information about their activities. It exhibits a degree of professionalism and dependability since it is structured and straightforward. The webpage is generally quite reliable. It offers trustworthy information about the business and its offerings and is continuously updated. The business seems respectable because of its good reputation, accolades, and accomplishments. In addition, if you have any inquiries or issues, you may get in touch with their responsive customer care staff.

Organ Mountain Solar & Electric price policy

PackagesInstallation Package: starts at $4,000, System Maintenance Package: starts at $250, Solar Plus Storage Package: starts at $4,750, Battery Backup Package: starts at $3,500, System Optimization Package: starts at $750, Custom Ground Mount Systems: starts at $8,000, Solar Carport/Canopy Package: starts at $12,000, Electrical Panel Replacement: starts at $2,400
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) as well as PayPal and check.
Payment discounts0-5% Discount for Prepayment and/or Cash Payment on All Installs & Repairs, 5% Discount for Bulk Purchasing, 5-10% Discount for General Contractors & Property Managers, 5-15% Discount for Veterans, 10-15% Discount for Referrals, 10-20% Discount for Solar System Maintenance, 10-25% Discount for Non-Profit Organizations, 10% Discount for Senior Discounts

Organ Mountain Solar & Electric online reputation

Consumer opinions of Organ Mountain Solar & Electric have been mostly divided. Some consumers have expressed satisfaction with the process of installing solar or electric services, praising the staff's expertise and politeness. Others have criticized things like long lines and exorbitant costs. Many delighted customers have praised the company's commitment to customer satisfaction and usage of cutting-edge technologies.
"Dishonesty, ineptitude, and callousness are the bedrock of this organization. We are "still waiting on inspection," yet they said I could sign over my solar when I sold my house, and now I can't. This will set me back more than $100,000. I called them once a day for two weeks and got the same canned replies. Stay far away from them!" - Dean R.
"I was thrilled at the prospect of discovering a solar energy provider capable of lowering our costly monthly electricity expenses. Oh, I was really let down! The young salesman that visited our home was terrific. Even though he works for them, I can't say that I hold him responsible for what happened to me. He asked us to sign on after hearing the lads' presentation. Although it seemed promising, I told him I needed some time to consider the data before responding. Things started to go bad after that. He was dissatisfied with it and suggested I read all eight pages straight now. He then claimed he needed to speak with his manager since I was not budging. The tone of the conversation led me to believe that his superior was attempting to get him to exert undue pressure on us. I like that he was honest with his superior about his intentions. As a result, as he started getting ready to go, I assumed he was going to email me the proposal and ask whether I wanted to meet up with him. The week has passed, and I still haven't received anything or heard anything from Organ Mountain. The point of this very detailed critique is simple: DO NOT USE Organ Mountain." - Lane H.
"The Organ Mountain company is really really really unprofessional. I start my process in November of 2022 and on March/23 they install it, but till now is not hooked up, and has not produced anything. They never come to finish the inspection and I have been calling them for more than a month, with no answer when they will schedule our inspection, they always have the same excuse, as they will reach out to us when they have the date. I'm very very disappointed with this company, I do not recommend it to anyone." - Allen O.
"I had high hopes for this firm since they were the only ones who promise to cut down two trees blocking our roof so we could install solar panels. Unfortunately, the salesperson has departed, promising to submit the contracts as soon as possible. They weren't turned in for another 6 months. They received inspections really rapidly, but there is a bug in the system that they never saw or bothered to rectify through their monitoring infrastructure. I called, and they advised me to try turning it off and on again in the hopes it will solve the problem. Because I am not a trained solar technician, I had to plead with the service company to send someone who was. Don't bother talking to these "phone jockeys," and I mean no offense. Hire a supervisor first. Never, ever, under any circumstances, choose Organ Mountain! Whenever possible, avoid using them. Additionally, the tree service they hired damaged my fence and vehicle without warning or compensation." - Declan V.
"This firm will tell you anything to get your money. They put our solar panels in September 2021, and it's now the end of February. We were promised that our system will be up and running within three months. Organ Mountain told me they had completed all paperwork and were only waiting for PSE&G to install the meter, but when I called PSE&G, I was told that they had not. After seven months, they "trimmed" down a few lower limbs from one tree and informed me that was all they needed to do, even though the seller had assured me that two trees would be taken down. There is no Better Business Bureau rating for them, and in my opinion, they are a fraud." - Raul S.
"There is no need to look farther for solar energy solutions. The solar and electric company at Organ Mountain rocks! Their service was excellent from beginning to end. They promise to take care of you and really do it. From the earliest cost estimations to the last installment, every member of their team is very skilled. Moreover, they are regional; all of the employees are natives of LC (excluding the Land of Maana mentality). They don't do much in the way of promotion, but you can tell they're top-notch simply by looking at their score here. I think they're due it. I would be the first to choose the 6-star choice if it were available." - Brock G.
"What a fantastic group of men! For someone like myself who doesn't know much about solar, their explanations were incredibly useful. There was never a dull moment, and everyone I spoke with was helpful and kind. The fact that they are based out of the area is a huge plus. They sent me the finished tax credit applications on schedule and I was able to submit them with ease. The fact that I wasn't rushed into making a choice was the nicest part. Other offers I'd had were even pushier, offering incentives like money for installing their app or giving me a cut of future sales in exchange for client names. Who ends up footing the bill for all that, though? You!" - Armando E.
"After researching many solar energy providers in the El Paso/Las Cruces region, I settled on Organ Mountain Solar and Electric. I was impressed by their website's portfolio of completed projects, which included municipal initiatives. Their massive ground-based 10kw solar system, which complied with neighborhood covenants and maximized solar power production, was designed and placed using cutting-edge drone technology and computer algorithms. Their dedication to their job and expertise wowed me. I'd suggest it to anybody concerned about the environment who also wants to significantly reduce their monthly power bill." - Trent N.
"El Paso Electric and the local utility will do their final inspection in a few weeks after Organ Mt Solar finished construction. Organ Mountain Solar has been great to work with, and they delivered on time as promised. The employees really care about doing good job, and it shows. I like that they are a local business with a solid reputation, that they take pleasure in their job, that they are fast to react to queries, and that they are 'dog friendly' throughout the installation process. We can't sing their praises highly enough!" - Tristen L.
"After conducting some research on solar panel providers, I decided that Organ Mountain Solar Company was the best option for me. You can get the highest quality at the lowest possible price from them. For the highest standard of quality, reliability, and professionalism, as well as consistently warm and helpful customer service. Furthermore, they are always willing to assist you in any way they can. You can trust them since they are upfront and honest about everything from the get-go. No holes in the roof, plus they treat you like family. I can understand why they were chosen as the 2021 winners. Much appreciation to Organ Mountain Solar. Please continue your excellent job." - Julio E.

Organ Mountain Solar & Electric Social media
A reliable source of information is the Facebook page for Organ Mountain Solar & Electric. It is well-managed, with a slick, professional appearance, and outstanding ratings. The page has plenty of interactions, likes, and followers, which shows how well-liked it is overall. It includes picture galleries of solar-powered houses, information on energy output from past clients, and access to other helpful resources including employment listings. As a customer-focused solar energy supplier, the website provides precise and current advice. Customers are also invited to give comments, which Organ Mountain Solar & Electric will consider while supplying solar energy.
Users looking to learn more about solar power may find reliable and well-liked information about it on the LinkedIn profile of Organ Mountain Solar & Electric. With 110 followers, the business has a sizable client base that can attest to the quality of its work. The website highlights notable projects and clients that Organ Mountain Solar & Electric has assisted and has an appealing banner and simple style. The company's media and blog articles provide information about its goods and services as well as current developments in solar energy. The website presents a trustworthy and expert appearance thanks to recommendations from well-known customers. Consider connecting with Organ Mountain Solar & Electric on LinkedIn if you're interested in using solar energy.
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Organ Mountain Solar & Electric average reviews

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Organ Mountain Solar & Electric Pros & Cons

  • Affordable Solutions
  • Professional Installation
  • Dedicated Service
  • Lack of Experience
  • Financial Instability
  • Limited Capacity

Organ Mountain Solar & Electric Final Conclusions

New Mexico is home to Organ Mountain Solar & Electric, a provider of residential services. Solar panel installation and electrical panel improvements are only two of the many sustainable energy services they provide. Customers have given this business top marks for its expert service, knowledgeable employees, and high-quality goods.

Organ Mountain Solar & Electric locations

Main Address400 S. Compress Ste. D Las Cruces, NM 88005
Phone Number5752881792

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