Anderson Solar Controls review

By helping others install the solar themselves and so reducing labor expenses, we are enabling more people to go solar. DIYers and general contractors have completed the previous triumphs in this area. We provide the plan, the license, the solar equipment, and a few training hours on the roof.

Anderson Solar Controls overview

By helping others install the solar themselves and so reducing labor expenses, we are enabling more people to go solar. DIYers and general contractors have completed the previous triumphs in this area. We provide the plan, the license, the solar equipment, and a few training hours on the roof.

What Anderson Solar Controls has to say about itself

We at Anderson Solar Controls think that by producing and preserving energy, we can create a brighter future. Each household or commercial location is thoroughly analyzed by Anderson Solar Controls, ensuring that your solar system will provide the best return and most effective use of energy. Our solar goods and services are reasonably priced and trustworthy. Let us know if your system requires repair or if your inverter needs to be replaced since recently we have been concentrating more on the service industry. Because of our strong relationships with our suppliers, we can provide a wide range of equipment solutions.

Anderson Solar Controls Review

Year Started2001
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Energy Auditing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsPhotovoltaic panels, and thermal panels, monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries
CertificationsNot specified

Anderson Solar Controls website review

For a company that sells solar control systems, Anderson Solar Controls' website, located at, seems to be professional and well-designed. Thanks to its clean, modern design and mostly blue background, the website has an attractive and polished look. The navigation features clearly identified areas like "Home," "Products," "Services," "About Us," and "Contact Us" for an easy user experience. Along with a succinct title and a call to action button, the website has a large banner advertising one of their sun protection products. The company's core services are featured in sections titled "Expert Installation Services" and "Solar Management Solutions." In the sections under Products and Services, Anderson Solar Controls provides information on the solar control choices available. Due to the presence of a contact form, a phone number, and an address on the "Contact Us" page, customers may easily get in touch with the company. The contact information also has a visual component in the form of a map showing the location of the business. On the website, you may find links to the business' Facebook and other social media profiles. Overall, the website of Anderson Solar Controls effectively showcases its solar control devices, provides insightful information, and has a user-friendly design.

Anderson Solar Controls price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $30,000 or more
Payment optionsCredit or Debit Card, Bank Transfer, PayPal, Financing Options
Payment discountsFinancing discounts

Anderson Solar Controls online reputation

Anderson Solar Controls is a trusted solar panel installer and maintainer. Clients praised the company's expertise, experience, and offerings. Brian's skill, timeliness, and kindness were noted. The company's swift problem-solving and willingness to go the extra mile demonstrate their customer service dedication. Anderson Solar Controls fixed solar array and inverter issues quickly and for free. The company also helps consumers with third-party solar panel systems. Anderson Solar Controls is also known for its affordable solutions. The reviews were mostly favourable, but some were negative. Some clients have complained about timeliness, unprofessionalism, and communication issues, resulting in poor results. Anderson Solar Controls has a good reputation as a reputable and competent solar panel supplier, and Brian is a skilled and trustworthy employee. Like every business, it can improve to provide a consistently great client experience. Potential clients should carefully examine the company's services and approach before making a selection.
"Anderson Solar Controls's service met my expectations. The installers showed up on schedule and did a good job. However, I was hoping for more information on the efficiency and cost savings of solar panels. experience." - Boris
"Unfortunately, my experience with Anderson Solar Controls was not positive. The editing crew was not only late, but they also trashed my house. Furthermore, I had trouble getting in touch with their support personnel, even for routine system upkeep questions. A credible solar provider should have handled my needs with more consideration and expertise." - Alex
"My solar panel installation by Anderson Solar Controls was a mistake. The installation personnel appeared disorganized and incompetent, causing delays throughout the procedure. The panels they put in were flawed, so now we now have to deal with frequent power surges. It was hard for them to go back and rectify the issues, and the system's general dependability is in question." - Ed
"We are glad we went with Anderson Solar Controls and specifically Brian for our solar panel installation, and we are more happier that our choice to go solar has saved us so much money. Brian was really polite and competent. He arrived on time and finished the work before it was due. When our inverter developed a problem (due to faulty circuitry), Brian came out immediately, coordinated with the manufacturer to have a new one sent to us, and then installed it at no extra charge. That seemed to convey a lot to me. I have no qualms in suggesting Anderson Solar Controls to others, and I have already done so." - Jack
"Ten years ago, I made a purchase from a different solar panel manufacturer. Brian guided me through the process of having the manufacturer repair my damaged current panels at no additional expense. Before talking to Brian, I had no clue this was even possible, so please accept my sincere gratitude. Exceptional service, recommended." - William
"Over the course of more than a decade, I have had the pleasure of Brian Anderson's punctual, affordable, and expert service on my Solar Controls. He not only installs new things, but he also does AMAZING maintenance and repairs. Two other customers utilized him just across the street shortly after we installed our system. Anderson Solar Controls comes highly recommended by me for PV system setup and maintenance." - Harold
"Allow me to add my own praise to the pile. Anderson Solar stands out in a field filled with highly skilled competitors. As seen by his precise sun and shadow calculations, extensive knowledge of panel manufacturers, and punctual, affordable installations, Brian is a solar power all-star. Brian, who handles all of the company's marketing, sales, and design in-house, can provide a lower profit margin and more reasonable price than his competitors. The home system he created for us was the most cost-effective option. When it came to getting the system to run at its optimal efficiency—at about 85%—Brian was a huge help. Finding the sweet spot between system output, inverter type and rating, and expenditure may be challenging for anybody thinking about installing solar panels. Brian spelled out the possibilities, explored the alternatives, and now we have a fully functional system thanks to his efforts." - Ellianna
"The solar power system that Brian installed here has been up and running for a little over a year now. In a nutshell, the system's functionality and dependability have far beyond our anticipations. This period of the year did have an excess of electricity production, perhaps because of the unusually warm winter we had. Our intended design would have us create exactly as much energy as we use in a "normal" year." - Ned

Anderson Solar Controls Social media
Due to its small fan base and little activity, Anderson Solar Controls' Facebook page looks to be rather new. The main focus of the page is advertising the company's solar control goods and services. The company's basic and elegantly designed logo is shown in the profile photo. The image on the cover, which showcases the business's proficiency in solar control systems, is of a solar panel installation. There are hardly many postings on the page, and those that are there are largely advertisements for the company's goods and services. However, the posting frequency is really low, which may have an impact on reach and engagement. The page's freshness and little content may be to blame for the poor engagement rate. A minimal number of likes, comments, and reposts appear under the content. This implies that neither considerable traction nor devoted fans have been attracted to the page yet. There do not seem to be any publicly accessible answers to user requests or comments on the website. Building trust and credibility with customers requires a company to actively interact with its audience and to react to requests or criticism as soon as possible. There is no testimonials area on the website, which may be a wasted chance to include commendable feedback from happy consumers. The Facebook page for Anderson Solar Controls is still in its infancy and has few followers and interaction. account not registered
YouTube channel not registered

Anderson Solar Controls average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews23


Anderson Solar Controls Pros & Cons

  • Punctuality and Timely Completion
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Optimal System Efficiency
  • Inconsistent Customer Experience
  • Quality Control Concerns
  • Limited Support Accessibility

Anderson Solar Controls Final Conclusions

For its work in solar panel installation and maintenance, Anderson Solar Controls has typically established a solid reputation. In the solar energy industry, Anderson Solar Controls has established itself as a trustworthy and skilled participant. Customers frequently laud the company's expertise and background. Positive comments regarding punctuality, on-time project delivery, and cost-effective solutions show that the business is dedicated to offering its clients a high level of service. One thing that sets Anderson Solar Controls apart is our dedication to providing superior customer service. The business's reputation is not without blemishes, though. Numerous unfavorable customer comments highlight potential areas for development. Some areas of the business' operations might be improved, according to worries about service instability, installation quality control problems, and communication problems with customer support. Overall, a substantial section of Anderson Solar Controls' clientele seems to have acquired their confidence and excellent remarks. Their performance and standing in the solar sector as a whole has been positive, and pleased clients value their knowledge and dedication to offering dependable solar solutions. To retain and improve their reputation over time, they must solve the issues raised in the unfavorable evaluations, though.

Anderson Solar Controls locations

Main Address1 Jonathan Way, Scotts Valley CA, 95066
Phone Number8314399448

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