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Bella Solar is a globally recognized provider of comprehensive solar energy solutions to residential and business clients nationwide. They want to assist consumers save money and producing green energy from solar panels with the support of a team of knowledgeable energy professionals and hassle-free installation. From initial consultation through panel installation and maintenance services, they provide everything.

Bella Solar overview

Bella Solar is a globally recognized provider of comprehensive solar energy solutions to residential and business clients nationwide. They want to assist consumers save money and producing green energy from solar panels with the support of a team of knowledgeable energy professionals and hassle-free installation. From initial consultation through panel installation and maintenance services, they provide everything.

What Bella Solar has to say about itself

A business with a passion for offering clean and sustainable energy solutions is Bella Solar. Our goal is to increase everyone's access to and affordability of solar energy options. Bella Solar is the ideal option because of our dedication to providing high-quality goods, competent customer service, and creative methods to lessen our clients' environmental impact.

Bella Solar Review

Year Started2005
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, UL, CanSIA, TSSA, MCS, NEIS

Bella Solar website review

Customers may find a wealth of information about Bella Solar, its products, plan options, and customer care on the company's official website, The website is simple to use and is packed with visual aids such as diagrams and photos that detail the company's products and how they're installed. You may read what previous customers have to say about the firm and its offerings in the reviews area of the website. Customers may go through answers to commonly asked questions regarding solar energy on the site. The website also has a blog where experts provide their insights on the latest developments in the sector. Given the depth of content and breadth of accessible support resources, Bella Solar's website provides a positive first impression.

Bella Solar price policy

PackagesStandard Package - Starts at $4,500, Premium Package - Starts at $5,995, Solar+ Battery Package - Starts at $9,995, Super Value Solar Package - Starts at $7,995, SolarLite Package - Starts at $2,895, Smart Solar Monitoring - Starts at $350, Solar Design & Installation - Starts at $2,500, Solar Maintenance - $200/year
Payment optionsMajor credit and debit cards, as well as personal checks and bank transfers
Payment discountsBulk Purchases: 10%, Referrals: 5%, Military Discount: 10%, Senior Citizen Discount: 5%, Promotional Discounts: Varies

Bella Solar online reputation

The majority of Bella Solar's clients are pleased with the work they've done. The firm has been praised for its high-quality installations and attentive customer care. The company's friendly staff and team of specialists have been praised by many satisfied consumers. However, some clients have complained that there was too much downtime between communicating and beginning jobs. However, Bella Solar has and will continue to deliver excellent service.
The panels went up in February of 2022, while the installation was originally scheduled for December of that year. Not happening; I've asked around. Panels were placed on February 20, 2022, and I was told that the firm would be contacting the county in my region to schedule an inspection for February or April of that year. When I phoned the county, however, I was informed that no one had called to schedule an appointment, so I made one myself. Day We are at our wits' end! From the days of the salesman until the present. The first payment is due shortly, and the electricity provider has lied to us repeatedly. This is not acceptable. These Panels Do Not Come In Low Cost - Braylon R.
Where to even start? If there was a way to rate them lower than zero, I would. If you look at the numerous places where the firm owner has rated himself, you can see that he consistently gives himself high marks for ethics and honesty. You will regret working with this firm and end up worse off financially if you choose them to install your solar panels. We paid them to set up a $70,000 system. Poor quality of work is obvious. A very unprofessional demeanor. It's been six months and the project is STILL not done. Getting them to pay for the harm they did requires me to submit complaints to the appropriate authorities and in court. Incorrect installation of system components; 10 out of 20 panels are inoperable owing to faulty wiring. The power the system does generate goes unrecognized because an operating agreement has not been finalized with PG&E. We've already spent over $70,000 on a poorly installed and inoperable system, and the company won't complete it unless we pay the remaining balance. Remember this, too. - Drake M.
The worst business I've ever dealt with, period. The installation seemed like a joke to me, and I'm a licensed electrician. The conduit lines were poor and very visible, and the whole thing looked unsightly. In several places, they utilized the incorrect hardware and materials and improvised to make it work. They damaged the roof by improperly installing the panels, leading to massive leaks and the destruction of large portions of decking. When I bought it, they said removal, reinstallation, and maintenance of the panels would be free. Two years later, when it was time to repair my roof, they gave me a figure for $5,300 to do both. Even after I sold the house and the solar panels that came with it, the new owner keeps sending me letters about how they are behind on their payments. I have spoken with seven different persons who have all assured me that the problem is inside the new owner's billing system. Worried that I'll be the one sent to collections if the present owner doesn't pay the bill. You should not in any way endorse them. When people ask me for advice on solar energy, I always warn them to avoid using Bella Solar because of how terrible it is. - Lukas G.
The worst solar business ever. At first, we were assured that having our solar panels removed would not cost us anything if our roof ever needed to be rebuilt. We were recently informed of an almost $6,000 bill. For two hours of labor, going from free to $165 is insane. Our next-door neighbors also use Bella Solar, and they've had nothing but trouble with it. If you're on the market for a new solar energy provider, you should probably go elsewhere. - Roberto B.
When I tell them I'm not interested, this is the second time they've been incredibly disrespectful and persistent when they come to my door. Today, after politely declining, I was asked, Well, can I speak to your husband instead?" This goes against all standards of decency and ought to be stopped immediately. After the fifth time I politely declined, I stated, "I don't want to, and I'm working right now," to which he responded, "Well fine then I guess," before storming out. He first posed as a PNM member in an attempt to gain sway in the bill's debate. Lie intended to get me to confide in him. Bella Solar's business practices are unethical, and its salespeople are overbearing. This is the second time a Bella Solar salesperson has made me feel threatened and uneasy." - Kate L.
Excellent team that always keeps in touch and provides excellent results. During escrow on the sale of my home, it was revealed that a new roof was required. We ran into some unforeseen expenses, and we had to work quickly to have the new roof installed before escrow closed. Kevin, the company's owner, worked fast to meet our tight deadline and also found us the best price on a new roof and the removal and re-installation of our old solar panels. Bella did a fantastic job restoring the functionality and aesthetic appeal of my solar panels after I had them removed. From start to finish, the follow-through was impeccable. Bella Solar, you are much appreciated! - Jeffrey W.
My installation was supposed to be simple, but it turned out to be everything but that since some of the equipment they put in place turned out to require new components. It was a brand-new set, never previously put to use, and it proved to need somewhat different wiring during installation. To cut a long tale short, they had to keep coming back (which they DID) until it finally worked properly. They paid a price for this, and it didn't go down the way any of us had hoped, but they stuck with it and ultimately delivered the desired results. - Raymond K.
In September of last year, I had Bella Solar install solar panels for me, and the process was flawless. The exceptional follow-up service I got over the weekend is the only focus of my evaluation. This past Friday, when significant rains pounded the San Diego region, we discovered a leak in our roof. I phoned Bella Solar because I was promised a leak-free roof and they refused to fix it. They called me back right away to assure me that they would be out as soon as the rain stopped. The following day, they showed up as scheduled and fixed the two leaks in various places over the roof, including some spots far from where the solar panels had been put, assuring us that we are here for you for the long haul." Wow, that's fantastic!" - Erik P.
We concluded that Bella had the greatest combination of value, quality, and customer service among all the businesses. I discovered that there are a lot of dealers" out there and that hiring a top-notch contractor is the best course of action. The success of our solar installation makes us very delighted." - Martin S.
We are thrilled with how well Bella has executed our 70-kilowatt solar installation project. Many previous salespeople had left us feeling bewildered and unable to make a decision. When they arrived, they quickly diagnosed and fixed a few electrical problems to our satisfaction. We are completely content. You should hire these gents. - Marco A.

Bella Solar Social media
The Facebook page for the Bella Solar firm is extremely well-designed and may be trusted. The business makes a significant effort to keep its Facebook page appearing professional. Numerous client success stories, educational articles from the team, and graphics incorporated in the majority of their posts in addition to the page cover photos are all present. There are also links to their website, YouTube channel descriptions, and feedback from prior satisfied customers. The page seems to have a sizable following since each post often receives several likes and comments. Given that there is often updated content and videos to keep readers informed, the website seems to be quite well-liked by consumers. Overall, this is the site to check if you want to remain up to date with Bella Solar. account not registered
YouTube channel not registered

Bella Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews124.7


Bella Solar Pros & Cons

  • High Quality
  • Professional Service
  • Adaptive Solutions
  • Limited geographical reach
  • High initial cost
  • Lack of marketing

Bella Solar Final Conclusions

Bella Solar installs solar panels for homes and businesses. Customers have nothing but praise for the company, praising its quick and reliable installations as well as the knowledge and helpfulness of its employees. Bella Solar receives 4 out of 5 stars in most online reviews.

Bella Solar locations

Main Address4704 W Jennifer Avenue Suite 107, Fresno CA, 93722
Phone Number8008410393

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