Jefferson Electric review

The solving of energy issues is a passion of ours. They are very knowledgeable in the fields of electrical, solar, EV charging, and energy storage. They also have the necessary training and certifications. Excellence in the solutions we provide and constant development are important to us.

Jefferson Electric overview

The solving of energy issues is a passion of ours. They are very knowledgeable in the fields of electrical, solar, EV charging, and energy storage. They also have the necessary training and certifications. Excellence in the solutions we provide and constant development are important to us.

What Jefferson Electric has to say about itself

One of Indianapolis's small firms with the quickest growth is Jefferson Electric, which was established in 2011. By offering solar, electricity, energy storage, and EV charging services to individuals, companies, governmental agencies, and academic institutions, we are delighted to support the Greater Indianapolis community. Subaru, Furrion, The Pacers, Bloomington Fire Department, The Bikeline Indy, and Indianapolis International Airport are a few of our clients.

Jefferson Electric Solar Review

Year Started2011
Service AreasIN
Service TypesRepair, maintenance, installation and consultation
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, Tesla Powerwall Battery System
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB

Jefferson Electric website review

The website features a white backdrop, a clean and polished style, and a straightforward navigation menu at the top. The firm name and tagline are layered in a huge banner that is prominently displayed on the home page, drawing attention right away. Users can easily discover information because to the layout's clear structure. Home, Services, Projects, About, and Contacts make up the simple and clear navigation menu. The user experience is enhanced by the drop-down choices for more precise subpages that are available for each menu item. A comprehensive list of Jefferson Electric's services is available on the Services page. Examples of earlier work the business has done are shown on the Projects page. It includes pictures of finished projects and a succinct description of each one. The company's history, goals, and background are all detailed on the About page. The contact page includes details about the business, including its address, phone number, and email address. Additionally, a contact form is available for users to send questions to the business. The website's information is nicely written, succinct, and instructive overall. The company's services and beliefs are successfully communicated through the use of professional language. Included user testimonials or reviews should be enhanced, since they help raise the company's trustworthiness. The Jefferson Electric LLC website is user-friendly and has a good overall layout. It does a good job of showcasing the company's electrical work expertise, projects, and services. To further establish his trustworthiness, he can profit from including client endorsements.

Jefferson Electric price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCheck, Credit or Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards), Bank Transfer
Payment discountsNo payment discounts specified

Jefferson Electric online reputation

Customers have reported both positive and bad experiences with Jefferson Electric, leading to the overall opinion that the company has a mixed reputation. People like Matt, Rob, Nate, Joel, Drew, and their team are praised for their effort, commitment, and superior customer service; the organization has a responsive and attentive personnel. The business has extensive expertise installing solar panels, and a few clients have expressed satisfaction with the caliber of the job and the equipment employed, including Panasonic cells and SolarEdge inverters. The business is renowned for giving thorough process explanations, attempting to address client concerns, and offering excellent after-sales service. Some clients have complained about communication issues, project management issues, and delays, which may sometimes be an indication of improper collaboration and planning. Poor workmanship, damage to property (such as plastered walls and parquet floors), and filthy workplaces are all concerns. One consumer brought up a financial disagreement, highlighting possible confusion around invoicing and warranty coverage. Overall, the reviews indicate that while Jefferson Electric has qualified and devoted employees, there is still space for growth in terms of communication, project management, and job quality. To establish a positive interaction with the business, potential customers are urged to get precise bids and ask about their unique requirements in advance.
"Don't put your faith in these knuckleheads to properly install a lightbulb. Those "so-called" electricians are the worst team we've ever used. Their work was inadequate and did not meet quality standards. We had to make a punch list of things they refused to do so we could pass inspection. In order to pass inspection, we had to rectify their shoddy work ourselves. In their attempt to jokingly rewire a standard house, they managed to do incredible damage to the plaster walls and ceilings. Because of their carelessness, we had to fix more than 60 holes. Despite their Christian-sounding name, this company is about lies and theft. If Jesus were alive today, he'd use the branches of humility to whip them all down from their lofty perch of pride and into the dungeon of shame where they belong. Don't put your faith in these gypsy con artists." - Jesse
"Four of my solar panels had stopped working and required maintenance. My go-to electrician recommended Jefferson Electric, so I called them up. After waiting for a call back from Jefferson Electric for four weeks, I finally had one of their employees, Matt, come out in late October to have a look at my system. Two of my micro inverters were faulty, and my solar monitoring business told Matt of this. I asked him how much it would cost then and then and he claimed he didn't know, but when I inquired again later he said it was free because of the warranty. Ten days later, Matt replaced the inverters and we left ways, with Matt still assuring me that I was protected under warranty and without an invoice. However, Jefferson Electric sent me an invoice for $768.00 three days after the job was completed. Disoriented, I called them up; a certain Philip Field said that I'd been mislead; they apologized for the confusion; and they wanted to know whether I'd be prepared to pay 50%. After explaining to Mr. Field that I would not be paying since I was not required to do so by contract, he agreed to cancel the invoice. When the owner of the company, Joel Walsman, called me, I thought the matter was resolved. However, when he insisted that Philip lacked the authority to cancel the invoice, I suggested that I might be willing to pay the $120 for the two service calls that were performed. The number appeared to worry Mr. Walsman, so he offered $250 as a counteroffer, which I politely rejected. He then had a tantrum over the phone, saying things like "I don't know the business" and "I will refuse service in the future." You should acquire a quote from them beforehand, but their work is good." - Chris
"Even if our story is an outlier, I figured I should share it. We hired JE to rewire our entire house because of their stellar reputation, however they provided us with subpar project management and communication throughout the entire process. The project manager would constantly make excuses and dodge responsibility for any delays. Unfortunately, neither the quality of work nor the care taken with our home throughout the project met our expectations (based on their proposal and justification of pricing). Our hardwood floors now have plaster crushed into the grains and fractures. The ownership team did take our feedback into consideration once the project wrapped up, so kudos to them for that. However, we were still left feeling dissatisfied, and we are now collaborating with other businesses to address the issues that JE left unresolved." - Gary
"When they arrived to check my place, they gave me the runaround regarding the task. They assured me that everything would be at the end of the hall, but when I returned, to my chagrin, they had bypassed the entire corridor in order to get to where they said everything would be. My flat became covered in dust and trash as a result of this, since no precautions were taken to prevent it from spreading into other rooms. When you cut into someone else's stuff and then "forget" to report it, you'd think you'd at least try to be careful with them. What I mean is, even if this was a fluke, you should find a new employee. It's not worth the trouble they'll cause you to avoid them." - Norman
"Refuses to answer the phone even when it rings during working hours." - Valentine
"Fortunately, Matt and the rest of the Jefferson crew didn't choose to work with the other solar installers I interviewed with. Matt did a fantastic job of providing me everything I needed to convince my HOA to approve my solar plan, which would prioritize aesthetics without sacrificing efficiency. Matt and Rob handled the one timing issue competently, and the installation was ultimately successful. The aftercare has been excellent, which is a huge plus. anything in my array is affecting its output, and it looks to be a utility problem rather than anything Jefferson can fix. Rob keeps checking in to see whether they've found a solution so everything can run at peak efficiency. I appreciate Matt, Rob, and everyone else at Jefferson Electric for making my time there so rewarding." - Dan
"For our solar power requirements, we contracted with Jefferson Electric. Everything went well from beginning to end, with the exception of minor weather delays (which were beyond of their control). To address all of our concerns, Matt Beauchamp came as often as necessary. Matt did a fantastic job of outlining the process in its entirety. Other firms we met with did not pay nearly as much attention to us as Matt did. I appreciate it, Matt. To meet our whole yearly electricity need, we opted for a 15.2kW system. For the same reasons that led us to select Panasonic cells for our solar panels, we opted for SolarEdge inverters. The installation crew is the greatest team a client could hope for. They took as much time as was necessary to answer all of our questions before, during, and after the installation. They treated our time and space with great consideration. Before leaving for the day, they made sure everything was tidied up. During their stay at our house, I did not observe any smoking, heard no profanity, or noticed any questionable behavior. The team I was assigned to was the best possible team I could have asked for. If you need any sort of electrical or solar work done, Jefferson Electric is who you should call." - James
"The entire process was expertly handled and thoroughly explained. Nate, the salesman, was a pleasure to deal with. He promoted the goods enthusiastically but not aggressively. They told me we were getting a minor upgrade when they had to make a small change to the control panel. The nicest aspect is that they didn't raise prices after we'd already signed the deal." - Sean
"By far, my best experience with a contractor or subcontractor was with Jefferson electric. We needed some minor electrical work done on the 1910 craftsman my wife and I bought in downtown Indianapolis so that we could install a security system and connect a new doorbell. Owner Joel came out to give us an estimate in person, and he showed great empathy for our needs, scope, and budget. Chris and Andy showed up on the big day and performed flawlessly. After going through our objectives, we made some minor adjustments (more work in some areas, less work in others), and by day's end, we had actually completed less work than anticipated. They were also very skilled and helpful in working out the electrical wiring in our 110-year-old house. will be utilizing these for all my future electrical work." - Andrew
"Working with Jefferson Electric's staff has been a phenomenal experience. They're easy to get in touch with, fast to respond, reasonably priced, and always thorough and polite in their work. Both times I've had the pleasure of working with Joel and Drew and their team, they've blown me away. We have been really pleased with their work and will continue to use them and refer them. Again, I appreciate your hard work and dedication." - Frederick

Jefferson Electric Social media
With a cover photo including the company's logo and tagline, the Facebook page has a polished, professional design. Assisting in brand awareness is the fact that the profile image and website logo are identical. Posts about their projects, services, and team members are made frequently and consistently on the page. Adding to their experience and dedication, they also contribute articles and advice from the sector. The amount of likes, comments, and shares on most posts indicates that page interaction is relatively strong. Users can rate the page and post reviews in the "Reviews" section. Customers commend the business' professionalism, work ethic, and efficiency in the reviews that it receives. In order to further highlight their commitment to the neighborhood, they also announce their participation in trade exhibits or industry activities. The company's Facebook page maintains aesthetic and verbal coherence with its website's identity. Thus, a Facebook page connected to Jefferson Electric efficiently promotes their work, interacts with their followers, and offers useful electrical-related content. industry. The website has a visually appealing layout, and the business regularly interacts with clients and upholds a positive online reputation.
Jefferson Electric LLC's industry, size, and headquarters location are all listed on its LinkedIn profile. Additionally offered are a link to the business' website and contact details. Updates and news stories about the company's initiatives, services, and industry events are regularly published on the page. These postings highlight the company's expertise, its output, and any noteworthy successes. Profiles of Jefferson Electric LLC current and previous workers can be seen on their LinkedIn page. The business posts job openings and career possibilities on its LinkedIn page, which shows signs of development and growth. With likes, comments, and shares on its posts, the page often experiences a moderate degree of activity. The site's articles, suggestions, and data about the industry present the business as an educated and informed participant in the electrical sector. The LinkedIn Page highlights staff achievements, company events, and community engagement efforts to reflect the organization's culture and values. To ensure that the branding is consistent across the website and other online platforms, the page has the business logo as the profile image. To give a more visually appealing and accurate portrayal of the business, the banner image might be updated. In conclusion, Jefferson Electric LLC's LinkedIn page accurately portrays the business' operations.
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Jefferson Electric average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews564.5


Jefferson Electric Pros & Cons

  • Responsive and Attentive Staff
  • Solar Expertise
  • Aftercare Support
  • Communication Issues
  • Project Management and Delays
  • Quality of Workmanship

Jefferson Electric Final Conclusions

The quality of Jefferson Electric's output, effectiveness, and reputation seem to be uneven. The firm gets a 4.44 star rating on average. On the one hand, customers have given the company's workers high marks for responsiveness and care. Some customers also valued the company's thorough explanations, which improved their understanding of the procedure and assisted them in making defensible conclusions. The company's capability to oversee solar installations and provide ongoing assistance was also viewed favorably. However, some buyers have concerns about a few things. Conflicting information and ignored calls during business hours were mentioned as issues with communication. Customers were frustrated due to inconsistent project management and delays, which might have an impact on their level of satisfaction. Negative interactions with the firm have also come up as a consequence of billing disputes and problems with invoicing and warranty clarity. In conclusion, even though Jefferson Electric has earned praise for the experiences of some of its personnel, its solar installations, and certain facets of customer service, there are still some things that might be done better, such communication and project management, as well as the quality of the job.

Jefferson Electric locations

Main Address2950 E. Hanna Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46227
Phone Number3174183917

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