Caliber Solar review

Caliber Solar provides solar panel installation services for homes and businesses. Solar energy systems for homes, companies, and non-profits are just some of the options they provide. They provide other services including advice, design, and set up.

Caliber Solar overview

Caliber Solar provides solar panel installation services for homes and businesses. Solar energy systems for homes, companies, and non-profits are just some of the options they provide. They provide other services including advice, design, and set up.

What Caliber Solar has to say about itself

Caliber Solar are a business committed to serving our clients with reliable renewable energy options. Caliber Solar want to make sure that everyone has access to renewable energy that is both cheap and stable since we know how difficult it can be to get your hands on conventional energy sources. You may save money while reaping the benefits of clean, renewable energy with our solar solutions.

Caliber Solar Review

Year Started2004
Service AreasUT
Service TypesInstallation, system sizing, system maintenance, monitoring, and financial.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead acid, and nickel-cadmium batteries.

Caliber Solar website review

Anyone interested in learning more about the cutting-edge solar energy solutions offered by Caliber Solar may do so by visiting the company's official website, The website looks great, is simple to use, and provides all the information you need about the company and its offerings. Also included are frequently asked questions and contact details for further assistance. This website may be relied upon as an accurate and trustworthy resource. It's safe, and it's constantly updated with fresh information so users can stay abreast of breaking events.

Caliber Solar price policy

PackagesCaliber Solar Standard System - Starts at $3,499, Caliber Solar Elite System - Starts at $4,999, Caliber Solar Premium System - Starts at $6,499, Caliber Solar Elite+ System - Starts at $7,499, Caliber Solar Elite+ with Battery System - Starts at $11,999, Caliber Solar Premium+ System - Starts at $9,499, Caliber Solar Premium+ with Battery System - Starts at $13,999, Caliber Solar Commercial System - Starts at $19,999
Payment optionsCash, checks, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), and bank transfers.
Payment discountsNew Customer Discount - 10%, Referral Discount - 5%, Military Discount - 10%, Senior Citizen Discount - 5%, Multi System Discount - 5%

Caliber Solar online reputation

Caliber Solar has mostly received good feedback from its satisfied consumers. Customers have said that Caliber Solar is competent and does a great job promptly. A satisfied patron spoke about the helpfulness and friendliness of the employees. However, some clients have complained about problems with delays and communication. Despite this, Caliber Solar has shown its dedication to its customers by consistently exceeding their expectations and delivering superior service.
"To get a price estimate for fixing our system and maybe even our roof, we have phoned and left many messages. Their hybrid solar/roofing business model seems like a good fit for our needs. Unfortunately, after at least 5 phone calls and 2 online inquiries, we still haven't heard anything from them. We'll hire a roofing service and, if necessary, a solar panel installation firm." - Liam S.
"Due to poor project management, the installation of the system took far longer than it should have. After two weeks of not generating electricity, I discover that the fuses are defective. They blamed a problem with the monitoring setup rather than the actual system. Once again, they were completely incorrect. The need to purchase replacement fuses two weeks following the system's installation is frustrating. They consistently fell short of my very modest standards for this assignment. Perhaps I am expecting too much from a brand-new solar system in terms of its ability to generate power." - Robert T.
"I wish I could give this firm a "zero stars" rating. Extremely unreliable; when you contact them, they give you a pass instead of helping you with your problem. Stop doing business here and go somewhere else. This solar provider is the worst in the vast industry." - Connor B.
"More than one star is too much. They are completely inept at their job. Even though I provided them with detailed specifications, it took four months before the municipal surveyor informed me that the design was flawed and would not pass local inspection. Now that we have spent so much time on it, they are demanding another $6500 to pay for the renovation, which they say will require either more panels or stronger panels. When Caliber Solar refused to refund my money. We sued them for small claims and won, but they still haven't paid, so I'm considering further action. Don't waste your time with these jerks." - Thomas K.
"Don't sign with this firm even if they provide a fair price and prompt responses throughout the negotiation phase. However, everything changed once I signed on the dotted line. A few days after signing, I get a phone call informing me that, owing to the distributor's mistakes, the price of the equipment would rise by 75%. It's been almost three weeks since I emailed the proprietor for a response, and I've heard nothing back. My advice to anybody reading this is to find another provider altogether. They had the gall to have their distributor phone me rather than dealing with me themselves. I'm still waiting for a reply and a solution; I'll provide an update as soon as I receive either. Don't repeat my error for the time being, however." - Jason M.
"Our relationship with Caliber Solar was fantastic and seamless. Juan was our organizer, he kept in touch with us weekly, took care of all the necessary paperwork for our HOA and municipality, and even helped us with the setup. The timeliness of the installation of the panels and the quality of communication was exceptional. I would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone interested!" - Luis T.
"My (fairly efficient) system was installed several years ago, and I immediately placed an order for a Tesla battery to go with it. Caliber Solar was ready and waiting to install it as soon as it was delivered, but the city's staffing problems caused delays. Everything Caliber Solar installed, including the battery, is perfect and I couldn't be happier. I appreciate your persistence and tolerance." - Adam G.
"Caliber Solar was there for the many months it took to complete the procedure and monitored its progress every step of the way. Diego, the sales specialist who assisted us, was incredibly accommodating. Our project manager, was just as responsive and helpful; he coordinated the installation schedule, obtained the necessary permits, and coordinated with our electrical supplier. Overall, it was a positive learning experience. Once the solar panels are installed, we expect to significantly reduce our monthly energy costs." - Dominic F.
"I am very happy to have found Alex at Caliber Solar. He is a consummate professional who puts his customers' needs first. He doesn't try to impose any equipment on the customer, but rather details the advantages and disadvantages and recommends the one he thinks will be most useful to them. His first presentation was packed with details, and the next morning he already had a proposal ready, and the office staff had all the necessary paperwork ready as well. Their efficiency really surprises me. Compared to other companies, their prices are quite competitive. I highly recommend them." - Blake C.
"Of the three companies I spoke with, Caliber Solar stood out as the most competent and responsive. It was a comprehensive and reasonable solar solution, with high-quality components and a generous warranty. But most importantly, the staff at Caliber Solar was fantastic, with some really outstanding team members. Erica was my savior in understanding all the processes and resources I needed. Because I am elderly and somewhat technically illiterate, I had to talk to her a lot and needed more help than the average customer, but she always returned my calls quickly and was courteous. Also, ALL of the installers and technicians who came to my house helped me, and with THAT much patience, throughout the entire process. These men and women, were wonderful people. The consultant and customer service representative who first visited my home was gracious and easy to contact when I had questions. Caliber Solar provided me with such a professional and reliable experience that I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others." - Bryan W.

Caliber Solar Social media
Learn more about the solar power solutions offered by Caliber Smart Solar by visiting their informative Facebook page. However, with just a few people signed up, its popularity is modest. It's also difficult to trust the information presented since the page has not been updated in years. There are some pictures and some links on the page, but nothing very noteworthy. It's a pity, since the company's services seem promising, but it's impossible to totally trust due to the lack of members and the outdated website. account not registered
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Caliber Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviewsNo reviewsNo reviews


Caliber Solar Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Professional
  • Limited Service Area
  • High Upfront Costs
  • Limited Product Selection

Caliber Solar Final Conclusions

Caliber Solar a solar energy installation firm. In order to assist their customers save money on their energy bills and lessen their impact on the environment, they provide a full service installation of solar energy systems for both homes and businesses. Customer testimonials attest to Caliber Solar's professionalism and speed in installing solar panels.

Caliber Solar locations

Main Address1261 S 820 E STE 300, American Fork, UT 84003
Phone Number3854215800

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