Clean Solar review

Leading business in California, Clean Solar has built a solid reputation in the solar energy sector by offering trustworthy services to both residential and commercial clients. Among the various services offered by Clean Solar are complete energy storage and management solutions, financing, monitoring, and maintenance.

Clean Solar overview

Leading business in California, Clean Solar has built a solid reputation in the solar energy sector by offering trustworthy services to both residential and commercial clients. Among the various services offered by Clean Solar are complete energy storage and management solutions, financing, monitoring, and maintenance.

What Clean Solar has to say about itself

To assist our clients lessen their impact on the planet and their wallets, Clean Solar provides innovative renewable energy solutions at competitive prices. Commercial and residential solar energy system design, engineering, and installation are our forte. Make the most of your energy savings and your transition to renewable power with the assistance of our team of highly educated specialists as they design the optimal solar energy system for you.

Clean Solar Review

Year Started2007
Service AreasCA
Service TypesEnphase Upgrade Program, Monitoring, Panel Skirts, Critter Guards, Removal and Reinstall, Panel Cleaning
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead acid, and flow batteries.

Clean Solar website review

Information about Clean Solar may be found on their website, It details the most recent updates to their company as well as their products and services. The site is professionally designed, simple to navigate, and comprehensive in its presentation of the business and its offerings. There's also a blog with informative tales and pointers about solar power. There is a privacy statement and SSL security certificate on the site as well. This demonstrates the company's dedication to data security, making it a credible resource.

Clean Solar price policy

PackagesSolar Panel Installation - starting at $7,500, Solar Panel Maintenance - starting at $1,200, Solar System Monitoring - starting at $400 , Solar System Upgrades - starting at $1,000, Solar Battery Backup - starting at $2,000, Solar Hot Water Heater - starting at $6,000, Solar Pool Heating - starting at $4,000, Solar Carport Installation - starting at $12,000, Solar Roof Installation - starting at $14,000
Payment optionsCash, check, and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover).
Payment discounts10% Discount for Veterans,10% Discount for Senior Citizens, 10% discount for Federal Employees , 5% Discount for Multi-system Installations, 10% Discount for Referrals, 5% Discount for Early Payment, 10% Discount for Military Personnel

Clean Solar online reputation

Clean Solar has given many people great service over the years. Many customers have said good things about the company's goods and services. People have also said great things about how helpful and nice Clean Solar's staff is. Some customers, though, have said that solar systems can be expensive. Overall, Clean Solar has done a great job. Their goods are stable and good, and their staff is helpful and nice.
"Clean Solar offered many guarantees, including increased output and lower bills, when they sold me a solar system in 2018. Nothing of the kind occurred, and Clean Solar ultimately reneged on every one of its advertised benefits. Despite the fact that I tried. According to information submitted by their CEO to BBB, Clean Solar pays out less than half of the claims for output guarantees. Those unfortunate enough to go through Clean Solar's torturous claim procedure are met with excuses like "environmental changes," and the company's deceptive sales practices ultimately backfire on its consumers." - James B.
"There is a con going on here! They'd ask for a $2,000 down payment but promise that no further costs would be incurred until you gave the final go-ahead. They charged you $500 after you canceled the project, but they never gave you a breakdown of the expenses. They are basically charging double the going rate. Without any kind of legal receipt, the salesperson would simply make up figures." - Elijah T.
"Horribly impolite customer assistance over the phone. The first phone contact is an interminable interrogation, much like those seen on clickbait websites that ask for the same information over and over again. The woman I talked to today had terrible phone etiquette and had no business working in customer service. After reading their glowing ratings, I was eager to begin working with Clean Solar. Not having a good beginning guarantees a bad ending." - Nathan P.
"When Clean Solar installed our solar panels two years ago, we had a fantastic experience. A few weeks ago, we were sent an email informing my husband that our panels were not generating electricity. Using our program, we were able to determine that they had not generated electricity in the previous 30 days. After checking, we were advised to contact Clean Solar to have the broken inverter repaired under warranty. My husband contacted Clean Solar no less than six times over the past week by phone and email, but we never heard anything about a replacement. This company looks great if you have the money to buy your first set of panels, but their after-sales service leaves a lot to be desired." - Lola O.
"This evaluation pertains to the 2016 ceremony. Normally, I don't provide negative feedback, but this is an extreme situation that demands attention. The solar panels and primary panels were erected in 2016. I didn't find out what they did until I was starting a new project with a different firm and everything wasn't going as planned. I learned during construction that they had only submitted a municipal permission application for the solar panels and not the main panel. The panel is situated too near to the gas main, and the wiring from the PG&E side to the mainboard can only handle a limited current of 100 amps. To bring the panel up to code, I need to spend a lot of money on designing, trenching, and relocating the panels since the increased power consumption necessitates a 200-ampere line. If you're thinking about working with this firm, be wary of their promises of a fast turnaround and the ways in which they may end up using shortcuts to get the job done." - John E.
"The installation proceeded so swiftly and easily, it blew my mind. Everything was handled by them. It took less than two weeks to have the system up and operating once I decided what I wanted. All the paperwork and permissions were handled, and I had all of my questions addressed, even after I had paid in full. Best of all, they didn't put any pressure on me as a few other businesses I contacted did." - Franklin K.
"After consulting with three neighbors who had previously bought systems from Clean Solar, we decided to reach out to them. The City inspector Cris and all the others were wonderful to work with. The staff performed an excellent job with the setup and cleaned up after themselves. Both the finished product and our interactions with Clean Solar staff have been excellent. They and their goods come with our highest recommendation." - Dominik H.
"Wow, picking a solar installer is a huge hassle. So many questions remain unanswered, such as which panels to use, what kind of inverter is best, whether or not to go with a microinverter, and so on. After speaking with four other businesses, I settled on Clean Solar. Well, I'm really pleased I did. One of their sales representatives, walked me through the whole procedure from start to finish, detailing the permits and the installation timetable and describing the various types of panels, inverters, and micro inverters. Then, we worked, our project manager, who did a fantastic job of ensuring that everything stayed on schedule. Finally, the installation staff has been outstanding. The job done team was expert and polished. We enthusiastically endorse Clean Solar as an outstanding business partner." - Wilson R.
"Our system became completely operational only the day before yesterday, and we couldn't be happier with our experience with Clean Solar. Their method of estimating costs and submitting bids was both comprehensive and friendly. Everything went well when we made the decision to work with them. The project manager at Clean Solar was in charge of the timetable, logistics, and documentation. Sunpower was chosen in part because of the company's reputation for excellence and because Clear Solar is a Sunpower Elite Dealer. The installation was smooth, and the panels have improved the aesthetic value of my home. To Clean Solar, many thanks for all your hard work." - Noe A.
"Clean Solar performed a fantastic job installing the solar panels on our metal roof. Everything went well since they worked with their roofing partner to open the roof for the installation and then seal it back up again afterward. Thanks to the app, we're able to keep tabs on production and make sure everything stays on track." - David F.

Clean Solar Social media
Anyone contemplating solar electricity for their house can visit the Clean Solar Facebook page. The website has a polished appearance and is well-organized, with plenty of images, videos, and graphics showcasing their solar services. This business cares deeply about both its customers and its work. To ensure that visitors are up to speed on the newest goods and services, the page is often updated with fresh entries. The popularity of the website is primarily a result of its high-quality material, which discusses how to grasp solar energy solutions and the advantages of adopting solar for the environment. This website is undoubtedly a trustworthy and trusted platform to learn about solar technology with over 1,200 followers. Overall, the Facebook page for Clean Solar offers all the information you want about solar energy and its various advantages.
With more than 2,200 followers and significant knowledge of home and commercial solar solutions, Clean Solar is a solar energy provider. Their LinkedIn profile features several success stories, a huge amount of references, and a professional but approachable vibe. In addition to posting articles, videos, and often highlighted customers, Clean Solar also makes openness a top emphasis. The page's popularity alone attests to its legitimacy and dependability. Customer feedback fosters a vibrant atmosphere that seems real and may provide valuable information about the superiority of their goods and services. They have established a reputation for excellence and dependability in the solar business after over ten years of operation. Clean Solar is undoubtedly a reputable solar energy firm, whether you're constructing a rooftop solar system, obtaining LEED credits, or just seeking solar education.
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Clean Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews304.3


Clean Solar Pros & Cons

  • Renewable Energy
  • Cost Savings
  • Professional Support
  • Limited reach
  • Dependence on weather conditions
  • High maintenance costs

Clean Solar Final Conclusions

Installing solar panels for homes and businesses is what Clean Solar does best. To make sure the customer's solar system is perfect for them, they provide free consultations and customized services. Customers have given Clean Solar 4.5 stars out of 5, complimenting the company's outstanding work and helpful employees.

Clean Solar locations

Main Address1445 Koll Circle, Suite 109 San Jose, CA 95112
Phone Number8885517652

2 local offices

California – San Jose 1445 Koll Circle Suite 109, San Jose CA, 95112
California – San Jose 1445 Koll Cir, San Jose CA, 95112

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