CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. review

Commercial and residential clients may turn to CleanTech Energy Solutions, for sustainable energy services and energy efficiency solutions. Energy management, renewable energy system design and installation, energy efficiency audits are all part of their repertoire of offerings.

CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. overview

Commercial and residential clients may turn to CleanTech Energy Solutions, for sustainable energy services and energy efficiency solutions. Energy management, renewable energy system design and installation, energy efficiency audits are all part of their repertoire of offerings.

What CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. has to say about itself

Turnkey high-quality solar installations for homes and businesses are provided by CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. Our team of devoted, hard-working, and experienced industry specialists handles every step of the process. All of our clients are given the individual attention they need to see the kind of energy savings they're hoping for. We use cutting-edge software and hardware to precisely simulate your energy usage, cost savings, and return on investment.

CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. Solar Review

Year Started2007
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.

CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. website review

To learn more about what CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. has to offer, visit its official website at The design and functionality of the site is of a high standard. It details products, services and customer reviews. There are also downloads, manuals, and a FAQ section. Overall, it looks like you can rely on the information provided at New products and customer reviews are constantly appearing on the site. In addition, the information on the site is encrypted for security purposes. Finally, provides reliable information for consumers interested in green technology.

CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. price policy

PackagesSolar PV Installations: Starting at $28,000, Solar Hot Water Systems: Starting at $7,500, Energy Efficiency Retrofits: Starting at $15,000, LED Lighting Retrofits: Starting at $2,500, Solar Pool Heating Systems: Starting at $5,000, Heat Pump Installations: Starting at $7,500, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Starting at $3,000
Payment optionsCash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and Apple Pay.
Payment discounts5% discount on all products and services for first-time customers, 5% discount for customers who refer a friend, 10% discount for members of the military, veterans, and senior citizens, 10% discount for customers who sign up for a monthly subscription, 10% discount for customers who pay in full upfront.

CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. online reputation

For many years, CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. has delivered first-rate support and premium supplies to its clientele. The vast majority of buyers have expressed extreme satisfaction, praising the company's "quick and friendly service," "high-quality goods," and "reasonable prices." A small number of consumers, however, have encountered problems, including lengthy delivery times and unhelpful staff. In general, many clients have relied on CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. as a trustworthy and dependable provider of energy services.
"Something is amiss with the inverter, and it seems like it will be more than two weeks before it can be rectified and put back into service. It seems that CleanTech will not or cannot fix it in a timely manner. They say they can't do anything because of the inverter manufacturer's warranty policy. If so, they should work out the details with their vendor so as not to aggravate their clientele. Why can't they repair it in a day if they can install it in a day?" - Donald A.
"I am very disappointed with CleanTech Energy Solutions and the lack of support after the deal. The CleanTech chatbot is useless, and after 7 days of waiting for a response to my request for help, no one has yet responded to me. Don't be fooled by the helpfulness of the pre-sales service!" - Edward F.
"The installation process took about 11 months. They discovered they couldn't install it after waiting for an engineer to show up for months. It was deemed that the task could be completed after many months of failure to accomplish so. The "more expensive" oulu was accidentally placed by the secondary installation firm. Because I couldn't afford to miss three days of work to have it fixed, I'm now stuck paying more than I did a year ago, when power costs had already almost quadrupled." - Niklaus D.
"Don't be fooled by the professional-looking advertising and website. I learned the hard way that not enough research was done before I hired CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. as my installation of choice. Totally pointless, and I still haven't gotten my money back. While it's smart to shop in bulk with friends, use caution." - Samuel M.
"Based on my past interactions with CleanTech, I do not recommend their services. We have a working system, but it is not the configuration we requested, the inverter has already been changed since it was defective, and the firm has not responded to my calls or emails to address pressing concerns that need their expertise." - Kol G.
"Superb Organization! They began the installation on a Tuesday and finished by Friday at noon, with SDG&E releasing us to go. Less than four days, in other words! Moreover, they took the time to listen. During the first interview, Karin demonstrated extensive background knowledge, candor, and directness. Value for money, expert help, and excellent dependability. Service to customers is superb. We have had no problems with our PV System in the past year and a half. Have no reservations about using them again! Strongly suggested!" - Ross T.
"Our solar panels were installed by CleanTech, and they made the procedure easy. Alan was courteous and thorough in her explanation of the procedure. Technicians who were scheduled to visit the home did so on time, were polite and careful as they set up the various pieces of machinery. If you're thinking about going solar, you should definitely contact Cleantech." - Jediel F.
"Clean Tech is who I turn to when I need solar panels for my home or pool. Since the year 2015, in fact, I have been making use of a Clean Tech Solar Pool System. To accommodate our plans to develop a solar electricity system, Clean Tech modified the Solar Pool System in 2017. My request for design aesthetics that would keep our home looking like it had been built recently was met with gusto by Clean Tech. Thanks to our expert understanding of the relevant construction codes and our proficiency in installing solar panels, we were able to have our solar array approved at the initial inspection. Since going live, we have not had to pay an electrical bill. The solar energy system is expected to pay for itself in around seven years. Clean Tech should be on your'short list' of potential contractors if you're thinking about installing a solar electricity system." - Bruce V.
"From the very beginning to the very end, everything was excellent. Professionalism, helpfulness, and expertise were all hallmarks of everyone involved. Alexandra was prompt and helpful throughout my experience working with her on the proposal and contracts. The installers, performed a fantastic job. They came in on a Sunday (yes, a Sunday!) and finished the job to perfection without charging extra. Before leaving, they took the time to make sure everything was in working order and to explain everything to me. There were four additional offers with comparable cost, but only CleanTech included a discount for paying with a check. It allowed them to provide the most competitive pricing. If you need a service like this, I strongly suggest you choose this company. Way to go!" - Elvis S.
"We have had the best experience with Clean Tech. Jenny and her crew have been on top from the moment I called to express interest in a PV system. We are up and running in record time. She kept us informed on a near daily basis and her crew was dedicated to completing the job in a prompt and very courteous manner. Our system is generating at a high level. Because I have been a Clean Tech customer for many years, I am aware of their excellent after sales support." - Jackson R.

CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. Social media
If you're looking for credible and up-to-date information about solar energy, go no further than the CleanTech Energy Solutions Facebook page. The site is designed in a contemporary style, with a simple blue and white color scheme. Profile, contact details, services, and a FAQ tab make it simple for visitors to get the information they need. Over a thousand people have liked CleanTech Energy Solutions' page, and the majority of the eighty evaluations have been quite good. Photos, movies, and external links provide additional visual and interactive material on the page. If you're looking for reliable information about solar energy, go no further than CleanTech Energy Solutions' Facebook page.
The CleanTech Energy Solutions Inc. LinkedIn profile is well-designed, with a prominent corporate logo and attractive header. It's hard to know whether it's reliable because of how general it is. Although it has 167 followers, it provides simply a short business summary and a handful of job postings. Surprisingly, there isn't a lot of data about their solar energy products and services, which makes it difficult to judge their reliability. CleanTech Energy Solutions Inc. may be committed to saving the environment and reducing the effects of climate change, but its LinkedIn profile needs some work before it can be taken seriously.
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CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews385


CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. Pros & Cons

  • Sustainable
  • Innovative
  • Reliable
  • Limited Reach
  • High Upfront Cost
  • Limited Production

CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. Final Conclusions

CleanTech Energy Solutions is one of the top companies that offers services for saving energy, using green energy, and being environmentally friendly. They offer a wide range of services, such as energy studies of buildings, upgrades that save energy, and the development of clean energy projects. Customers have given the company mostly good reviews, praising their skill and helpfulness.

CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. locations

Main AddressOceanside, CA 92058
Phone Number7607441001

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