Clear Solar Solutions review

At CSS Electric, we're dedicated to assisting our clients in designing a system that best meets their energy requirements. We'll be available to assist you achieve your energy objectives with anything from designs and installs to panel upgrades, fully automated backup generators, and battery storage.

Clear Solar Solutions overview

At CSS Electric, we're dedicated to assisting our clients in designing a system that best meets their energy requirements. We'll be available to assist you achieve your energy objectives with anything from designs and installs to panel upgrades, fully automated backup generators, and battery storage.

What Clear Solar Solutions has to say about itself

We are certain that we are acting ethically when you pick CSS Electric for your home solar installation. We provide a 25 year guarantee on everything that comes with the panels as well, for this reason. In California, households, farmers, and business owners have been able to rely on Clear Solar Solutions since 2015 for turnkey solar energy solutions. Our staff, which has over two decades of expertise in the sector, is committed to offering environmentally responsible energy solutions that also help society become more energy independent and eco-friendly while reducing costs.

Clear Solar Solutions Review

Year Started2015
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries

Clear Solar Solutions website review

The website features a simple, contemporary layout. The design is well-organized, making it simple for users to move between the many areas. The website offers in-depth details on solar systems, including uses in residential, business, and agricultural settings. Both technical and non-technical readers may easily comprehend the text, which is well written, succinct, and clear. Potential consumers will find it helpful since the contact information is plainly presented. Additionally, the website has client endorsements that may foster confidence and increase conversion rates. The website seems to be well search engine optimized, with pertinent keywords included in both the text and meta tags. Additional solar-related materials and updates are provided on the company's blog, which may help the business rise in search engine results and become recognized as an expert in its field. Links to Clear Solar Solutions' social media accounts are included on the website, making it simple for users to connect and communicate with the firm on sites like Facebook. Users may remain up to speed on the most recent news and promotions thanks to this connection, which also helps the company's online presence grow. Overall, the Clear Solar Solutions website successfully promotes its offerings, offers insightful content, and inspires prospective clients to act.

Clear Solar Solutions price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsBank Transfer, PayPal, Financing Options, Solar Loans, Solar Lease, Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing, Cash, Check
Payment discountsFederal Tax Credits, State and Local Incentives, Financing Options, Referral Programs, Seasonal or Promotional Discounts

Clear Solar Solutions online reputation

Clear Solar Solutions (CSS) has mostly gotten favorable response from pleased consumers, according to customer feedback. They look to be a dependable and effective solar solution supplier that provides consumers with top-notch services. Customers have applauded CSS for its expert and thorough installation of solar panels. The personnel performed their duties successfully and on time. By resolving issues and offering assistance during trying circumstances, like an epidemic, CSS seems to provide exceptional customer service. With safe web connections and quick information collection, CSS has made financing solar panels straightforward and comfortable. The use of premium materials, meticulous attention to detail, and a job well done were all appreciated by customers. Municipal inspectors praised their professionalism and expressed their appreciation for their efforts. Numerous unfavorable reviews include issues with project delays, subpar plaster work, failed energy control promises, and a lack of equipment paperwork and warranties. One review expresses particular unhappiness with sales representative Victor. While the majority of reviews are favorable, it's crucial to remember that there may be space for improvement in certain areas of the business's operations and customer service.
"The free estimate I received from a salesperson was pretty much the only positive aspect. The project ran around three months behind schedule. If they had any expertise doing this, they would have known to cut the nails before taking out the frame, but instead they left holes in my bedroom wall. The stucco work looks terrible, and they also closed off access to my main electrical panel. I was assured that the panels would make my roof seem like glass, but they don't. Not only was the conduit not painted to match the roof, but it also became damp and corroded. A power monitor to track the energy produced by the panels was promised but never placed (PG&E's exact words were "We will provide the power monitor," and in response, we were informed, "They lied to you"). Overall, not having a monthly electricity cost is great, but had I known what a CRAP job this business did, I never would have signed up. In addition, we received "NO" documentation specifying the panel type, inverter type, or warranty period. Everything about them, except for the salespeople, is incredibly amateurish." - Armando
"Victor is dishonest and cheated us out of money. For our 1900 square foot house, we have 41 panels. Even though he performed work for some of my relatives, I'm quite sure he sold us all these panels and we only have half of them connected up. He won't answer calls and acted very unprofessionally by telling one of his agents about the legal issue he was facing. They deposited our panels into a credit union with an interest rate of 9.95 percent, and that turned out to be the sole bright spot. People, please stay away. Everyone in the office will soon be dishonest like Victor." - Tom
"My sales rep, Victor, doesn't seem to care about his clients. Despite having solar panels installed in July, this firm has yet to switch them on." - Ana
"Clear Solar Solutions comes highly recommended. Completely sincere throughout. We went to a couple other firms but didn't get the same level of service that CSS delivered. The installation of my system went well, and they finished shortly. During the epidemic, I was concerned that we might have difficulties, but CSS put my mind at rest. I really appreciate CSS's help." - Dallas
"Our solar panels were expertly installed by clear solar solutions. Victor and his crew were usually early and behaved in a really professional manner. We cannot speak highly enough of Victor and Clear's solar solutions and would recommend them to anybody thinking about installing solar panels." - Kel
"Working with Chris was a pleasure. Getting financing for my solar array was simple; I just clicked on a secure link sent to my inbox and filled out some basic information. They take tremendous pleasure in their job, and if you use them, you will have the same positive experience that I experienced. Strongly Encouraged!!!" - Forest
"I've never written a review before, but these folks at the building company deserve one.They put in a 7.2 kilowatt system at my request. I looked for a reliable local business that would guarantee their service. My family is in the construction business, so I tagged along while they put in new flooring. They were so well-versed in the task at hand that no motion was ever wasted. Wow, only two weeks after signing, everything was done.The inverter was put inside my garage (away from the weather), so there was no unsightly conduit on display. I am able to keep tabs on my solar panels from the palm of my hand thanks to remote monitoring. According to the municipal inspector who looked over the project, this company's work is the greatest he's seen in the Valley. Rubber end caps were used in the racking system, and the pieces were all the same length, unlike what I've seen elsewhere. As a result, you owe it to yourself to seek a quotation if you want the job done properly. Before we ever met, he sent me his. In comparison to large national firms, he is able to compete with start-ups because to his hands-on approach to project management. I am quite happy with it overall." - Neil
"Finding a locally owned and run solar firm was a priority for me. Victor maintained an air of competence throughout. He taught us how to lessen our financial and ecological impact. They assisted in maximizing solar rebates and had the panels installed in a month. I have nothing but praise for this firm and would suggest their solar products to everyone." - Timothy

Clear Solar Solutions Social media
A solar energy provider, Clear Solar Solutions, is represented on the page. Its color pattern is blue to match Facebook's identity, and the cover image features solar panels. A convincing amount of people have liked the page. This suggests a respectable degree of engagement and interest in the business' offers. The website often posts articles on solar energy, renewable energy sources, and its advantages. Text, photos, and videos are mixed together in the postings. The information is instructive. Although there is a decent degree of interaction on the page, engagement may be increased by answering comments and starting discussions with followers. Customers may submit testimonials on the page in the testimonials area. Customer satisfaction with Clear Solar Solutions' services and installations is frequently expressed in favorable reviews. The website features sections for services, images, and videos so visitors may get a visual sense of what the business has to offer and what projects it is working on. In general, the Facebook page for Clear Solar Solutions seems to be kept up to date, has educational material, draws followers, and successfully promotes the business's services. In terms of boosting engagement and starting more dialogues with subscribers, there is still potential for development. account not registered
YouTube channel not registered

Clear Solar Solutions average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews374.8


Clear Solar Solutions Pros & Cons

  • Long warranty
  • Benefits for the environment
  • Energy Independence
  • Weather dependency
  • Space Requirements
  • Maintenance and repair

Clear Solar Solutions Final Conclusions

Based on user reviews, Clear Solar Solutions has developed a reputation that is generally favorable. The business has won accolades for its professionalism, sincerity, and high-caliber solar installations. Numerous clients of Clear Solar Solutions have had great interactions with them, expressing appreciation for the high caliber of service and simple installation procedure. The business's expertise in solar panel installation stands out as a major feature. Customers commend the employees for their expertise and speed throughout the installation procedure as well as for completing projects on schedule. Customers and municipal inspectors have acknowledged the use of premium materials and attention to detail, further solidifying the business's reputation for premium craftsmanship. It is important to remember that not all of the evaluations were favorable. Certain parts of their experience, such as project delays, plastering problems, and violated promises, have caused several customers to voice disappointment. Even if the majority of the reviews are favorable, these negative points suggest that Clear Solar Solutions may have room for improvement if it wants to continuously provide a top-notch client experience. Finally, Clear Solar Solutions has built a solid reputation, with the majority of clients praising their expertise, sincerity, and high-quality solar installations. Positive comments were made about their expertise and customer support. However, there have been a few isolated cases of unhappiness, showing that the business has to fix any flaws to keep its favorable position in the market.

Clear Solar Solutions locations

Main Address2200 Maryann Drive Turlock, CA 95380
Phone Number2098509290

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