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Providing solar energy solutions, Coast To Coast Solar Inc. Turnkey solar panel system installations are only one of the many energy-saving services they provide to local companies and residences. Their seasoned staff assists clients in cutting down on waste and saving money on energy bills.

Coast To Coast Solar Inc. overview

Providing solar energy solutions, Coast To Coast Solar Inc. Turnkey solar panel system installations are only one of the many energy-saving services they provide to local companies and residences. Their seasoned staff assists clients in cutting down on waste and saving money on energy bills.

What Coast To Coast Solar Inc. has to say about itself

A company called Coast To Coast Solar Inc. is committed to offering households, companies, and other organizations a dependable and inexpensive source of renewable energy. We provide a variety of environmentally friendly goods as well as industrial, residential, and commercial solutions that will save energy expenses and protect the environment for coming generations. The optimal choice for your requirements and maximizing the advantages of renewable energy may be made with the assistance of our trained team.

Coast To Coast Solar Inc. Solar Review

Year Started2010
Service AreasFL
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, LEED, BPI, OSHA

Coast To Coast Solar Inc. website review

Coast to Coast Solar is a leader in solar panels and other sustainable energy products and solutions; for more information, visit their website at Here you'll find a variety of solar panel products, as well as detailed information about their installation, cost, and maintenance. A lot of useful information about solar energy can be found on this well-organized and easy-to-understand website. The site provides various secure payment options and an encrypted checkout procedure. Thus, all those who need reliable renewable energy solutions can trust

Coast To Coast Solar Inc. price policy

PackagesResidential Solar Panel Package - Starts at $12,000, Commercial Solar Panel Package - Starts at $25,000, Pay-As-You-Go Solar Panel Package - Starts at $20/month, Solar Battery Package - Starts at $7,500, Solar Generators - Starts at $6,000, Roof-Mounted Solar System - Starts at $3,500, Ground-Mounted Solar System - Starts at $7,000, Smart Home Automation Package - Starts at $3,300, Solar Pathway Lighting Package - Starts at $1,900, Solar String Lights - Starts at $500
Payment optionsCredit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), cash, and check as payment options.
Payment discounts10% Seniors Discount, 10% Military Discount, 2% Cash Discount, 5% Discount for Repeat Customers, 10% Group/Multiple System Discount, 10% Referral Discount, 10% Discount for Educational Institutions, Financing Discounts for Purchases Made with Approved Credit Institutions

Coast To Coast Solar Inc. online reputation

The vast majority of Coast to Coast Solar Inc.'s clients are pleased with the service they've received. There has been widespread consumer satisfaction because of the significant energy cost reductions that have been realized. However, some clients have complained about the quality of service they received. Some of their criticisms include lengthy wait periods and unfriendly service. Coast to Coast Solar Inc. is still a highly sought-after solar panel installation firm, despite these concerns.
Shockingly low prices and free leak repairs, according to several internet evaluations. friendly and quick to respond; I called them to inspect my pool's solar panels today. I wasn't sure whether I needed a few new brackets or straps since two of the screws were loose and falling out of the roof. Both screws were replaced in the roof, and the seam was sealed with construction caulk. Since I already had caulk, I figured it was a necessary item to bring along. Two little amounts of building caulk cost me $162. As a result of their business practices, I will likely go elsewhere when it comes time to replace the panel straps and potentially the whole system. extremely disheartened individuals seek to exploit the situation. I wasn't expecting anything for free and, before we jumped off the top, I inquired what I owed them. I could never have imagined paying $162 for $4 worth of caulk. - Edward G.
The price was $6,000 higher than what was quoted by two other firms for the identical job. Because, as the salesman put it, their goods are better. He promised to contact me again in a few days, too. Even though I told him not to and that I needed some time to think it over, he still called me three times in one week, left me two messages, and then hung up. Finally, after answering that I would not be going with them, I got a very lengthy email from someone else working there. This is the final one I'll see before I permanently delete the associated phone numbers and email addresses. Phew. - Jeremy R.
They handled the initial installation of my solar panels and were easy to deal with, but when I asked them to remove and replace one panel at a predetermined fee of $600, they failed to do so. They charged me a lot of money to come to take it away, even though the roofers would have done it for free. Then they informed me the price to get it reinstalled was something like $2,100. I would never suggest them since I believe they engaged in deceptive business practices. - Grant H.
I can't believe how inept these men are! The right hand has no idea what the left is up to! Since these clowns assumed responsibility for our contract after our original firm declared bankruptcy, they have repeatedly failed to keep any of the commitments they made to us. It has been almost two full years since our solar panels were put, and about a year and a half after Coast To Coast Solar took over the contract. The connection has not been made yet. When I called to find out what was going on, they were always in the dark. At long last, we've reached the stage of hookup inspection. The inspection was rejected because the designs were altered without proper notification to our local municipality. Multiple times since then, incorrect blueprints have been sent in. We continue to wait, and here we are. Avoid working with them. We feel betrayed by them. - Mark L.
It's been since December that I've been told a permit was required by our local borough, but no one seems interested in getting it, even though our solar panels have been installed and inspected and we were told we needed a certificate after the inspection and a picture was taken to get the certificate twice. We have now paid for no solar for two months in addition to our power bill, and I have even made the calls here locally to attempt to hurry things up. However, no one in my local borough office seems to know what they are talking about. What a fantastic adventure, who needs solar panels? - Nicolas P.
Thrilled to start generating solar power today, and lowering my electric bill! Thank you, Coast to Coast Solar for quoting reasonably from the start. You were only 1 of about 4 Tampa area companies in business for 10+ yrs, w/o major Better Business Bureau complaints. During installation, I had my roofer there, who said it was one of the better jobs he'd seen. Again, much appreciated by a very satisfied customer - Collin D.
It was a nightmare trying to find a reputable solar panel installer for my house, but once I stumbled onto Coast to Coast Solar, I knew I had finally found what I was searching for. Melissa and the rest of the staff were always kind, informative, and professional. I was even given many other ways to pay for the work to be done. Don't choose a business to install solar panels until you've gotten an estimate from Coast to Coast! You owe me an apology someday! THANK YOU, All the Way Down the Line! - Cody J.
From my first sales inquiry through my interaction with the support staff, everyone went above and beyond my high standards. From the time of the solar pool installation, they have been in constant contact to ensure that everything has gone well. The setup looked great and integrated easily with my home automation platform. My Sunpower PV System has been well-maintained and serviced by them. - Alan F.
I can't thank the Coast to Coast team enough for their help in installing the solar array. The entire process, from the consultation to the installation to helping me work with Duke Energy representatives and the final connection, was characterized by excellent communication. I spent a lot of time researching information on the EnergySage website and other solar groups on social media before settling on a choice of panel and inverter(s). There are a lot of choices, but I had a lot of help narrowing it down to a few options that would work for my project. The size of my roof and local restrictions limited the number of panels I could install on my south-facing roof, so my project size was just under 3 kWh (LG 370w and IQ7 Enphase inverters). All I have to do is make one phone call to expand the project if and when regulations change to allow more solar panels to be installed. Please accept my thanks, Coast to Coast! - Trevor O.
The professionalism and helpfulness of everyone we've dealt with has been outstanding. (We just had our solar panels installed, so we can't rate them yet.) Their salesperson was honest and well-informed. The office was in constant contact with us throughout the granting of permits. The installation guys got the job done and cleaned up like they'd done it a thousand times before. We've gotten two follow-up calls since the installation to address our queries. Again, I'd hire them. - Omar G.

Coast To Coast Solar Inc. Social media
The official Coast to Coast Solar Facebook page serves as a reliable source of information about solar energy options. On this website, you may find a variety of knowledge on solar technology, goods, and services. With several photographs and links, the website has a professional and contemporary appearance that makes it simple to explore and obtain pertinent information. With over 400 followers, the page is fairly well-liked and often informs its audience of news and updates as they are released. For followers to get a close-up view of what Coast to Coast Solar does to assist consumers, frequent images and videos of different solar goods, installations, and events are also uploaded. A few helpful links to their website, customer service contacts, and other resources are also listed at the top of the page. The page is a great resource for knowledge about solar energy and related subjects.
Coast To Coast Solar's LinkedIn profile has a small subscriber base and no media content. It's hard to tell if this firm can be trusted, as there is little information about it online. While there is a lot of activity on this page in terms of links and endorsements, there do not appear to be very many subscribers. Overall, this site does not do a very good job of enticing visitors and convincing them that they can trust the content they find here.
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Google reviews1244.7


Coast To Coast Solar Inc. Pros & Cons

  • Innovation
  • Efficiency
  • Support
  • High Upfront Cost
  • Geographic Limitations
  • Long-Term Commitment

Coast To Coast Solar Inc. Final Conclusions

In the US, Coast To Coast Solar Inc. is a full-service supplier of solar energy solutions. They provide both residential and commercial clients with unique design, installation, and maintenance services. Customers have generally had good experiences with this business, as seen by the 4.5 out of 5-star average.

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Main Address19209 US Hwy 41, Lutz, FL 33549
Phone Number8134066501

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