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The planning, design, and installation of solar energy systems for homes and businesses throughout the US is the company's area of expertise. From solar system size and financial analysis to solar panel installation and monitoring, the firm provides a broad variety of services. Their objective is to increase the affordability and accessibility of renewable energy for regular consumers.

Creative Solar USA overview

The planning, design, and installation of solar energy systems for homes and businesses throughout the US is the company's area of expertise. From solar system size and financial analysis to solar panel installation and monitoring, the firm provides a broad variety of services. Their objective is to increase the affordability and accessibility of renewable energy for regular consumers.

What Creative Solar USA has to say about itself

Creative Solar USA is a leading provider of solar energy and are experts in setting up solar energy systems around the country. For more than ten years, our skilled team of engineers and installers has offered excellent solar energy solutions to household and business clients. You can rely on Creative Solar USA to provide you with the greatest solar energy products and services thanks to our experience in design, engineering, procurement, and installation.

Creative Solar USA Solar Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasFL, GA, MS, NC, SC, TN
Service TypesFinancing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium batteries.

Creative Solar USA website review

If you're looking for solar energy solutions, go no further than Creative Solar USA, whose website can be found at Products and services such as solar energy systems, installation and maintenance, solar finance, and solar education are all described on the website. The website looks polished and is very simple to navigate. Support for customers, frequently asked questions, and contact information are all available online. Creative Solar USA is an established, reliable business with a long track record and a large number of happy clients. To protect the privacy of its users, the website uses encryption technology. There's also a support staff standing by to address any issues you may have. If you want to know more about solar energy solutions, go no further than Creative Solar USA's website.

Creative Solar USA price policy

PackagesStandard Solar System Package – Starting at $7,849, Deluxe Solar System Package – Starting at $10,499, Premium Solar System Package – Starting at $13,199, Battery Upgrade Package – Starting at $3,699, Home Backup Package – Starting at $5,899, Pool Heating Package – Starting at $3,499, Grid-Tied Upgrade Package – Starting at $4,399, Commercial Solar System Package – Starting at $7,999, Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance Package – Starting at $500, Solar and Backup Battery Package – Starting at $8,999
Payment optionsCash, check, major credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
Payment discounts10% discount for senior citizens, 10% discount for Veterans, 10% discount for military personnel, 10% off for referring a friend, 10% off coupon code for first-time orders, 15% off promotional items, Monthly specials with discounted products, and services, Discounts for purchasing multiple solar energy products

Creative Solar USA online reputation

There have been both favorable and negative comments from consumers about the service they received from Creative Solar USA. The professionalism, helpfulness, and high quality of service provided have been lauded by many customers. Some consumers, however, have voiced dissatisfaction with the exorbitant costs and sluggish response times of the customer support department. If Creative Solar USA wants to keep its customers happy, it has to listen to their complaints and work to solve them.
"This is the worst case of customer service I've ever encountered. Employee turnover is over the roof. After an employee leaves, no one is responsible for monitoring their messages. They have inadequate lines of communication and are always blaming someone else when it is really on them. They consistently fail to meet deadlines. After scheduling an installation time, they never show up. It's been almost a week since they installed my solar panel system, and they still haven't gotten it operational. Even though they claim that Acworth Power is difficult to get in touch with, they haven't even bothered to leave a voicemail. I will never again be a part of such a badly run organization. I made the mistake of going with a nearby firm when a more reputable one wouldn't have been too far away." - Joshua C.
"Our solar panel installation took over a year. I get that the supply chain might be sluggish at times, but not this much. Not our first time putting up PV systems. Every other month, I had to remind them that I existed, and each time, it appeared like they'd completely forgotten about me. I've been called twice by mistake and had my gender confused with others multiple times while on the phone. It seems that every time I emailed the firm, the representative we were dealing with had already left. After waiting for a year, we finally secured an installation date, but they attempted to back out of the agreed-upon panel update by blaming the sales salesman. Ultimately, we were able to resolve the issue, but I would never wish our struggles onto anybody else." - Daniel P.
"The salesperson was really kind, and we followed her advice. However, the output from the solar panels is far lower than expected. I phoned after keeping tabs on this for a year and was assured that everything seemed to be operating normally with our units. After two years of operation, our system is only producing one-fourth as much as it did in year one. I stopped bothering to call and complain since I got absolutely nowhere with my complaint last year. I'm sure something isn't wired properly, but no one seemed really concerned about it. I hate to be negative, but I'm so let down by..." - Jayden O.
"Horrible...After cashing the loan in November and installing the solar panels in February, they are still waiting for the county to approve the project, despite the fact that I signed the contract in September of 2016. After six months of making interest payments on a $30,000 loan, I have not produced even a penny's worth of solar energy." - Noah K.
"While they have expertise in solar energy, the electricians who do their installations may need more training. First, the electrician who installed our brand-new roof failed to seal a bolt hole, resulting in water damage to our ceiling. As a result of the squirrels chewing through the unsecured cables on the roof, the system is now dysfunctional. It seems that their installers have no idea how to properly run wires in conduit." - Anthony R.
"Talk to people that are knowledgeable and who give excellent service if you have questions or are thinking about making a home investment. The experts at Creative Solar will explain what's happening and work with you to figure out a workable solution. In spite of the fact that the procedure ended up taking longer than expected (due to complications with the batteries), I was treated with respect and kindness throughout. I really can't sing its praises enough" - Jacob L.
"When it comes to Creative Solar, I have nothing but praise. It takes a lot of time and effort to set up a solar array at your house. Thankfully, at every stage of the process, Creative Solar updated us on what was happening. They helped us figure out our alternatives when our installation was pushed back due to problems with our roof's structure and settle on the best way to reach our ultimate aims. The results of their hard work in service to us are now apparent." - Ethan T.
"To ensure that our installation was done properly and is working as it should, the team at Creative Solar USA went above and above. The system has performed really well, and we now have two fully filled Generac battery cabinets with a total of 36 panels. Because of the significant reduction in our electricity costs, we are really selling money to GA Power. In reality, I just checked the panels, and both of our battery banks are completely full; we are powering our whole home (HVAC and well pump included) and still giving back over 5 KW to the utility company, for which we will get payment. (It's not much, but it's something.) I would gladly suggest Creative Solar because of how well their installers, electricians, and project managers have represented the company. While Generac has been sluggish to reply to support inquiries, this has not affected the system's reliability or productivity." - Michael N.
"In October, I finalized the paperwork to begin using solar energy. Before the new year, I was advised that no work could begin. The project started off in March. I believe the COVID epidemic and other commitments with Creative Solar contributed to the holdup. When work finally started, I wasn't in a rush and was content. At Creative Solar, I was assigned a dedicated contact who assisted me with all my inquiries. He quickly responded and did a great job. Everyone I dealt with at Creative Solar was competent, informative, and kind. The cost to install solar panels at my house was much less than with other companies I researched. As a result, I read as many evaluations as I could find on Google and the Better Business Bureau about Creative Solar. It turned out well. I also did some reading up on the components. Each one came with a glowing recommendation. Creative Solar has done an excellent job, and I couldn't be happier. If you're thinking about installing solar panels on your property, you should definitely contact Creative Solar." - Alexander B.
"To maximize the benefits of solar energy on my land, I constructed a solar arbor and storage shed. The custom solution for maximizing my solar capacity and storing energy for periods when I am not producing electricity was developed and supplied by Creative Solar. The sales and engineering teams performed an outstanding job, and the improved system they delivered was made possible by the discounts gained from participating in the Solarize Decature/Dekalb bulk purchasing program. Initially, there were problems with the supply schedule because of a lack of electrical inverter components. I've had the system running for 4 months, and it's providing me about 70% of my daily electricity demands." - William S.

Creative Solar USA Social media
The Facebook page for Creative Solar USA makes a good first impression. The design is polished and businesslike, with a large and clearly shown corporate logo. Customers are more likely to feel comfortable doing business with a firm after seeing its logo, testimonials, star ratings, and even pictures of the personnel. Having over 4,200 'likes' on the page is a positive indicator of the page's popularity and the company's reliability. Pictures and videos of past work are shown prominently, and there are connections to useful resources for potential clients. In addition, visitors may post inquiries related to solar energy in general or the firm itself on this website. The Facebook page for Creative Solar USA is well done, reliable, educational, and interesting.
A reputable provider of solar energy, Creative Solar USA has an interesting LinkedIn presence. Users are drawn in by the contemporary style, and visitors are informed about the company's services and initiatives via the many tabs. Creative Solar USA is a well-known pioneer in alternative energy solutions with over 1,100 followers. Customers may be sure to remain up to speed on the newest breakthroughs in solar energy thanks to recent news, videos, and technological advancements. Potential consumers may quickly assess if Creative Solar USA is the best match for their requirements by looking through a portfolio of completed projects with thorough specifications. Last but not least, the interesting staff page includes interviews with key personnel, connecting prospective partners to the people behind the brand, and displaying their expertise in the sector. Anyone wishing to learn more about solar energy solutions would benefit greatly from visiting Creative Solar USA's reputable LinkedIn profile.
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Creative Solar USA average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews804.5


Creative Solar USA Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Experienced
  • Quality Products
  • Limited Variety
  • Competition
  • Expense

Creative Solar USA Final Conclusions

Creative Solar USA serves customers in six states with their home and business solar energy needs. Using skilled experts, they provide solar power system design and installation. Customers consistently provide high marks, applauding the company's professionalism and depth of understanding. 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Creative Solar USA locations

Main AddressP.O. Box 1077 Kennesaw, GA 30156
Phone Number7704857438

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