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A home and business solar firm established in Kern County, Divine Power USA has been creating exceptional solar systems throughout California. We will manage all facets and phases of every project, from pre-design through building and delivery. Using tried-and-true cutting-edge techniques and technology while providing best-in-class warranties and customer service, we are delighted to be at the forefront of our business. Through our Commercial Services, our staff can even collaborate with you to determine if installing a solar system for your company or nonprofit is feasible and help you carry out a successful project.

Divine Power USA overview

A home and business solar firm established in Kern County, Divine Power USA has been creating exceptional solar systems throughout California. We will manage all facets and phases of every project, from pre-design through building and delivery. Using tried-and-true cutting-edge techniques and technology while providing best-in-class warranties and customer service, we are delighted to be at the forefront of our business. Through our Commercial Services, our staff can even collaborate with you to determine if installing a solar system for your company or nonprofit is feasible and help you carry out a successful project.

What Divine Power USA has to say about itself

With only one truck and the determination to build a prosperous local company, Dave Macias and Scott Gurnett founded Divine Power in 2008. We are pleased to announce that we now employ more than forty people and that our fleet of vehicles numbers 10. For the simple reason that we treat every client like a neighbor and friend, we have a solid reputation in Bakersfield and the nearby locations. It is comforting to know that there is a nearby business that can provide you with local assistance when you need it given the glut of giant corporate solar firms moving into our neighborhood.

Divine Power USA Solar Review

Year Started2008
Company Websitedivinepowerusa.com
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, General Contracting
Types PanelsSolar Panels, Battery Storage Panels, Energy Management Panels, Electric Vehicle (EV), Charging Panels, Backup Power Panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, and nickel-metal hydride batteries

Divine Power USA website review

An array of solar energy and electrical solutions services are available on the Divine Power USA website, which is a competent and well-designed website. The website includes an intuitive navigation bar that makes it simple for users to explore through different areas including Home, About Us, Services, Projects, and Contacts. Users may easily locate the data they want thanks to the menu's clarity and usability. A detailed description of the company's services, including solar installations, electrical solutions, and energy storage systems, is provided on the website. With emphasis on the advantages and characteristics, each service is thoroughly explained. The information is well written, succinct, and understandable. An online portfolio of finished projects that showcases the company's skill and dependability is available. Furthermore, client reviews are clearly displayed, giving social evidence and fostering confidence among future consumers. The company's phone number, email address, and physical location are clearly displayed on the website. In conclusion, the Divine Power USA website successfully conveys the business' offerings, area of specialization, and contact details in an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly manner. It effectively communicates professionalism and reliability, making it a useful resource for anyone searching for solar and electrical solutions.

Divine Power USA price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCredit or Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, Personal Checks, Financing Options, Solar-specific Loans, Cash Payments
Payment discounts26% federal tax credit for the purchase of solar power

Divine Power USA online reputation

Based on consumer feedback, the general opinion of Divine Power USA is conflicted and divided. Positive feedback from pleased clients lauds the business' great service, transparent communication, and helpful installation staff. These clients express appreciation for the help received and the possibility of further purchases from Divine Power USA. Negative evaluations, on the other hand, point out serious problems with the firm's professionalism and customer service. Poor communication, missing deadlines, underpaying employees, and a lack of maintenance for solar systems after installation are all complaints. The bad evaluations imply that the business is morally bankrupt, does not care about its clients, and is not committed to finding solutions. In conclusion, Divine Power USA seems to have a history of giving some clients great service, but it also receives harsh criticism and worries from unhappy clients. Before choosing to do business with Divine Power USA, prospective clients should exercise caution and thoroughly analyze both the good and negative reviews. It could be important to do in-depth research, look at different solar energy companies with a proven track record, and give preference to businesses who value professionalism, integrity, and customer happiness.
"I have decided to write this review to air my grievances about Divine Power USA. They proved to be a shady operation that not only abandoned the solar installation project but also refused to compensate the diligent roofers who had installed the panels. The elderly guy who had hoped that this initiative would help him save money on his energy expenses has had a terrible time of it. The first contact with Divine Power USA was marred by poor communication. They never acted professionally and gave me nothing but broken promises throughout the whole process. The solar installation was supposed to be finished by a certain date, but the business kept pushing back the deadline without giving any explanations. The elderly homeowner was greatly inconvenienced and frustrated by the contractor's repeated missed deadlines. In addition, it is completely unacceptable that the roofers have not been paid. These diligent workers put forth a lot of time and energy to finish the installation, and then Divine Power USA abandoned them. This not only shows the company's lack of moral fiber, but also gives rise to major ethical issues. It is shameful to take advantage of people's labour without compensating them for it. The total lack of care for satisfied customers is the cherry on top. The elderly homeowner tried to get in touch with Divine Power USA about the growing problems but was faced with unhelpful service and vague explanations. It is clear that the firm cares more about advancing its own goals than addressing its consumers' issues. After everything I went through with Divine Power USA, I would never recommend them for any solar installation work. They have shown a lack of professionalism, honesty, and dedication to customer satisfaction by their inability to finish the task and pay their employees. The homeowner's advanced age made her more vulnerable, and she deserved greater care and assistance. Please let this review be a caution to anybody thinking about doing business with Divine Power USA. It is crucial to choose with a solar energy firm that has a solid track record, cares about its consumers, and operates in an honest and transparent manner. Divine Power USA is everything but divine, unfortunately. Divine Power USA may not be the best choice for your solar panel installation requirements. Do not put yourself through the stress and disappointment that I and the elderly homeowner went through." - Nicole
"When I called, the receptionist, whose name was Zass or something like that, was consistently rude. Ten months later, I still have not been able to get my system hooked up properly and turned on, despite having paid my monthly payments and received a true up bill. But they took the cash quickly. This is not a business I would ever suggest." - Cynthia
"More than seven months have passed, and I am still experiencing solar-related issues. I have tried to get in touch with them several times, but they have not replied, and I am at a loss as to what to do next. We used their solar installation services and are now having a problem with the system not reporting for the previous month. I have been trying to get in touch with them for about two weeks now, but no one has responded to my calls. I have no idea how long it will take them to resolve the problem. Consider that you will not get any support for the system they installed if you decide to employ their services." - Kacey
"My worst ever corporate experience. The DMV is even less popular than Comcast. The solar system had been improperly assembled by a divine force, with two panels failing to provide data. After three weeks of repeated phone calls, the problem was finally resolved. They promised someone would show up the next day but never did. I paid PG&E $300+ each month for four months expecting the money to be refunded to me in the form of solar credits, only to find out four months later that they never filed the paperwork to PG&E to set up my house as a solar home. When I phoned PG&E today, I was surprised to learn that they still had not sent in the paperwork. I finally decided to ask Divine Power for the paperwork they have been promising to deliver me for the last four months. There has been no correspondence with either PG&E or Divine Power that I can find in my inbox. After a few weeks of my not signing the papers, I figured they would follow up with me, but this is a very disorganized business. Divine power might be inexpensive, but it could also cause you a lot of trouble and expense. Because of this hardship, I decided to increase my solar power by working with Sunrun. Everything was set up, I was kept in the loop the whole time, and I should be totally linked before Divine Power is activated." - Adrian
"It has been over a year since we signed the deal. The panels went up promptly. But it is taking an eternity for them to do the job. Without calling beforehand, they just turn up. And they never seem to turn up when they are expected to. Do not do business with them." - Sophia
"Greg understood my requirements exactly. To me, it seemed more like being serviced than being sold. There was crystal-clear communication at every turn. The installation team was kind enough to provide advice on how we might improve efficiency. It was very kind of Divine Power to send a technician to our location to set up the monitoring software." - James
"I have had a great time here and the service has been excellent. In order to get everything up and running, my solar consultant Troy assisted me. A lovely young girl from the firm came out to assist me with enabling my monitor." - William
"I have fifteen panels and a modest cost. There is a chance I may buy additional panels from them in the future. Someone was sent to assist me in completing the solar monitoring application. She was really helpful in answering my concerns and explaining how my setup functioned. The service I got was excellent, and I am grateful." - Tushar
"We are pleased with our solar assistance, which, two years after installation, continues to be helpful and supportive and has helped us save money on our p&ge payment. Joleen, our Divine Power consultant, was very kind and detailed in explaining our alternatives for moving ahead with our solar installation. I am considering purchasing extra panels to meet future needs after learning more about our current setup and how to use our solar app." - Mark
"So far, our solar system has performed well. To avoid costly monthly electricity bills, we are investigating installing more panels. Since we adore Divine, I shall choose them." - Cecilia

Divine Power USA Social media

The Divine Power USA Facebook page is constantly updated and well-maintained. A certified blue check mark on the page denotes its authenticity. He has a fair number of devotees. The page's main focus is on promoting solar power and the services offered by Divine Power USA. The material consists of a number of educational messages, advertising offers, project demos, and client endorsements. Many messages emphasize the advantages of solar energy, including financial savings, environmental effect, and energy independence. Posts often include top-notch photos of solar installations, side-by-side comparisons, and infographics outlining the advantages of solar power. The Divine Power USA Facebook page has a high degree of engagement with its followers. With a rating of 4.6 stars, the website has glowing testimonials and suggestions from pleased users. Visitors may read reviews, which might affect how they make decisions. Overall, the Divine Power USA Facebook page successfully advertises its solar energy services because to educational material, appealing graphics, encouraging client comments, and involvement from the local community. The website seems to be effective in engaging its audience and building an authoritative online presence.
Divine Power USA employs roughly 16 workers, according to its LinkedIn profile. The firm has a foothold in the famous solar energy sector since Los Angeles, California, is where its headquarters are located. As a solar energy authority, Divine Power USA promotes itself. They provide a variety of services, such as setting up and maintaining solar panels, as well as providing financing choices. The business places a strong emphasis on its dedication to offering its clients premium solar solutions. Information about the staff of the business is available on LinkedIn. It displays important personnel' bios, together with information about their experience and positions. On its LinkedIn profile, Divine Power USA demonstrates its dedication to sustainability and renewable energy. The LinkedIn profile for Divine Power USA includes client endorsements and highlights a few of the projects it has accomplished. There is a section on the Divine Power USA employment page on LinkedIn. This suggests that the business is looking for new employees in a proactive manner to help it develop and expand. Overall, Divine Power USA's LinkedIn profile successfully conveys its knowledge of the solar sector, promotes its accomplishments and client endorsements, and emphasizes its dedication to sustainability. It offers a venue for communication with prospective customers, partners, and employees looking for work in the renewable energy industry.
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Divine Power USA average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews3214.7


Divine Power USA Pros & Cons

  • Service-oriented approach
  • Helpful installation team
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Poor communication and missed deadlines
  • Lack of support and follow-up
  • Unprofessional behavior

Divine Power USA Final Conclusions

Even if Divine Power USA's efforts and reputation have gotten an average rating of 4.13 stars, the conclusion is quite unsettling. Customers have reported both favorable and bad experiences with the firm, giving the impression that its reputation is divided. On the plus side, several customers have applauded Divine Power USA for their exceptional service, understanding and attentive personnel, and cost-effective solar panel installation. These features suggest that the business may be able to provide certain clients a positive experience. However, unfavorable evaluations cause grave worries about the business's image and operations. Poor communication, missing deadlines, and unprofessional administrator conduct are all signs of disorganization and a disregard for the needs of the clientele. Due of Divine Power USA's dubious image, prospective clients may be cautious to use them for their solar energy requirements. The bad experiences some customers have described emphasize how crucial it is to do careful research and exercise caution before choosing to work with a firm. In conclusion, despite receiving both good and negative feedback, Divine Power USA's reputation and performance are questioned by the unfavorable comments. Prospective clients should exercise caution when choosing to engage with Divine Power USA and should seek out other solar energy companies with a more solid and consistent history of providing top-notch service and customer care.

Divine Power USA locations

Main Address2500 East Belle Terrace Suite 100, Bakersfield, CA, United States, California
Phone Number6615570027

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