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Solar energy provider EcoSolar USA offers both residential and business clients solar energy solutions. For clients all around the United States, they design, install, and maintain solar systems. The firm also provides outreach and education to assist individuals and companies in switching to renewable energy.

EcoSolar USA overview

Solar energy provider EcoSolar USA offers both residential and business clients solar energy solutions. For clients all around the United States, they design, install, and maintain solar systems. The firm also provides outreach and education to assist individuals and companies in switching to renewable energy.

What EcoSolar USA has to say about itself

EcoSolar USA's purpose is to promote clean energy and sustainability. We are a top supplier of renewable energy in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast, committed to exceeding your expectations and supplying all of your energy requirements. No project is too big or too little for us to handle; we provide a broad range of solar energy systems and services, from modest home installations to enormous commercial and industrial solar installations.

EcoSolar USA Solar Review

Year Started2015
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, SEI, NEC, UL, IEC, TICO

EcoSolar USA website review

The official website of EcoSolar USA, a business that specializes in solar energy systems for residential and commercial buildings, is The website's design is user-friendly and educational, and it includes thorough sections that provide in-depth information on the company's numerous services, including solar energy system design, solar panel installation, energy efficiency improvement, and much more. The website also has useful tools including a blog, frequently asked questions and customer reviews. All of this contributes to the website's dependability and credibility by giving users the greatest information available so they may decide on solar energy in an educated manner.

EcoSolar USA price policy

PackagesGrid-Tied Solar Package - starting at $3,500, Off-Grid Solar Package - starting at $5,000, Hybrid Solar Package - starting at $4,500, Pool Solar Package - starting at $4,500, Commercial Solar Package - starting at $7,500, Batter Backup Package - starting at $8,500, Solar Generator Package - starting at $2,500
Payment optionsCredit/debit card, PayPal, bank transfer, check, and financing.
Payment discountsLoyalty Program Discount – 15%, Military & Veteran Discount – 10%, Senior Citizen Discount – 5%, Referral Program Discount – 10%, Eco-Friendly Product Discount – 5%

EcoSolar USA online reputation

Customers of EcoSolar USA often express satisfaction with their service. Customers have expressed satisfaction with their knowledgeable personnel, reasonable price, and trustworthy items. However, some consumers have complained that they had trouble browsing the website or that the installation procedure was not as simple as it might have been. EcoSolar USA attempts to guarantee client pleasure, and it is clear that they are effective in providing the best quality service in the vast majority of situations.
"Inadequate client service. How did you become a licensed SunPower dealer? Sunpower needs to revoke your permit. How can you claim that your installation schedule is full while denying assisting a customer's support request. Since you are my local dealer, you direct me back to Sunpower, who was the one who first recommended you to me. That is not logical." - Trevor U.
"Foreman of the firm I worked for. Upgraded their infrastructure and boosted quality. I've seen firsthand the ineffectiveness of treatment and management. They just care about making a fast buck and don't value their consumers or staff. Warning from a former employee: avoid doing business with this solar company. When things don't go their way, they'll dump you as they did me." - Hudson M.
"Our solar panels (a total of 70) have been put on the buildings. Everything about this has been a nightmare. EcoSolar USA was obviously in over its heads with this task. One of our stores' roofs began leaking shortly after construction. My husband (a general contractor) and I fixed the roof, and we haven't been paid yet. There was a total breakdown in communication inside the organization; nobody had any idea what was going on, and nobody could be reached for comment. They spent four months trying to make the panels operational, and I still don't know whether they are or not since the accompanying software is buggy. Worst customer service ever! Not once did anybody in charge call to apologize. Absolutely not a firm I'd recommend to anybody!" - Bryson N.
"They assured me that my system would save more energy than I used during the warmer months to make up for the shorter days of winter, but I have never come near to conserving even a single kilowatt hour. In fact, our energy use dropped the year after we installed the system, and the system still wasn't paying for itself. They promised me a return in 5-6 years, but it will be closer to 25 years since my system was badly constructed." - Omar G.
"I pay EcoSolar USA, and have been trying to get answers about the inadequacy of my system for the last 2 years, but to no avail. EcoSolar USA came out and said they were wrong in their design. They said they could upgrade my current system, but it would cost me an additional $7,000 to fix the bad design. Didn't I pay someone else to do that? It's like trying to reason with a rock. Meanwhile, my electric bills have tripled. They've gotten to the point where they don't care anymore. The standard of customer service these days is this." - Mark I.
"We appreciate your efforts in finishing the project on schedule amid this epidemic. The experience of dealing with you and your workers has been wonderful. It was simple for us to eventually develop an ideal system that pleased us in terms of both cost and performance thanks to your readiness to work with consumers on various options. Will use the firm again for purchases! I wholeheartedly recommend ECOSOLARUSA to anybody still seeking for a high-quality solar system." - Grant J.
"Working with EcoSolar was a delight from beginning to end. The whole staff was knowledgeable, honest, fast, and professional in all discussions. Anna was especially kind and patient as she walked us through the process. The job was finished even more quickly than anticipated, and our new SunPower system is stunning to look at and to use. No regrets at all. Highly recommended!" - Ryder K.
"I spent some time looking for a solar panel installation company. An acquaintance of mine told me that they used Ecosolarusa to install solar panels. He recommended them because of their excellent service. I questioned him at length and he gave me all the information I needed. I immediately made an appointment with Ecosolarusa. They told me everything I needed to know, including how to install the panels on my house. After their presentation, I decided to engage them as my contractor. I want to extend my sincere thanks to the technical staff (electricians, solar panel installers) for their help. Whoever wants to install solar panels, do it now! The government will provide a 30% tax credit, and I wholeheartedly support Ecosolarusa. All you have to do is pay for great service. When the job is done, you will be beyond happy." - Emmanuel L.
"It's a fantastic enterprise that is totally dedicated to helping the client get what they want or need. I worked with a guy and he was just wonderful and patient. He was kind and professional throughout the entire process, including the first step when he came in to give me an estimate. His offer was very favorable. I highly recommend this SunPower installer. After my experience, several of our family members and friends have contacted him and are working with him." - Peyton K.
"In September 2021, I discovered EcoSolar USA. The project manager is very competent, kind, and patient. She explained what NEM (net energy metering) is and how it works for me. The surveyor who came to my house was very accommodating, informative, and efficient. My 30 solar panels were installed by the installation crew within about 2 days. By the second week of November, SCE had issued me a permit to operate the solar panels (PTO). I would recommend EcoSlar USA to anyone as I am very pleased with them." - Jonah T.

EcoSolar USA Social media
An amazing Facebook page advertising solar energy alternatives are EcoSolar USA. With over 1,300 followers, it is obvious that the page is popular and a reliable source. The portal has a polished, contemporary appearance and includes films that show possible energy bill savings in addition to appealing, high-definition landscape and portrait images of energy-efficient houses. Additionally, there are connections to more in-depth articles concerning energy and financial savings, as well as qualified solar installers and potential clients. All in all, anybody wishing to learn more about energy-efficient alternatives will benefit greatly by visiting the EcoSolar USA Facebook page. Additionally, it is a reliable source of information and seems to have a large following.
At first sight, EcoSolar USA, a solar energy firm, has an impressive LinkedIn profile. Because of its contemporary design, the logo jumps off the page's blue backdrop. But with more inspection, it becomes clear that the page can't be trusted. Few people subscribe to it, and it provides few details regarding the company's wares. Another sign that the company and page are failing is a lack of new articles or updates. The page is not popular if there is so little interaction on it.
YouTube Channel
2 Subscribers

EcoSolar USA average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews334.5


EcoSolar USA Pros & Cons

  • Sustainable Energy Solutions
  • User-friendly Technology
  • Experienced Team
  • Limited Service Area
  • High Prices
  • Limited Renewable Energy Sources

EcoSolar USA Final Conclusions

EcoSolar USA is a business that provides residential, commercial, and industrial clients with solar energy products and solutions, including sales and installation. EcoSolar USA provides solar PV systems and solar panel kits to homeowners to lower their energy bills and promote the use of clean, renewable energy. Customers have praised the company's skilled and pleasant employees, as well as its reasonable prices and prompt service.

EcoSolar USA locations

Main Address13880 Harbor Blvd, Unit 6D, Garden Grove, CA 92843
Phone Number7142659077

2 local offices

California – Garden Grove 13880 Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove CA, 92843
California – Westminster 16478 Beach Blvd, Westminster CA, 92683

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