Energy Monster review

Energy Monster is a clean energy provider that installs solar panels and other intelligent energy management systems in commercial and residential buildings. They focus on delivering renewable sources of power including solar, wind, and hydroelectricity. Energy Monster also provides comprehensive energy audits for businesses and homes in addition to its suite of intelligent energy monitoring and storage solutions.
Energy Monster review

Energy Monster overview

Energy Monster is a clean energy provider that installs solar panels and other intelligent energy management systems in commercial and residential buildings. They focus on delivering renewable sources of power including solar, wind, and hydroelectricity. Energy Monster also provides comprehensive energy audits for businesses and homes in addition to its suite of intelligent energy monitoring and storage solutions.

What Energy Monster has to say about itself

Energy Monster is a forward-thinking power firm to make renewable energy accessible to everybody. Our cutting-edge solutions are expanding access to reliable energy for people all around the world. We think that improvements in the environment, society, and economy are possible with greater availability of dependable and inexpensive energy sources. We are contributing to a better, more sustainable future by bridging the gap between people and renewable energy. Help us achieve our goal of a better, more accessible future by joining our cause.

Energy Monster Solar Review

Year StartedMA, RI, FL
Service Areas2010
Service TypesInstallation, Energy Auditing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and amorphous (thin-film) panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and battery banks.

Energy Monster website review

Energy Monster's main website,, is safe and packed with useful resources. Video tutorials, client success stories, energy-saving tips, and news are just some of the highlights. The website's layout and design were created with the user in mind, with clear tabs for navigating and an uplifting aesthetic. Everything here is written at a level that makes it simple even for newcomers to understand. SSL encryption also makes it a safe space for entering sensitive information. The information and tools available at may be relied upon.

Energy Monster price policy

PackagesResidential Solar System Package: starting from $9,000, Residential Battery Storage Package: starting from $9,000, Commercial Solar System Package: starting from $15,000, Commercial Battery Storage Package: starting from $25,000, Solar Carport Package: starting from $20,000, Solar Pool Heating Package: starting from $4,000, Solar Hot Water Heating Package: starting from $2,500, LED Lighting Package: starting from $2,000
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and bank transfer.
Payment discountsGroup Discount of 10%, Referral Discount of 10%, Senior Discount of 10%, Military Discount of 10%, Corporate Discount of 10%, bulk order Discount of 5%, Loyalty Discount of 10%

Energy Monster online reputation

In sum, Energy Monster has done a great job for its clients. Energy Monster has received overwhelmingly good reviews from satisfied clients. Customers have praised Energy Monster for the money they have saved by utilizing the company. On the other side, some users have complained about poor support and an unintuitive UI. However, Energy Monster has been met with positive reviews from the vast majority of its clients.
"The deal was signed five months ago, yet there are still no working solar panels. only to put the panels up took two months. For a variety of reasons, the building department will now fail the inspection. It may take up to a year or more before I can have the panels functioning since the individual who was working on my task departed and left the firm. Choose a reputable firm to save time and money." - Adrian P.
"I'm not impressed. The previous week we signed up for an energy assessment during the Mustache Walk. The appointment was set for today at noon. I rescheduled and canceled appointments since I am a personal trainer so I could be available when they came. They contacted me 2 HOURS before the appointment to cancel it and complain that their employee was at fault for scheduling the appointment. I will say it again: I am furious. They had a full week to schedule a new date for this. Now I have inconvenienced my clients for no reason and suffered a financial loss. I will never use their services as I find it so unprofessional." - Cameron B.
"In our home, micro splits were installed. They first pushed and pushed to begin the job before the financing was approved, which it wasn't, so we had to pay cash. We were informed that we needed to be at home so that someone could stop by and explain how the system works. That never took place. As a result of apparent deterioration, we are now having our siding restored. It turns out that the team taped the water pipes together using electrical tape. The home was being damaged by water that was dripping down between the siding and the structure." - Wyatt S.
"It's obvious that certain members of the Energy Monster crew are doing more than their fair share. I initially interacted with the installation team in a really positive way (i.e., when I could still choose another vendor), but after we signed the contract, they became difficult to work with, misled me about expectations set by their own colleagues, showed up on the scheduled day when they had canceled it, and skipped over some of the work. Maybe COVID is simply throwing a kink in the works, but unless you work in a hospital, that's not an acceptable explanation after more than a year." - Julian H.
"On May 19, Energy Monster "completed" the installation of my mini-split heat pump system. The most expensive unit, which cooled the kitchen and dining room, died the day after the repair was completed. We still have not received a replacement unit. We were assured repeatedly that the problem would be solved within a few days or, at most, a week. The project manager, would not return phone calls when I called and was always unpleasant and brief with me. After he, quote, "stopped being with us," Courtney, the operations manager, became my new point of contact. Although she has been more accommodating, the device is still not working and we don't know when it will be replaced. It has been 8 months since we found out that my wife is expecting a baby. Within the next week, the temperature will be over 90 degrees. To put it mildly, it is unfortunate that nothing has been done to keep track of it." - Austin E.
"I appreciate all the work done by Energy Monster to complete my solar panel installation. The staff was a pleasure to work with as they were so accommodating, responsive, and knowledgeable. The cost was low compared to the competition, the service was prompt (within what Energy Monster could handle), and the quality of work was high. The project took about two months longer than expected, but that was due to a lot of third-party feedback and suggestions (as well as some weather-related setbacks). Now that everything is working, I'm happy to report that my system's solar capacity is exceeding my expectations for February in Massachusetts. If you're interested in solar power, check out the Energy Monster website." - Connor D.
"My 40-panel (12 KW-DC) solar array has been up and running for little over a year now. Energy Monster performed a fantastic job installing my 40 all-black solar panels in a single day. After a year, I have had no problems, and they have been extremely helpful in keeping me informed throughout the whole permitting process, all the way up to the utility's approval to connect. By the end of 2020, I will have produced more than 15400 KWh and sent 3200 KWh to the grid after using just 12200 KWh myself. About 2,000 square feet describe the size of my home. The array was just proportioned for my home." - Robert S.
"About a year ago, my wife and I had Energy Monster construct a solar energy system. The EM team was extremely helpful, answering all of our concerns and providing a detailed explanation of the system they recommended. Once the system was in place, it was activated on July 1st, resulting in three months of longer daylight that was very fruitful for our endeavors. With less daylight in the fall and winter, less work can be done during those seasons. March, April, May, and June of our first solar spring were more productive than the previous six months combined. We have a sizable credit with National Grid that will cover all or almost all of our electricity use in the next autumn and winter. Everything the Energy Monster Team has given us works well, and we couldn't be happier." - Hunter V.
"Going solar is something that has attracted my husband and I for some time now. We investigated many solar firms and did some background study on what we needed. When everything was said and done, we went with a neighborhood business since we know they'll be here for at least a few years, whereas the national chains keep folding. Kevin was a pleasure to work with. He has a wealth of information, answers questions quickly, and pays close attention to our needs. My husband is highly particular, yet his suggestion satisfied all of our needs. The whole procedure went off without a hitch. Everyone we dealt with, from the first site visit to the final inspections, was professional, kind, and put us at ease during these uncertain times (covid). If you want a firm that will be there for you from the very beginning to the very end, answering all of your inquiries, I would strongly recommend Energy Monster." - Anna W.
"I was very pleased to work with Energy Monster, but I wanted to wait a year before posting a review to see how the one-year "payoff" would go. It has exceeded our expectations in every way. We haven't spent a penny on electricity in the last 12 months. The savings from not having to pay anything to National Grid, the money we get each month through the Mass Saves program, the credit we built with National Grid, and the lower natural gas bill (we installed a heat pump, which was virtually free after Mass Save rebates to offset heating and cooling costs) exceeds the cost of the panels. If we moved, we would spend Energy Monster to repeat the action." - Thomas F.

Energy Monster Social media
Having ties to a well-known solar energy provider helps establish Energy Monster's credibility on Facebook. The layout of the website is basic, yet pleasant to look at. The usage of mostly blue and green hues makes for a soothing and eco-friendly setting. Numerous images with descriptive explanations about their offerings populate the website. A contact form and website address are provided. There is a steady stream of new content added to the website. There are now over 2400 likes and a sizable following. Attractive films and infographics are also included. You may learn all you need to know about Energy Monster's solar energy solutions by visiting their page on Facebook.LinkedIn is where you can find Energy Monster, a solar energy business. The site has an overall neat and polished feel to it, with brief descriptions of the company's goals and the products and services it offers. Some of the advantages of using their services are also highlighted. However, there seems to be just a small number of page subscribers, and the page itself provides only a limited amount of information on the business. There is insufficient data to determine the company's reliability at this time. The company's LinkedIn profile isn't extremely well-known or active overall.
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Energy Monster average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews574.4


Energy Monster Pros & Cons

  • Comprehensive Product Range
  • Reasonable Prices
  • Professional Customer Service
  • Price competition
  • High overhead costs
  • Regulatory compliance

Energy Monster Final Conclusions

Energy Monster provides customers with a selection of smart meters and renewable energy contracts. Their renewable energy tariffs are competitive, and their web interface makes it easy to track and manage use. Energy Monster has a 4.7-star rating thanks to positive customer reviews.

Energy Monster locations

Main Address100 Lamartine Street Worcester, MA 01608
Phone Number8556277674

4 local offices

Massachusetts – Worcester 311 Main Street 2nd Floor, Worcester MA, 01608
Florida – Largo 12087 62nd Street North Suite 2, Largo FL, 33773
Florida – Sarasota 809 Tailwind Pl, Sarasota FL, 34240
– Worcester 100 Lamartine St, Worcester Massachusetts, 01608

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