Solar TuneUp review

Safety and complete customer satisfaction are the top priorities of Solar TuneUp, a provider of solar services for homes. Panel cleaning, electrical system monitoring, troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, and system checks are just some of the services offered by Solar TuneUp to homeowners with already-installed solar power systems.

Solar TuneUp overview

Safety and complete customer satisfaction are the top priorities of Solar TuneUp, a provider of solar services for homes. Panel cleaning, electrical system monitoring, troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, and system checks are just some of the services offered by Solar TuneUp to homeowners with already-installed solar power systems.

What Solar TuneUp has to say about itself

We care that your solar system is operating at maximum efficiency, therefore we utilize the right tools and provide a wealth of knowledge. We're always punctual, well dressed, and eager to get to work. If you're not happy with the service, we'll refund your payment. Solar TuneUp's boundless enthusiasm for the solar business catches on like wildfire. Whatever the requirements of your solar array may be, we are here to assist you. We will be by your side every step of the way as we bring your system online and ensure that you are getting the full value for your investment in energy. Customers of GCI Solar, Verengo Solar, and Horizon/Sungevity who have just heard of their companies' demise should rest assured knowing that Solar TuneUp is ready to assist!

Solar TuneUp Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasCA
Service TypesSolar panel installation, solar panel maintenance, solar panel repair, solar panel cleaning and energy efficiency consulting
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries

Solar TuneUp website review

The Solar TuneUp website is aesthetically pleasing and simple to use. The design is straightforward and uncomplicated, with a strong emphasis on the services the business provides. Visitors may see a quick summary of the company's offerings and advantages of selecting Solar TuneUp on the website's home page. A comprehensive list of the services offered by Solar TuneUp, including panel cleaning, system tuning, repair, and maintenance, is provided on the website. Additionally, each service is fully described, along with information on what clients may anticipate from Solar TuneUp. Additionally, the website makes it simple for users to get in touch with Solar TuneUp if they have any queries or issues by listing the company's phone numbers and email addresses. Customers who may have inquiries regarding the company's services can find helpful information in the website's FAQ area. The Solar TuneUp website is generally educational, simple to use, and aesthetically pleasing, providing visitors a favorable impression of the business.

Solar TuneUp price policy

PackagesInstallation of a basic system starts at around $4,000 and can go up to $20,000 or more for larger, more complex systems.
Payment optionsCash, checks, and credit cards
Payment discountsDiscounts for homeowners who pay in advance by cash or check, discounts for members of the military and other select groups.

Solar TuneUp online reputation

Customers' opinions of Solar TuneUp are conflicting. While some clients were happy with the service, others had some issues. One customer criticized the lack of openness in the job performed by Solar TuneUp workers as well as the inadequate communication between them. The client also remarked that it was inconvenient as the maintenance team neglected to bring several tools. Another client was dissatisfied that Solar TuneUp was unable to repair a problem with his solar panels and that he was forced to contact a different service provider to address the issue. Some consumers have also expressed worry about the cost of the Solar TuneUp services. One customer complained that the costs were greater than those of other service providers and that they did not get excellent value for their money. Due to the Solar TuneUp team's unavailability, a different customer had to postpone the appointment many times. Customers did, however, also leave glowing testimonials. When he assisted a customer in resolving a solar panel issue, the client had a favorable experience with Solar TuneUp. In order to remedy the problem and win the customer's confidence, Justin from Solar TuneUp went above and above. When Justin fixed their malfunctioning power optimizer and assisted them in obtaining a warranty from SolarEdge, another customer was happy with the service. Overall, despite the conflicting ratings Solar TuneUp has gotten, the business has shown to be dependable and dedicated to giving consumers high-quality service.
"I was dissatisfied with the quality of service that Solar TuneUp delivered. The group performed a poor job of communicating with one another and did not provide any explanation for the work that was being done. In addition to that, they forgot to take several tools with them, which was a nuisance to deal with." - lil
"Unfortunately, Solar TuneUp was not successful in fixing the problem with my solar panels. They made an effort to fix them, however the issue continued despite their efforts. In the end, I was forced to contact a different service provider in order to resolve the issue." - Oscar
"When compared to the prices offered by other service providers, Solar TuneUp's services were priced much more. The quality of the product I got in relation to its price did not impress me." - Jack
"Due to the availability of their crew, I had to postpone my appointment with Solar TuneUp many times. My solar panels had to be serviced more slowly as a result of this, which was annoying. " - Thomas
"My experience with Solar TuneUp's customer support was less than satisfactory. My attempts to get in contact with the team were unsuccessful, and I did not obtain replies to any of my questions in a timely manner." - Michael
"My solar panel system was installed by a company that has since gone out of business. A handful of the panels had stopped generating, which I saw on my app. So I went on Yelp and contacted a few electricians for advice. The only business that get back to me was Solar Tuneup.Justin made contact with the maker and had the warranty claim handled. He came over after getting the new items and put them in place. Then, when it didn't work, he called the manufacturer again and waited on hold for hours before finally getting through. In order to use the new components with the old displays, an updated piece of software was required. Justin, in my opinion, made extra efforts to satisfy us and earns my unequivocal endorsement. No need to keep seeking for a solar panel maintenance company." - Jeff
"After the previous installer of my sister and my solar PV panels vanished, Justin performed a fantastic job of repairing the faulty power optimizer at both of our homes. He helped me get the new power optimizers approved under SolarEdge's warranty at a fair price. If I ever have any issue with my solar PV power system, I will not hesitate to get in touch with him." - Montri
"The staff at Solar Tune-Up are honest and reliable. Incredible attention to detail is given to each consumer. My mother's solar installation was left unfinished when the firm that had been working on it suddenly went out of business, but luckily Justin from Solartuneup came to her rescue. Solartuneup provided excellent service in a timely manner without sacrificing quality. When they were done, I felt at ease knowing that my mom was in good care. They showed her and us around the completed installation and came back to make sure everything was OK. Solartuneup made us feel at ease and certain that they will always be available to assist and serve." - Goldie
"Justin does and amazing job. Arrived on time, took photographs of the "before" and "after," and left us very delighted. We have recommended him to our son, who shares our high level of satisfaction with the job that he has done, and we have placed him on a schedule to clean the solar panels every other year." - Rahim
"I just discovered that my solar company had shut down when I went to their Yelp site, but another customer had mentioned that Justin at Solar Tuneup helped her with her malfunctioning inverter, so I called Justin. Justin was able to fix my inverter for a reasonable price. He not only repaired my inverter but also made sure that the components were covered by the guarantee, put my panels back online, and had them up and running again. Exceptionally courteous and clean individual who works quickly, effectively, and with integrity. I cannot speak highly enough about Justin and Solar Tuneup!" - Patsy

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Solar TuneUp average reviews

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Solar TuneUp Pros & Cons

  • Quality goods and services
  • Flexible financing options
  • Discounts for certain groups
  • Can be costly for larger, more complex systems
  • Not in all areas
  • Installation may take a long time

Solar TuneUp Final Conclusions

Customer feedback on Solar TuneUp is conflicting. While some consumers have expressed happiness with the company's services and have praised Justin's work, others have voiced displeasure with the quality of the services offered. Poor connection, exorbitant costs, and problems with availability and scheduling are some common complaints. It's essential to remember, however, that some consumers have had positive experiences with Solar TuneUp and have given the business high marks for professionalism, attention to detail, and quick service. Positive feedback suggests that Solar TuneUp has a solid reputation for repairing solar panel problems and offering excellent customer care. The reputation of Solar TuneUp is unsteady overall. While some clients have given the business favorable reviews, others have voiced dissatisfaction with the quality of the services it offers. It is crucial to remember that customer experiences may vary widely, and that certain evaluations could not accurately represent a company's performance as a whole.

Solar TuneUp locations

Main Address2837 E Barkley Ave, Orange, CA 92867,United States
Phone Number7144202755

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