Energy Saving Pros review

Energy Saving Pros is a business that provides services related to energy saving in homes. Their offerings are geared toward enhancing residential comfort and quality of life while simultaneously decreasing energy use and carbon impact. The skilled professionals at Energy Saving Pros work with homeowners to find ways to reduce their energy consumption and utility bills while also improving the comfort and security of their homes.
Energy Saving Pros review

Energy Saving Pros overview

Energy Saving Pros is a business that provides services related to energy saving in homes. Their offerings are geared toward enhancing residential comfort and quality of life while simultaneously decreasing energy use and carbon impact. The skilled professionals at Energy Saving Pros work with homeowners to find ways to reduce their energy consumption and utility bills while also improving the comfort and security of their homes.

What Energy Saving Pros has to say about itself

Energy Saving Pros is a national residential energy efficiency partner that conducts energy audits and installs energy-saving upgrades in homes throughout the country. We focus on evaluating and retrofitting houses to assist clients to save money on energy costs and enhancing home comfort, safety, and health. Energy audits, air sealing, insulation, HVAC setup, window/door swaps, solar photovoltaic installations, renewable energy solutions, and more are just some of the things we do well.

Energy Saving Pros Solar Review

Year Started1994
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Roofing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and hybrid batteries.

Energy Saving Pros website review

The Energy Saving Pros website,, is well-designed and has several useful resources for anyone interested in the organization and its offerings. Information about goods and services, as well as how to get in touch with the company and its customer care department, is all available on the website. It also includes client feedback, so readers can learn what others have to say about the service. The site as a whole seems trustworthy and dependable. It seems to be a credible business with a dedication to providing high-quality energy-efficient goods and services over the long term.

Energy Saving Pros price policy

PackagesSolar Systems: Starting at $18,895, Financing: Starting at 0% APR, Solar Battery Backup: Starting at $6,495, Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance: Starting at $295, Solar Shades & Structures: Starting at $1,295, Solar Pool Heating: Starting at $2,995, Solar Lighting: Starting at $895
Payment optionsCash, checks, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, and Venmo.
Payment discountsSenior Citizen Discount: 10%, Multiple-Order Discounts: 5%, Contractor Network Discount: 10%, Referral Program Discount: 10%, Eco-Friendly Discount: 5-10%, Military Discount: 5-10%, Loyalty Discount: 5%

Energy Saving Pros online reputation

There have been both favorable and negative comments made by consumers about Energy Saving Pros. Those who have used their services have raved about how competent and kind the personnel is. However, many are unhappy with the business and have complained about things like lengthy hold periods and inaccessible support staff. Despite the criticism, Energy Saving Pros is still a formidable opponent in the energy industry, because of its affordable rates and consistent quality of service.
"Badest customer service I have ever had to deal with! They were there to provide bids for the installation of a whole-house generator. We discussed everything that might go wrong for them. I anticipated some difficulty in complying with local regulations. They promised to put it all together and come back to me, so they could. When I eventually phoned them three months later, they admitted that I had been overlooked but promised to fix the problem immediately. The company didn't know what they were talking about when they phoned me 2 weeks later and insisted that the height requirement was 12 feet over the sea. That's far out of my league!! They "worked" on it for an additional week. They contacted us a week later to tell us they couldn't take the work because we're too far from their location. UnReal! I plan to complain to Generac about how awful they are, and I would never recommend them. I would write a bad review if I could. It's the WORST!!!" - Asher H.
"They promised to come and give me a quote for a Generac 22kW Standby Permanently installed generator, so I waited all day for him to show up and do it. Another representative called at 4:50 p.m.; she was unaware of what Brad had said, but assured me that someone would be there tomorrow. She gave a minimum cost of $16,250 to install the generator but added that the final price would depend on the placement of the unit and the trenches needed. If you are thinking about working with this firm, I highly recommend you store around and compare prices. I previously got a price from another local firm with a 5-star rating, and the minimum installation cost from Energy Pro was $4,200 more than what I was quoted. The cheaper price is for the same high quality Generac generator made by the same reliable company. So I informed Tracy that Brad needed retraining, as he could provide the same information during our conversation, and he didn't need to waste my time by coming here." - Ricardo C.
"In terms of cost, it was reasonable. The follow-through was not as strong, unfortunately. They struggle more than others with basic verbal exchanges. The installation went through without a hitch, and they even cleaned up after themselves! I had them remedy the problem, but not before they ripped a hole in the drywall and stucco to get to the meter/shut-off valve on the side of the home (due to bad communication). Everything is well on the solar front." - Kaiden R.
"Our dealings with this firm have been dreadful. Our solar panel installers removed the furnace's exhaust pipe and covered it up with a panel. We spent thousands of dollars trying to find out what was wrong with our furnace, and we were without heat for weeks during the worst of winter. After finding out the issue, the firm was more concerned with the panels' beauty than with fixing our lack of heat. They also wanted us to pay to relocate our furnace's exhaust pipe to a new spot on the roof so that it wouldn't detract from the panels' appearance. For us, it wasn't the answer. We did not want to risk the roof's structural stability. They refused to reimburse us for the cost of repairing our furnace or assist us in fixing the issue they caused." - Derek M.
"My folks will love it, but not me. They installed a 22-kilowatt solar array with a backup power system. The inspection took place today, even though Energy Saving Pros "finished" the job months ago. We sent Jaiden, who is completely clueless about everything. My folks heard three conflicting stories about what the system is supposed to do. The inspector took one look at two boxes and immediately gave them an unsatisfactory grade because the drawings did not match the final product. They tried calling and calling, but they never responded." - Andres U.
"We learned about the PG&E changes in January and asked four solar providers for an estimate. Definitely, we hired energy conservation experts. I can't speak highly enough of his experience; it's a reputable, established business in the area. Because of the prompt and clear updates I've been getting, I've always been aware of what's going on. Everyone I spoke with was courteous and not at all aggressive. All work is done in-house and on site." - Braxton C.
"My husband and I, like many other people, argued for a long time about installing solar panels. After researching many options, we hired Energy Saving Pros. Tracy, the consultant we hired, visited us at home and walked us through everything. She supported us throughout the whole process. We thought the cost was fair, and we were secure in our vendor selection, particularly given ESP's stellar reputation. There's no longer any mystery as to why. From the minute you call to set up your consultation, you will have the support of this firm. The group who came to do the installation arrived on schedule, and they were done within the day. We're thrilled with the results of our system." - Travis O.
"Extremely well-informed, helpful and forthright! I had never set foot in the small rental property I had inherited, but I knew it was in dire need of maintenance. I was willing to invest in the project as I felt it needed a new roof. A manager from Energy Savings Pros visited my house to provide an estimate. He, to my surprise, assured me that the roof was in great shape and of high quality. He also sent me pictures of the roof and gave me some very helpful recommendations for extending its life (such as installing gutter guards, cleaning the downspouts and having someone blow the leaves off the roof). The experience, generosity and candor made a lasting impression on me. I was so pleased that I decided to hire Energy Savings Pros to inspect and maintain my HVAC system twice a year, in the spring and fall." - Fernando L.
"I can't sing Energy Saving Pros' praises loud enough. My sales representative was excellent throughout the entire process. Out of about five offers I received, this one seemed to me to be the most favorable. He was very kind and responsive while I was contemplating which firm to work with. Working with this firm was easy. The installation team was punctual, efficient and pleasant to work with. I wish all of my relationships with contractors were as pleasant as this time. To reiterate what I said at the beginning, I just can't praise these people highly enough." - Braden G.
"When my wife and I decided to invest in solar panels, we did so only after extensive study. By a country mile, the most affordable option was Energy Savings Pro. Other firms attempted to sell us on certain panels or encourage us to lease rather than purchase, but ESP was the best. Charlotte was recommended to me by a coworker and she was kind, informative, and communicative (even when I got busy and forgot to respond to her). My first bill from PG&E arrived today... Wow, this $5 power bill beats the norm of being ripped off. Did I not already praise Charlotte and Energy Savings Pro? They do!" - Alexis B.

Energy Saving Pros Social media
More than 8,000 people have liked the Facebook page of Solar Energy firm Energy Saving Pros. It features visual content and external connections that speak to the company's offerings and achievements. You can trust this website because of the useful and educational entries on it, and you can trust that it is a credible and interesting source of solar energy-related information because of the thrilling videos and breathtaking photographs it contains. People looking for answers to their energy problems often find their way to this website because of its unique ideas for sustainable energy usage and its unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility. It advertises its offerings by demonstrating the simplicity and effectiveness of its setup process. The Energy Saving Pros Facebook page is an excellent place to learn about solar power since it has frequent updates with useful information.A solar energy business called Energy Saving Pros has a LinkedIn presence. The page has current information from the firm as well as from other relevant companies and individuals, and it seems professional and well-maintained. The webpage has a contemporary aesthetic and seems to be user-friendly. The number0 of followers indicated indicates that there is a plethora of content accessible and that it has received the likes of over 300 users. Links to user evaluations and recommendations are also included, which increases the validity. Because of everything said above, Energy Saving Pros can be relied upon as a credible informational resource and a solar energy provider.
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Energy Saving Pros average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1024.7


Energy Saving Pros & Cons

  • Eco-friendly
  • Cost-Effective
  • Innovative
  • High Setup Costs
  • Limited Utility Savings
  • Ineffective Solutions

Energy Saving Pros Final Conclusions

Home improvement goods that are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly may be found at Energy Saving Pros. From LED lamps to smart thermostats and name-brand appliances, the firm has it all. Customers have given the firm great marks for its selection, speed of service, and friendliness of the staff.

Energy Saving Pros locations

Main Address3330 Swetzer Road Loomis, CA 95650
Phone Number8664976527

2 local offices

California – Loomis 3334 Swetzer Road , Loomis CA, 95650
California – Loomis 3334 Swetzer Rd, Loomis CA, 95650

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