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Solar energy provider Solaflect Energy serves consumers in urban, suburban, and rural areas with innovative renewable energy systems. Solar energy solutions tailored to domestic and commercial use are on sale from the firm. It offers a sustainable, future-proof alternative to conventional energy sources by tailoring its solutions to each client.

Solaflect Energy overview

Solar energy provider Solaflect Energy serves consumers in urban, suburban, and rural areas with innovative renewable energy systems. Solar energy solutions tailored to domestic and commercial use are on sale from the firm. It offers a sustainable, future-proof alternative to conventional energy sources by tailoring its solutions to each client.

What Solaflect Energy has to say about itself

Solaflect Energy is a global leader in distributed renewable energy solutions, providing cutting-edge solar tracking and energy storage systems to let people and companies all over the world harness the power of the sun. For you to achieve your objectives and demands for renewable energy, our in-house developed technologies provide dependable, affordable, and clean energy solutions. Solaflect Energy is dedicated to assisting our clients in lowering their energy bills and building a better, greener future. Solaflect Energy has decades of experience and knowledge.

Solaflect Energy Solar Review

Year Started2006
Service AreasVT
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and hybrid panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, and lead-acid.

Solaflect Energy website review

Solaflect Energy's main website ( has detailed descriptions of all of its solar products. Their website is straightforward to navigate. Case studies, headlines, and frequently asked questions are included in addition to in-depth descriptions of the company's products, technologies, and services. In addition to information on solar energy products, the website also has a customer service department. The official Solaflect Energy website may be trusted as a whole. It offers in-depth and up-to-date details on all of their offerings. Customers may use the website without worry since safety safeguards have been put in place to protect their personal data and financial activities.

Solaflect Energy price policy

PackagesStandard System Package: Starting at $8,400, Extra Pole Package: Starting at $1,100, Large System Package: Starting at $13,100, System Upgrade Packages: Starting at $1,700, Tracking System Package: Starting at $2,400, Lighting System Package: Starting at $1,100, Ground Mount System Package: Starting at $6,500, Tools Package: Starting at $395, Winter Maintenance Package: Starting at $545, Solar Panel Maintenance Package: Starting at $495
Payment optionsCash, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, and electronic funds transfer (EFT) from major banks.
Payment discountsAnnual Plan Discount of 10%, Additional System Discount of 10%, Veteran Discount of 10%, Referral Discount of 10%, Group Discounts of up to 10%, Non-profit Discount of 10%, Senior Citizen Discount of 10%, Multi-System Discount of 10%, Solar Agriculture Discount of 10%

Solaflect Energy online reputation

There has been both praise and criticism leveled towards Solaflect Energy. Customers have mixed feelings about the company, with some praising the affordable rates and quick installation and others complaining about the poor response times of customer support. A large number of consumers find Solaflect Energy to be a trustworthy renewable energy provider, notwithstanding some criticism.
"Bad service to customers. They ignore phone calls and take over two weeks to respond to emails. The salesman was helpful, but after you sign up, good luck getting any answers out of them. I have been waiting for them to complete my installation for the last six months. It's been two months since the installers messed up the meter can and the labeling of the system. We have been unable to get someone out here to fix the problem. I would have chosen a different provider had I known how poor this one was. In addition to my monthly utility cost, I am already paying for a non-functioning system. You still have to pay for power even after having solar panels installed, which may make sense if they worked." - Arturo F.
"When will these solar panels be operational? More than a month has passed. Get rid of them if they aren't going to be useful. No way am I going to keep paying for something that isn't working. That's not in line with what we discussed. When both text and email suggest that this system should have been operational, the explanations given so far have been, at the very least, inconsistent. The fact that this organization reacted at all to contact attempts is, at best, embarrassing." - Jonas R.
"I want to rate them 0.0. Since Keaton persuaded my husband and me to switch to solar energy, we've been working together for about a year. He ignores our calls, messages, and emails for weeks at a time. He was preventing any progress, so I had to take it upon myself to contact the power company and the inspectors. We've had a system in place and ready to activate for almost a week, but he still hasn't been located. Seven months have already elapsed since the original deadline. Or the fact that we've been paying the solar loan interest plus our regular power bill? Worst scenario, period." - Anna T.
"DO NOT give this firm any of your hard-earned cash. Their support for customers is abysmal. We found a leak in our roof, the consequence of their carelessness, eight days ago. The roofer slashed the piping vent below the seal. We've had water leaking into the attic for two years, and now we're seeing it in the garage. We have been waiting for one of their installation managers to contact us back from their support line for eight days now. In addition, we have been requesting the business to produce separate shadow data for the four trees that were pinpointed for removal during the first installation for the last two years. It's not their fault that they happen to live in a place where tree-cutting is prohibited without permission, but when the project was initiated, they did commit to paying for those permits. After receiving their payment, they disappeared without a trace." - Mathew V.
"A little over a year ago, I went solar with Solaflect Energy. I can assure you that it was a major mistake on our part. The promise of lower monthly bills and a solid return on investment had us interested in installing solar panels. The discrepancy between the sales presentation and the paperwork I received after signing off should have been my first clue that something was amiss. After the salesman assured me that the number of panels installed would be sufficient to cover my monthly payment, I received paperwork stating that the savings would be 56%. I phoned them and told them I wasn't interested in the panels if they could only save me 56% on my electricity bill. Then they explained to me that there was a system error and the actual percentage would be closer to 90%. The solar panels have not provided enough energy to pay for themselves in any month thus far. I still have to pay a solar loan and more than half of my regular electricity bill most months. Not installing those would have helped me a lot more. I have spoken with many individuals through email and phone, but they always seem to provide excuses rather than solutions. I wish I hadn't purchased these. Perhaps other businesses are better, but I've had nothing but bad luck with Solaflect Energy. If you'd want further evidence of how badly they handle consumers, I'm happy to provide it to you through email. Other customers I've spoken with share my opinion." - Desmond W.
"After learning about all of the solar choices available, we soon decided that Solaflect was the best choice. It's been great from the start, and it still is almost 5 years later. At our higher altitude, the snow melts away very instantly. Our tracker has been excellent in every way, and we believe this action to have been the morally correct one to do. We also think it's a fantastic piece of engineering, which we marvel at as it changes position throughout the day and the year. After many years of generating more energy than we need, we decided to put that excess to good use by charging an electric." - Ali J.
"Having owned a Solaflect Tracker for almost two years, I can't recall the last time my family had to send a payment to Green Mountain Power. This is because our Tracker "sleeps" vertically at night, allowing the snow to slide right off during the winter. The next step is to purchase an electric vehicle, electric heat pumps to replace gas heaters, and a second Tracker to provide the necessary electricity. Our satisfaction with Solaflect is at an all-time high." - Rodrigo H.
"My family and I have had a great time 'following the sun' with our Solaflect Tracker for the last 10 months. Even after the massive snowfall in December 2018—during which snow remained on all the rooftop solar for three weeks or more—our tracker was once again producing electricity the next day. It has been months since we last sent Green Mountain Power a payment. Amazing that half the people in my community of Norwich, Vermont have a Tracker, and we couldn't be happier with the Solaflect team, their attentiveness, and our Tracker. It's encouraging to see more and more individuals accepting the reality that Solaflect-based solar monitoring is not only more efficient but also cheaper than traditional rooftop solar." - Braeden G.
"My husband and I knew that installing solar would be one of our priorities after purchasing our new home since we now have enough room to set up solar trackers and increase our energy production by as much as 40 percent. We received several bids but ultimately decided to go with Solaflect Energy due to their stellar reputation, competitive pricing, fantastic team, and proximity to our office in the Upper Valley. The staff was really helpful and knowledgeable, and they took the time to answer all of my questions. The assembly was well executed and a blast to experience. The comparison to children at a candy shop is apt. Since their installation in October, the trackers have generated 8 MWh, much to our delight. The team and equipment from Solaflect Energy come highly recommended from us." - Arthur D.
"Everything about working with Solaflect, from our first contact to the present day, has been fantastic. Since the first year, we have experienced yearly net-zero power costs thanks to your tracker's efficiency. In every way, seeing our tracker trace the path of the sun is a breathtaking sight. It's a work of contemporary art that eliminates our need for electricity. For the sake of Earth, our energy source is pure and reduces our carbon impact. We consider this purchase to be among our greatest ones. Many thanks!" - Tony E.

Solaflect Energy Social media
The official Solaflect Energy Facebook page is visually appealing and user-friendly, with plenty of bright colors, a streamlined design, and engaging visual content. Here, visitors may learn about the latest developments at the firm, explore ongoing projects, have access to helpful materials, and keep in touch with the staff. Solaflect has earned the confidence of its community of over 500 Facebook followers. The website also displays helpful interactions with customers and other stakeholders, and consumers may submit evaluations or join the debate by doing any of these things. Solaflect Energy's Facebook page provides a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the firm, its services, and the benefits of solar tracking technology via both daytime and nighttime movies.
The solar energy firm Solaflect Energy is the owner of this page. Despite the company's potential popularity, there aren't many resources to support it on the website. There aren't any pictures or videos, and there isn't much information about the business. However, the fact that the website is clear and devoid of obvious errors or scam warning indications makes it simple to believe in the organization. Since the page is handled by actual employees of the business, accuracy is guaranteed. Overall, Solaflect Energy's LinkedIn profile lends credibility to the business, although further details would be helpful.
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Solaflect Energy Pros & Cons

  • Innovative
  • Scalable
  • Reliable
  • High Upfront Costs
  • Limited Service Areas
  • Maintenance Requirements

Solaflect Energy Final Conclusions

Solaflect Energy is a business that makes solar tracking systems for homes, businesses, and charities. The company's goal is to help people everywhere achieve energy independence. Solaflect Energy has mostly excellent feedback from customers, who praise the reliability of their products and the simplicity of their setup. The business earns 4 stars.

Solaflect Energy locations

Main Address326 Main Street, Suite 4 Norwich, VT 05055
Phone Number8026493700

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