Enver Solar (Out of business) review

Enver Solar was once the leading solar energy systems company. It operated for almost five years. Due to financial problems, Enver Solar unfortunately ceased operations in 2020. Despite the company's short existence, its impact on the solar industry has been significant.

Enver Solar (Out of business) overview

Enver Solar was once the leading solar energy systems company. It operated for almost five years. Due to financial problems, Enver Solar unfortunately ceased operations in 2020. Despite the company's short existence, its impact on the solar industry has been significant.

What Enver Solar (Out of business) has to say about itself

A firm called Enver Solar provides solar-focused sustainable energy solutions. Our aim is to reduce the harm that energy usage and production do to the environment. You've come to the correct site if you're seeking for economical solar products and services that respect the environment. You can rely on our skilled energy specialists to provide you all the information, resources, and know-how you need to make informed decisions regarding the energy consumption in your house.

Enver Solar Review

Year Started2014
Company Websiteenversolar.com
Service AreasCA
Service TypesDesign, Installations, Storage and Monitoring, Maintenance and Repair, Financing, Consultation
Types PanelsPolycrystalline, monocrystalline, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, UL, Intertek, IEC, CSA

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Enver Solar (Out of business) website review

Unfortunately, Enver Solar's website, enversolar.com, is currently unavailable.

Enver Solar (Out of business) price policy

PackagesGrid-Tie Solar Systems: Starting at $3,395, Battery Backup Systems: Starting at $8,495, Solar Panel Installation: Starting at $2,695, PV System Design: Starting at $395, Residential Solar Setup: Starting at $2,285, Commercial Solar Setup: Starting at $22,000, Battery Bank Installation: Starting at $7,995, Loss Prevention Systems: Starting at $1,295, Solar Maintenance Services: Starting at $99, Solar Financing Options: Starting at 0% APR
Payment optionsCash, check, debit, credit, and financing options
Payment discountsFederal Tax Credit: 30%, State Tax Credit: Up to 35%, Discounts for Veterans & Military Personnel: 10%, Solar Referral Program Discount: 5%, Local Utility Rebate: Up to 20%, Group Buy Discount: 10%, Government Rebate: Up to 10%, Seasonal Promotion Discounts: Up to 10%, Trade-In or Switch to Solar Discount: 5%, Financing Discounts: Up to 10%

Enver Solar (Out of business) online reputation

Enver Solar has received positive feedback from clients who have used their services in general. Customers have remarked on the helpfulness and professionalism of the employees as well as the high quality of the goods. However, some clients have complained that the installation and aftercare services need improvement and that they must be more diligent in ensuring customer satisfaction. Customers tend to be satisfied with Enver Solar overall and would suggest it to friends.
"The very worst Solar Company I've ever dealt with! Once the Contract is signed, they are inconsistent and will leave you hanging. Expect them to tell you that they missed something during the solar inspection and that you'll have to pay thousands of dollars extra to have everything set up that they should have known about from the first inspection and the year your house was built. This is a clear case of us being taken advantage of. A new electrical panel cost us an additional $1700.00, which was not included in the original estimate for the cost of the house inspection. Instead of renegotiating the contract, they demanded that we pay them an additional $1700.00 on top of what we owed the lenders for the solar panels, and then they had the gall to send an invoice for $35,000.00 less the $1700 after we had already begun making payments on the $32,300.00 contract. Many things that were promised to us never materialized. To this day, we have no idea how to track the performance of our solar panels. These folks are nothing but scum! To avoid this occurring again, please consider working with American Solar or another reputable solar energy provider." - Calvin G.
"The worst interaction I've ever had with a business. I was promised six months of no payments when I signed up to have solar panels put. However, it has taken them 7 months to install the panels, and I was informed that the most they could do is give me a month's credit (because I still can't use the panels since they are awaiting inspection). Everything was supposed to be installed in two to four weeks, but it's been six months so far! When they finally got around to installing it, they messed up the meter and it failed inspections, further delaying the project." - Erik B.
"A year ago, we installed solar panels and we still hate them. Still have a significant electric cost after installing 50 panels. No one from Enver Solar has visited to investigate why our panels are not working, despite our numerous requests for assistance. Don't let yourself be duped into wasting $60,000 on mediocre outcomes. Multiple contacts have informed us that they have been waiting to book with us since the beginning of December." - Marco C.
"Before I had my first appointment with Enver Solar, I was thinking about getting solar panels. I let the salesperson know that I was only starting to learn about solar power and was not ready to make any kind of commitment just yet. After not taking no for an answer, the sales guy continued to attempt to hard push and gaslight me into purchasing their service. What I did wrong for you to not want to start today is beyond me. According to the spokesperson. Because of their aggressive sales tactics, I will be taking my company elsewhere." - Lukas A.
"I began by researching cost details. That led to a deluge of calls and texts from various sources asking for my home phone and cable TV bill. (I can see why they would want to know that.) I provided the needed data, and now they want to schedule a video chat. That was arranged, but no one answered the phone. So I call the number that's been messaging me back, and they want to begin communication from the beginning again. Doing so is pointless. When they use an automated texting system, it always sends the message twice. There is no human interaction at all. I don't need to be sold on solar power or convinced of its advantages. What I need is a price. But expecting such from this firm is unrealistic." - Dominick F.
"We've had our solar panels for a year and a half now and are extremely happy with the energy we've saved thanks to them (we purchased them, not rented them). From the first quotation and consultation through the installation, Enver was amazing. They made many follow-up calls to check on our happiness thereafter; this is a welcome change from many businesses who just sell you their product before disappearing. I really valued the fact that they custom-build you a system that is suitable for your energy demands and aesthetically pleasing to retain curb appeal for your home, as well as the upfront information they provided about our alternatives." - Jeffrey F.
"I was naturally dubious of any solar firms, but after hearing about my father-in-law's experience and the money he saved, I made the decision to check into it. Based on three main considerations, after speaking with 12 businesses, I ultimately chose to choose Enver: 1. I valued the fact that they utilized premium American-made panels. 2. Affordable costs 3. The salesperson, provided excellent service. As leasing is a rip-off whether you're purchasing a vehicle or a solar system, we bought our system and had it installed a few weeks later. Enver was in charge of dealing with the city and processing the permits. The installation team was AMAZING. really knowledgeable, meticulous, and clean. It has been two years, and everything is still flawless. Not a single banknote has over ten cents. My investment has a 4 year, 7 month return. Could not be more pleased." - Braylon R.
"Everything about working with the Solar company has been first-rate. Only the most kind and helpful representatives have spoken to us. The procedure for setting up went off without a hitch. The constant checking and checking again kept us informed. I appreciated how patient and nice they were with my active toddler. The staff was really helpful in answering my questions and explaining the procedure. From reading our meter and monitoring system to understanding our PG&E bill. Our solar panels have given me a newfound feeling of serenity and assurance." - Andy S.
"Simply put, working with Enver was a pleasure. From my first meeting with the salesperson I dealt with, to my last meeting with the engineer who built my system, and everyone in between, working with Enver was a joy. They were attentive to my needs every step of the way, providing me with clear explanations of the next steps to ensure my satisfaction. I highly recommend scheduling a consultation with Enver if you want to learn more about whether solar makes sense for your home. Our monthly electric bill has dropped from almost $600 to credit. We are thrilled." - Raymond D.
"Our previous two solar panel installation companies both failed miserably in comparison to Enver Solar. About 6 weeks passed from when we last spoke to the representative till completion. They installed a new roof at the same time as the solar panels at a reduced price. Once a week, they contacted to report any developments with the work orders or inspections. They were quick and reliable with all they promised. Incredibly pleased that we stumbled onto this firm. In gratitudeю." - Drake P.

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Enver Solar Pros & Cons

  • Expertise
  • Quality Products
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Limited Service Area
  • Lack of Diversity in Product Offerings
  • Customer Support Challenges

Enver Solar (Out of business) Final Conclusions

Enver Solar has installed solar panels for homes and businesses. Customers have been able to take full advantage of solar energy through attractive warranties and financing options. Many satisfied customers note how much they appreciate Enver Solar's friendly, knowledgeable staff and high quality customer service. At one time, Enver Solar received an excellent 5-star rating.

Enver Solar (Out of business) locations

Main Address17542 E 17th Street Suite 175, Tustin CA, 92780
Phone Number8774040551

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