Main Street Solar Energy review

Main Street Solar Energy places solar panels and helps homes and businesses use solar energy in other ways. The company focuses on solar energy and does everything from research to installation and upkeep. There are payment choices and other services that customers can use.

Main Street Solar Energy overview

Main Street Solar Energy places solar panels and helps homes and businesses use solar energy in other ways. The company focuses on solar energy and does everything from research to installation and upkeep. There are payment choices and other services that customers can use.

What Main Street Solar Energy has to say about itself

Main Street Solar Energy is an environmentally conscious energy company that is changing the global energy landscape for the better. We're on a mission to provide products and services that help people, businesses use the full potential of the sun so we can all have a positive impact on the world. We use solar energy to power everything from homes to factories into the future.

Main Street Solar Energy Solar Review

Year Started1999
Service AreasVA, WV
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA, FMA, LEED, ICS

Main Street Solar Energy website review

Main Street Solar, a supplier of renewable energy and renewable energy services, may be found online at their official website, The website features details about the business, its offerings, its clientele, and how to get in touch with the staff. It also features the company's blog and social media profiles. The site looks to be properly made, updated, and protected. This leads us to believe that the website may be relied upon.

Main Street Solar Energy price policy

PackagesResidential Solar Package - Starts at $16,500, Commercial Solar Package - Starts at $19,500, Solar Battery Package - Starts at $12,000, DIY Solar Package - Starts at $7,999, Installed solar package - Starts at $5,999, Solar Panel Upgrades - Starts at $3,999
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), as well as PayPal, checks, and wire transfers.
Payment discountsHomeowner Rewards Program - Up to 15%, Military Discount - Up to 10%, Multi-Panel Discount - Up to 10%, Roof Repair Discount - Up to 10%, Service Plan Discount - Up to 5%, Referral Discount - Up to 10%, Tax Incentives - Up to 20%

Main Street Solar Energy online reputation

Most satisfied Main Street Solar Energy customers. The quality of the installations and the professionalism of the team were appreciated by many. Several suggested using advanced technology to improve the overall event. However, there have been complaints from customers about how expensive solar solutions are and that the quality of customer service needs to be improved. When it comes to solar energy solutions, Main Street Solar Energy offers a wide range of options.
"Main Street Solar Energy's solar panel installation has left me extremely dissatisfied. To begin, I had been assured that installing solar panels would help me save money. My solar payment is now $83 per month and will increase to $130 after I've fully paid off my system. My solar investment will not be recouped by the savings on my electricity bill. This tax credit is worthless since it cannot be used all at once." - Jesse F.
"About a month after installation, I received a statement from the electric company reflecting the additional cost of the solar system loan and the higher energy rate. The salesman assured me that the only payment I would have to make to the utility company would be the monthly hook-up fee. However, I've since learned that the system will only cover 54% of my electric bill when it should cover at least 90%. What's more, the salesman lied about the state and federal rebates, claiming instead that the government would simply send me a check." - Richard W.
"When we questioned their dishonest sales salesman face to face how much it would cost to have the solar panels removed in the event of roof repairs, he lied and said there would be no such expense. Two years later, what do you think happened? They lied to us to the tune of $2,000. If you have $2,000 to SPEND, by all means, get in bed with these CROOKS, but don't think this is the last lie they'll tell you. For the record, they don't care when they're called out on their dishonesty, and the corporation does nothing to correct it since it is condoned. Sorry, but you can't claim ignorance if you insist on seeking out their negative karma." - Joel R.
"You will be responsible for managing the whole project, from the first installation to the final meter readings and inspections. They never follow up or let you know if anything has changed on their end. Late in the month of June, I discovered the inverter had died thanks to my careful monitoring. I had to soften the blow of the inverter's impending replacement on them. On July 9th, an inverter swap was planned. After calling to inquire about a replacement, I learned that it is now on back order from the manufacturer. No effort was made to contact the client regarding the adjustment. This is only one example of several issues that arose while I was overseeing the full installation process as project manager. Blue Raven seems to have improved upon the often poor customer service offered by cable providers." - Victor K.
"Fraud Alert: Main Street Solar Energy. It took them about 9 months (complete mediocrity) to get me to the point where my solar panels were actually producing electricity. The original bill did not reflect the amount of energy produced by the solar panels, which was a convenient omission. Although they assured me that the problem had been solved, my second bill was almost the same as my winter electric bill, even though I had produced much more energy. The monthly solar charge was added to my existing electric bill. So far I have been told that my energy use has increased from the previous year, which obviously is not true. There were no deviations in my last bill regarding my electricity consumption. It stayed the same. I'm trying to figure out what I can do to correct the situation." - Micah N.
"In 2018, we had solar panels installed by Main Street Solar in Luray, Virginia. The "turnkey" service they provided was superb. In May of 2023, we sold our home, and the title firm inspected the solar panels to make sure they were in our name. I lost the receipt but Andrew located our files and sent them on to the title firm, so it all worked out. That's great service that goes above and above. There has been no interruption in output from the panels in the last five years." - Kaleb F.
"I've been running in circles for over a year now, attempting to get Solar Thyme (Richmond) to address and fix a persistent problem with my pvlinks and panels. After that, I contacted many local solar equipment suppliers, but just one provided satisfactory answers to all of my numerous queries. Andrew is reliable (he always picks up the phone), forthright (he says what he means and follows through), competent, and well-intentioned (he offered to come by if necessary). He offered to do what many businesses wouldn't: come into a situation that wasn't their fault, put in the time and effort to figure out what was wrong, and teach everyone involved something valuable while dispelling some common but incorrect beliefs about how solar energy systems function. Having a technological background myself, I was quickly able to see Andrew's expertise and appreciate his willingness to take charge of a situation and treat a client as if they were his own. I was able to better manage the equipment and grasp the notion of net metering and utility solar power thanks to the advice he gave me. If I ever needed to, I would definitely give Main Street Solar another call." - Brady G.
"In 2019, solar panels were installed on my roof. They were completely efficient and remain so. Many times I called with questions ranging from minor (how to count the inverter) to critical (my solar panels don't work!). Still, they managed to work it out. Eventually he sorted it out with a chain of emails (the cable leading to the Internet was down). Although I couldn't access the site for a long time, the system always worked. Many people have contacted me for recommendations, and I have and will continue to give them to Main Street Solar. Incredible efficiency, easy installation and support staff!" - Timothy L.
"We had Main Street Solar install our panels, and we couldn't be happier with the results or with the service we got. After a year, the yearly power output is extremely similar to our demand, proving that Andrew Brenner's sizing of our installation was correct. We looked about for almost two years for an installer, and in the end, Main Street won out because of the combination of their service, affordability, quality of materials, and status as a local small company." - Bryce P.
"Earlier, in May 2018, we had purchased solar panels from another company and were quite happy with them. One panel had a cable underneath that was chewed up by a squirrel, so Main Street replaced it. I called and he came to meet with us when we learned from one of the repairmen that AEP now allows additional panels to be installed. We approved the estimate he provided and he installed 16 additional solar panels. They came quickly and finished installing the panels in a day and a half. In a word: professionalism! I highly recommend using their services." - Colin H.

Main Street Solar Energy Social media
Main Street Solar Energy is a reputable solar power company with a robust LinkedIn profile. Their website is modern and appealing, which is indicative of their credibility. The page's 4,000+ followers are proof that it is eye-catching design and thoughtful content are hitting the mark. Green energy services such as energy management, energy storage, and solar leasing are also available in addition to their solar energy solutions. When looking for solar energy options for your home or business, look no further than Main Street Solar Energy. account not registered
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Main Street Solar Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews103.7


Main Street Solar Energy Pros & Cons

  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Sustainable
  • Limited Product Selection
  • Long Setup & Installation Time
  • Lack of Brand Recognition

Main Street Solar Energy Final Conclusions

Main Street Solar Energy is a U.S.-based renewable energy corporation that serves the needs of homeowners, businesses, and public institutions via the use of solar power. Customers may also make use of their expertise in energy storage, investigation, and funding. Customers who have used Main Street Solar Energy have rave reviews because of the high quality of the company's goods and customer service.

Main Street Solar Energy locations

Main AddressP.O. Box 221 Fincastle, VA 24090
Phone Number5405370272

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