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Equisolar's policy is to prioritize customer satisfaction from the very first day. If you schedule a consultation with an Equisolar consultant, we will go to your location at no extra cost.

Equisolar overview

Equisolar's policy is to prioritize customer satisfaction from the very first day. If you schedule a consultation with an Equisolar consultant, we will go to your location at no extra cost.

What Equisolar has to say about itself

By keeping them in the loop, the Equisolar crew helps customers feel confident in the design and installation process from start to finish. Relationships are very important to us, therefore we work hard to keep everyone happy throughout the process. Equisolar's mission is to serve as California's go-to energy consultant for households, businesses, public institutions, and nonprofits.We make it a priority to give each client the time they deserve. You will always speak with a live person when you call us, never an answering machine. We consider ourselves your collaborator and welcome you into the Equisolar family.

Equisolar Solar Review

Year Started2014
Company Websiteequisolar.com
Service AreasCA
Service TypesSolar panel installation, solar energy storage, monitoring, energy efficiency services and remote energy management
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA, BBB

Equisolar website review

The website's design is both contemporary and professional, including an uncluttered layout and typefaces that are simple to read. Users of the website will have an easier time locating the information they want since the navigation menu located at the top of the page is straightforward and simple to use. The menu provides access to the many services, goods, and contact information that the firm offers. The objective of the organization, as well as its services and goods, are presented in a manner that is crystal obvious and succinct on the website. The material is laid down in a way that is simple to comprehend and offers a comprehensive summary of the activities being carried out by the organization. It doesn't take long for the site to load, which is beneficial for both the user engagement and the search engine optimization. Overall, the website for Equisolar seems to have been professionally developed and is quite user friendly, with material that is both clear and succinct.

Equisolar price policy

PackagesFrom $3.50 to $5.00 per watt
Payment optionsCredit card, check, and bank transfer
Payment discountsDiscounts for full-paying customers who use prepaid solar plans

Equisolar online reputation

Based on customer reviews, Equisolar has a mixed reputation when it comes to customer service and product quality. While some clients have had positive experiences with the company, others have had serious problems with their installations and communication with the company. It appears that some customers have experienced installation timing issues when systems were installed before the roof replacement was completed. In addition, there are reports of problems with panel placement and faulty inverters, resulting in customers having to pay both electricity bills and solar system loans. However, there are some positive reviews mentioning excellent financing options, reasonable prices and knowledgeable staff who made helpful recommendations. Overall, it seems like Equisolar could be a viable option for those looking to make their homes sunny, but potential customers should be aware of the mixed reviews and possible installation and customer service issues.
"A system was sold to me back in August. I let them know that before the installation I needed to replace my roof. System was nevertheless installed. I repeatedly asked them to take the system out so I could replace the roof. Nothing ever got done. They continued assuring me that it will happen the next week, according to the plan. In November, the system became active after multiple calls. I'm currently awaiting the removal of the panel so the roof can be replaced. Previously, a scheduled removal had to be abruptly postponed. Because they don't pay, the Texas company that they partner with for the system installation does not want to cooperate with them. To service my system, I've requested them to bring in a local contractor. When I volunteered to employ a local person, I was informed that the guarantee would be null and invalid. AVOID TRANSACTIONS WITH THIS COMPANY!" - JC
"I absolutely do not suggest this business. Due to the inverter, my system stopped functioning precisely after a year. After spending a lot of time discussing the problem with equisolar reps Jasmine, Dulce, Jennifer, and supervisor Perla, my solar system is still not working after two months. They haven't been able to repair my solar system, so I've been making loan payments and paying my electricity bill while I wait for them to send a technician to fix it. They also promised to repay my debt within 12 months. After working with them for a year, they have only paid me for nine months; they still owe me money for three more, and they haven't told me when I'll get it." - Samuel Nunez
"From the very beginning, there was nothing but trouble. Poor attention to the needs of customers. Say one thing but then don't follow through with it. It was necessary to have legal assistance in order to get things done." - Mr. LM
"Since the system is defective, I must pay both my electrical bill and the solar system's debt. Panel placement was improper. They cannot be positioned in a location where solar panels may generate greater charge. Service is really poor; when you phone, inept individuals answer and have no idea what to say. After speaking with them, they want us to cover the cost of all the incorrect work they performed. Paying for technicians who then fail to take responsibility for their job results in nothing working in the end." - Mario
"Awful service. My solar panels are still not switched on after more than five weeks even though they were supposed to be operational five days after they were installed. They provide a new defense each time. I have not yet seen whether I will obtain the savings they guarantee, but at the moment, the electricity I am supposed to be receiving in accordance with my contract does not match the papers they sent or got from the power provider. Still waiting for them to respond with an explanation. I do not suggest them based only on the quality of their customer service." - A. Neris
"Considering how open and honest they were about the price I would pay, I would suggest this business. Additionally, it offers better benefits than some of the other sole businesses do. Juan Marraon, who took the time to explain everything, was also fantastic. Regards, Equisolar." - fsnchz8107
"Regarding solar panel installation for my house, I contacted Equisolar. They were the most reasonably priced choice and provided me with excellent financing after I obtained quotations from four other solar businesses. My solar panels were quickly installed by their solar installation crew, who performed all that they were supposed to. The fact that my power cost has drastically decreased made me delighted. Regards, Equisolar." - Cindyhardy
"For my solar installation, Equisolar performed precisely as they had said. My energy cost was cut by nearly 70%, and I am now paying a lesser portion of my previous payment. The solar panels are functional and gorgeous! In order to meet their solar demands, I shall suggest others to them. Many thanks" - Santa
"We appreciate Equisolar's cooperation in attending to our needs. We had a wonderful experience working with you, and we would definitely refer you to anybody looking to solarize their house. We anticipate getting our pool finished shortly." - Adriannasan
"A friend of ours who hired Equisolar to install their solar recommended them to us. When we phoned Equisolar, they were excellent in outlining our solar ownership choices and making recommendations for the best solar panels. They came out and checked our house in preparation for the solar installation and made plans for how the panels would appear on our house. The procedure was straightforward, and their personnel was highly knowledgeable about the ideal solar system for our requirements. From beginning to end, the whole procedure left us quite satisfied. thank you" - Zai

Equisolar Social media

It seems that Equisolar uses its Facebook profile as a marketing tool to advertise its solar energy goods and services. They provide information on the website including press releases, solar energy advice, business updates, and client testimonials. The postings get a lot of response and the page has a respectable number of followers. A shop for buying Equisolar items is also available on the website, along with helpful connections to other solar energy resources. The page looks to be effectively marketing the company's solar energy solutions overall and to be well-managed.
A thorough amount of information about the firm seems to be available on the Equisolar LinkedIn profile. To keep fans updated, the page posts updates on the newest initiatives, events, and news. Details regarding their services, goods, and energy-related solutions are also provided on the website. Additionally, the page includes a large network of links with business partners, trade groups, and professional organizations. Overall, the Equisolar LinkedIn profile gives an excellent summary of the business's services and enables it to interact with key industry figures.
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27 Subscribers

Equisolar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1904


Equisolar Pros & Cons

  • Financing options
  • Extended warranties
  • Integrated energy services
  • High installation costs
  • Long project implementation times
  • Limited choice of panels

Equisolar Final Conclusions

While some customers have had positive experiences with the company, others have experienced major problems with installation and customer service. Some clients have also experienced difficulty communicating and resolving issues with Equisolar representatives, resulting in the need for legal assistance. However, there are also positive reviews, which mention excellent financing options, reasonable prices, and qualified staff who made useful recommendations. In general, it is important to review and weigh the available information when considering the work of Equisolar. While the company has both satisfied and dissatisfied customers, it is important to consider individual circumstances and experiences when deciding whether to use their services.

Equisolar locations

Main Address5121 Van Nuys Blvd, Suite 300, Sherman Oaks , 91403 , California
Phone Number855-976-5275

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