Best Solar Companies in Oklahoma

Best Solar Companies in Oklahoma

How To Pick a Solar Company in Oklahoma and Save Money?

1. Tax credits in Oklahoma: The Sooner State allows a tax incentive of 26%. Leverage this benefit.

2. Local climate: Oklahoma has an average of 234 sunny days, thus solar energy is highly viable.

3. State regulations: Check if your area meets the state's net metering rules to sell surplus power.

4. Company's credibility: Look for companies with a good track record in successful solar installations.

5. Comprehensive packages: Search for outfits offering end-to-end services—installation, maintenance, and permits.

6. Energy needs: Evaluate them before committing to a service. In 2018, Oklahomans used over 48 billion kWh.

7. Financing options: Solar leases, PPAs, and loans might substantially cut your costs.

8. Installation costs: Oklahoma's average is $2.89/W. Your 5KW system could cost around $14,500 pre-incentive.

Remember, choosing the right solar company can reduce your electricity bill by 60%. The longer warranty periods also ensure a significant return on investment. Hence, considering the above factors will assist you to make a wise decision.

How Much Electricity Solar Panels Generate In Oklahoma?

Considering Oklahoma's 234 sunny days yearly, a significant amount of solar energy can be harnessed. With an average system size of 5 kW, it's expected to generate around 7,300 kWh annually. That's over 600 kWh monthly! Keep in mind, months with more sunshine nab higher production numbers. For instance, summer yields an average 775 kWh, while winter could produce just above 500 kWh. Seasonal conditions do warp output figures. Oklahoma's summer temperatures, often surpassing 90°F, may slightly decrease panel efficiency, yet the long sunlight hours generally offset this. Bear in mind, local legislations mandate that power companies must buy excess solar-produced electricity from homeowners. Given the state's utilization of the Net Excess Generation, solar return is feasible even in less sunny months. All in all, an Oklahoma solar installation could cover a significant chunk, if not all, of your electricity needs. Within this sunny state, solar's promise stands strong!

Solar Statistics in Oklahoma

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Average Cost of Solar Installation in Oklahoma by System Size

System Size (kW)Cash Purchase (After Tax Credit)Financed Purchase (After Tax Credit)

What To Look For in a Solar Installer?

1. State Incentives: Oklahoma offers a robust portfolio of lucrative tax credits and incentives. These can slash costs by up to 50%.

2. Regulatory Climate: Oklahoma's pro-solar policies provide an attractive return on investment. Research the Renewables Portfolio Standard.

3. Local Weather: Oklahoma is blessed with 234 sunny days a year. This yields high energy production.

4. Installer Experience: A seasoned installer ensures optimal system performance. Check for NABCEP certification and years in business.

5. Net Metering: This policy permits solar owners to sell excess electricity back to the grid. The Oklahoma Corporation Commission regulates this.

6. Quality Equipment: Higher-quality solar panels promise better energy production and durability.

7. State Energy Consumption: Oklahoma ranks 22nd in U.S energy consumption. Potentially save big on utility bills with solar power.

8. Potential Savings: Average savings over 20 years can reach $26,808. Make sure to get a detailed quote.

9. Environmental Impact: Solar reduces CO2 emissions. Oklahoma's carbon footprint was 82.3 million metric tons in 2016.

10. Solar Accessibility: Oklahoma ranks 35th nationally for solar capacity installed. Exploit this growing market niche.

These factors, backed by concrete data, establish Oklahoma as an attractive destination for solar adoption. Make an informed decision.


Is It Worth Investing in Solar in Oklahoma?

Recent data informs Oklahoma's great solar score, an impressive 4.73. It's due to 235 sun-soaked days per annum. States like California, with a 4.96 score, aren't far ahead. This reveals the untapped goldmine called solar potential. Our ROI on solar energy in Oklahoma averages around 20 years. Compared with the national average ROI of 8 years, this looks quite high indeed. However, take into account the state’s electric rates. Higher kWh usage annualizes the investment outlay. Environmental factors play a role too. Solar panels stand durable against Oklahoma’s nominal hail incidences, as per state meteorological data.

Moreover, legal benefits abound. Oklahoma legislature offers a fantastic policy. It’s the Net Metering policy. Essentially, any excess power you generate can offset your power bill. Plus, the Federal Solar Tax Credit grants you 26% off your solar system cost. Despite temporary abolishment, the state's solar access laws protect your right to harness solar energy.

An example highlights the potential: Norman, Oklahoma. In this city, solar energy can save $669 annually.

Therefore, several cogent reasons solidly back the prospect of solar power in Oklahoma. Definitely, an investment worth considering.

How Solar-Friendly Is Oklahoma?

Though not typically associated with solar power, Oklahoma presents untapped potential. In 2019, only 0.02% of the state's power came from solar. Yet, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) asserts that Oklahoma has a technical potential for 748 GW of solar. This red-hot potential hugely overshadows the current 62.5 MW capacity.

Oklahoma boasts 234 sunny days annually, above the U.S. average. Combined with the state's vast land resources, the solar harvest capacity is immense. Additionally, corporate power purchase agreements sell solar energy at competitive prices, fostering an enticing biz environment.

Oklahoma's regulations show a mixed picture. The absence of mandatory renewable portfolio standards could weaken green energy drive. However, the state's net metering policy invites small-scale solar innovations.

Despite these promising circumstances, solar penetration is low. For instance, solar installations have attracted limited tax credits, dampening consumer enthusiasm. Efforts towards adopting the Solar Energy Industries Association model policies can help turn the tide.

In a nutshell, Oklahoma’s academic and corporate industries could shatter solar energy ceilings. The scenario could change if government agencies and advocates collaborate to adopt encouraging policies. Through the solar lens, Oklahoma is rich soil, awaiting proper cultivation.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Going solar? Consider the costs versus savings. This solar shift can save some serious greenbacks! Don't overlook your roof's condition. Old roof could add unforeseen charges. Orientation and tilt matters as they affect production power. Choose a trustworthy installer. We have a lot listed here! Investigate local solar incentives and especially the federal solar tax credit. Potential shade objections like trees and tall structures should be assessed. Last but not least, remember to check on your total power consumption. Calculating right can lead to better saving decisions. Go green and keep the sunshine state shining!

  • Check ratings and customer reviews to judge credibility. Compare cost per watt across different companies. Look for certified, experienced installers to ensure quality. Consider the efficiency of panels offered. Seek out free consultation services. Don't forget to apply for solar rebates available in Oklahoma. Always negotiate the price and terms of service.

  • Sure thing! Our selection process was meticulous and stringent. Not every company made the grade. We implemented a strict criteria to ensure only the creme de la creme. Excluded companies fell short either in quality service, customer satisfaction or competitive pricing. Simply put, they didn't meet the gold standard set by our top performers. It's a tough solar market out there! Only the finest made the cut to our exclusive list, ensuring reliable and premium solar solutions for Oklahoma residents. We take solar seriously!



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