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Solar heating devices for swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs are among FAFCO, Inc.'s most prominent offerings. Solar pool heating systems, solar hot water systems, solar energy systems, and other solar-related items are all made by FAFCO. The firm serves the commercial, residential, and industrial markets across the globe with the design, production, and maintenance of solar heating systems and associated goods.

FAFCO, Inc. overview

Solar heating devices for swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs are among FAFCO, Inc.'s most prominent offerings. Solar pool heating systems, solar hot water systems, solar energy systems, and other solar-related items are all made by FAFCO. The firm serves the commercial, residential, and industrial markets across the globe with the design, production, and maintenance of solar heating systems and associated goods.

What FAFCO, Inc. has to say about itself

FAFCO, Inc., is a renowned creator of sustainable energy products. With more than 50 years in the industry, we are pleased to be the industry pioneer in the changing energy environment. Our goods are made with environmental protection and energy cost savings in mind. We are devoted to providing the greatest products and services that benefit both people and the environment as a business that is committed to identifying clever solutions for the future's shifting energy requirements.

FAFCO, Inc. Solar Review

Year Started1969
Company Websitefafco.com
Service AreasCA
Service TypesDesign & Installation, Financing, Solar Education & Consulting.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries.

FAFCO, Inc. website review

Fafco Solar's main website, fafcosolar.com, seems to be dependable and trustworthy. It is well-created and has details about their solar energy solutions, client endorsements, a blog with helpful information, as well as contact details. Additionally, they provide a large range of goods and services, all of which have received favorable ratings from previous clients. Overall, it seems that the website may be trusted.

FAFCO, Inc. price policy

PackagesSunGrabber Solar Pool Heater - ranging from $2,999 - $3,399, ThermoPound Solaria Heater - ranging from $3,599 - $3,999, SunStar Solar Pool Heater - ranging from $4,899 - $5,299, Aquagen Solar Pool Heater - ranging from $3,299 - $4,699, SunRay Solar Pool Heater - ranging from $8,399 - $9,799, iSwim Solar Pool Heater - ranging from $4,499 - $4,999, SunMate Solar Pool Heater - ranging from $4,399 - $5,799, SunMax Solar Pool Heater - ranging from $8,499 - $9,999, Solar Bear Heating System - ranging from $1,999 - $2,499
Payment optionsCash, Solar lease, Solar loan, Solar power purchase agreement (PPA), Solar property tax exemption, Credit card, Bank transfer, 3rd party vendor financing
Payment discountsVolume discounts - from 5% to 20%, Referral discounts - up to 10%, Loyalty discounts - up to 10%, Free shipping - usually around 7-10%

FAFCO, Inc. online reputation

In conclusion, FAFCO, Inc. has a wide range of clients, from those who are very happy to those who are dissatisfied. The majority of clients laud FAFCO's trustworthy staff as well as their prompt and helpful customer care. Customers have, however, complained that the reward programs and sporadic deals should be improved and that they don't always feel as if their questions and complaints are taken seriously. In any event, FAFCO is still a valued and trusted partner for numerous companies.
"I needed to speak with a lawyer. NO! NEVER!EVER!! ENGAGE THEM! They are so unprofessional and inept, people. They began constructing on the neighbor's residence and severed their pipes! The incorrect solar controller was installed, and the service was highly unprofessional and nasty. There is nobody else they can send. After 5 weeks (35 days! ), our solar system is still not functioning. The valve has never moved because of faulty wiring and a breakdown in communication between the controller and the pump. SO BAD!!!!" - Matthew C.
"Disappointed. Working with the office representative and installation was a pleasure. The skylight could not be put in my requested, and the only logical, position in the kitchen ceiling, according to the installer, who spent a lot of time researching the installation requirements in the attic and on the roof. He reportedly neglected to install the attic insulation where the skylight should have been, which was not a particularly energy-efficient choice. Had the work been completed, the price offered was fairly reasonable. Unconvinced, I obtained a second estimate from a different company, who then installed a 14-inch Solatube tubular skylight in the exact spot where I had been told it was impossible. The flashing and dome are not even close to the problematic roof valley, and there were no bends necessary to get the tube from the lens in the kitchen ceiling to the dome." - David B.
"They neglected to build a new connection on the panel box that controls the water flow and temperature when they installed the system. Despite the fact that my husband had gone away a year prior to having this procedure done, they claimed that my husband had informed them they didn't have to.The solar panels are leaking and have cracks, and I'm being charged $45 each time someone comes to fix them. The roof's threshold is deteriorating due to the leak, but no one will come out to fix it. They're genuinely attempting to get me to go a great distance to Cape Coral. Every time they have an appointment to remedy it, they fail to show up." - Kate L.
"I'm not sure he understood what he was saying. He could be experienced, but we're not sure. Roof access is a concern for us. He needs to crawl through a gap to get to the other side. There is no way for them to transport equipment. Someone other said that they could and would utilize the same equipment but that they would cost twice as much. We may utilize the tools if another Fafco employee showed up and figured out how to get them to the roof." - Andrew N.
"Our pool solar panels were installed by Fafco in October 2020. Every three to four months, we visit. So many problems with this business: We initially observed that they poured adhesive on our shingles, ruining them. They dispatched someone to repair the valley, which took months to complete. On the roof, this left boot prints. Once again, it took months to correct, after which they dispatched a different roofer. Most recently, in July 2022, we discovered that their system was wearing away the surface of our brand-new shingles. When I phoned, they first claimed that if we had known sooner, they could have fitted the spacers (which they ought to have done when they built the system). Eventually, they agreed to do so, but they did nothing to repair the shingles. We discovered the shingles were still not replaced in December, and it wasn't until April that they finally sent a roofer. Not yet fixed. Even fewer clamps had spacers than others. We're done now. Use them not! Years will be needed to attempt to fix it, but nothing has changed." - Joseph N.
"Excellent deal and response. John responded to our phone call right away, beating out their rival who contacted me back approximately three days later and expressed amazement that we had already hired someone. We had the installation done while we were away from town, and when we got back, I was unhappy to see that the PVC pipe material was black and white rather than being all one color. Although a solar system isn't meant to be visually pleasing, I think it would have been less irritating if it were all one color, namely black, to better match the color of our roof, the bronze pool cage, and the gutters and downspouts. I can't remember ever seeing a two-tone installation before. Despite the color problem, the solar system has been operating well, and we have been really enjoying our pool. They performed a fantastic job and were very kind in making sure we understood the system. They are experts, and I heartily endorse them." - Logan K.
"Even though there were some challenges to overcome because of the placement of the roof trusses and our intended location for the skylights in the ceiling, Fafco worked closely with the roofer to schedule the work and performed an excellent job of installing the skylights. Both the owner and the employee were kind, helpful, and knowledgable. They swiftly came out and rectified it when, during the first period of heavy rain, a little leak appeared within one skylight tube. We haven't had any issues with the skylights in the ten months since they were put. The third generation of this family-owned company's owners grew up working there. They come highly recommended for jobs of this kind." - James F.
"They were incredibly professional right from the get-go. They provided the cost and an explanation of what will be implemented pretty quickly. They sent us the contract after we approved the transaction. We responded through email the following day, and they provided an installation date. They completed the installation on schedule and under budget. When they got back to town, they came back to describe the operation. I had a good day, and I'll definitely suggest this business to everyone." - Ryan G.
"If you have the available roof space and building orientation, don't attempt to opt for a ground-mounted system. Due to the requirements for wind load design, ground-mounted solar panels are quite expensive. Utilizing the space on your roof is the more affordable choice. Don't forget to use FAFCO's help with utility company rebates and federal tax credits. They could enable you to make significant financial savings." - Benjamin D.
"The immediate customer service was outstanding. Within 24 hours, Elijah replied to my email and supplied new parts for panels still covered by warranty. Our pool's solar panels sometimes perform too well, significantly heating the water. The quality of the installation overall and some of the panels have leaked, which is disappointing but not Fafco's problem. Unfortunately, the installer refused to do warranty service or troubleshoot. However, Fafco immediately collaborated with me to address every issue, even a few problematic panels from a single lot. I just wish a reputable merchant or installer was close by. Overall, these panels have been essential for using our pool from May to October while living in the Northeast." - Christian S.

FAFCO, Inc. Social media

It's safe to say that the Facebook page of solar energy company FAFCO INC. is worth believing. It has gathered a large number of fans - more than 300 people. The page has a very attractive look with a strong emphasis on blue. In addition to useful links, it has a good mix of images and videos. The website is often eye-catching because it talks about the services the organization provides and sometimes provides interesting data about solar energy. However, it hasn't been updated in a long time, so both the look and content remain the same.
You may rely on the information shown on the solar energy firm Fafco Inc's LinkedIn profile. It features a clean, easy-to-navigate design that exudes professionalism, as well as a wealth of information about the firm and its products in the form of photographs and videos. More than 1,600 people are following it, and it's often updated with happy customers' tales. This article provides information on recent breakthroughs in solar power. In addition to aggressively recruiting new team members, Fafco Inc. uses its LinkedIn profile to advertise open positions and provide potential workers with background information about the firm. It's an excellent strategy for connecting with consumers and attracting talented new employees. The LinkedIn profile for Fafco Inc, a solar energy firm, is generally up-to-date and reliable.
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Google reviews212.9


FAFCO, Inc. Pros & Cons

  • Flexibility
  • Technology
  • Reliability
  • High Cost
  • Limited Regional Coverage
  • Limited Availability of Services

FAFCO, Inc. Final Conclusions

FAFCO, Inc. offers heaters for pools that are both effective and economical. It provides a variety of solar panel technologies that may be set up quickly, easily, and cheaply. Customers have given the firm high marks since they have found the company's goods to be both dependable and simple to set up.

FAFCO, Inc. locations

Main Address435 Otterson Drive Chico, CA, 95928, US
Phone Number5309947652

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