Florida Solar LLC review

Florida Solar LLC is a trusted solar energy solutions provider based in Florida, USA. The team is an expert in the design and installation of custom-tailored grid-tied solar systems for residential and commercial sites. It offers top-of-the-line components from leading manufacturers such as SolarEdge, LG, REC, SunPower, Silfab and more.

Florida Solar LLC overview

Florida Solar LLC is a trusted solar energy solutions provider based in Florida, USA. The team is an expert in the design and installation of custom-tailored grid-tied solar systems for residential and commercial sites. It offers top-of-the-line components from leading manufacturers such as SolarEdge, LG, REC, SunPower, Silfab and more.

What Florida Solar LLC has to say about itself

Florida Solar, LLC is the state's go-to solar energy provider. Solar power systems, solar pool heaters, solar water heaters, solar maintenance and monitoring services, and energy saving items are their bread and butter. They have certifications from NABCEP and Energy Star, and you may get savings and financing through them. Florida Solar LLC's mission is to supply Florida's homes and businesses with safe, affordable solar electricity using trained professionals, reasonable rates, and high-quality equipment.

Florida Solar LLC Review

Year Started1984
Company Websitefloridasolar.solar
Service AreasFL
Service TypesSolar pool heating, residential solar energy systems, commercial solar energy systems, solar water heating, and solar energy maintenance and monitoring, financing options and energy efficient products
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels
Backup BatteryEnphase Energy, SolaX Power Hybrid, Gel Cell and Li-ion AC batteries

Florida Solar LLC website review

The website of Florida Solar LLC is tidy and well-structured, giving users a simple browsing experience. The company's services, details about their goods and certificates, and client testimonials are all clearly displayed on the webpage. Additionally, the website has a blog and a FAQ area that offer readers useful details about the company's services and the solar sector.The website has a pleasing layout that clearly illustrates the company's goods and services. The page has been optimized for mobile devices and uses clear, succinct language. Additionally, the website gives prospective clients easy access to Florida Solar LLC's contact information, enabling them to quickly learn more and speak with a representative.In general, Florida Solar LLC's website works well to draw in visitors and communicate the company's value proposition. The website is user-friendly, attractive, and gives users the details they need to research the business and come to a wise decision.

Florida Solar LLC price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000-$30,000
Payment optionsMajor credit and debit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, and one-time payments via cash, check, or money order.
Payment discounts10% military discount, 10% loyalty program discount and employee discounts for select organizations, refer a friend discount for every customer who refers their friends to Florida Solar LLC

Florida Solar LLC online reputation

Florida Solar LLC has gotten a number of customer testimonials based on input from clients. Following is a list of the viewpoints voiced: Bill, the proprietor, gave a prompt and expert price, and the installation was finished fast. The client appreciated the team's expertise and judgment, particularly Mike and Kevin who performed a superb job on the installation. The pool's filtration system has been enhanced by the new solar panels, which has caused a considerable increase in water temperature. Although the Florida Solar LLC solar panels met expectations, the installation procedure took longer than anticipated. The client argues that increased project management might boost productivity. However, they are generally pleased with the outcome. The client's interaction with Florida Solar LLC was not good. They encountered delays and misunderstandings throughout the installation procedure, and the solar panels' low quality resulted in ongoing issues and decreased efficiency. The customer regrets working with Florida Solar LLC to install solar panels. Another customer complained about the services offered by Florida Solar LLC. The sales staff made unfulfilled promises, and they discovered the installers to be unprofessional and lacking in the required expertise. The after-sales assistance was ineffective in helping them with the issues with their solar system. Do not endorse the firm's products or services. In general, consumer opinions of Florida Solar LLC are conflicting. Others have had difficulties with communication, product quality, and customer service, despite other customers reporting great experiences with prompt invoicing, effective installation, and friendly employees.
"My experience with Florida Solar LLC's solar installation services was typical. Although the quality of their products was acceptable, they might have done a better job of communicating and responding. Overall, we are pleased with the outcome." - Jason
"In terms of performance, the solar panels that Florida Solar LLC provided lived up to our expectations; nevertheless, the installation process took a little bit longer than expected. Although the team's management of the project may have been more effective, the end result has met all of our expectations, and we are pleased with it." - Rose
"Our interactions with Florida Solar LLC were less than satisfactory. During the course of installation, there were a number of interruptions and misunderstandings. In addition, the quality of the solar panels that were placed was poor, which resulted in recurring problems and decreased effectiveness. We are sorry that we decided to work with them on our solar installation." - Karen
"Florida Solar LLC was unable to meet our expectations in terms of service. The installation staff was unprofessional and lacked the necessary level of skill, while the sales team made promises they were unable to keep. The after-sales service that they provided was of little assistance to us while we dealt with the numerous issues that our solar system had. We are unable to endorse the services that they provide." - Adam
"The owner, Bill, provided a prompt and accurate quote and did so in a really professional manner. Less than 2 weeks after the initial estimate, the work was completed. Mike and Kevin did a fantastic job with the installation, and we really valued Kevin's opinion on whether or not we should replace the filters and the rest of the plumbing. Now that I have upgraded solar panels to heat my pool, I can now take use of the improved filtration system. Very encouraging to watch the water temperature rise by 8 degrees in just a few days. I hope to make better use of my pool this season." - Susan
"After I phoned to have my solar sensor changed, Mike did a thorough diagnostic check of my system and found that my actuator also needed to be replaced. To be honest, I did not even realize it was jammed open. The cost was much lower than I had anticipated, and the pool was back in working order in just an hour, which is a plus given that no one like spending money on pool upkeep. Call Florida Solar LLC and ask for Mike Ruiz if you want any solar work done." - Kyle
"Bought a house with a pool that already had Florida Solar installed. The standard solar panels were a breeze to install. When I emailed Meghan with a query, she always responded right away. When a portion of the pool heater equipment was damaged during roofing work, they provided me several options and helped me choose the best one, all without breaking the bank. Skylar, whom I never got to meet because I was usually working, did a fantastic job, so I would want to extend my gratitude to her as well. Strongly suggested!! As someone who works a lot, I really value the team's dedication to excellence and the high caliber of their output." - Dawn
"Because of the roof work I had scheduled, I needed to have my nine solar pool panels removed, staged, and then reinstalled. In order to maximize solar energy collection, Kevin, the technician who removed the solar pool panels, recommended rearranging their placement on the roof. Kevin cut down on the piping and rearranged everything to better heat the pool during the reinstallation a few days later. I would like to express my gratitude to Florida Solar, and more specifically to Kevin, for his diligence and hard work in designing and installing the new solar panel configuration. Kevin clearly had excellent skills in customer service. Florida Solar is the only solar company I will use again." - John
"Great individuals to work with! Bill is very knowledgable in the pool heating industry, and his quote was lower than the competition. We intended to use our pool during the fall and winter months, but our solar pool heating system would not cut it. The installers were efficient, did a nice job, and cleaned up after themselves. They told me a factory technician would be out the next day because the unit still was not working properly after they were done. Early in the morning, he arrived and swapped out a faulty transformer. Megan did a fantastic job of following up with me and fixing a few of minor issues I was having. Florida Solar is the only company I would trust to take care of heating your pool. "- Doug

Florida Solar LLC Social media

With 280 Likes, 8 Followers, and 390 people talking about the page, Florida Solar LLC has a sizable presence on Facebook. They frequently share updates about their organization, covering everything from company news to promoting their services. Links to their website and contact details are also included on the page, giving potential clients an easy method to discover more about the business. Florida Solar LLC frequently has strong interaction rates for their postings, which are generally well-received. With an average of nine updates per day, the page is quite active. They frequently ask their fans to participate in polls and questions. Customers are encouraged to leave comments on the page as well. With 96 reviews and a 5-star rating, it has received praise from many clients for its high standard of customer care, professionalism, and affordable prices. Overall, Florida Solar LLC has a strong Facebook presence. They have excellent levels of client satisfaction and significant engagement rates. They seem to be really dedicated to enhancing their offerings and offering a wonderful client experience.
Florida Solar LLC maintains a credible profile on LinkedIn and has engaged followers. They publish updates about their goods and services, including new installation projects, business news, market trends, and client endorsements. The page also includes comprehensive details about their services, relationships with related industries, accolades, and certifications. Florida Solar LLC frequently publishes engaging and expert content on LinkedIn. They interact with postings at a high level. The page also invites users to voice their opinions and offer useful advice. Overall, Florida Solar LLC's position on LinkedIn is favorable. The page is displayed properly, and frequent posts highlight its offerings to prospective customers. Posts typically receive positive feedback and have a high amount of engagement.
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Florida Solar LLC average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews544.9


Florida Solar LLC Pros & Cons

  • Certified by NABCEP and Energy Star
  • Wide range of products and services
  • Financing options and discounts available
  • Lengthy installation times
  • Unhelpful customer service
  • Financing options not available to all customers

Florida Solar LLC Final Conclusions

In conclusion, based on customer feedback, Florida Solar LLC's reputation and efficacy seem to be inconsistent. While some customers praised the company's solar installation services, praising the items' excellent quality and their pleasant interactions with the staff, others voiced reservations about the company's communication, product quality, and customer assistance.Positive comments highlighted the quick bids, speedy installs, and competent employees that offered insightful advice. These clients praised the business' knowledge and observed observable increases in their energy efficiency.However, unfavorable evaluations brought up problems including inadequate communication, poor product quality, and dishonest conduct on the part of the installation and sales personnel. Customers expressed frustration with the after-sales help given and complained about reoccurring issues. They now regret their decision to work with Florida Solar LLC for their solar installation requirements as a result of these encounters.Given the conflicting reviews, it is crucial for prospective clients to carry out extensive research, look for more references, and take into account their unique needs and preferences before working with Florida Solar LLC.

Florida Solar LLC locations

Main Address4703 Park St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33709
Phone Number7273001515

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