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In order to meet the needs of their residential, commercial, and industrial clientele, GenPro Energy Solutions focuses on two main areas: energy efficiency and renewable energy. Energy audits, lighting retrofits, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) retrofits, solar panel installations and energy storage solutions are just some of the energy-saving services provided by the company.

GenPro Energy Solutions overview

In order to meet the needs of their residential, commercial, and industrial clientele, GenPro Energy Solutions focuses on two main areas: energy efficiency and renewable energy. Energy audits, lighting retrofits, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) retrofits, solar panel installations and energy storage solutions are just some of the energy-saving services provided by the company.

What GenPro Energy Solutions has to say about itself

It is well acknowledged that GenPro Energy Solutions is a leader in the development of energy-efficient solutions. Their specialty is creating state-of-the-art lighting systems and superior solar energy farms that are targeted at utilities, companies, municipalities, and the federal and state governments. Their technical support staff ensures cost-effective and dependable energy solutions. Above all, GenPro is committed to helping their clients succeed because they understand how closely their own success is linked to that of their clients.

GenPro Energy Solutions Solar Review

Year Started2003
Service AreasCA, AZ, NV, HI
Service TypesInstallation, consulting, audits, monitoring, procurement, storage, renewable energy solutions, and financing.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead acid, and saltwater-based batteries.

GenPro Energy Solutions website review

Genpro Energy, a company that offers solutions and goods related to renewable energy, is the proprietor of the website The website professionally presents itself and looks to be packed with information about the company, its products and services, as well as contact information. To provide an additional layer of protection, an SSL certificate has been set on the website. This ensures that any data sent to or from the site remains private. The website is seen as trustworthy due to the professional design and strong safety elements that it employs.

GenPro Energy Solutions price policy

PackagesResidential Solar Panel Installation: starting at $14,999, Commercial Solar Panel Installation: starting at $25,999, Solar Battery Installation: starting at $7,999, Solar Energy Storage System: starting at $6,999, Solar Pool Heating System: starting at $3,999, Solar Hot Water System: starting at $3,999, Solar Attic Fan Installation: starting at $1,499, Solar Carport Installation: starting at $10,999, Solar Car Charging Station Installation: starting at $3,999, Solar LED Lighting Installation: starting at $1,999
Payment optionsCash, all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
Payment discounts5% discount when paying with a credit or debit card, 10% discount when paying in full at the time of purchase, 10% discount for military veterans and seniors, 15% discount for enrolled members of the GenPro Energy Solutions loyalty program, 15% discount for existing customers who refer a new customer.

GenPro Energy Solutions online reputation

Some customers were unhappy with the company's services because of incompetent contractors, subpar artistry, and exorbitant prices, while others praised the firm's efficiency, reliability, and openness to dialogue. The corporation has to pay close attention to consumer complaints and seek to enhance its offerings if it wants to continue enjoying high satisfaction rates among its clientele. GenPro Energy Solutions has promise despite the unfavorable evaluations since some clients have had a positive and productive experience with the firm.
"Ideally, I'd be able to rate with no stars at all. Without a journeyman to supervise them, the company sends out apprentices. A one-month apprentice and a two-and-a-half-year apprentice worked for us. Incredibly dissatisfied with the management team's performance. These guys were completely helpless. Poor leadership motivated solely by financial gain. This business has my utmost revulsion." - Roman P.
"Scammers. They lied to me, and now, 7 months later, I'm paying more for the panels than I would have without them. Be careful. The President himself has talked about these problems. There's something wrong with the setup, and my fees keep going up. In other words, stay away from this firm. I plan to inquire with the Consumer Protection Agency." - Hunter V.
"Successfully completed the installation of the system and it is now working. The contractors worked efficiently and appear to have installed everything properly. I was left very dissatisfied, especially considering the company's claims of excellent customer service. The installation was delayed, for a huge amount of time, but the reasons given were misleading at best." - Leonardo J.
"After reading several glowing reviews, I decided to reach out to GenPro Energy Solutions. The salesman who tried to dissuade me from moving forward with the company is the only person I can comment on, as I know nothing about the company itself. When I called for an estimate, I got the impression that the salesman wasn't paying attention to me. I explained that I was exploring price options from a number of businesses. Instead, he gushes about how great his company is and insists that an in-person estimate is the only way to go. I explained that I did not want to be sold the idea of getting solar panels, but rather wanted quotes. He says I should have someone check my meter, circuit breaker, and other electrical components. I agree, but reiterate that nobody is entering my house. Anyone who needs a more precise valuation is welcome to come to take photos outside. I don't want anyone coming into my house because my baby is here, and the company wouldn't let me work remotely ( as stated by the salesman). Again, I'm not in the mood for a two-hour lecture on solar energy and the company's history. As soon as the conversation veered away from the question I was asking, he became agitated and remarked that I shouldn't interrupt him because he never interrupted me. All the while he was on the phone with me, he was chatting with his coworkers. He continues by saying that it is possible that the equipment will need to be upgraded, which will result in additional expenses. To be honest, I'm having second thoughts about even contacting this company for a price estimate at this point. Finally, I agree to have the guy come over and take a picture of my breaker so I can send it to him. Having someone stop by to take a picture outside didn't cost me anything, so I'm not wasting my time. I'd like for the installer to take a look at whatever he needs to do outside my house and then send me an email with the quote attached. My husband asked me who it was when the phone call ended that had been on speaker. His understanding of the salesman's strategy is muddled. We aren't interested in being persuaded to support the concept, and we don't even care about the company itself. No matter how fantastic a company may be, it won't matter if our metrics aren't met." - Linda T.
"I asked for a quote and he quickly called me back. After giving his address and some personal information, he said GenPro Energy Solutions would provide a quote, but they never called him back. Worst service I have ever encountered." - Bennett W.
"Gen Pro has been nothing but helpful throughout the entire process. They did an excellent job, maintained cleanliness, communicated clearly, and came in under budget. It feels fantastic to know that in the past two months, we have generated more electricity than we have consumed." - Axel R.
"An 8-kilowatt solar array was installed by GenPro on top of our modest commercial building in Deadwood's historic downtown. We found out that we were the first solar power installation in the Deadwood National Historic Landmark and it was an exciting moment. Our building was constructed in 1880, so we take great pride in demonstrating how commercial use can be maximized without sacrificing a building's historic integrity through this project. In this endeavor, GenPro proved to be an invaluable collaborator. They are knowledgeable, able to anticipate our needs, responsive to our inquiries, and give us excellent ongoing support. We're still collaborating with them on other initiatives (LED lighting is up next). Their support staff is helpful and simple to get in touch with. Looking forward to seeing the completed works." - Brooks L.
"With the help of Genpro, I was able to bring a 12kW solar power system to Webster County in Nebraska. The county ultimately chose Genpro because of the company's professionalism and technical expertise displayed throughout the sales process. An extremely steep roof was used for the installation, and it took place in the dead of winter. The team at Genpro provided the necessary tools and resources to keep the project on track. Whenever anyone asks who I recommend in the Midwest for solar panel installations, I always tell them to go with Genpro Energy Solutions." - Jonathan T.
"Although we had been talking about putting solar panels for a long time, we didn't start taking the idea seriously until 2021. We knew we had made the proper choice when we spoke with GenPro for the first time after my husband's colleague strongly recommended them. We had no clue how solar panels were linked to the electrical grid, but they came to our home and patiently answered all of our silly (and not so funny) inquiries. Robert was very helpful in customizing a plan to meet our needs. The professionals even completed ahead of schedule, and the installation proceeded well. They produced superb job that was done with professionalism. We were allowed to utilize the system as soon as the inspection was through since we don't have to pay for the power we use during the day. The results have been really good so far, and it seems to be worth the investment. Make sure to get in touch with GenPro if you're considering adding solar panels to your home." - Jameson C.
"You have never used a GenPro before, as far as we are aware. We were unsure on how to maintain our backup generator and it was in need of repair. Matt threw his colleague a party at our recently acquired property. They were able to respond to both our general and specific questions about the generator and get it operating at its best. Talking with these guys was a delight since they were kind and well-informed. They took their time to explain everything to us and made sure we understood the subtleties of our backup system. Employing GenPro once again is a given." - Wesley E.

GenPro Energy Solutions Social media
The solar power company GenPro Energy Solutions has an official Facebook profile. The website is well-designed and educational, with a large number of photos and the most recent details on the company's operations. With 3.2k followers, the page seems to be rather popular. Just by gazing at the page, one is filled with confidence. As a result, the company gives off the appearance of being trustworthy. There has been no effort at clickbait or exaggeration. The website also includes photographs, videos, and pertinent links to its products. Testimonials from happy customers further enhance the page's attractiveness. These elements make the page a reliable source of information on solar energy.
Professional and trustworthy is how LinkedIn presents the GenPro Energy Solutions company. This is a well-presented and user-friendly page. Its popularity and large fan base are evident from the fact that the firm has more than 1600 followers. The website provides a detailed description of its vision and mission to better comprehend the company's goals and point of view. Visit the customer and business partner testimonials section as well. Consistently positive ratings provide credibility to the company's offerings. Finally, GenPro Energy Solutions is a reputable business with a solid LinkedIn profile and many satisfied customers.
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GenPro Energy Solutions Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Experienced
  • Reliable
  • High Upfront Costs
  • Limited Service Area
  • Longer Installation Times

GenPro Energy Solutions Final Conclusions

GenPro Energy Solutions is a renewable energy firm specializing in energy storage and solar energy installation. They provide a broad variety of services, including energy storage solutions, system design and installation, and engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services. Positive comments have been made about the business, including how excellent their customer service is and how affordable their rates are.

GenPro Energy Solutions locations

Main Address13261 Timberline Plaza Suite B, Piedmont SD, 57769
Phone Number6053419920

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