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In order to provide our customers and workers the greatest experience possible, GenRenew is developing a new kind of energy business that redefines what it means to own the energy you use. In order to assist owners of residential and commercial buildings understand their energy use and connect with sustainable resources that may help them save money and benefit the environment at the same time, we are concentrating on teaching, advising, and providing services to these owners. We want to assist them in learning about the benefits of solar energy since they are the generation that will help rescue the earth.

GenRenew overview

In order to provide our customers and workers the greatest experience possible, GenRenew is developing a new kind of energy business that redefines what it means to own the energy you use. In order to assist owners of residential and commercial buildings understand their energy use and connect with sustainable resources that may help them save money and benefit the environment at the same time, we are concentrating on teaching, advising, and providing services to these owners. We want to assist them in learning about the benefits of solar energy since they are the generation that will help rescue the earth.

What GenRenew has to say about itself

In addition to having a passion for creating a work atmosphere where people like going to work and are enthusiastic about what they do, Chris Sabin founded GenRenew out of his love of renewable energy. This enthusiasm will guarantee that our customers get the finest service possible. Chris has experience working for the biggest solar and utility businesses and has been in charge of tens of thousands of solar installations as well as other energy-related services. At GenRenew, he wants to utilize his expertise to inform commercial and residential clients alike about their energy use and provide the finest services to help them transition to solar energy in order to progress towards a sustainable future.

Solar Review Solar Review

Year Started2016
Service AreasNJ
Service TypesInstallation of solar panels, Maintenance and repair of solar panels, Energy Efficiency Solutions, Battery Storage Solutions, Charging stations for electric vehicles (EV), Funding and incentives, Educational Resources
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries
CertificationsBBB, SEIA

GenRenew website review

With a neat and ordered layout, the website has a contemporary and clean look. Users may navigate the different parts with ease because to the navigation menu's easy accessibility. On the website, you may find in-depth details on GenRenew's products and services, such as solutions for electric car charging stations and the installation of solar panels. With emphasis on the advantages and characteristics, each service is thoroughly discussed. The information is succinct, clear, and effectively conveys the advantages of renewable energy sources. Visitors may connect with GenRenew on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn thanks to the company's integration of social network connections. Users may interact with the company, remain informed about the most recent news, and take advantage of specials thanks to this. The website features call-to-action buttons that are easy to see and urge users to do certain actions, such scheduling a consultation or requesting a price. In order to demonstrate good experiences and successful installations, GenRenew offers case studies and testimonials from happy clients. An educational blog part of the website features articles on sustainable living, renewable energy, and business news. The expertise and dedication of GenRenew to client education are evident in this. Overall, the GenRenew website offers a clear presentation of its renewable energy services, engages users with interesting information, and has a user-friendly layout.

GenRenew price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsNo payment options specified
Payment discountsFederal Tax Credits, State and Local Incentives, Financing Options, Referral Programs, Seasonal or Promotional Discounts

GenRenew online reputation

It is evident from the client testimonials offered that GenRenew has gotten both favorable and unfavorable comments from consumers. Customers applauded the crew's precise and expert installation of the solar panels, particularly the work of installer Ambrose, who won high ratings for his efforts. Through thorough explanations and open communication, clients felt informed and included in the decision-making process. GenRenew is regarded as a reliable partner that offers top-notch support and assistance throughout the installation procedure. During the installation procedure, several clients encountered considerable delays, which frustrated and inconvenienced them. There were also allegations of roof leaks and system failures. GenRenew has received mixed feedback from customers. Positive comments highlight the project managers, installers, and sales teams' professionalism and expertise, as well as their dedication to delivering clear information and top-notch customer service. A bad review, on the other hand, highlights issues with functionality, latency, and unfulfilled promises that have caused client unhappiness.
"I am a home solar power user. I would never suggest using this business at home. I was assured this project would be finished by Christmas 2021, however as of April 7th, 2022, neither the final inspections nor the system itself have been done. I have the typical high power bill plus a payment for my non-functioning solar panels. I informed the sales staff of the need to update my panel and reroute my service wire when I first proposed this job. After starting the project, the service price increased from the originally stated $2,600 to $6,100 since such plans were ignored in the installation plan. They also attempted to put in a new panel that had all minisplit breakers but had no spare space for any further wiring. Even though they double-tapped a couple circuits before leaving at 7:30, I had no water at 7:00 the next morning, when it was only 9 degrees outside. After calling a well service, I had someone come out and determine that my well was powerless. Instead of a single double-pole 20-amp breaker, they put in two individual breakers.This whole thing has been a disaster up to this point. Perhaps I can have my solar panels up and running in time for the third month of double payments. The debt is still being repaid as of this update, and the solar panels are still not producing any usable energy. My loan payments have been sent to GenRenew, and I have no doubt that they have already cashed the check." - Ariana
"Two trees were down in Weaton, Illinois, however I was only paid $500.00 for my time. Don't waste your time dealing with them; they can't be trusted. We received the agreement with the property owner and the supervisor (manager) that they fired, and the owner is a witness, their salesperson, and one of the supervisors or managers that they dismissed. You decided you didn't want to pay for the service precisely two years ago." - Ardent
"The people that work here are a complete and utter joke. My system installation was scheduled for one day, they said. They came, unloaded the equipment, and left it in my driveway. He disappeared for two weeks. Installing the system took a total of 6 months, and it still doesn't function properly. My roof leaks, they nearly killed my neighbor when they dropped a hammer from up there, and an 8-foot portion of mounting bracket fell off my roof, narrowly missing a parked vehicle." - Christopher
"For the last year, I've been studying solar energy. For some reason, I kept seeing ads for SunPower (a solar panel company). The components of the SunPower Equinox System are created and assembled in the United States. A 25-year guarantee that includes installation and maintenance provides peace of mind. SunPower's unwavering support for their products is abundantly obvious. You will have to deal with three distinct manufacturers (panels, inverters, and racking system), each with their own warranty, which is more than the other solar rivals. As a result, I made up my mind on which panel to use. After that, I looked into the installer's background. I was provided with many price estimates and introduced to GenRenew. Michael Mullen, co-founder of GenRenew, was put in touch with me because I was interested in purchasing the company's technology. Michael has always gone out of his way to ensure my satisfaction. GenRenew is a Master SunPower dealer, I've learnt. The fact that GenRenew only uses SunPower equipment reassured me that my system would be in excellent hands. After I had paid the deposit and completed the contract, I was put in touch with Lindsay Fischer. She's a master of many crafts, and I now mostly communicate with her. The system was ordered after receiving approval for net metering from the community and from Comed. The electrician and the rest of the installation crew did an excellent job. The whole process took about two days. The village inspection was just recently and we passed. Lindsay calls me less than an hour later to tell me that ComEd has authorized the system and it is now live. I have nothing but praise for this organization and its workers. " - Ron
"Staff, installation, and other aspects were all excellent, however I never received the promised six months of free electricity. I gave them a month to make things right after being told a cheque would be sent, but that hasn't happened yet. Therefore, they may or may not really provide the advertised deal. Therefore, we can only give them one star for the agreement they broke." - Chris
"Both Jeff and Linsay, the project managers, did an outstanding job. Detailed each and every procedure for me. Easily accommodated my hectic schedule. The crew who installed my solar panels was very careful with my home and the installation process. Ambrose, the installer, was excellent; I'd give him a perfect score of 10 out of 10. From the start of the project until the deadline, he didn't take a single day off. Extremely polite. At home, he constantly inquired as to whether or not everything was well. Even though I informed him he wasn't required to inquire. Pete installed all the necessary boxes and conduit for the solar panel wiring. He performed a wonderful job, and the conduit bends I saw him do were unbelievable. Chuck made the final connections and ensured that everything was in order and up to code, making the final inspection by the village fast and simple. Jeff made certain that the final product was to my liking. To my complete pleasure, he addressed and resolved all of my concerns. I've heard terrible tales about solar installation crews, but I have to say that GenRenew's crew is top-notch. The people who performed the recruiting for GenRenew did a fantastic job. When talking to friends about going solar, I always suggest them check out GenRenew. I would hire them again in a heartbeat. Well done" - Sally
"The Township has authorized my solar energy system's installation. I can't say for sure that GenRenew is run like a family business, but that's how it seems to me. I owe a great deal of gratitude to Chuck Tursi, my salesperson, for getting things rolling. Time passed in a blur as he sat at my kitchen table, intent on explaining why solar power would be beneficial to me. Finally, he showed me the monthly savings I may expect to get, and I couldn't believe it! I didn't give it much thought before signing up since he included me in every step of his work on the computer. He walked me through what my new bills would look like, and from there we calculated how much I could put away per month. That same day, I decided to join. It didn't feel like a sales call at any point. At the meal, my loved one joined me as if to provide advice and comfort. Since I am a single mother, I was a bit anxious when it came time to sign my contracts, so Chuck came back and walked me through them. They were all written in simple English, so there was no need for me to worry. I not only succeeded in lowering my monthly expenses, but also in raising the market worth of my property. Chuck enjoys helping others save money very much. Since then, there have been zero hiccups throughout the setup procedure. Everyone I've dealt with at GenRenew has been nothing but kind, helpful, and competent. The list could go on and on. Wow, I'm blown away by it! I have to admit that Chuck and I have become close over the course of this process; he sometimes drops by to see how things are doing and to make sure that I am still satisfied. There really isn't a thing more Chuck could have done to help me out. Intimacy is the foundation of trustworthy relationships. I was able to quickly and easily get the necessary Township permissions today. I have told all my friends and neighbors about GenRenew! If you want the same level of service that I had, just ask for Chuck Tursi." - Maria
"The existence of this business was and is a boon to us. GenRenew installed our solar panels for free after we were turned down by other solar firms. They sat down with us and explained everything; and I do mean everything. Yes, there is no cost involved. Nothing at all is charged to you. Everything is taken care of and handled by them, including acquiring the necessary construction permit. We've managed to save ourselves $80.00" - John
"Everything about it was first-rate. The firm installed a new roof for us, and their workers were excellent. While the paperwork was a pain, the installation itself went off without a hitch. The check for six months of free service was in Chuck's hands, and he was quite informed. This was the current promotion. Wow, excellent work, GenRenew Solar!" - Phillip
"Going solar with anybody but a trusted partner is a poor idea. Chris and Mike were terrific, and their administrative staff took care of me with no trouble at all. Their price was the lowest of the four solar firms I contacted, and they utilized the most efficient panels I could find (360 watts each). It's like receiving three months' worth of electricity for free every year since my new bill is 33 percent cheaper than the previous one. HOLY COW, I AM OVERJOYED!" - Julie

GenRenew Social media
The goal of the GenRenew Facebook page is to spread the word about alternative energy sources and inform users of the advantages of clean energy. Subscribers may connect with the page and get updates on their services, initiatives, and business news. With a cover photo of a solar panel installation and a profile image with the GenRenew logo, the page has a polished, professional appearance. The main goal of the GenRenew Facebook page is to provide educational material on renewable energy. They often provide informational articles, movies, and infographics about solar power, energy conservation, and sustainability. The information is intended to educate readers about the advantages of renewable energy sources and how they affect the environment. By answering messages, comments, and reviews, the page interacts with its fans. Customers may comment on their experiences with GenRenew services in the page's testimonials area. The majority of evaluations are favorable, which speaks to the company's professionalism, expertise, and quality of work. On their Facebook page, GenRenew highlights their involvement in neighborhood activities including renewable energy seminars and local projects. In overall, the GenRenew Facebook page efficiently draws subscribers, informs the public, and promotes renewable energy options.
GenRenew's LinkedIn profile summarizes their goal and services. GenRenew is a prominent solar energy firm that installs solar panels, energy efficiency, and battery storage. The website emphasizes the company's solar panel installation, energy efficiency audits, and battery storage solutions. Solar, renewable, and industry news are posted on LinkedIn. They display successful installations and consumer testimonials. GenRenew employs 11–50 people, suggesting a medium-sized firm. Green Brook, New Jersey, is the headquarters. GenRenew specializes on solar energy. The page receives a reasonable number of likes, comments, and reposts. GenRenew's LinkedIn page includes employee biographies, positions, and experience. GenRenew constantly announces its accomplishments, honors, and industry events. This shows the company's dedication to renewable energy and staying current. GenRenew's LinkedIn profile displays its solar energy expertise.
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GenRenew average reviews

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energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews534.4


GenRenew Pros & Cons

  • Cost Savings
  • Government Incentives
  • Energy Independence
  • Weather Dependence
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Long Payback Period

GenRenew Final Conclusions

GenRenew is a middle-sized company in the green energy business that always does a good job. Their drive to offering energy solutions that are good for the environment has given them a good name among customers and experts in the field. One of the most important things about GenRenew's work is that they know how to put solar panels. They have a team of experts who are well-versed in the latest tools and best ways to do things in the field. Based on what customers say, GenRenew seems to have a mixed image and success. There are good things said about their project managers, construction crew, and salespeople. These reviews point out how professional, experienced, and dedicated they are to making customers happy. Many clients seem to like how the company is able to clearly explain processes, work around busy schedules, and give clear information. But there are also bad reviews that talk about installation delays, problems with how the system works, and broken promises, like not getting the six months of free power that was promised. These instances of unhappiness could be signs that GenRenew needs to make changes to how it works and how it treats customers. When judging GenRenew's general success and image, it's important to look at both good and bad reviews, just like with any other company.

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Main Address912 Route 33 Freehold, NJ 07728
Phone Number7328354272

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