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In the fields of renewable energy and electrical construction, GIM is an A General Engineering, B General Contractor, and C10 electrical contractor with extensive experience. Our in-house crew has over 200 years of expertise between them, making them ideal for any construction project, whether it be solar, electrical, or otherwise. Our extensive portfolio includes anything from kitchen and bathroom renovations to full-scale additions and even new-home building.

GimEnergy overview

In the fields of renewable energy and electrical construction, GIM is an A General Engineering, B General Contractor, and C10 electrical contractor with extensive experience. Our in-house crew has over 200 years of expertise between them, making them ideal for any construction project, whether it be solar, electrical, or otherwise. Our extensive portfolio includes anything from kitchen and bathroom renovations to full-scale additions and even new-home building.

What GimEnergy has to say about itself

GIM offers complete solar installation systems along with maintenance. We are able to give a superior experience because we use in-house electricians and installers. Since we also operate a roofing business, we can provide our clients a turnkey solution for repairing or replacing their roof in advance of a solar panel installation. We prioritize quality above quantity, and our use of top-tier 1 items gives customers confidence that their system will continue to function reliably for the next 30 years. Excellent quality at a reasonable price.

GimEnergy Solar Review

Year Started2017
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Construction, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries such as LiFePO4 batteries
CertificationsSEIA, SESC, IEC

GimEnergy website review

GimEnergy's website seems to be well-structured and user-friendly for a solar power firm. An easy-to-navigate menu of services and goods is available on the website, along with thorough descriptions of each offering. A customer forum, FAQs, practical hints, client endorsements, and effective installation procedures are additional resources. Solar panels and other solar energy-related items are available on the website, along with a variety of other services. Along with price details, it includes thorough descriptions of each product and service. Customers may quickly get in touch with the business and obtain help from it through the website's contact page. Additionally, it provides a simple messaging tool that enables real-time communication between clients and the business.

GimEnergy price policy

PackagesBasic solar installations can cost $10,000 or more
Payment optionsDebit card, credit card, automatic bank (ACH), cash
Payment discountsDiscounts for those who buy several solar installations and discounts for referrals, time-limited promotional discounts, discounts for federal, state and local government employees, and special discounts for the military

GimEnergy online reputation

According to consumer testimonials, Gimenergy's services are typically well-received. Customers are very appreciative of the company's quickness and correctness in their job. The personnel is praised for being knowledgeable, skilled, and effective in their work. Project managers are appreciated for their expertise, friendliness, and speed of reaction. Gimenergy distinguishes out from other contractors for its professionalism and top-notch customer service. Gimenergy's pricing are emphasized as are their skills in a range of building jobs, such as solar panel installation, roof replacement, and pool pump installation. Customers thank the business for assisting them in reducing their expenses, and one client even earned a bonus for referring Gimenergy to a sister. Gimenergy received mixed reviews from one customer. The installation of solar panels and arrays is approved, however there have been issues with communicating, securing permits, and finishing the project on schedule. To assure work completion, the consumer was required to exert more effort. They do, however, acknowledge that the devices' hardware and functionality matched their requirements. Customer reviews generally compliment Gimenergy for its professionalism, accessibility, experienced employees, first-rate customer service, and understanding of energy-saving solutions. However, there have been a few rare instances when customers have had communication or project management issues.
"My home's solar panels and batteries were installed this year by GIMenergy. In October of last year, I signed a contract, but nothing has happened since then. The city had trouble communicating with GIMenergy, so I had to go after my permission myself. While the panels and battery equipment were being ordered by GIMenergy, I had to give up my garage for a month while they were being delivered. Everything went well when I sorted out the permission issue and GIMenergy arrived to do the installation. It took longer than anticipated, and some of the necessary circuits had to be brought back out since I hadn't originally backed them up. Thankfully, it was promptly approved after the inspection. However, I didn't activate my Enphase account until a few months after the installation was completed. In addition, I had to bug GIMenergy about the PTO/NEM proposal they sent to SCE. The day's labor is done, and everything is present and functional. The emphasis should be there. And unlike many of the larger installations, they didn't attempt to force me into an equipment "black box" or a "one size fits all" solution. However, I did not feel that they were particularly aggressive in seeing that my assignment was completed. Half of my garage was inaccessible for a month, and I had to put in a lot of extra effort alone to make sure everything still got done." - Vikram
"Thank goodness I stumbled onto this firm. Recently, my buddy was venting to me about his terrible experience with his roofer. To handle my solar and roofing needs, I contracted gimenergy. The work was completed efficiently and neatly. The staff handled their duties effectively. The project manager who oversaw the construction of my home responded quickly, was incredibly pleasant, and knew his stuff. When I hear individuals moaning about their contractors, I am even more grateful for the professionalism of this organization. Simple and quick, I got it. Gimenergy offers affordable rates, a skilled and experienced staff, and excellent customer service. If you need any form of construction done, including solar panel installation, roof replacement, pool pump installation, or anything else, gimenergy is the company to contact. That's why they get my highest recommendation." - Vic P.
"Gimenergy provided us with excellent service. They replaced our roof and set up our solar panels. Totally clean and businesslike. The manager assigned to my project was wonderful to work with. Through their assistance, I was able to cut my expenses significantly. For recommending my sibling, I received a $500 bonus. The firm contacted to ask whether they should send the cheque or have you come pick up $500 that Gimenergy had set aside for you. Thank you for being so encouraging." - Person
"Working with the staff at Gimenergy was a fantastic experience for me. I had a few of contractors check through my proposal ideas before I met with Gimenergy. What first piqued my attention was the company's emphasis on energy-saving enhancements. They insulated my new house with spray foam, painted the outside with energy-saving paint, and installed a cool roof. The house was just over 2800 square feet in size, and I had solar panels installed that linked to my HVAC system. Extremely satisfied with the building and the way it was managed." - Derran
"For our solar and roofing needs, we used gim. They are prompt, pleasant, and helpful. We had a terrible experience with a prior contractor who ignored our calls, failed to provide us with status updates, and ultimately took three times as long as originally anticipated to complete the task. Even though our roof was in terrible shape, we were afraid to deal with a new contractor because we were afraid of what they could find. It seems that picking the appropriate firm is the key. Gimenergy and construction should be contacted if you require a builder." - Tito
"Everything about working with these people was excellent. It was one of the greatest instances of customer service I've ever received. We sought quotations from a few other solar firms, and theirs was around $4,000 cheaper on average. They were great at keeping me informed, and they were quick to respond to my calls and emails. There was no pressure to buy, set up was fast, and the gear was excellent. Without a doubt, 5 stars! Much appreciation to the Gim crew." - Simon J.

GimEnergy Social media
GimEnergy's Facebook page is a useful platform for business communication with customers. The page offers updates on solar industry news, product launches, and events. Additionally, it includes thorough descriptions of the company's goods and services, client endorsements, and Q&A sessions with solar energy specialists. Calls to action on the website also urge visitors to get in touch with the business if they have any inquiries or requests. Additionally, there are competitions, prizes, and promotional offers on the website. In general, the Facebook page presents visitors with helpful materials and a channel for communication with the business. It also seems to be well-organized.
GimEnergy's LinkedIn profile is a useful tool for the business to spread brand awareness and make connections with new partners and consumers. The page includes industry events, corporate product announcements, and solar news. Customer reviews and thorough explanations of the solar energy services and products are also included. Customers may simply locate and access further information about the business thanks to connections on the page to its website, blog, YouTube channel, and Twitter account. Overall, the LinkedIn profile seems complete and current. Customers may use this handy resource to learn more about GimEnergy and to research the solar goods and services available.
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GimEnergy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews285


GimEnergy Pros & Cons

  • Comprehensive range of solar energy services and products
  • Responsive customer service and support
  • Variety of payment methods and discounts available
  • Cost of installation can be steep for some customers
  • Not available in all areas
  • Limited customer rewards program

GimEnergy Final Conclusions

GimEnergy is a solar energy provider that provides a wide selection of goods and services to assist clients in using renewable energy. They provide installation services, battery storage, and solar panels. The business is dedicated to offering the best goods and services, and their website includes thorough explanations of all of these offerings. They also provide clients with a fantastic value for their money by offering a variety of bonuses and discounts. GimEnergy is a dependable and well-known solar energy provider with an emphasis on quality, fantastic customer service, and several favorable ratings.

GimEnergy locations

Main Address3108 Glendale Blvd #138 Los Angeles, CA 90039
Phone Number8189005471

2 local offices

California – los angeles 3108 Glendale Blvd #138, los angeles CA, 90039
California – Los Angeles 3108 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles CA, 90039

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