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Building electrification, advanced energy storage, and affordable AES controls are some of the technological and system science advancements that ZEA is still working to make in order to assist our important communities progress toward a more secure and financially viable energy future. We are leaders in our field thanks to our dedication to upholding the highest standards for quality, cutting down on energy use, and providing exceptional customer service in general.

Zero Energy Associates overview

Building electrification, advanced energy storage, and affordable AES controls are some of the technological and system science advancements that ZEA is still working to make in order to assist our important communities progress toward a more secure and financially viable energy future. We are leaders in our field thanks to our dedication to upholding the highest standards for quality, cutting down on energy use, and providing exceptional customer service in general.

What Zero Energy Associates has to say about itself

Energy-aware and environmentally driven, ZEA has contributed to the development of current energy regulations and conservation programs through tireless work (on the side of true stakeholders), serving on energy-related committees, taking part in the development of what are now Energy Upgrade California and LEED for homes, developing energy software, and collaborating with building and fire safety officials. As an Energy Upgrade California contractor, a BPI Certified Lawrence Berkeley Labs Commercial Building Partner, a participant in the 1000 Homes Challenge, and a member of local energy efficiency and GHG boards and committees, ZEA has a variety of expertise.

Zero Energy Associates Solar Review

Year Started2000
Service AreasCA
Service TypesEnergy modeling, design advice and certification assistance for zero energy projects
Types PanelsMonocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels
Backup BatteryEnphase Ensemble, Outback Radian, Discover and Simpliphi backup batteries
CertificationsNot specified

Zero Energy Associates website review

Zero Energy Associates,, offers sustainable design and zero energy building knowledge. The layout makes finding information easier. Images and graphics improve website aesthetics. The well-written, educational, and easy-to-understand information targets experts and sustainable construction enthusiasts. Case studies, news articles, and resources on the website explain zero energy buildings and their benefits. Zero Energy Associates provides energy modeling, design consultation, and zero energy project certification. The company's website touts its zero energy building expertise in passive design, energy efficiency, renewable energy integration, and building performance optimization. Zero Energy Associates' website showcases their zero-energy construction projects. The website provides industry trends, developments, and initiatives in its news and blog area. Visitors may easily contact the website by phone, email, or a contact form. The Zero Energy Associates website is well-designed and a comprehensive resource for zero energy buildings and sustainable design. The website successfully promotes the company's experience, services, and prior projects and provides useful information and tools for field experts.

Zero Energy Associates price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $30,000 or more
Payment optionsCredit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Additionally, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
Payment discountsNo payment discounts specified

Zero Energy Associates online reputation

According to client reviews, Zero Energy Associates has a solid standing and has received a lot of praise for its solar energy and HVAC services. As a solar energy and HVAC contractor with a solid track record, Zero Energy Associates may be trusted. Customers expressed satisfaction with the systems that were put in place since they function consistently as intended. Customers and industry experts have praised the firm for its knowledge of HERS-rated high performance systems. The evaluations also point out Zero Energy Associates' proficiency in managing both major projects and smaller, medium-sized enterprises. The business has received appreciation for its prompt and competent service, as well as for its dedication to locating viable financing solutions and assisting customers in securing discounts and tax advantages. Positive evaluations highlight the company's competent and professional workforce. However, a few unfavorable reviews draw attention to issues with incorrect installation and inadequate communication. In one evaluation, there were concerns raised concerning employee attitudes as well as delays in detecting and resolving problems. Consequently, it appears that Zero Energy Associates has built a solid reputation for their services as a whole. Although there have been a few rare incidents of poor communication and subpar installation, most clients have expressed their happiness with the caliber of the job and the company's professionalism.
"A solar and energy package was installed in the new home. Everything about this was a terrible experience. The solar panels were first placed in an inconvenient area, then the incorrect panels were installed, and finally the NEM credit was credited to the wrong meter (the well meter, rather than the home meter). It took 5-6 months to diagnose and replace the DHW heat pump, and then the HVAC heat pump gave out. Exactly like what was said in another review, communication was poor and the staff had a nasty attitude." - Bob
"Three years ago, we had a furnace that was more friendlier to the environment installed by Zero Energy. Lots of ductwork, etc., was completed. Overall, a good effort. Two of the bedrooms were excessively cold when I started phoning about it three months later. It was explained to us that we could turn up the fan or tinker with the thermostat to make the upper bedrooms warmer. It's been 2 years since I first called! Daniel accused me of having "attitude" when I phoned him again today to complain about the after-the-fact assistance I had received. I did say that I felt entitled to some "attitude" after being on his "list" for two years. He mentioned that they are now operating with a smaller staff of only two workers. I'm going to have someone else do the furnace maintenance for me." - Eva
"I scheduled a visit for a month from now. Other firm contacted 3 days before appointment and said Zero Energy was too busy to come in. WTF?" - Connor
"Zero Energy Associates has been our go-to HVAC contractor for well over a decade. All suggested and implemented systems are functioning as expected. All performance-based HERS-rated systems were rated as excellent. The HERs Inspector even remarked that Zero Energy Associates was among the best of its kind in the region. To that, I also agree. There are no problems at any of my rental properties due to faulty installations. There have been zero difficulties with my home's system. Daniel and the rest of the crew at Zero Energy Associates have been fantastic to deal with." - Lucas
"Personally, I think this is a fantastic organization. Our bakery has very high ceilings, and as a result, our electricity costs are sky high. We asked these distinguished individuals to visit for advice and suggestions. Our busted swamp cooler was discovered. They had a replacement shipped and fitted on our extremely slanted roof in no time. They come with our highest recommendation." - Evelyn
"We couldn't have asked for better solar installers than Zero Energy Associates. Even though my home's layout and orientation presented some challenges, they helped me build a solar array and an efficient heating system that would function properly. They guided me through the process of finding the most advantageous financing option and claiming all applicable rebates, tax credits, etc. It was a pleasure to work with them since they were prompt, professional, and honest. Their after-sale support has been superb as well, even though they were not responsible for fixing a roof leak that I had initially linked to the solar panels. They arrived promptly after my call and went out of their way to investigate and pinpoint the source of the noise. They also suggested a reliable roofer who I contacted to address the issue. Conclusion: 5 out of 5 stars!" - Russell
"The HVAC and solar projects that ZEA has worked on for us have all been successful. They are capable of handling both large-scale projects and smaller to medium-sized tasks in terms of planning, design, and implementation. At our primary property, we had them construct both a huge photovoltaic solar system and a multi-room heat pump system. Our business building's HVAC system has been replaced and maintained by them, and they've been prompt in attending to minor repairs at our rental properties. The organization has earned a stellar reputation in the area thanks to its successful efforts to improve the efficiency of your facility. The ZEA personnel have done an excellent job, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Thanks." - Cora
"All of my home's heating ductwork was rebuilt by Zero Energy Assoc., and they also air sealed the property and insulated the attic to an R-38 level. I solicited other quotes, but they were the only ones to offer schedule J calculations. Kimberly was my main point of contact with Zero Energy Assoc. She inspected my home's current heating system and insulation and then made recommendations based on her findings. She walked me through a number of different alternatives, kept me updated on the project's development, and patiently fielded all of my concerns. The ductwork replacement and air sealing crew consisted of Michael and Brandon. They did an excellent job, paid close attention to detail, and kept the work area tidy. I was kept abreast of any problems they ran into on the job, just like Kimberly did, and we talked at length about how to address them. Michael has extensive experience with HVAC systems and is skilled at resolving problems as they arise. All the rooms in my house are now the same comfortable temperature. The group who installed the insulation in the attic was likewise really competent and performed a great job. My home is now 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature on hot days, yet I haven't installed any air conditioning. Kimberly had to go above and above to secure a reimbursement for me from the BayREN program in spite of my heating system's unusual characteristics. As she worked on the refund, she kept me apprised of its progress at each stage. Those in need of an energy consultant, I wholeheartedly endorse Zero Energy Associates." - Alberta

Zero Energy Associates Social media
Articles, blog pieces, project updates, and industry news all pertaining to zero energy buildings and sustainable design may be found on the Facebook page. The content is timely and useful, with the goal of informing and entertaining readers about the merits of zero-energy structures and other environmentally friendly activities. Images are a surefire way to get people to stop scrolling and take notice of what you have to say. By posing questions, requesting comments, and extending an invitation to share, the page actively seeks audience participation. He also interacts with viewers by replying to their comments and private messages. Sustainable design and zero-energy building experts, as well as other organizations and professionals, are encouraged to work together on the Facebook page. There is a constant presence and audience involvement because the page is constantly updated with new messages and material. Typical comments include compliments, requests, and arguments about the article's overall subject matter. Zero Energy Associates' Facebook page is an extension of their website, where they share news and information with their audience and encourage participation. It's a great way to show off their skills in sustainable design and to network with others who share an interest in net-zero energy structures. account not registered
YouTube channel not registered

Zero Energy Associates average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews45


Zero Energy Associates Pros & Cons

  • Experience and Expertise
  • Energy Efficiency Solutions
  • Positive Recommendations
  • Limited Availability
  • Long Wait Times
  • Communication Issues

Zero Energy Associates Final Conclusions

Reviews have given Zero Energy Associates an average rating of 4.25 stars, giving them a reputation and track record that are generally favorable. The majority of customers reported pleasure with the company's work, effectiveness, and professionalism. It is worthwhile to call attention to a few advantages. The company's expertise in HVAC and solar projects is shown by the successful system rollouts and consistently superior HERS ratings of its projects. This illustrates the company's dedication to offering clients high-performance, energy-efficient products. Zero Energy Associates is well known for having knowledgeable and seasoned employees. Many people have expressed certain worries, but there are also some other issues as well. quality that varies. This suggests that establishing consistent service delivery across projects may still have space for improvement. Poor communication, which may cause misconceptions and delays in handling customer concerns, was mentioned in several of the unfavorable evaluations. The total customer experience may be enhanced by strengthening communication channels and responsiveness. timeouts and issues during installation. There may be room for improvement in project planning and execution, as seen by instances of faulty installation and delays that some customers have observed. In general, Zero Energy Associates has a good reputation for offering professional service, expert workmanship, and energy-efficient solutions. Despite a few rare instances of unfavorable feedback, most clients seem to be happy with the business' performance. To guarantee a successful and positive experience when thinking about working with Zero Energy Associates, it would be prudent to go through particular project needs, timetables, and possible concerns.

Zero Energy Associates locations

Main Address851 Gravenstein Avenue (South), Suite B, Sebastopol CA, 95472
Phone Number7075443900

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