kiloWatt Solar review

Among the many services KiloWatt Solar provides are setup and upkeep as well as monitoring of your system. Customers may cut their energy bills and their carbon impact with the help of the financing alternatives they provide. Clean, renewable energy can now be produced dependably and affordably thanks to KiloWatt Solar.
kiloWatt Solar review

kiloWatt Solar overview

Among the many services KiloWatt Solar provides are setup and upkeep as well as monitoring of your system. Customers may cut their energy bills and their carbon impact with the help of the financing alternatives they provide. Clean, renewable energy can now be produced dependably and affordably thanks to KiloWatt Solar.

What kiloWatt Solar has to say about itself

The leading supplier of solar energy solutions is KiloWatt Solar. We provide dependable solar energy systems that are effective and efficient, making the switch to clean energy simple and inexpensive. We are dedicated to innovation, quality, and customer service. Together, you and our knowledgeable team will design and install an energy system that is tailored to your requirements.

kiloWatt Solar Review

Year Started2020
Company WebsitekiloWatt Solar
Service AreasTX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow-battery technologies.

kiloWatt Solar website review

The official website is currently unavailable, and technicians are working to fix the problem. Under these circumstances, cannot be given constructive criticism.

kiloWatt Solar price policy

PackagesHome Solar System (Starter): starting at $2,995, Home Solar System (Deluxe): starting at $4,995, Home Solar System (Premium): starting at $7,495, Battery Solar System: starting at $8,995, Solar + Battery + EV Charger: starting at $11,995, Solar Pool Heater: starting at $2,795, Solar Hot Water Heater: starting at $3,995, Solar Air Conditioner: starting at $6,495, Commercial Solar System (Starter): starting at $14,995, Commercial Solar System (Deluxe): starting at $29,995, Commercial Solar System (Premium): starting at $59,995
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), as well as checks.
Payment discounts10% off for referrals, 5% off for military personnel, 10% off for senior citizens, 10% off for first-time customers, 5% off for customers who purchase multiple systems, 5% off for customers who purchase a larger system, 10% off for customers who purchase a full system package

kiloWatt Solar online reputation

Many satisfied customers have offered good comments on the services provided by KiloWatt Solar. The company's professionalism and helpfulness to customers have been lauded by those customers. The high quality of the offered services and goods has also been praised. The considerable cost and time commitment of installation, however, have been cited as complaints by certain clients. In general, KiloWatt Solar has been able to satisfy its clientele's needs for high-caliber solar energy solutions.
"The $1,700 reimbursement I was hoping to get was lost because KiloWatt installed the panels without permission. After months of trying to get compensation for their mistake, I still haven't heard anything from them. All I've heard was, "I don't know how this happened, it's not our normal operating procedure." And, "We will investigate." However, no action was taken. My project consultant practically disappeared. For the past two months, she has ignored all my requests for help. Because they cannot follow their own standard operating procedure, their staff has left me in the dark about my loan and how to make payments, how to continue filing for government refunds, and how to pursue compensation for lost money. The kiloWatt Solar customer support was a major disappointment to me. If I had the time, I would not buy their solar panels or power wall. Furthermore, the power wall does not work as a reliable backup power source. Absolutely not. I was promised a week of backup power for the entire house, but from what I saw, I would be lucky to last one day even with minimal use." - Cole N.
"I really should have read these poor reviews beforehand. They sent an inspector out after 4 months of incoherent, irritating email exchanges with no actual humans. After that, he showed me where I could put the equipment outdoors and assured me that there would be no issues. Then, my adviser sends an email saying they need to drill a hole in the wall behind the main power box and run conduit, which means I'll have to rip down the new custom cabinetry in part of my garage. I could see they didn't want to bother me when I asked for other solutions. This has been the single worst business encounter of my life. Obviously, I had to back out." - Dominic W.
"The panels have been on my roof for about a year now, but I still haven't hooked them up. Moreover, five weeks ago I dug a trench in the front lawn because the kiloWatt Solar power company said they were now ready to hook up my panels. Needless to say, I came up with many different names for this business, and NONE of them had anything to do with the word "complete." Once the panels were installed on my roof, the energy firm kiloWatt Solar went away like a dog setting its territory. I can only assume they did this to prevent me from working with a competitor. I would have contacted them, but they no longer return my messages or phone calls. Pick someone else, anyone else." - Alex V.
"Six months ago, I asked KiloWatt Solar to install solar panels on my roof. They estimated it would take 5 months to install. The initial step in getting a permit was filed 7 months ago, and they still haven't done it. I have spoken to several representatives of the project. They are all in the dark as to what is going on behind the scenes." "They're going to try to escalate, but no one knows the reason for the delay," everyone noted. This is a whole new level of incompetence. The site inspection is not yet complete. The new firm I work with has higher quality panels, so I terminated my contract with the old firm and switched to another. My neighbor also decided to give up his solar system. I really need my money back." - Cooper D.
"They have terrible communication lines; you either end up in meaningless meetings with ignorant people or exchanging endless texts. The people you interact with on a daily basis are not in constant contact with each other. The design was more problematic than the actual implementation. The firm is just awful. Invest in more normal companies, not LilloWatt Solar." - Ayden T.
"I shopped around for solar bids before settling on this firm because they took the time to hear out my reasons and worries, both in-person and online. There has been no problem with the installation of those solar panels in over a year. The best part was their follow-up service. Chris will definitely text you back quickly. Kilowatt solar is always my first recommendation." - Noah E.
"Solar-system purchase was a fantastic experience for us. Anthony is not a salesman but rather an advocate for solar power. He wasn't motivated by financial gain but rather by the desire to impart his knowledge. As conscientious homeowners with an engineering background, we had numerous technical questions, and he was happy to answer them all. Anthony was the epitome of patience, respect, diligence, and ethics during our whole trip. Anthony is a true advocate for solar energy, and his efforts to make solar energy accessible to more people have earned him our highest recommendation. Going solar is an investment that should be thought out and researched well. Anthony has had such an impact on us that we have no qualms about recommending him to others." - Christopher T.
"Our solar panel installation was done by KiloWatt Solar. The service responded quickly and the panels were installed without damage to the house. They stated that everything was pretty decent (except for a few improperly drilled holes in the roof), considering what usually happens is worse. Overall our family was very pleased with KiloWatt Solar." - Carson M.
"In discussing pricing with our specific requirements, Blake was very helpful, patient, and adaptable. Shortly after we finalized the project, they began preparing and sealing our roof in preparation for the installation of the solar panels, which were installed in just a few days. The entire staff was respectful and thorough in their work. There was no project manager at first (I believe she had to go somewhere), which caused some confusion; however, despite this, the staff was able to coordinate their efforts quite effectively. They had to make some adjustments, but all went well. I am getting my questions answered and getting a significant financial benefit. It's a great help after the actual installation. I chose KiloWatt Solar because they are a reputable business; I expect them to be around when my system matures and I need additional support, which is a critical factor when choosing a PV provider." - Bryan R.
"Although it is important to know what is going to happen and make sure it occurs, working with Kilowatt Solar and their subcontractors was a positive experience for me. After accounting for tax credits, a $60,000 system will pay for itself in 4 to 5 years. With a 25 year lifespan and an average power cost of 4 cents per kWh, this yields a 27 percent ROI. Indeed, $0.04! Think about the price of a kilowatt-hour in 2021. Even though these panels are more costly, they may be your only option if you have a small roof. The construction permits and installations were completed on schedule...Apparently, I struck it rich." - Eric C.

kiloWatt Solar Social media
A Facebook page called KiloWatt Solar encourages people to use solar energy. The goal of the page is to make solar energy available to everyone, so it provides detailed information on the latest solar technology, business news, and tips on saving money. There are also articles about the company's many solar products and services, links to its website, and information from other sources. The website is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in solar energy, as it also provides tips on how to use less electricity. On Facebook, customers can connect with other solar advocates, ask questions and leave comments. KiloWatt Solar is a fantastic place to learn about solar energy and connect with like-minded people because of its welcoming and friendly atmosphere. account not registered
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kiloWatt Solar average reviews

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energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews25


kiloWatt Solar Pros & Cons

  • Clean Energy
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Expertise
  • Weather Dependent
  • Limited availability
  • Maintenance

kiloWatt Solar Final Conclusions

KiloWatt Solar specializes in designing and installing solar energy systems for both residential and commercial buildings. The majority of client reviews are favorable, complimenting the caliber of the installation and the helpfulness of the staff. Customers give KiloWatt Solar 4.4 out of 5 stars on average.

kiloWatt Solar locations

Main Address2626 Westheimer Rd., Ste. 205 Houston, TX 77098
Phone Number7136359094

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