Green Ridge Solar review

Solar panel installation company Green Ridge Solar works with both residential and commercial customers. The company's complete solar solutions include solar panel installations, energy monitoring services, site assessments, financial incentives, and post-installation support. Batteries and educational materials are also available from Green Ridge Solar in addition to solar panels.

Green Ridge Solar overview

Solar panel installation company Green Ridge Solar works with both residential and commercial customers. The company's complete solar solutions include solar panel installations, energy monitoring services, site assessments, financial incentives, and post-installation support. Batteries and educational materials are also available from Green Ridge Solar in addition to solar panels.

What Green Ridge Solar has to say about itself

Innovative business Green Ridge Solar is tackling the problem of renewable energy. For residential, commercial, and industrial applications, we are experts in designing and producing solar power systems. Our mission is to empower people, companies, and communities to take responsibility for their energy requirements and adopt a greener lifestyle. We do this by offering dependable and affordable solar solutions that make it simple for our consumers to get renewable energy.

Green Ridge Solar Review

Year Started2016
Service AreasOR, WA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Architecture, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and transparent solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.

Green Ridge Solar website review

Green Ridge Solar's main website,, has several resources for anyone interested in transitioning to solar power. Information regarding solar items such as solar panels, batteries, inverters, and more, as well as services such as installation, repairs, and maintenance, can all be found on the website. The website also has great customer service, answering frequent queries and directing users to the most appropriate products. The website presents Green Ridge Solar and its services credibly. As a result, you can rely on it.

Green Ridge Solar price policy

PackagesResidential Solar System: Starting from $13,999, Commercial Solar System: Starting from $19,999, Battery Backup System: Starting from $14,999, Solar + Battery Backup System: Starting from $24,999, Energy Storage Upgrade: Starting from $2,499, Solar Energy Monitoring System: Starting from $299, Remote Monitoring and Maintenance: Starting from $199/ month
Payment optionsCash, checks, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), PayPal, and wire transfers.
Payment discounts10% Military Discount, 10% Senior Citizen Discount, 10% First Responder Discount, 5% Repeat Customer Discount

Green Ridge Solar online reputation

Green Ridge Solar has offered services to several happy consumers. Many happy clients have spoken about the company's efficiency and friendliness, as well as the quality of the job they got. In addition, several purchasers remarked on the cheap costs and high quality they received. Some buyers were dissatisfied, however, because of poor contact and service following the transaction. Despite this, most buyers were satisfied with their purchases and the workmanship of the installations. Green Ridge Solar is dedicated to improving its service every day.
I've had enough with this business. There was some dishonesty in the selling process. After I signed the contract and paid the first deposit, I was informed that my refund had been incorrectly calculated and that I would now have to pay an additional $1,400. The salesperson told me the battery I was offered may cost thousands of dollars more" due to disruptions in the supply chain. I called twice to cancel the purchase and obtain a refund, but nobody ever got back to me. I asked twice in writing for a refund, and neither time did I get a response. After mysteriously receiving a truckload of batteries, they were finally able to arrange my installation a week later. The day of installation arrives, and they realize they brought the incorrect battery. Workers on the roof littered the backyard with rubbish, and the wiring in the new addition failed inspection. They haven't arranged a time to come back and solve the issue despite my repeated calls. This whole process has been draining and upsetting." - Jimmy S.
Working with and receiving a quotation from Greenridge Solar was a frustrating experience altogether. They were one of the higher prices I got, and their phone reps weren't very informed. They justified their exorbitant rate by saying they were constructing a new headquarters in Sherwood, Oregon, and that the expense was being passed on to the client. Not acceptable. - Jerry T.
We were lied to, mislead, and told that a problem with our tax credit certificate didn't matter, thus we won't be recommending your services to anybody. We've been given the runaround for over a year with no sign of anybody listening or doing anything to right the wrongs that have been done to us. There has been no new information on the long-rumored app that would allow us to track our energy output and usage. Everything turned out to be terrible, even if it started off nice. In order to stop screwing over customers, your organization has to solve the problems that have arisen. - Arthur F.
The business abandoned the project two months after the contract was signed and a deposit of more than $4,000 was made. Back in October, we were informed that December would be the target month for a full installation. The call saying no go" came in January. Emma was unhelpful and uninformative throughout, despite many calls and messages that went unanswered for several minutes. We waited three months (throughout the winter) and are now stuck without solar power. If we had gone with a different firm, we might have had solar panels installed right now. The corporation cited "permitting" as the basis for delaying further action. They told us "they would not be making any money on the project" until we dug further and threatened legal action. The epitome of incompetence It would have been good if Solar Ridge had stuck to the contract they first presented to us back in October." - Tony G.
It has been six months since we placed our solar panels, and we still haven't gotten our electricity. The last check revealed that the wire had been improperly placed. We have been attempting to get in touch with Green Ridge Solar, but no one would respond to our inquiries. We have been trying to get in touch with our case manager and consultant for the last three to four months, but neither of them has responded to our emails or phone calls. And we have useless solar panels to boot. This is very annoying. I'm at a loss for what to do next. I'm tired of waiting on hold for what seems like an eternity, just to be assured that someone would get in touch with us within the next 48 hours. - Jonas B.
It's been a couple of years since I installed my Green Ridge PV Solar system. I felt compelled to write about my experience with Green Ridge Solar. Green Ridge came through for me despite the difficulty of the installation and some production issues with my equipment. Throughout the whole installation procedure, they kept me updated and provided assistance. The owners checked in many times to make sure everything was going well throughout the installation. I felt compelled to tell them and offer my congratulations. - Mathew E.
Everyone on the Green Ridge crew did an excellent job. They waited around for us while we researched solar panels and secured funding. They were very thorough in their explanations of the steps they took to construct the system for our house, and they responded swiftly anytime we had questions. They took care of getting the necessary permits and dealing with the red tape, so the installation went smoothly and quickly. I can't say enough good things about Green Ridge Solar if you're thinking about installing a solar energy system. - Larry K.
Green Ridge Solar, you are appreciated! It took us a while to finally decide to switch to solar power. Green Ridge Solar was a great help in this process, and they kept us in the loop the whole time. Every step of the process, from the first sales consultation to the last follow-up, was handled with the utmost professionalism, courtesy, and quality. We were blown away by their dedication and enthusiasm for the initiative despite the precarious state of our town. It was nice to work with such a competent group of people. It's great to be able to check in at any time and get real-time metrics on the performance of our system. If you're thinking about becoming green, I highly suggest Green Ridge Solar. - Jett N.
I've been on several teams, and this one stands out as one of the most well-oiled and tech-focused. PGE gave me a list of solar and battery companies to contact, so I began there. Green ridge was prompt in responding, efficient in scheduling appointments, and present throughout the whole procedure. Caroline (who has a degree in this business - all the folks are super talented) said no problem and was there the whole way as the federal incentives changed providing super advice to match, which was important to me because I wanted to ensure maximum offset of my electricity usage in light of all planned renovations to my home, including the addition of a jacuzzi and EV. It's remarkable how they keep track of tree-pruning permits, asset shortages, and the like. Because of the patience the electricians and installers showed me, Green Ridge is now at the top of my list when planning future projects. - Philip L.
Working with Green Ridge has been a joy. I was kept in the loop the whole time. Green Ridge Solar's professionalism and open lines of communication set them apart from other contractors we've worked with on our home. They have been very forthright about all of the choices we have. We used the finance route, and the process was simple and quick. This is the best solar panel supplier out there. They've got so much experience, and we'll be eternally thankful to them. Much appreciation for Green Ridge Solar. We'll keep referring you to everyone we know! - Alec C.

Green Ridge Solar Social media
The Green Ridge Solar Facebook page is well-designed and well-executed. In addition to a cover shot depicting solar panel installations with the business emblem and tagline, a brief company history and contact details are provided. The site is loaded with images and videos promoting the business's offerings and offering advice on using solar energy. Visitors may read testimonials from happy clients and find useful information like the company's website and other connections. Events and news related to solar energy in the local area are also promoted. Green Ridge Solar's Facebook page is a fantastic resource for anybody interested in learning more about solar energy and making a well-informed choice.
A seasoned solar energy provider, Green Ridge Solar has been in business since 2016. Their LinkedIn profile has a highly polished appearance, with a straightforward but contemporary rollover view on the header and crystal-clear, succinct, and engaging business descriptions in each part. A trustworthy organization will have many client reviews, which is a positive indication. Its popularity and reliability are further shown by the fact that it has more than 350 followers. The portal also invites staff members to post personal experiences of working with Green Ridge Solar, which gives it a more human touch. The Green Ridge Solar LinkedIn profile seems trustworthy and professional, with a large number of good client testimonials, a sizable following, and a personal touch.
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Google reviews934.7


Green Ridge Solar Pros & Cons

  • Innovative Solutions
  • Customizable Options
  • Experienced Team
  • High Startup Costs
  • Requires Additional Components
  • Dependent on Weather

Green Ridge Solar Final Conclusions

An energy firm focusing on solar and wind energy is called Green Ridge Solar. They are ardent proponents of a better environment and provide green energy solutions for households and businesses. Customers have typically had favorable things to say about their products and services, describing them as honest and professional. Rating: 4.7 out of 5.

Green Ridge Solar locations

Main Address19450 SW Mohave Ct., Tualatin, Oregon 97062
Phone Number5033951943

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