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A tiny Austin-based solar firm called HESOLAR takes pleasure in being able to provide its clients a relaxed, welcoming experience.

HESOLAR overview

A tiny Austin-based solar firm called HESOLAR takes pleasure in being able to provide its clients a relaxed, welcoming experience.

What HESOLAR has to say about itself

Our business is run by a local family. The Hoffman Brothers are second generation Master Electricians who grew up working in the Austin area electrical industry. Master assurance - HESOLAR provides the assurance that a Master Electrician will oversee the design, installation, and maintenance of your solar panel system. NABCEP Guarantee: We also promise that a NABCEP Solar Installer will handle your solar design, installation, and warranty. Premium Materials – Our systems are made to last a lifetime. The best complement to our industry-leading designs and installations are premium materials from Panasonic and SolarEdge.


Year Started2012
Company Websitehesolarllc.com
Service AreasTX
Service TypesSolar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries

HESOLAR website review

Details on HESOLAR, its solar services, and products are available on the company's website, www.hesolarllc.com. Users may easily locate the information they want on the website thanks to its neat and expert design and obvious navigation links. Because the layout is responsive, many devices will operate without a hitch. Additionally, HESOLAR and its objective are briefly introduced on the main page, emphasizing the business' dedication to provide solar energy solutions that are accessible, effective, and ecologically responsible. The company's services, which include residential solar panel installation, commercial solar panel installation, and solar panel repair and maintenance, are fully described on the website. Each page of the service includes a thorough explanation of the steps, advantages, and costs. The product page offers details on the various solar panel types that HESOLAR offers, including their characteristics, performance evaluations, and warranties. This enables prospective clients to evaluate solar panel options and choose the best option for their requirements. The website features a part of resources that includes articles and instructions that explain solar energy, its advantages, and the installation of solar panels. This informational material gives users useful information while also establishing HESOLAR as a reliable authority. Potential clients may quickly get in touch with us for inquiries or guidance by using the contact information, which is readily available on every page and includes phone numbers and an email address.

HESOLAR price policy

Packages$2.88 per watt; SYSTEM SIZE: 4.62 KW 14 x Panasonic HIT Panels Avg. Cost: $13,600; SYSTEM SIZE: 6.6 KW 20 x Panasonic HIT Panels Avg. Cost: $19,200; SYSTEM SIZE: 11.88 KW 36 x Ground Mounted Panels Avg. Cost: $39,000; SYSTEM SIZE: 29.7 KW 90 x Panasonic HIT Panels Avg. Cost: $83,500
Payment optionsCheck, Credit or Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards), Bank Transfer, PayPal
Payment discounts26% tax credit, communal incentives, solar finance

HESOLAR online reputation

According to multiple client testimonies, HESOLAR is a reputable and recognized solar energy provider with a long history of providing top-notch customer care. Local family business: Customers like the personalized touch of HESOLAR. The Hoffman brothers, who worked for their father's electrical company, have a reputation for being skilled electricians. In the heat of the summer, items work best. They can improve solar array designs and efficiency thanks to their experience. Honesty and Transparency: Clients commend HESOLAR for providing accurate advice, even if it necessitates deferring purchases until better technology is available. Trust and loyalty are fostered through transparency and customer-centricity. Installations made using HESOLAR are appealing and effective. In order to maintain the installation's aesthetic, the company conceals the pipes. Customers can grasp expenses and benefits thanks to HESOLAR's detailed and competitive offerings. Excellent customer service: HESOLAR is commended for giving thorough justifications, establishing contact with necessary authorities for inspections, and going above and beyond to meet client needs. Fast and thorough: Customers are impressed with HESOLAR's accurate estimates and prompt responses. Customers have generally been impressed by HESOLAR's dedication to high-quality work, technical proficiency, transparency, and great customer service. They are a suggested option for anyone thinking about solar installations in the central Texas region due to their reputation as a trustworthy and dependable solar provider.
"The bright side is that they are quick and thorough. In less than a week, I had a detailed estimate that included all of the costs and possibilities. They weren't optimistic about the compensation, since it seemed to take 20 years no matter how I looked at it. How long would you have to wait to make a profit? Twenty years? Hey, sweetie! Now we can afford to save more! You may confidently rely on them as a rough approximation. I am unable to speak to their quality of work since I never went through with a purchase choice owing to the high repayment period. I also didn't hear from them again, so I'm assuming things are going well for them professionally." - Chris
"There were four solar businesses that submitted proposals, but HE Solar was clearly the best. The fact that they are a locally owned and run family business is important to us, but what really sold us was that the brothers are both licensed electricians who cut their teeth at their father's electrical firm. In contrast to the other firms, who appeared to be promoting their favored brand of solar panels, we chose HE because they have been testing solar products in our location for many years and so know which products work best under that intense central Texas summer sun. We were able to tailor our arrays and plans with the support of HE Solar until we were certain we had the greatest possible setup for decades to come. Instead of trying to make a quick buck by pushing us what was already on the market, they offered us their HONEST expert advice on batteries/storage (which was to wait another year or two since the technology is going to make another jump). They were also very knowledgable and helpful in ensuring that we received all of the relevant financial benefits for installing solar panels. The setup went off without a hitch. HIS operation is like clockwork. Our house was left in pristine condition once they finished working here. The installation was completed on time despite a few inches of snow, an unusual occurrence in Austin. For almost a year now, the solar system has been operational, and it has brought us nothing but joy. Already, we're reducing our energy costs. In order to get the most out of our setup, the HE Solar team set us up with Solar Edge monitoring. Last year, at peak production, our power costs were actually reduced by $220 during the course of May, June, and July thanks to our solar energy system, which we installed. (With Pedernales Electric Coop, we have NET metering.) We have nothing but praise for HE Solar and are certain that you will also be pleased with your purchase after working with them." - Cassie
"Excellent business! Strongly recommended! In October of 2017, HE Solar put a PV system on our roof, and I couldn't be happier with it. Everything from getting HOA clearance (after an initial refusal), to city permits, to submitting paperwork for an Austin Energy refund, to the actual installation, went well. I like that they care about how things look as much as how well they work. But not on my roof, unlike the other PV installations in the area that have silver galvanized metal conduit running over roofs and down walls. HE Solar hid all of the conduit in the attic, and the little section that ran outside from an eave to the meter was painted in two colors to blend in with the siding on the upper levels and the masonry on the lower levels. When I bought a plug-in hybrid in March of this year, I immediately looked them up on the list of participating installers for the Austin Energy vehicle charging station rebate program because I was so impressed with their solar installation work. They installed it just as well as the first time. This local business comes with the highest recommendation." - Anton
"These glowing testimonials and the absence of high-pressure sales tactics convinced me to work with the Hoffmans on my solar/battery project. The fact that they were willing to redo the whole installation or do anything I needed to make it right after the first installation, when there was one aspect which I didn't believe was aesthetically ideal, really pleased me. Thankfully, it was a simple repair, and they were able to do it the next day. They have exceptional commercial acumen and technological knowledge." - Austin
"Our whole solar panel installation process with HESOLAR was excellent. Derrick submitted a comprehensive and aggressive proposal. Erick visited the site to clarify specific needs, and he was there and actively participated in the installation itself. Derrick and Eric are the business's proprietors, not merely salespeople, and the installation will be performed by their own staff rather than by outside contractors. Our 21 solar panels were easily and efficiently installed. The work was completed to our complete satisfaction. After the installation was finished, they coordinated with PEC to schedule the final inspection, and now our power costs are much lower. HESOLAR is a fantastic solar panel system that comes highly recommended from us." - Brian
"From my first phone conversation through the end of the installation, HESOLAR provided outstanding service. You'll feel right at home with this locally owned and operated business. They care more about finding you the ideal product than making a quick buck. They have the technical chops to get the job done, but they also have the integrity and perseverance to succeed in today's cutthroat business climate. They spent time with us explaining the figures and estimates, and they went above and above to take care of the many details that only exemplary businesses are aware of. The Hoffman brothers (Derrick and Eric, and their Dad also) come highly recommended by me for anybody thinking about installing a solar power system at their home or company. Their merchandise and customer service have exceeded my expectations." - John

HESOLAR Social media

The HESOLAR Facebook page is aimed to marketing and disseminating information about the company's solar panel goods and services. The website features a tidy and well designed layout overall, and the cover picture depicts the installation of a solar panel. The HESOLAR emblem is included on the profile photo, making it easy to recognize. 842 followers on the page show a decent degree of participation. Several postings are made on the page each week, which is a reasonable frequency. Photos and videos of different solar panel installations, covering both residential and commercial projects, are the core content of the blogs. Additionally, there is instructional material on the platform, including essays and infographics regarding solar energy and its advantages. These messages are intended to teach and educate recipients about available sources of renewable energy and persuade them to convert to solar power. Each post's amount of page involvement varies; some posts get plenty of likes, comments, and shares, while others get little interaction. In overall, the HESOLAR Facebook page successfully promotes the business's goods and services, informs the public about solar energy, and draws followers. There could be space for improvement, however.
A more authoritative and business-focused picture of HESOLAR may be found on its LinkedIn profile. The HESOLAR logo is used as the profile photo, giving the page a tidy and expert appearance. The cover depicts the installation of solar panels, attesting to the business' expertise in this field. A short overview of HESOLAR is provided in the "About Us" part of the company's LinkedIn profile, showcasing its expertise in installing solar panels and its dedication to offering customers high-quality, cost-effective solar energy solutions. The company's mission to assist companies and households in lowering their carbon impact and saving money on energy costs is also mentioned in the description. Information about the company's workers' jobs and duties is provided on the website. This promotes a team of qualified workers and builds trust. The HESOLAR LinkedIn profile regularly posts updates on the company's initiatives, successes, and business news. Press announcements, case studies, and articles dominate posts. A LinkedIn page's content receives average interaction, with the majority of posts receiving likes, comments, and shares. In order to promote a feeling of community and responsiveness, page administrators regularly interact with comments and contributions. Overall, HESOLAR's LinkedIn profile successfully emphasizes the business's solar expertise, exhibits its accomplishments, and promotes industry material.
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329 Subscribers

HESOLAR average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews815


HESOLAR Pros & Cons

  • Local and Family-Owned
  • Quality Installations
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Limited Reach
  • Limited Technological Offerings
  • Repayment Period Concerns

HESOLAR Final Conclusions

A reputable business in the solar energy sector, HESOLAR looks to be. HESOLAR's performance, reputation, and client comments are all extremely favorable. A stellar solar firm with a well-deserved reputation for first-rate service, superior technological know-how, and remarkable client satisfaction, HESOLAR seems to be one of a kind. Clients often develop a feeling of trust and accountability as a result of their local and familial position, which is seen as a big asset. Their website, LinkedIn profile, and Facebook page all highlight their knowledge in installing solar panels as well as their dedication to provide solar energy solutions that are of the highest caliber while remaining cost-effective and efficient. The fact that HESOLAR could only have a small service area should be taken into account, as this might be a drawback for clients who live outside of their operational areas. Additionally, some consumers may choose businesses that provide a larger variety of goods, while favorable customer feedback suggests that HESOLAR's familiarity with the things they suggest allayes this worry for many. In general, HESOLAR looks to be a credible and trustworthy business in the solar energy sector, focusing in offering top-notch installations and client assistance.

HESOLAR locations

Main Address100 Precision Dr #202, Buda, TX 78610
Phone Number5129216763

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