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Icon Solar provides solar energy equipment. The company's main goal is to provide sustainable energy technologies to residential and commercial customers. They create, set up, and care for solar PV systems in accordance with the requirements of each customer. Icon Solar makes sure every customer gets the most out of their solar investment by fusing the most advanced solar technology with exceptional customer service. Icon Solar enjoys helping customers offer clean, renewable energy to their homes and businesses.

Icon Solar overview

Icon Solar provides solar energy equipment. The company's main goal is to provide sustainable energy technologies to residential and commercial customers. They create, set up, and care for solar PV systems in accordance with the requirements of each customer. Icon Solar makes sure every customer gets the most out of their solar investment by fusing the most advanced solar technology with exceptional customer service. Icon Solar enjoys helping customers offer clean, renewable energy to their homes and businesses.

What Icon Solar has to say about itself

One of the solar sector's most dependable businesses is Icon Solar. Icon Solar has swiftly established itself as a market leader in offering superior solar installations and customer service for both residential and commercial buildings. To improve the energy systems of its clients and guarantee the best return on investment, the firm employs the most up-to-date and trustworthy technology. Customers can get the greatest service and product from Icon Solar's team of skilled and committed specialists.

Icon Solar Review

Year Started2009
Company Websiteiconsolar.com
Service AreasIN, KY, OH
Service TypesInstallation, Financing
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB, SRCC, NREL, NETA.

Icon Solar website review

Icon Solar's main website is dependable since it is well-designed and has all the pertinent information. The website offers comprehensive details on the staff, services, products, technological solutions, and client feedback and accolades. Along with the company's objective and vision, the website includes details regarding loans and discounts. The site often contains the most recent information about the company's goals, operations, and products. The website also offers simple navigation and contact details so users may contact it with any inquiries. The website's strength shows the company's dedication to providing its clients with high-quality services and goods.

Icon Solar price policy

PackagesHome Energy System Package: Starting at $15,999, Commercial Energy System Package: Starting at $19,999, Battery Storage Package: Starting at $8,999, Solar Panels Package: Starting at $4,499, Solar Heating Package: Starting at $3,499, Cooling & Ventilation Package: Starting at $1,799, Solar Monitoring Package: Starting at $499, Solar Maintenance Package: Starting at $199
Payment optionsCredit card, check, bank transfer, and financing options
Payment discounts10% off for referrals, 5% off for bulk orders, 5% off for customers who have previously bought from Icon Solar, 10% off for military personnel, 10% off installation fees for senior citizens, 5% off for first-time buyers, Free cleaning and maintenance for select customers, 5% off for review or blog posts

Icon Solar online reputation

Icon Solar has received mostly good feedback from its customers. Some customers are dissatisfied with the service and quality of the equipment, while others praise the company's professionalism and reliability. Icon Solar compares favorably to other solar companies with its 25-year warranties and team of skilled installers. Customers should be wary of making a large investment, as some have experienced misunderstandings and misrepresentations. Although the company has negative reviews, it is trustworthy, as the vast majority have rated it highly.
"We didn't have a good experience with Icon Solar. When we called the firm because one of our 30 solar panels was not generating electricity, we were informed that the inverter was defective. This inverter failure is the fifth or sixth occasion, which is concerning. The manufacturer in Canada was not sending inverters, whether warranted or not, so we had to follow up in January after being promised a visit from the team in October. We are really unhappy with this firm as investors and think they should look for an other manufacturer while upholding their guarantee. It has been quite frustrating to be in this predicament." - Roberto K.
"ICON Solar disappointed me in some way. Their salesperson persuaded me that their solar system, which included 32 solar panels and Enphase Microconverters, would generate 1,108.8 KWH per month and 13 SRECs annually, as opposed to 831.6 KWH from a 24-panel system. However, after speaking with two more Ohio solar energy companies, I discovered that 32 or 24 solar panels would not be able to provide such high outputs. In actuality, I would need at least 36 solar panels to generate 1,036 KWH on average each month. The Suniva Optimus panels offered by ICON are exclusively constructed in Georgia, despite the fact that I explicitly ordered American-made solar panels and was mislead to believe otherwise. I thus took the choice to break my contract with ICON and join up with 3rd Sun Solar instead since they were able to provide me with a 9,000 kW system with American-made components and a monthly production of 1,036 KWH for $4,400 less. ICON's solar system may be fine, but I don't appreciate being ripped off and overpriced. I would thus warn people to be wary of their sales techniques and to confirm all that is promised." - Liam F.
"I was first pleased with the sales team's expertise, but when I asked for a written quote for a solar system with backup power, I was let down. I was informed that the organization only assists clients who choose to remain grid-connected, which ran counter to my goal to live off the grid. Staying connected to the grid looked to me more like a means of money transfer than a means of achieving independence. Furthermore, it is doubtful that you would have a $0 power bill even with solar panels, and the solar charge might be significant on top of rising grid prices. After weighing my options, I decided that, for the same price as a system that would only last roughly 23 years, I could pay my electricity bill for more than 30 years." - Joshua D.
"They are the worse company to work with. I was doing a refinance and they delayed the process by 20 days and going. All we need was notarized document.They do not have the decency to follow up and their phone reps are very rude. DO NOT RECOMMEND DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM!" - Glen S.
"Being cautious and carefully reading contracts is essential before signing. My most recent experience should act as a cautionary tale. Although the salesperson promised us that the PV system was covered by a 25-year guarantee, the contract specified that the solar panels were delivered "AS IS". The buyer is liable for any required service and repairs if there are any problems. We were lucky to have three business days to terminate the deal. Always read contracts thoroughly, and if necessary, ask questions or seek legal counsel." - Harvey V.
"We had a wonderful experience working with Icon Solar. Throughout the procedure, their staff handled every aspect and gave detailed explanations. They even settled a disagreement over rules with the city's energy inspector. We have two weeks' worth of energy credits stored for future usage, and our first two Duke Energy electric bills from that company showed zero costs thanks to their skill. Future cost reductions are something we eagerly expect." - Jorge B.
"Icon Solar surpassed our expectations when we originally began researching solar energy possibilities. The salesman, Marc, was on time and provided us with detailed answers to our queries. Within days, we communicated with Jay, the internal architect, and received early system designs. Following the signing of the contract, installation took five weeks. On the day of installation, there were 10 to 11 personnel, including Marc, who were responsible for maintaining our property and cleaning up after themselves. The staff provided us advice on how to maintain and run our two systems and made sure that all of the panels and inverters were working. To prevent animals and trash, we even put in a varmint guard. The staff was kind and knowledgable, and despite working beyond their lunch break, they denied our offer to buy them lunch. Our appropriately sized systems are generating the anticipated quantity of electricity, and Icon Solar took care of all the necessary licensing paperwork and helped us set up SREC sales. Five of our friends have already heard about Icon Solar through us, and we will keep doing so." - Ramon V.
"The installation team at Icon Solar is extremely professional, completing their work to perfection with great efficiency and courtesy. While installing the solar panels, the team ensured the roof's integrity and even repaired a loose set of shingles without being asked. They also drilled a hole to facilitate future electrical projects. The only area where they received a B was in responsiveness, which was quickly corrected after an email discussion. The recommendation from Icon Solar is well-deserved, but it is critical to first check with the electric company to ensure that policies are favorable to solar installation. This is especially important for members of electrical cooperatives who may have agreements with current electricity suppliers that forbid solar installations." - Lewis N.
"They filled out Icon Solar's email contact form, and as soon as they did, they phoned to schedule a time for a system quotation. During the hour-long session, all of the client's inquiries were addressed, and a list of references was given. When the client called all of the references, they were all quite complimentary of the job done by the business. The only business that understood the difference between a central inverter and a micro inverter and did not prefer one technology over another was Icon Solar. Even though the client thought solar panels were unaffordable, Icon Solar was the only firm they would work with. They intend to install the panels within the next five to six years, assuming that the cost of solar technology decreases." - Milton C.
"In April, I had solar panels put on my home. My power expenses in May and June used to be approximately $45 before the installation. However, my monthly expenditures were just $7 following the installation! Because of the grant and tax credit, I just had to pay half the installation cost. It's astonishing that four months after the installation, my meter is still running backward. The 17 solar panels I had put come with a 25-year warranty. Since the findings represent a 15% return on my investment, I am extremely happy with them. Each panel's output is recorded by the computer system, and I can examine it online. If I produce more power than I need, I'll earn a credit. It's a wise financial decision!" - Claude E.

Icon Solar Social media

Icon Solar has a presence on Facebook. The profile contains all contact information and a brief description of the company's activities. The page has over 1200 people subscribed, and over 1200 people have liked the page. The page looks professional and is easy to navigate. Updates to the page are frequent, and customers like and share the information. The posts contain useful customer information supported by photos, videos, and hashtags. In the testimonials tab, existing clients have left comments about the work done; the average rating is 4.3/5. Overall, the page can be trusted as it gives accurate and informative information about the company.
Perhaps more people are aware of the Icon Solar LinkedIn profile. For a company of this kind, the silhouette's more than 485 subscribers is insufficient. The lack of posts accentuates the page's poor qualities. Despite having all the essential contact information, a link to the official website, and a brief description of the company's activities, it is clear that the page is legitimate. In conclusion, the company has to concentrate on enhancing its profile; however, users see little value there for now.
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40 Subscribers

Icon Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews294.7


Icon Solar Pros & Cons

  • Flexible Financing
  • Turnkey Solution
  • Full-Circle Customer Service
  • Limited warranty coverage
  • Expensive
  • Limited availability

Icon Solar Final Conclusions

Icon Solar is a trusted company providing sustainable energy technology to customers. The technology is advanced and high quality, and the customer service is good. Mostly, people leave positive reviews about the company, noting its professionalism and reliability. However, there are also complaints of miscommunication. Icon Solar's website and company profile contain useful and informative information. However, there are social media sites that the company should refine to attract more customers. The company scored 4.4 out of 5 for its services, which is good enough.

Icon Solar locations

Main Address50 W. Technecenter Dr. Suite K Milford, OH 45150
Phone Number5133967777

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