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Icon Solar is a full-service solar energy provider that provides solar panel installation and maintenance, energy storage, and energy efficiency solutions.
Icon Solar review

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What solar has to say about itself

Icon Solar is a leading provider of solar energy in the Midwest. We place a premium on developing relationships and understanding your home's energy requirements. Ongoing education keeps our experts at the cutting edge of technology while also allowing them to be flexible in order to assist you in achieving environmentally friendly solutions.

Icon Solar Review

Year Started2009
Service Areas IN, KY, OH
Service Types Installation, Financing
Types Panels monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup Batterylithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries
Certifications NABCEP, SRCC, NREL, NETA.

Iconsolar website review

Iconsolar.com is your one-stop shop for cutting-edge solar energy solutions for both residential and commercial use. Their extensive portfolio includes solar panel installations, energy management systems, and energy storage solutions, all of which are backed by first-rate consulting and technical support. Their website has an easy-to-use interface, detailed product and service information, glowing customer reviews, and up-to-date industry news.

Iconsolar price policy

Payment optionscredit card, check, bank transfer, or cash.
Payment discounts0% financing for qualified customers, cash, check, and credit card discounts, and discounts for early payment.

Iconsolar online reputation

Icon Solar, a pioneer in solar energy solutions, excels in providing cutting-edge products and services that enable a simple and cost-effective transition to solar power. Customers have praised Icon Solar for their exceptional customer service, reasonable pricing, and seamless installations. Clients have praised the team's expertise and helpfulness, as well as its quick response times and high-quality products.
"Our experience with Icon Solar was less than positive. We contacted the company after discovering that one of our 29 panels was not producing energy and were told that the inverter was broken. This is the fifth or sixth instance of inverter failure, which is alarming. We had to follow up in January after being promised a visit from the team in October, only to be told that the manufacturer in Canada was not shipping inverters, whether warrantied or not. As investors in this company, we are deeply disappointed and believe they should seek an alternative manufacturer while honoring their warranty. This situation has been extremely aggravating." - Roberto K.
"I had a negative experience with ICON Solar. Their salesman was very convincing, convincing me that their solar system with 32 solar panels and Enphase Microconverters would produce 1,108.8 KWH per month and 13 SRECs per year, whereas a 24 panel system would produce 831.6 KWH per year. However, after consulting with two other solar providers in Ohio, I learned that such high outputs were not possible with 32 or 24 solar panels. In reality, I would need at least 36 solar panels to achieve a monthly average output of 1,036 KWH. Furthermore, I specifically requested American-made solar panels but was misled into believing that the Suniva Optimus panels sold by ICON were made in the United States when they are only assembled in Georgia. As a result, I decided to cancel my contract with ICON and sign with 3rd Sun Solar, which offered me a 9,000 kW system with American-made products and a monthly yield of 1,036 KWH for $4,400 less. While ICON's solar setup may be adequate, I dislike being misled and overcharged. As a result, I would advise others to be skeptical of their sales tactics and to double-check everything they are promised." - Liam F.
"Despite being impressed with the sales team's knowledge at first, I was let down when I requested a written estimate for a solar system with backup power. I was told that the company only helps people who want to stay connected to the grid, which contradicted my desire for off-grid living. Staying on the grid seemed to me like a way to transfer money rather than become self-sufficient. Furthermore, even with solar panels, it is unlikely that you will have a $0 electric bill, and the solar bill can be substantial on top of increased grid rates. After considering the costs, I realized that I could pay a power bill for over 30 years for the same price as a system that would only last about 23 years." - Joshua D.
"My experience with Icon Solar was not as positive as I had hoped. When I first inquired about their services, they required a financing application in order to evaluate my credit before scheduling a site survey. Despite assurances that it was non-binding, it made me nervous. Icon Solar estimated the system to cost $55,000, but I decided to inquire about a cash discount. They agreed, and we began the installation. The sales rep who had given me the quote, however, had left, and subsequent reps were unfamiliar with my situation. My system was installed in November 2022, after months of waiting, and I paid Icon Solar according to the agreed-upon payment schedule. But then I got a notice from the finance company saying they had paid Icon Solar in accordance with the financing application and would start billing me monthly. When I contacted Icon Solar, their customer service representatives were unhelpful and did not solve the problem. Despite numerous calls and "escalations," I have yet to hear from management. I regret choosing Icon Solar and advise others to do the same." - Glen S.
"It is critical to be cautious and thoroughly read contracts before signing. My recent experience should serve as a warning. The sales representative assured us of a 25-year warranty for the PV system, but the contract stated that the solar panels were sold "AS IS". If there are any flaws, the buyer is responsible for all necessary servicing and repairs. We were fortunate to be able to cancel the agreement within three business days. Always read contracts carefully and, if necessary, seek legal advice or ask questions." - Harvey V.
"Our experience with Icon Solar was exceptional. Their team handled every detail and provided clear explanations throughout the process. They even resolved a discrepancy with the city electric inspector regarding regulations. Thanks to their expertise, our first two electric bills from Duke Energy showed zero charges, and we even have two weeks of electric credits saved for later use. We eagerly anticipate more of these cost savings in the future." - Jorge B.
"When we first started looking into solar energy options, Icon Solar exceeded our expectations. Marc, the sales representative, arrived on time and answered our questions thoroughly. We had preliminary system drawings and spoke with Jay, the in-house architect, within days. Installation took five weeks after the contract was signed. On installation day, 10-11 workers were present, including Marc, and they took care of our property and cleaned up after themselves. The team checked that all panels and inverters were operational and gave us instructions on how to monitor and operate our two systems. We even installed a varmint guard to keep animals and debris at bay. The workers were knowledgeable and courteous, and they declined our offer to buy them lunch despite working through lunchtime. Our properly sized systems are producing the expected amount of energy, and Icon Solar handled all licensing paperwork and assisted us in establishing SREC sales. We have already recommended Icon Solar to five of our friends and will continue to do so." - Ramon V.
"The installation team at Icon Solar is extremely professional, completing their work to perfection with great efficiency and courtesy. While installing the solar panels, the team ensured the roof's integrity and even repaired a loose set of shingles without being asked. They also drilled a hole to facilitate future electrical projects. The only area where they received a B was in responsiveness, which was quickly corrected after an email discussion. The recommendation from Icon Solar is well-deserved, but it is critical to first check with the electric company to ensure that policies are favorable to solar installation. This is especially important for members of electrical cooperatives who may have agreements with current electricity suppliers that forbid solar installations." - Lewis N.
"They promptly called to set up an appointment for a system quote after filling out Icon Solar's email contact form. All of the customer's questions were answered during the hour-long consultation, and a list of references was provided. The customer contacted all of the references, who all had nothing but praise for the company's work. Icon Solar was the only company that did not favor one technology over another and was aware of the distinction between a central inverter and a microinverter. While the customer found the cost of solar panels to be prohibitively expensive, Icon Solar was the only company with whom they would do business. If the cost of solar equipment falls, they hope to install the panels within the next 5-6 years." - Milton C.
"My solar panels were installed on my house in April. Prior to the installation, my May and June electricity bills were usually around $45. However, after the installation, my monthly bills were only $7! I only had to pay half the cost of the installation because of the tax credit and grant. It's been four months since the installation, and my meter is still going backwards, which is incredible. I had 17 panels installed, and they are guaranteed for 25 years. I am very pleased with the results because it is equivalent to a 15% return on my investment. The computer system keeps track of each panel's output, which I can view online. I can get a credit if I generate more electricity than I use. It's an excellent investment!" - Claude E.

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Icon Solar Pros & Cons


  • Flexible Financing
  • Turnkey Solution
  • Full-Circle Customer Service


  • Limited warranty coverage
  • Expensive
  • Limited availability

Iconsolar Final Conclusions

Icon Solar, based in the United States, is a full-service solar energy provider. They specialize in solar energy system design, financing, and installation for residential and commercial customers. They provide a variety of solar energy solutions that are tailored to each customer's specific needs. Many customers praise Icon Solar's helpful and knowledgeable staff, as well as their high-quality installation services, in their reviews.

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Main address 50 W. Technecenter Dr. Suite K Milford, OH 45150

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