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Rockford, Illinois is home to Iconic Energy, a solar installation firm serving the Midwest. Providing reliable, low-cost power to customers in the Midwest is our top priority.

Iconic Energy overview

Rockford, Illinois is home to Iconic Energy, a solar installation firm serving the Midwest. Providing reliable, low-cost power to customers in the Midwest is our top priority.

What Iconic Energy has to say about itself

For many years, Iconic Energy has invested in solar energy research and development for the commercial, residential, and industrial industries. Our solar kits are unmatched in the market for quality and durability. Our components are backed by the finest warranties in the business. We care deeply about the Rockford, Illinois area and our many satisfied clients. We are locals just like you who have to make ends meet every day.By collaborating with the skilled experts at Iconic Energy, you can stretch your budget even further. Your solar investment deserves to be installed according to manufacturer specifications, and our Illinois-certified solar installers have the expertise to do just that. The state of Illinois has approved Iconic Energy as a legitimate electrical contractor.

Iconic Energy Solar Review

Year Started2015
Company Websiteiconicnrg.com
Service AreasIL, WI
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion battery

Iconic Energy website review

The website features a contemporary, clear layout with a large header bearing the corporate emblem, a menu of options, and a call to action. The company's services are briefly described in a banner graphic and on the main page. The website features sections for "About Us," "Services," "Projects," "News," and "Contacts." In-depth details on the business, its services, earlier projects, and news updates are provided in these areas. To contact the business, interested parties may use the website's contact form, phone number, and email address. The website seems to be well-designed and user-friendly overall. It efficiently informs prospective customers and business partners about the company's services and objectives and gives them the most recent information available.

Iconic Energy price policy

PackagesFrom $8,000 to $20,000
Payment optionsCash, check, credit card, and financing
Payment discounts10% discount for cash or check payment and 5% discount for financing

Iconic Energy online reputation

Based on the customer reviews provided, Iconic Energy seems to have a wide range of experiences. Some customers have had very negative experiences with poor connectivity, poor quality of work and delayed installation. Others, however, have had positive experiences with fast installation and excellent customer service. It is worth noting that some clients have been satisfied with the performance of the system and the financial benefits they have received from the SREC tax credit and incentives. There appears to be room for improvement for Iconic Energy in terms of communication and customer interaction. However, there were also positive experiences where the company was able to solve problems and provide satisfactory service. As with any business, it's a good idea to do your research and read reviews before making a decision.
"Very terrible communication, very low quality of work, and no one ever shows up when they say they would. Extremely dissatisfied with everything about this experience, with the exception of the part where they made sales. After making the transaction, they saw a precipitous decline." - Middle
"Before writing this review, I gave Iconic every opportunity.Bad company experience. We signed all the contracts after their late summer quote. November was installation. Still no solar panels after three reschedules. The workers departed after saying they brought the wrong-sized screws the first time. For four weeks, we've sent messages with no response. Jon, our salesperson, stated he would verify and contact us. Unreturned call.It's incredible. The loan-financing bank told us Iconic had been paid. I worry we owe loan payments for a product we never got. A nightmare. Why can't corporations be honest? I'm discouraged for humanity." - anne
"Promises you'll receive all these discounts and bonuses but never follows through. Since August 2018, I have been anticipating mine. Before making a purchase, please do your research." - K R
"The owner of the business was supposed to meet with us, but he never did, and he never got in touch with us to let us know or to check in." - Rebecca
"We got off to a rocky start. There was a breakdown in the contact with our representative. However, Tighe was able to step in and address all of our concerns. It is my sincere hope that the difficult days are now behind us." - Bloomingdale
"In August 2019, we got our solar panels installed. The last two bills we had were around $40. We will probably just be paying the $16 customer charge now that there is more sun. Everyone who works at Iconic is incredibly competent, and the installation process was swift. I had spoken to another business before Iconic and immediately concluded that ordering from them was the best option.The tax credit and SREC incentives that were first described to us were received. Everyone would be delighted, including myself, I'm sure." - Erica
"At the end of last summer, we decided to add solar panels to our roof. By April of this year, all that was left of our power bill was the $16 billing charge. When we were having trouble with our Wi-Fi, Iconic was there to help us get the panels installed as soon as possible. Iconic turned in all required documentation on time to ensure we received our bonuses. The system virtually recovered its cost because to the generous tax credit and SREC incentives. The money we save on electricity will put us in the black in no time. If you are interested in saving money with solar energy, you should definitely get in touch with Iconic." - Robert
"In 2018, during the Rockford Home Show, I was introduced to Iconic Energy for the first time. I spoke with them and gleaned some information, but I didn't take any action at the time. Repeatedly visited their booth at the home show in 2018 (now 2019). They recalled meeting me at the 2018 event, and we continued our discussion about their interest in installing solar panels. Apprehensively, I approached the company's owner, Teague Dickey. He collected my details and assured me he'd be happy to come over and show me around. Teague visited our home, briefed my wife and me on the system's features, then stepped aside to allow us make the final decision. He cancelled his appointment and asked to hear from us later. That was easily the best sales call we've ever gotten. No hassle, simply the facts we were seeking. The next day, eager to get our system installed, we contacted him again. It took just 2 months to have the system set up. Our 17 solar panels were expertly installed by the Iconic team, and we are now ready to go. Excellent team of individuals who were able to address all of my problems and inquiries. To wrap up, we had no trouble at all claiming our income tax credits or receiving our refund from the state. The staff at the office was extremely helpful in filling out all the paperwork, and Teague even called to make sure everything was all right. We have such cheap power costs that we practically look forward to paying them. Very pleased with the work they did for us, and I urge anybody thinking about installing solar panels to contact them for an estimate." - Russell
"Iconic Energy has been an excellent business partner for us. The details that Teague provided on how PV solar systems really work were quite helpful. Given my familiarity with solar energy and how its components interact, I found Teague's explanations to be encouraging. Iconic provided a competitive bid, and their installation and maintenance crews were top notch. Our representatives helped us sign up for both ComEd and the SREC services. Our PV system has been reliable, and as a result, our monthly electricity costs have dropped significantly. The fact that all of our net power consumption comes from sustainable sources gives us a tremendous sense of pride. Choose Iconic Energy to install your photovoltaic power system." - Doug Dufford

Iconic Energy Social media

It seems that Iconic Energy is an energy drink business with a Facebook page. The business has created a strong social presence on the network. Their postings are interesting and educational, and they have a regular publishing schedule. They provide details on their product as well as amusing information about the energy drink market as a whole. In order to draw in viewers, they also often employ videos. Their postings also have a lighthearted and interesting tone, which keeps their following interested. Further promoting user involvement is the provision of discounts and freebies. Additionally, Iconic Energy has done an excellent job of establishing the identity of their business via their postings, which is evident in the images they publish. Additionally, they often include user-generated material, which enables them to earn followers. Iconic Energy seems to be doing an excellent job of building a solid presence on Facebook overall.
The company's objective and vision are well communicated on the LinkedIn profile for Iconic Energy. The company's principles and objectives are clearly stated in their well-written "About Us" section. Additionally, they are often interacting with fans on the site by sharing updates and promotions. In order to draw in new workers, Iconic Energy also takes sure to often publicize job vacancies and internships. To highlight the individuals that make the firm run, they also feature employee profiles. They also offer useful articles about their product and the energy drink market, as well as news and updates regarding the sector. Overall, Iconic Energy is making the most of LinkedIn and has a significant presence there.
YouTube Channel
57 Subscribers

Iconic Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews524.5


Iconic Energy Pros & Cons

  • Products are available and reliable
  • Free consultations and analysis
  • Financing options and discounts for eligible clients
  • Products are not available in all regions
  • Installation cost can be high
  • Maybe not the best customer service

Iconic Energy Final Conclusions

Based on the customer feedback provided, Iconic Energy's performance has been inconsistent. Some clients report positive experiences with the company, citing quick setup, competent workers, and successful tax breaks and benefits. However, other customers have reported very negative experiences with Iconic Energy, including poor communication, poor quality work, missed appointments, and unanswered messages. All in all, it's hard to draw a definitive conclusion about Iconic Energy's performance based on these conflicting reviews. Perhaps the quality of their work varies depending on the individual employees involved and the specific circumstances of each installation. Potential clients may want to exercise caution and study Iconic Energy's track record carefully before deciding whether or not to work with them.

Iconic Energy locations

Main Address4617 American Road, Rockford, IL 61109
Phone Number(815) 975-8303

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