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We have a simplified, effective, lean, and minimal overhead process. In order to find the best solution and promptly install it, we collaborate with prospective clients to establish critical indicators linked to their demands. We provide a better value than our rivals at Johnson Solar by providing the greatest rates, the quickest installation times, the highest quality of work, and being available to take calls for any customer service or support need.

Johnson Solar overview

We have a simplified, effective, lean, and minimal overhead process. In order to find the best solution and promptly install it, we collaborate with prospective clients to establish critical indicators linked to their demands. We provide a better value than our rivals at Johnson Solar by providing the greatest rates, the quickest installation times, the highest quality of work, and being available to take calls for any customer service or support need.

What Johnson Solar has to say about itself

In Southern California, we are industry leaders in PV solar electric system design, installation, and maintenance. Southern California's counties around San Diego make up our service area. We have a large selection of solar panel and inverter brands. Our internal solar permit and design team can create solar plans, ascertain AHJ specifications, and create permission packages. Additionally, we have built relationships with structural and electrical experts for any engineering-related needs for specially constructed systems.

Johnson Solar Review

Year Started2015
Service AreasCA
Service TypesSolar solutions, roofing, power system support, hvac
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries

Johnson Solar website review

The website offers in-depth details on the products and services that Johnson Solar offers in the field of solar energy. The information is logically divided into areas such as Home, About, Services, Projects, and Contacts. Each part offers pertinent information and highlights the business's solar energy expertise. The website showcases their solar installations and projects with high-quality photos and videos. These images contribute to making the visitor experience aesthetically pleasant and interesting. Johnson Solar's many solar solutions, including residential and business installations, batteries, and maintenance services, are thoroughly described in the Services section. Their completed projects are shown in the Projects area, providing prospective customers with information about their skills and background. The website contains prominent call-to-action buttons that nudge users to take an action, such obtaining a quotation or getting in touch with the business for further details. Their services are given more legitimacy by the website's testimonials from pleased clients. Their participation in respectable organizations and the display of certifications are further proof of their competence and professionalism. Overall, Johnson Solar's website provides its solar energy solutions and services in an efficient and expert manner. It serves as a helpful resource for prospective clients interested in solar energy solutions because of its mix of educational information, aesthetically pleasing design, and obvious call-to-action components.

Johnson Solar price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit or Debit Card, Bank Transfer
Payment discountsDiscounts for inviting a friend

Johnson Solar online reputation

Customers typically had positive things to say about Johnson Solar's solar panel installations, customer service, and professionalism, according to the collected customer reviews. However, there are conflicting reports, with a number of unfavorable comments noting ineffective communication, organizational errors, and subpar outcomes for certain customers. Particularly during the peak demand time just before NEM 2.0's sunset, Johnson Solar has received plaudits for its quick and effective installation. Customers praised Clinton, the owner, for her promptness, candor, and honesty in speaking with them. The business has received recognition for its cost-effectiveness and utilization of superior solar technology. The efficacy of the system and the plant's overall cost-effectiveness were both highly praised by consumers. Johnson Solar has provided some clients with positive service, but others have also had minor paperwork, scheduling, or communication problems. Numerous customers expressed their displeasure with the salesperson's pushy demeanor and aggressive actions. The customer claimed that the corporation dismissed him for expressing his opinions and that he was unhappy with the solar panel selection. While Johnson Solar seems to have generally thrilled clients with its installations and customer service, there are certain areas that may be improved to guarantee a consistently great experience for all customers. Before making a choice, prospective consumers considering Johnson Solar should do extensive research, express their preferences in unambiguous terms, and acquire comprehensive information about the solar panels and other components of their choice. To make the best decision based on your requirements and tastes, like with any large purchase, it's critical to assess the benefits and drawbacks.
"I researched house solar panels before contacting this company. He tried to sell me something different despite my explicit instructions. I tried to tell him I had done my study and understood what I wanted, but he kept interrupting me. I informed him he lost a potential customer due to his unpleasant conduct. Retired vet lying? I'm furious. I decided not to buy his Qcell solar panels after reading his email. I asked for a Panasonic pricing quote instead of his substandard panels. Panasonic panels outperform QCells in several respects.One, they maximize south-facing roof space. 2.Degrade slower than QCells, enabling them to supply more power for longer. He stopped me to explain that Panasonic no longer makes solar panels and is "white labeling" panels from another company. He exploded when I said many firms do this. Maytag makes Kenmore appliances, Michelin made Kirkland tires, and Goldstar (now LG) made Sony TVs. The most popular option does not make QCells better than Panasonic. Chevrolet dominates Cadillac sales. What makes Chevy better than Cadillac? He could have said "we can't do that" if he didn't want to implement what I asked. rather than rudely rejecting a customer. He's now calling me a "quote collector" and says homeowners have no say over which solar panel is placed on their rooftops. I'm a retired 25-year Army veteran and can afford my solar energy system. He treats potential clients like junior sailors because he wants to stay in the Navy forever. Avoid companies that call you names when you disagree! Clinton Sullys His Reputation Without My Help. I upgraded my one-star rating to two. Tyler, a salesperson, apologized yesterday. Despite our quick phone talk, he seemed nice, honest, and willing to assist. Only this changed my rating." - Jeffrey
"You did an incredible amount of damage to my house. Never, ever again...I have no choice but to file a lawsuit! " - john
"The solar systems from Johnson Solar were reasonably priced, and the crew that installed them was skilled and kind. I like the time and care they took to answer my questions and resolve my issues. However, several administrative snags generated confusion and slowed down the arrival of some paperwork." - Tom
"Everything about working with Johnson Solar was a letdown for me. Despite the salesperson's claims of the system's superior efficiency and cost reductions, actual results have fallen short. Also, the installation staff was quite messy, and I had to contact them many times to get them to clean up after themselves. My bad for going with them." - Justin
"Having Johnson Solar do the installation was a mistake. Unfortunately, I had troubles with the inverters not long after the installation was completed. Contacting their customer service was a hassle; they were slow to respond and didn't seem interested in fixing my issues quickly. It is not suggested." - Samuel
"The solar panels Johnson Solar installed for us are perfect. Clinton, the owner, responded quickly to our inquiries, gave us his undivided attention, and kept us in the loop the entire time. We were very pleased with the solution, which was really effective and quick despite the enormous volume of consumers wanting installs before the NEM 2.0 sunset. Johnson Solar and their staff, in their communication and efficient hard work, were the epitome of professionalism and openness. Naturally, we couldn't be happier with the outcome. Because of their reasonable prices, outstanding customer care, and cutting-edge solar technology, we are happy to endorse Johnson Solar to our closest friends and relatives." - Nick
"One of the neighbors recommended Johnson Solar because of their good experience. I had done some preliminary research on rooftop solar companies, and when I spoke with Clinton at Johnson Solar, I found him to be the most forthright and honest of the bunch. For him to properly measure the system, I provided him with my details as well as images of my home, electrical panel, and historical power bills. Within a few days, I had an email with many system size choices and price quotations. Nothing was pushed on me, nothing didn't make sense, and there were no shocks. The costs were reasonable on paper, and the panels and other components seemed to be of the highest quality. Even though they had a lot on their plate at the moment, they found a way to fit me in on one of their big projects. Clinton and his team did a fantastic job at my residence. The system was installed in a matter of weeks, and it exceeds my highest expectations in both appearance and professionalism. I would suggest them to anybody thinking about switching to solar energy." - Mari
"My solar panel system from Johnson Solar is approaching its fourth anniversary. Over that time period, I have accumulated a surplus of overdue electricity payments at the end of each year, therefore I have paid nothing toward my energy bill. I have recouped the initial investment in the system and then some. The effectiveness of this approach is dependent on two variables: The offer from Clinton was the most affordable I found. Second, he did a great job installing the system without any external conduit and thoroughly described his methods and the rationale behind them. In addition, I haven't had to give him a call. Johnson Solar is a company I strongly recommend." - Adam
"Finding a solar service provider that values open lines of communication and responds quickly to questions is essential. Johnson Electric Solar, under the direction of Clint, has been as professional and responsive as one would want from a supplier of such an essential service. Recently, I called Clint at lunchtime with a request, and to my delight, my issue was fixed within only a few hours. The group's dedication to client happiness has earned them widespread respect and gratitude. I want to thank Clint and his staff for their unflinching commitment to providing outstanding service and for the continued success of our business partnership." - Brian
"Two of our neighbors who had previously worked with Johnson Solar recommended him to us. Our new solar system was installed quickly, at a reasonable price, and with wonderful customer service. Clinton answered all of our numerous questions quickly and in an educational manner through e-mail. There was no hard sell. He allowed us to take our time getting many estimates for this major purchase. He is dedicated to his job and has great people around him, such as Jose', whose crew replaced the roof in only two days and cleaned it well afterward. Oscar in the office kept us updated on the status of the building permits and the inspections. The solar installation team and foremen were kind, knowledgeable, and very tidy after their work was done. Johnson Solar is a top pick in our book." - Justin

Johnson Solar Social media
"Clinton Johnson Solar" is the name of the official Facebook page for Johnson Solar, the solar energy business owned by Clinton Johnson. Their solar goods, services, and environmental activities are promoted on the page. The page has a sizable amount of followers and likes, which suggests a respectable degree of user interaction and interest. This may indicate that the page has a sizable audience and consumer base. The Johnson Solar logo, which is a polished and recognized branding feature, may be seen on the page profile picture. The page often publishes articles about solar energy, news on renewable energy sources, updates on its goods and services, and energy-saving advice. The information is interesting, relevant to the intended audience, and instructive. On the website, pleased consumers have left glowing testimonials and suggestions. Johnson Solar periodically disseminates information on solar energy-related occasions, seminars, and neighborhood projects. A call to action button on the page invites visitors to get in touch with the business or go to its website. This feature makes it easier to use their services and motivates prospective clients to act. Overall, the Johnson Solar Facebook page is well-kept, friendly, and educational.
Johnson Solar is described as a sustainable energy firm that specializes in solar energy solutions on the company's LinkedIn profile, which gives a short summary of the business. On the website, Johnson Solar is described as a medium-sized business with roughly 10 workers. The firm has its headquarters in a certain city, albeit the location may change based on the LinkedIn profile itself. Johnson Solar's LinkedIn profile showcases their experience in solar energy solutions, particularly in terms of sustainable energy. For residential, commercial, and industrial customers, they stress their capacity to design, install, and manage solar systems. The page lists a number of Johnson Solar's services and products. Installing solar panels, finding ways to store solar energy, maintaining solar systems, and counseling on energy efficiency are a few examples. The company's personnel' titles, qualifications, and other details are detailed on their LinkedIn profiles. Users of LinkedIn are able to promote and endorse businesses. The information regarding the standing of the business and the quality of their work may be discovered on the Johnson Solar website. The LinkedIn profile for Johnson Solar offers a thorough description of the company's services, background, and staff profiles. It provides a forum for them to engage with prospective customers and job seekers in the renewable energy sector, promote their work, and communicate.
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Johnson Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1145


Johnson Solar Pros & Cons

  • Energy efficiency
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • High-quality solar panels
  • Weather dependency
  • Space Requirements
  • Limited geographic presence

Johnson Solar Final Conclusions

The solar energy sector has seen Johnson Solar post remarkable successes and earn a generally favorable image. The firm has gotten positive and negative feedback from clients for concentrating on solar panel installation. Being dedicated to cutting edge solar technology and providing affordable rates is one of Johnson Solar's work's distinguishing features. The company's capacity to accomplish projects with a specific level of expertise and punctuality is shown by the many clients who have expressed satisfaction with the performance of their installations, particularly during times of high demand. Also complimented for his honesty, attentiveness, and dedication to maintaining open lines of contact was owner Clinton. Johnson Solar customers often praise Clinton and his staff for their ability to address concerns as soon as possible and in a straightforward manner. Johnson Solar is well recognized as a reputable service provider with a solid reputation. Numerous customers expressed satisfaction with their solar panel systems, underscoring the firm's dedication to professional installation and the efficiency of their solutions for reducing energy use. As a result, Johnson Solar has a reputation that isn't entirely favorable, despite many clients applauding its effective installations, fast communication, and use of high-quality solar technology. Although there have been instances of less than ideal customer service, complaints regarding unethical sales tactics, poor customer service, and ineffective administrative procedures have also been made. Before selecting Johnson Solar or any other solar installation business, prospective consumers should do thorough research on all available options and take into account their own preferences.

Johnson Solar locations

Main Address2514 Jamacha Rd. suite 502 El Cajon, CA, 92019
Phone Number6197848401

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