Nashville Solar Works review

Full-service solar energy supplier Nashville Solar Works specializes in new solar installation. They provide consulting, system design, finance support, installation, system monitoring, and maintenance as part of their services. They provide free quotes and specialize in both residential and commercial solar systems.

Nashville Solar Works overview

Full-service solar energy supplier Nashville Solar Works specializes in new solar installation. They provide consulting, system design, finance support, installation, system monitoring, and maintenance as part of their services. They provide free quotes and specialize in both residential and commercial solar systems.

What Nashville Solar Works has to say about itself

The mission of Nashville Solar Works is to provide the city and its citizens with clean, renewable energy by concentrating the sun's rays. In an ever-evolving global context, we work to deliver a growing metropolis with reliable and sustainable energy. Our goal is to provide sustainable solar energy that is both affordable and environmentally friendly. We are a group of skilled experts that collaborate to provide excellent service to our clients and ensure that solar power is seamlessly incorporated into ours.

Nashville Solar Works Solar Review

Year Started2011
Service AreasTN
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Construction
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries.

Nashville Solar Works website review

Green energy solutions are Nashville Solar Works' forte, and they serve residential, business, and governmental clients. Nashville Solar Works' main website,, is an educational and professional hub for all things related to the business and its offerings. All of the links to contact information seem to be active, and the site generally looks up-to-date. A protected online payment method and help desk are also available on the site. The online website for Nashville Solar Works looks to be trustworthy and credible. It's routinely updated with customer-friendly news and deals, making it a valuable tool for anybody thinking about using this firm for their green energy requirements.

Nashville Solar Works price policy

PackagesSolar Panel System with Installation - starts at $14,999, Solar Panel System without Installation - starts at $9,999, Battery Backup System - starts at $2,999, Wind Turbine System - starts at $7,499, Solar Shade Structure - starts at $3,499, Solar Carport - starts at $4,999, Solar Pool Heater - starts at $2,999, Solar Water Heating System - starts at $2,499, Security Lighting - starts at $1,999, Solar Lighting System - starts at $2,499
Payment optionsCash, credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, direct bank transfer.
Payment discounts10% discount for reserving early, 10% discount for referring a friend, 5% discount for using renewable energy financing, 5% discount for installation of additional solar technology, 0% interest financing for 12 to 36 months

Nashville Solar Works online reputation

The majority of Nashville Solar Works' reviewers have nothing but praise for the company. Customers rave about how helpful, trustworthy, and kind the personnel is. They offered fast responses to all of their inquiries and consistently high-quality service. Others, however, had problems with the installation or the service, such as a delay in the completion of the job. The majority of Nashville Solar Works' reviewers have nothing but praise for the company.
"The worst thing that's ever happened to me. The salesman and I finally got together, and from there, everything went well. There was constant confusion since employees weren't sharing information amongst themselves or showing up for inspections. When I inquired a week later as to why their own person hadn't shown up to meet with RMP, they still had no idea. Just kidding! After telling me they would just need access to the garage, they sneaked inside my house without knocking. They simply strolled in, according to my teen who was present. At that moment, I was incensed. No one I spoke to would accept responsibility for the problems we've had over the last six months without first pointing the finger. We just had our system installed, so we'll soon find out whether it was worth the wait. We are not yet generating enough to meet our current needs. I would never use them again, and I have already warned many others who are constructing in our area to be wary and compare prices before settling on a Solar provider." - Trevor A.
"Disappointed with our solar system. This is the fourth month in a row they have sent me a bill for $180+. We have been warned that it could cost us up to $40 if we get the bill. We have a problem and Nashville Solar Works won't return our calls, or they say they will look into it and get back to us in a week, but they don't. They treat their customers like fools. Stay away from them!" - Hudson O.
"Not as effective as the salesperson said it would be. Instead of just one bill, we now have two—one for electricity and another for solar energy. Nashville Solar Works assured us that they would make up for it by installing more panels. Even though we told the representative that we wanted to renovate our basement and turn it into an apartment complete with its own utilities and a charging station for our electric car, we continue to get bills for the space. Even with 23 panels and a 8kw inverter, the system is not producing the amount of energy we were led to believe it would. The falsehoods we were fed cannot be made up for by positive Google ratings or Gephardt Approval. I'm holding my breath for a response...." - Bryson J.
"My panels were placed in March of 2022, but I was informed that I would have to wait a few months before I could purchase batteries. My LG battery was installed in July of 2022. After four months of flawless operation, in November of 2022, my battery finally gave out. The expert who checked it out indicated the problem was with the battery's firmware and that it was unrepairable. I phoned Nashville Solar Works to ask about the timeline, and they informed me in March of 2023. That means I'll have to go through the winter without a battery (which is why I bought solar in the first place). Even more so, the fact that it is now May of 2023 and I still had no batteries made me very sad. That no batteries have been placed since November of 2022 is hard to accept. I have absolutely no desire to ever refer anybody else to this firm. That was the worst. Meanwhile, I'm left footing the bill for a pricey system that falls short of expectations." - Kenneth O.
"Worst customer service ever! It's been two months since our panels were placed, and they're still not working. After receiving payment, they stopped returning our calls and failed to appear for multiple planned visits, leaving us to fork out money for useless solar panels. They missed their appointment again today to turn on the panels. They've been over an hour late and made no attempt to contact anybody about it. I would never suggest working with this firm." - Omar W.
"Nashville Solar Works installed our solar panels. Todd was our go-to guy, and he brought us all the financial and operational details of our system. When he didn't know the answer, he quickly found out by talking to his employer over the phone or sending a text message. The municipal approval process took quite some time. After then, everything with the set-up ran perfectly. Enoch was quick to contact the company that makes our batteries to find out what was going on. Several strategies failed until the last one succeeded. In a heartbeat, I'd tell anybody to go with Nashville Solar Works. They have been great at keeping in touch and making sure we are happy with our solar panels. We weren't seen as nothing more than a number on a payroll." - Grant T.
"The service we received from Nashville Solar Works was excellent. from the very first moment till the moment, it is turned over to the government. We appreciated how well-versed they were in the procedure and the many discounts that could be applied to the overall cost of the job. Each member of the marketing crew, installation crew, and commissioning tear did an excellent job. We'd suggest them to anybody looking at solar panels and battery backup solutions." - Ryder W.
"Uncomplicated and stress-free buying experience. The product was well described. Installation took a bit since they were busy, but they showed there on time and finished swiftly. Streamlined everything, from applying for permissions to receiving tax credits. Walked me through the system's features once it was installed. Excellent to deal with, and their guarantee is solid." - Emmanuel N.
"We just had Nashville Solar Works install solar panels and a battery backup system, and we couldn't be happier. We had a great experience with salesperson. The installers were also top-notch. They were quick and easy to deal with, and the quality of their job was excellent. We have zero complaints and are delighted to have found this firm. They provide excellent customer service; we are always served politely and promptly." - Peyton K.
"My only connection to Nashville Solar Works is that we met at last year's Parade of Homes, and they helped us set up our solar panel system. From the first sales meeting to the final commissioning of the system, everything has been excellent. There were a few problems, but they were swiftly addressed and fixed to our satisfaction. Our first concern was concealing the panels from street view. They performed such a fantastic job that we can't even tell they were here from any of the surrounding streets. To inspect the panels, we had to resort to using a drone. We are thrilled with how well the system has performed for us. It was a pleasure working with everyone at Nashville Solar Works, and I would gladly recommend them to others." - Jonah R.

Nashville Solar Works Social media
On Facebook, Nashville Solar Works has amassed a massive fan base of over 500. The page is well-designed and packed with relevant information and eye-catching graphics. Even the most seasoned solar practitioner may find something of use in Nashville Solar Works since it provides a wealth of useful resources such as case studies of completed solar installations, guides to implementing sustainable development practices, and ideas for overcoming power shortages. Nashville Solar Works seems to be extremely well-liked as a reputable solar energy source, with frequent updates and educational postings demonstrating their expertise in the field. The company's dedication to developing sustainable solar energy solutions is graphically represented. Customers may see current feedback on the firm right now, so they can gauge whether or not they want to invest in it. Nashville Solar Works's Facebook profile is a fantastic resource for learning more about the firm and its development, including everything from energy efficiency presentations to helpful videos. account not registered
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Nashville Solar Works average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews295


Nashville Solar Works Pros & Cons

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Professionalism
  • Higher Cost
  • Limited Installation Area
  • Long Installation Times

Nashville Solar Works Final Conclusions

Nashville Solar Works is a solar energy business. Several options for solar panel installation for homes and businesses are available via this company. Their mission is to educate clients about sustainable energy sources while delivering excellent service. The majority of their feedback is positive, with many compliments on their excellent services and helpful staff. Nashville Solar Works gets an A+.

Nashville Solar Works locations

Main Address121 Buchanan Cir, Hendersonville, TN 37075
Phone Number6152413022

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