Lifestyle Solar review

Since 2008, our family-run business has assisted thousands of California residents in installing solar power. Quick and simple appointment setting,An attentive and well-informed team,In-person aid and facilities

Lifestyle Solar overview

Since 2008, our family-run business has assisted thousands of California residents in installing solar power. Quick and simple appointment setting,An attentive and well-informed team,In-person aid and facilities

What Lifestyle Solar has to say about itself

Lifestyle Solar's mission is to reduce the complexity and cost of solar energy. We guarantee that our expert installation teams, knowledgeable engineers, and dedicated support staff will go above and beyond your every expectation. The output of your California home's electricity system is assured by us. We will issue a check for the difference if the solar panel system fails to provide the annual promised output.

Lifestyle Solar Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasCA
Service TypesSolar panel installation, solar energy system design, solar system monitoring, solar system maintenance and repair, and solar energy financing, solar energy educational resources, including educational seminars and online webinars
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film solar panels
Backup BatteryTesla Powerwall and the Enphase AC Battery

Lifestyle Solar website review

The website is the official one for Lifestyle Solar, a US-based solar energy provider. The website has an expert and contemporary style, simple navigation, and readily available details about the team, services, and goods offered by the business. The company's installation method, financing choices, and the advantages of solar energy are all covered in full on the website. A portfolio of the business's prior installations, client endorsements, and a blog with articles on solar energy and related subjects are also included. Customers may fill out a form on the contact page of the company's website to seek a consultation or more details about the services offered by the business. Customers may get in touch with the business directly by calling the number and email shown on the website. The Lifestyle Solar website, in general, seems to be a well-designed and educational website that gives prospective clients clear and comprehensive information about the advantages of solar energy and the business's services.

Lifestyle Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $20,000 to $40,000
Payment optionsCash, check, and major credit cards
Payment discountsDiscounts for cash, discounts for referrals and discounts for customers who pay in full, funding options

Lifestyle Solar online reputation

Customer opinions of Lifestyle Solar were conflicting. Poor installation, unsatisfactory customer service, and unfulfilled promises are just a few of the awful experiences some consumers have had with the business. Some consumers claimed they were being charged for grid power even though their solar system was not operating. On the other hand, several clients have enjoyed working with the business because of its rapid and simple installation processes, high-quality goods, and attentive clientele. Last but not least, customers should investigate Lifestyle Solar before choosing to engage with them since the quality of the services they get varies.
"I bought my house in June 2020, had lifestyle Solar put solar panels on it, and after a month I realized the solar braker was off. I called them, and they started the procedure for obtaining a permit from PG&E and switched the braker on. After all of that, I believed that I was producing solar energy. When I hired a firm to clean the panels after eleven months, they told me the Rooftop cut off switch was in the off position. I requested that they turn it on, and I then asked Lifestyle to come inspect my system after contacting them. They have terrible customer service and refused to come examine my system. When I called PG&E, they confirmed that my panels had never generated any electricity prior to the cleaning service turning on the switch. I've tried to get in touch with Lifestyle Solar, but they won't take responsibility since, in their words, although they install solar panels, they don't promise that they will generate electricity. I now have to pay a hefty true-up charge from PG&E. Use Lifestyle at all costs; it's the worst business!" - Garcia
"I've now had my system for about a year, and I've discovered that Lifestyle installed the incorrect size. I was assured that the system would provide 100% of our power requirements. They are now claiming that they misquoted us and that we would need to buy 15 more panels. This system would cost $50,000. Unbelievable! They essentially told lies to get our patronage. Fortunately, I can verify it with the emails." - Shawnee
"I received the solar I wanted. I ultimately made the decision to go with Lifestyle after having numerous businesses stop by and offer me their sales presentations. I felt like a valued client since the salesperson gave me the assurances I wanted to hear. I was mistaken. I was duped, and it cost me thousands of dollars. Working with a local business instead of a national one made little to no impact. For months—exactly three months—I would leave messages and never hear from the caller again. They offered to sell me a system that would generate a specific quantity of electricity but didn't live up to their word. They would only reimburse me money to take my wife to the movies (matinee) and a drive-through for supper since I had to pay several hundred dollars out of pocket at the end of my true-up bill (the end of the year that I had to pay PG&E). I wouldn't go with them once again, and I would suggest that anybody else look for solar systems elsewhere. They advised me to purchase another system from them to augment their broken guarantee as a fix for my lack of solar electricity." - sanchezsj
"I just looked at the reviews before selecting this business. I have never dealt with a worse business. To list all the issues with Lifestyle, it would take me a whole day. This firm is horrible, from trying to get the permissions to installing improperly. Shockingly surprised if they continue to operate. Forget about the exchange of messages. For any form of update, be prepared to phone them often. Even though my solar panels have been in place for three weeks, we are still using SCE since, "surprise," they failed to deliver the necessary papers to SCE. The delay until we can operate on solar power is currently 4 weeks. Choose another firm, please. They may be less expensive, but there is certainly a reason! Additionally, all $35,000 of their money is still at my house since they never requested the bank checks." - Shawnee
"I have never encountered a company whose customer service is more outstanding. My solar panels were malfunctioning and were not accurately reporting or producing electricity. Due to the panels' inaccurate reporting, this led Edison to charge me $3000 in consumption. They had trouble fixing the issue for many months. They sent a technician who arrived at my home with the incorrect panel and had to come back many months later. For three weeks in a row, I have tried to call, but I have not gotten a call back or progressed beyond the receptionist avoiding my calls or failing to forward them to management. I will not be held liable for the service they failed to provide in a timely way since this firm won't accept responsibility for their defective goods." - Giselle
"I'm thrilled with Lifestyle Solar! I completed my solar system in 30 days. Lifestyle Solar made everything easy. Their office personnel answered all my inquiries and kept me informed every step of the process. The 2-day installation of my system was worth it. Other firms claim to install in one day, but their quality and skill are lacking. My neighbor's solar firm is night and day different. The installers were competent and paid attention to detail, which was important to me. The electrical conduit was carefully run and painted to match my roof and stucco, unlike my neighbor's, so it blends in with the home and is hard to notice. I told the technicians where I wanted the inverter box, but after they left the first day, my wife and I decided to relocate it within the fence to make it less visible. When we notified the installers the following day, they didn't bat an eye and were pleased to relocate it. Despite moving the inverter, they finished on time on the second day.While Lifestyle Solar wasn't the cheapest, they installed top-of-the-line panels and inverters to ensure we got the most out of our system with the fewest issues and the greatest manufacturers and Lifestyle Solar warranties.I'm happy to pay for quality!" - Ramos
"Lifestyle Solar performed a great job. From Larry presenting the program and answering any questions in a way that was extremely obvious and made it simple to grasp, to Vanesa, the Customer Service Representative, assisting with walking through the electronic paperwork and addressing extra questions. During the installation of the solar panels, Charlie and the rest of the team displayed a high level of conscientiousness and caution. At the conclusion of each day, they were extremely thorough in picking up all of their belongings and leaving the place in pristine condition." - Alano
"My supervisor recommended Lifestyle Solar to me just as I was beginning to research solar energy. In every way, Lifestyle was really helpful and informed. Everyone I worked with was really kind, provided wonderful customer service, and didn't treat you unfairly. They all provided you with succinct, to the point responses in a timely way. Given that my wedding is in two weeks, Lifestyle was able to install my system on my home quickly and efficiently. I didn't anticipate them to be able to move things forward as quickly as they did. For all they done for us, Scott Crumb and Vannessa Mejia have my eternal gratitude. The Solar team handled everything with great courtesy and efficiency. I have no complaints about this business, and I will be referring you to all of my friends and family!" - ajackson
"Everyone should consider getting solar in order to prevent the evilness of PG&E, which continually raising prices. And when you do make up your mind, go with Lifestyle Solar right away.Even if the City of Fresno couldn't get its act together, these people made things right. Scott was great in sales! Install? Are you kidding me? Amazing!!! The greatest part was working with Kim, while the front desk personnel was highly knowledgeable and communicative. She was unquestionably the finest that Lifestyle Solar could provide. Professional hardly scratches the surface of how wonderful she is! Every time I'm privileged to chat with her, I imagine that I'm doing so with an angel. She intervened when the City of Fresno made a mistake, reassuring me that SHE would take care of the issue. She really is fantastic!My interaction with Lifestyle Solar was excellent. You won't regret choosing them for your solar requirements, so do yourself a favor and do so!" - sgtgregg
"It was a joy working with Lifestyle. We received multiple quotations from other businesses, and since they did not try to oversell me, they were able to save us at least $10,000 on the cost of the installation. Even though they weren't at fault, they took ownership of certain equipment malfunctions and made the system function.Anyone interested in installing solar should contact Lifestyle for a quotation before choosing one from any other supplier, in my opinion." - Superdad

Lifestyle Solar Social media
A solar energy firm situated in California, USA, has a valid Facebook profile called Lifestyle Solar. The validity of the page has been confirmed by Facebook, as evidenced by the presence of a verified blue checkmark on it. With only 600 likes, the page has a modest number of followers, but it is active, offering solar-related news, advice, and promotions on a daily basis. Text, images, and videos pertaining to solar energy are posted on the page, along with links to other websites and other sources of information. Many posts also contain calls to action, which nudge readers to book an appointment or take advantage of a promotion. Customers left a number of favorable comments on the page, giving it an overall Facebook rating of 4.6 out of 5. These evaluations place a strong emphasis on the company's high-quality goods and services as well as its knowledgeable and helpful employees. Overall, based on my investigation, it appears that the Lifestyle Solar Facebook page is a credible and active one for a solar energy business that interacts with its fans and clients. But it's crucial to remember that internet reputation and social media activity may quickly change, so it's always a good idea to conduct extensive research and due diligence before dealing with any businesses or making purchases.
The official profile of Lifestyle Solar, a US-based solar energy firm, can be found on LinkedIn. The validity of the page has been confirmed by LinkedIn, as seen by the blue verified checkmark on the page. More than 100 people follow this page. The page appears to be updated frequently with information on services, business news, and events. The website includes information on the team members and open positions as well as a thorough description of the company's mission, services, and values. The page also includes multimedia components, such as images and films, that highlight the company's installations and projects. Many of the page's updates appear to be written with a professional audience in mind, with an emphasis on solar's technical features and the advantages of going solar for both homeowners and companies. A few of the updates also highlight the business's initiatives in sustainability and philanthropy. Overall, based on my investigation, it appears like Lifestyle Solar's LinkedIn page is a respectable and active one for a solar business that engages with its professional network and is eager to promote the advantages of solar energy.
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Lifestyle Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews413.9


Lifestyle Solar Pros & Cons

  • Experienced, knowledgeable staff
  • Competitive pricing
  • Flexible financing options
  • Limited service area
  • Long waiting time for installation service
  • Relatively high initial cost of a solar installation

Lifestyle Solar Final Conclusions

According to the feedback available, customers have varying opinions about Lifestyle Solar's performance and support. Although one client was thrilled with the installation process and the quality of the equipment utilized, others have had less-than-stellar experiences with the company's customer service or installation procedures. Problems with the installation procedure, such as the wrong size and the wrong installation sequence, have been noted by many customers. There were also complaints that consumers had a hard time getting in touch with the organization and receiving prompt replies to their inquiries. Customers who have made a large investment in solar equipment in the hopes of reducing their energy bills may find these problems aggravating. Overall, it looks as if there are several ways in which Lifestyle Solar might enhance its operations and customer service to better meet the needs of their clientele. While some customers may have had a negative experience, others may have had a more good one that was not represented in the evaluations that were offered.

Lifestyle Solar locations

Main Address21 E. Shaw Ave, Fresno, CA, 93710
Phone Number5592280229

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