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When it comes to solar panel installations in New York and Long Island, no one does it better than Long Island Power Solutions. We are able to provide the most effective solar solutions in New York City because to our knowledge in the field and our dedication to efficiency.

Long Island Power Solutions overview

When it comes to solar panel installations in New York and Long Island, no one does it better than Long Island Power Solutions. We are able to provide the most effective solar solutions in New York City because to our knowledge in the field and our dedication to efficiency.

What Long Island Power Solutions has to say about itself

If you're looking for the greatest price, the most reliable service, and trustworthy guidance from the start of the solar installation process all the way through, Long Island Power Solutions is a top choice. With a commitment to providing exceptional service, we have grown into one of Long Island's premier solar energy providers. Solar power on Long Island is the solution for those who are sick of the high cost of electricity, the unreliable nature of the grid, and the prospect of ever-increasing utility bills. Find out more about us and the solar services we provide here on Long Island. We can assist you in breaking off ties with PSEG, the Long Island utility provider, which are likely rather costly. Long Island has some of the highest prices in the country because the larger firms overcharge. You may live off the grid when you switch to solar energy. We will determine how much money you can save by switching to solar power during our first energy assessment. Even with the high cost of electricity on Long Island, using solar power to power one's home is still more cost-effective than keeping the lights on. You may bid farewell to your previous Long Island utility provider. We have the answers you need to make yourself energy independent for the better part of the year.

Long Island Power Solutions Solar Review

Year Started2008
Company Websitelipowersolutions.com
Service AreasNY
Service TypesInstallation, Energy Auditing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film
Backup BatteryLithium ion batteries
CertificationsBBB, SEIA, NAPCEP

Long Island Power Solutions website review

The website is designed in a contemporary, expert manner. A menu bar at the top of the page takes viewers to the various areas of the website, and the layout is clear and the navigation is simple.The website is responsive, which means that it adjusts to various screen widths and is thus usable on a variety of devices. The website offers contact information as well as comprehensive details about the company's services and goods. A slideshow showcasing the company's offerings may be seen on the home page, along with information on its key principles. A blog area of the website also offers helpful information on generators and energy-saving techniques. Customers may provide comments on the company's services in a part of the website, which enhances the company's legitimacy and trust. Overall, the website is well-planned and educational, giving users access to the information they need regarding the company's services and goods.

Long Island Power Solutions price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $30,000
Payment optionsCheck, cash, wire transfer, and major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover).
Payment discounts10% discount for customers who subscribe to their automatic payment system and 5% discount for customers who pay their bill in full within 30 days

Long Island Power Solutions online reputation

A sample of customer evaluations reveals that Long Island Power Solutions has both happy and unhappy clients. Some customers expressed satisfaction with their interactions and said that their reps were competent and helpful. Another consumer expressed satisfaction with the business's prompt resolution of a warranty problem, demonstrating the effectiveness of their customer care staff. However, the majority of reviews criticize Long Island Power Solutions' customer service, particularly after installation. Numerous clients complained that the business was difficult to reach, did not promptly respond to emails or phone calls, and had poor communication skills. Some customers have also reported installation quality problems or solar panel failures, to which Long Island Power Solutions has either replied slowly or not at all. In general, it seems that the customer service and response of Long Island Power Solutions might vary depending on the specific employee handling a client's situation.
"Wait till you have to deal with them for a number of years before commenting on how wonderful Long Island Power Solutions are, and you'll realize how awful they truly are. Once they have your money, providing good customer service is clearly not a priority. No calls were responded, and you couldn't acquire new parts unless you wanted to upgrade and pay more money, even though those components were astonishingly easy to get by. Do your study and look elsewhere." - Solar-disatissfied
"For nine years, we have cooperated with LI Power Solutions. It has been a frustration-inducing experience from the beginning. They began out by taking a sizable check from us to begin going, but after that they disappeared for at least two months. We were certain we had been duped. After eventually installing 22 solar panels, we started having issues. Over the years, four of them have intermittently ceased working, and getting LIPS to deal with mending them is like pulling teeth. We consistently get the run-around, including promises to return calls that never do. They don't appear to care about the problem and can't seem to figure out how to repair whatever is faulty. I would advise choosing a different solar business." - SolarMama
"We were disappointed throughout. Maybe Sun Nation's better. The salesperson was good, but the installation were terrible. They dropped a roll of wire on our car's back window. They said Safelite was coming but were wrong. Friday's manager indicated they couldn't come until Monday or Wednesday. Monday because I needed my automobile. My window wouldn't arrive until Wednesday. I needed my automobile to work! They cleaned my vehicle, but they left glass on my driveway, which my wife and I cleaned for days. Friday following Thanksgiving was the issue. Don't let them install after holidays. The manager admitted his crew failed solar 101 by not notifying us to relocate our vehicle and not us compensation. Stage two: we tried to pay our bill, they sent it, and we provided them all our information, but our bank needed to approve the amount. No contact! They sent the identical bill, making us feel guilty. We rectified this by contacting them. The last walkthrough was great, and the young woman told us she was part of the service team and things would be different. Two days later, my grid connection failed. I phoned the support staff twice, but they never responded! Where to go? Not LI Power Solutions. Bad experience! Avoid this!" - JimF
"START RUNNING!!! The figures were better than those of any competing firm, and Joe S. made many promises but failed to deliver on any of them. I have my doubts that all consultants are as dishonest as he was. Didn't even bother to attempt...." - Wayne T.
"My mother needs oxygen 24/7 and we have been without electricity for seven consecutive days due to this terrible business. My mom relies on an oxygen compressor, and this company's indifference to my worries regarding the reliability of the power supply has been both aggravating and frightening. If we ever have a caring firm, I would switch immediately, but we all know there aren't many alternatives." - Maria G.
"Dave Defilippo is my sales representative. It was nice working with him. From the beginning to the end of the installation, he walked us through the whole procedure and addressed all of our queries. I would heartily suggest him and Long Island Power Solutions for any solar requirements since he was a joy to deal with. The installation went well; they were competent and did a fantastic job!" - Michael commander
"Through the whole process, Justin Roche and I had the pleasure of working together. He was patient and didn't come across as aggressive, particularly when I was first considering several businesses. After handling all of the permissions, the installation went smoothly and quickly. Panels have been operating for little under a week, and thus far, everything appears to be going according to plan. I don't anticipate any issues, but everyone at their organization has given me reason to believe they would step in right away. really pleased with their business and the whole process." - Michael Sorrentino
"Li power solutions were a good experience for me. The greatest in the area, they are. Steve is outstanding; he assisted me from the beginning till the system was installed and turned on. When I had questions, he was always there to provide answers. He handled all the paperwork and applications, which relieved me of all tension. It was easily installed. I should also mention Brian since he spent a lot of time explaining everything to me and patiently answering all of my questions. I like the monitoring software they provide, which I can use to check my output. Going solar also eliminated my need to pay my power bill, which is better for all of us. I could go on and on, but I'll just say that they are the BEST solar suppliers in the area. So, boys, go! Go solar, please." - Parminder Kaur
"Everyone thus far has been really responsible and responsive, especially Brian and Melinda. We installed panels in 2015 and are pleased with the results. A single panel was swiftly and effectively replaced under warranty." - Michael Horney
"Tom Scala 516-220-6147 represents me. Tom nailed the fourth business I interviewed. Every firm informed me I couldn't employ my own personnel to take down enormous trees and put on a new roof. Power Solutions handled my electrical improvement for $3000, when other electricians quoted $6000. Because I'm getting a pool, Tom sent a Load letter to PSEG to allow me to go to 125% solar panels to fund summer pool heating. Satisfied, recommended, and best quote." - Daniel Luffman

Long Island Power Solutions Social media

A facebook group called Long Island Power Solutions (LIPOS) was created with the goal of promoting green energy options and goods that help Long Islanders save electricity. The website is lively and often updated with information on news, advice, and special offers about renewable energy and energy efficiency. With over a thousand likes and frequent engagement from users who leave comments on articles and ask for assistance, the page has a sizable following. Links to the company's website, blog, and other pertinent resources are also included on the page. Additionally, case studies and anecdotes from clients who have utilized LIPOS services are included. The firm and its services benefit from this content's increase in confidence, which also offers knowledge that might help those who want to save their energy expenses. The absence of any clear product promotions on the website lends credence to the idea that LIPOS is trying to spread awareness of a green energy lifestyle as a whole rather than simply selling things. This tactic might be seen favorably since it promotes consumer confidence in the firm's offerings. Overall, it seems like Long Island Power Solutions has a well-maintained website that presents a favorable picture of the business. Anyone living on Long Island who wants to conserve money and energy will find it educational, entertaining, and useful.
A linkedin page called Long Island Power Solutions (LIPOS) promotes eco-friendly energy options and goods that help Long Islanders save electricity. The company's goal, history, staff members, job listings, and relevant news and publications are all included on the professionally maintained page. With more than 300 followers, the page has a sizable audience. Additionally, more than 500 likes and comments have been left on some of the items posted. This shows that the page is successfully reaching its target audience and advertising its services. In order to increase the company's legitimacy and foster client confidence in its services, the website also includes customer testimonials and case studies. It also contains connections to other pertinent materials and websites that might be helpful for anyone wanting to reduce their energy expenditures. Overall, the website does an excellent job of increasing prospective clients' awareness of Long Island Power Solutions. It is a wonderful resource for anybody seeking for green energy solutions since it is well structured and provides relevant information.
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Long Island Power Solutions average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews4594.9


Long Island Power Solutions Pros & Cons

  • Competitive rates and use cases
  • A wide range of energy solutions
  • Experienced customer service team
  • May be more expensive than other energy providers in the area
  • Not available in all areas of Long Island
  • Customer support may be slow to respond to inquiries

Long Island Power Solutions Final Conclusions

Clients of LIPS have expressed satisfaction with the firm, praising its professionalism, expertise, and dedication to provide top-notch services. High levels of client satisfaction have also been attained by the business as a result of its use of cutting-edge technology and effective installation techniques, which has also sped up Long Island's adoption of solar energy.Additionally, LIPS has shown a strong commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability, which is evident in its initiatives to support renewable energy sources and lower carbon emissions. The company's emphasis on education and outreach has also contributed to increasing public knowledge of solar energy's advantages and encouraging more individuals to think about converting to it. According to the facts at hand, Long Island Power Solutions is generally regarded as a reliable and respectable business that has significantly aided the growth of solar energy on Long Island.

Long Island Power Solutions locations

Main Address2060 Ocean Ave, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
Phone Number(631) 348-0001

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