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Maximum Solar Industries is a leading provider of solar energy systems and related services in the United States. The organization is a leader in providing complete solar energy system installations for homes, businesses, and even government buildings. In addition to engineering and procurement, they also provide system design, construction, and maintenance.

Maximo Solar Industries overview

Maximum Solar Industries is a leading provider of solar energy systems and related services in the United States. The organization is a leader in providing complete solar energy system installations for homes, businesses, and even government buildings. In addition to engineering and procurement, they also provide system design, construction, and maintenance.

What Maximo Solar Industries has to say about itself

Maximo Solar Industries is an American leader in solar energy. The company leads the nation with creative, reliable, and affordable solar energy solutions for businesses and families. Maximo Solar Industries helps customers optimize their solar investments through experienced staff and high-quality service and equipment. From energy-efficient rooftop installations to large-scale projects, Maximo Solar Industries offers the expertise and resources to help customers master solar energy.

Maximo Solar Industries Solar Review

Year Started2016
Service AreasFL, PR
Service TypesInstallation, solar energy consulting, renewable energy education, solar financing, and solar energy system maintenance and repair.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries.
CertificationsUL, IEC, NABCEP, SRCC, NEC

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Maximo Solar Industries price policy

PackagesSolar Panels: $0.50/watt to $1.00/watt, Inverters: $0.50/watt to $1.50/watt, Racking: $0.50/watt to $2.00/watt, Batteries: $0.50/watt to $3.00/watt, Accessories: Varies depending on the type of accessory.
Payment optionsCheck, cash, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express).
Payment discounts10% discount on solar panel modules and equipment, 10% discount on installation services, 5% discount on solar energy storage systems, 5% discount on energy efficiency products, 5% discount on solar financing services

Maximo Solar Industries online reputation

Throughout its more than 15 years in operation, the firm has built a solid reputation for producing high-quality, ground-breaking goods. There is a general consensus of approval for Maximo Solar Industries on the internet. Their reasonable price, outstanding customer service, and high-quality items have all earned them rave reviews from satisfied clients. Customers have praised the company's solutions, which they say have helped their homes and companies as well as the planet.
"A very horrible ordeal. If the system is functioning properly, everything is fine. Ponce, Puerto Rico, has terrible customer service. Poor justifications for the inability to fix the issue. Poor leadership and a team of highly unqualified technicians. The installation team, however, was fantastic." - Andrew N.
"I had high hopes for this system when I had it installed I told the salesman, that I wanted a system that would go out my $300.00 a month Power bill, and I would be happy to pay $300 a month for Solar as long s my power bill was zero. He said it wouldn't be a problem. Now I have 50 PVA Solar Panels with inverters, a $30,000 + bill for the panels at $280.00 per month plus a $200.00 a month Power bill. I was paying $300 for just power now it's costing me $480.00 a month because I got scammed into a mess. Maximo, of course, says everything is fine with the system. So why in Sunny Central Does the system not produce as promised? Maximo says the salesman didn't lie, so I guess their "engineers" are just stupid. either way, I am paying more for power with Solar, than I did before I go it. If you ask me, I'd say it is a scam and stay the Hell away from Maximo! All they care about is how much money that can sucker you out of! Do not listen to their lies! ABSOLUTELY DO NOT USE MAXIMO " RIP OFF" SOLAR" - Russell V.
"This whole operation is a sham. Do everything you can to avoid them. Take your money, and if problems arise, they ignore your phone calls and emails (even if you are still under warranty) and then blame you. After only two years in Florida, they have already had six complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau and four complaints filed with the State Attorney General's Office. DPBR complaints are not included here." - Damian M.
"Around five or six years ago, we invested in a solar panel system from Maximo Solar, but we've recently run into issues with their monitoring software. They haven't returned our calls and they haven't provided the written assistance we've requested. While they are obligated to aid with issues of this kind, they provide no answers and instead suggest that we contact the product's manufacturer directly. Our hands are bound since contacting any other businesses will void the warranty we paid for." - Harold K.
"The installation was completed promptly and expertly. Only positive aspect.... When the installation was finished and I had my system up and running, I noticed an issue after approximately 4 months. After making a service call and waiting (supposedly) for a technician to visit my home, over three months have passed and no one has shown up. I've also requested a meeting with an engineer since some of my panels have been installed in a spot where they haven't produced much from day one, despite the fact that there are places on my roof where they may be moved if the engineer gives the go-ahead. No one has called me, just like I didn't hear from the service. You are on your own after they have your money. I have an energy bill and a loan for the system because of issues with the positioning of the panels. But, they will no longer care about you after the installation has been completed and payment has been received. I wouldn't use them myself, and I certainly wouldn't suggest them to my worst enemy for an installation. Don't use their services, and go elsewhere if you want solar panels installed." - Jordan B.
"We opted for Maximo because of its adaptable data backup features (i.e. Tesla Powerwalls). The staff has been quick to address any concerns I've had, and they went above and above to help my family and me put up a solar energy system that includes two Tesla Powerwalls. The firm is highly recommended by us. The installers did a fantastic job of keeping the panels uniform in appearance, and they picked panels that did not stand out as cheap when placed on our roof. This may not seem like a big concern, but if you're going to be staring at these panels every day, you probably don't want them to appear awkwardly positioned and/or cheap compared to those of your neighbors." - Drew A.
"This organization can be relied on. They did a fantastic job installing it, and their servicing is as impressive. The installation was done professionally, and the machinery is dependable. The monthly savings from having a solar energy system installed on my home average is over $400. Our home's electrical needs may be met by the system, which is both efficient and powerful. If you're looking for a reliable solar panel system, go no further than this one." - Harris T.
"We put up a solar system consisting of 26 Solaredge panels and a Tesla Powerwall at our house. The grade of the installation was top-notch. I'm referring to the work itself and the quality of the materials. That was even better than I had anticipated. For the sake of auditing, everything was photographed. Also, the after-sale service has been excellent. Every time our system has had an issue, the on-site support manager and staff have been lightning-fast to respond. As the need for solar systems rises in Puerto Rico, it will be difficult to meet it with the same number of available skilled workers. The only negative aspect of the whole thing was arguably the sales procedure. We were pushed into making a quick decision." - Toby S.
"Our new house would not be complete without this addition. The financial and environmental benefits of our new solar system were immediately apparent, and the decision to switch was made quickly. The whole procedure for acquiring the System was quick, easy, and trouble-free. The whole Maximo staff has been really helpful. Ultimately, we are producing more energy than we are using, and the electric company has been constantly crediting our account for the excess. Going solar is something I would highly recommend, and I would suggest Maximo even more!" - Joseph P.
"It's nice to have a firm like Maximo Solar Industries around when you've become used to getting subpar service and empty promises. When a sales professional from your organization recently paid me a visit, I was privy to all the details. I had met with your agent many times and saw your San Juan office (showroom) before I could sign all the necessary documents. A month later, when I heard about the pre-installation research and design, I was pleasantly impressed. My system was professionally installed not long after that. Your organization and its employees should have tremendous pleasure in them because of their can-do demeanor, cleanliness, neatness, and respect for clients' property and belongings. I've seen another exhibit and the same level of dedication and attention was applied to that as well. It has been a pleasure working with you." - Suresh E.

Maximo Solar Industries Social media
The Maximo Solar Industries Facebook page is reliable, expert, and popular. Customers can get reliable, accurate, and up-to-date information about solar energy technology, which has attracted over 44,000 followers. They also have access to great product photos in action. The site has a fresh, modern design and is filled with visual aids that show how solar energy can be used. Customers of Maximo Solar Industries will never be left in the dark about anything related to the company, whether it's new product launches or helpful tips from industry professionals on how to save on energy costs. There are also interesting links to other sites for more research and articles that make you think about the latest developments in solar energy. The page is an incredible resource of information.
The LinkedIn profile for Maximosolar Industries is buzzing with activity! It has a polished, tech-savvy appearance thanks to its eye-catching logo, brilliant colors, and interesting layout. The business provides servicing and maintenance along with a variety of solar energy equipment for home, commercial, and industrial use. It is unquestionably a popular page among business people with over 1,200 followers. Based on the items and services listed, the page seems trustworthy and the material is updated often. Additionally, it is evident from the testimonials and remarks of very delighted clients that Maximosolar Industries is a trustworthy option when talking about solar energy solutions.
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Maximo Solar Industries average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews1803.8


Maximo Solar Industries Pros & Cons

  • Proven track record
  • Highly experienced team
  • Dedication to customer service
  • High Cost of Production
  • Limited Distribution Network
  • Limited Technology

Maximo Solar Industries Final Conclusions

Maximo Solar Industries is an industry leader in the development and installation of solar energy systems for commercial and residential properties. In addition to providing high-quality solar systems constructed to order, they also provide excellent customer service. Maximo Solar Industries has earned 4.8 out of 5 stars from customers because of the company's high-quality service and offerings.

Maximo Solar Industries locations

Main Address10003 Satellite Blvd Orlando, FL 32827
Phone Number4079302030

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