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Moore Energy LLC is a full-service energy savings contractor that offers energy efficiency renovations and services to commercial, industrial, and residential clients. They concentrate on commercial buildings and provide mechanical heating and cooling systems in addition to services like energy audits and retro-commissioning.

Moore Energy LLC overview

Moore Energy LLC is a full-service energy savings contractor that offers energy efficiency renovations and services to commercial, industrial, and residential clients. They concentrate on commercial buildings and provide mechanical heating and cooling systems in addition to services like energy audits and retro-commissioning.

What Moore Energy LLC has to say about itself

Moore Energy LLC provide renewable energy solutions to assist our customers in lowering their energy expenses, improving their energy efficiency, and decreasing their environmental effect. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible service and the most effective energy solutions possible using our decades of expertise and our highly experienced personnel. As we work hard to meet the individual energy requirements of each of our clients, we want to earn their confidence and become their go-to energy provider.

Moore Energy LLC Solar Review

Year Started2013
Service AreasCT, MD, NJ, NY, PA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.

Moore Energy LLC website review

Moore Energy's main site,, seems quite official and well-made. It includes detailed descriptions of their services (such as solar panels and backup power generators), as well as biographies of their staff and feedback from satisfied customers. In addition, there is a wealth of information available for customers who are curious in the business and its technologies. The website gives off an air of reliability because of its openness and wealth of useful information. The site is trustworthy as an informational resource since it does not allow users to make direct purchases. It also includes social media account connections, which increases credibility. Moore Energy's website gives off an air of professionalism and reliability. It has all you need to know about the company and its services, including reviews from satisfied clients, useful links, and contact details.

Moore Energy LLC price policy

PackagesSmart Home Solar System - start at $9,000, Solar Panel Installation - start at $2,200, Battery Storage System - start at $3,800, Home Energy Management System - start at $1,350, Solar Energy Audits & Evaluations - start at $400, Wind Energy System - start at $15,000, Wind Turbine Installations - start at $6,000, Solar Pool Heating Systems - start at $5,000, Solar Hot Water Systems - start at $3,000, Solar Garden Lighting - start at $1,200
Payment optionsCash, check, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express) and bank transfer.
Payment discountsSenior Citizen Discount: 15%, Teacher Discount: 10%, Military Discount: 10%, Referral Discount: 5%, Multi-Unit Discount: 5%, First Time Customer Discount: 10%, Loyal Customer Discount: 5%, Seasonal Discount: 15%, Bulk Purchase Discounts: 10-15%, 3% Product Rebates on select energy plans

Moore Energy LLC online reputation

Moore Energy LLC has generally been well-received by its clientele. Moore Energy LLC has received positive feedback from its clientele for its reasonable prices, reliable service, and high level of satisfaction. Customers also rave about how responsive the firm is and how skilled the experts are. While some consumers were unhappy with the installation procedure and the lack of communication, the vast majority were satisfied. Moore Energy LLC justifiably takes pride in being one of the country's leading solar energy suppliers.
They overestimate future profits and prices in order to market solar energy equipment. They make too optimistic assumptions about the future cost of electricity and the profitability of renewable energy credits. Because of this, the price they're asking for the system seems unrealistically low. Be wary of the sales pitch's slick rhetoric and empty promises. Keep your bellhops close! - Riley O.
Since February, I have been waiting to get solar panels installed and switched on. The heat prevented the installation team from completing the operation. Installation was never rescheduled by Moore Energy, and I was informed it would be another month before someone would come examine it. If this keeps on, I'll be fortunate if I start generating electricity a year after joining up. Nobody is responding to my emails or phone calls. Choose a different firm that has its act together. - Kaleb L.
Sharing the sentiments of the latest Jamie Jenkins review: In search of solar power? If you choose Moore Energy, don't expect installation anytime soon. It's been 400 days since the contracts were signed, and there has been no progress report. In March, we had our system built with a Tesla Solar battery backup. Living at a high altitude with harsh winters was a major factor in our decision to go with Moore Energy. We are not certain that we will ever be able to utilize our system because of how poorly the project plan has coordinated with our local energy supplier. Even though we have paid in full, there has been no sense of urgency with the escalation. - Brady M.
Unlike other people, I have not had a good experience. The first salesperson we worked with was wonderful, but everything has gone worse from there. In October of 2021, I put pen to paper on a contract. The installation didn't happen until March 2022, and as of June 10 of that year, I'm still waiting for the final inspection due to issues with the electric firm that was subcontracted to complete the electrical work and Moore Energy's failure to submit proper blueprints for municipal permits. Midway through August is the earliest I could see the panels being operational, and that's assuming they've gotten the drawings right this time. This is the first time I've ever written a bad review, and it's because I'm so upset. - Bryce J.
I hung a no solicitation sign but still had a man come up to my door. That ought to have been the first warning sign. To play along, I decided to bring up the subject of money. My investigation revealed that their chosen funding partner, GoodLeap, is now embroiled in many fraud lawsuits, including one brought by the Minnesota Attorney General. They also demand sensitive information like bank account details across insecure channels up front. Get out of there as quickly as you can. I'm making every effort to cancel before the scheduled start of work, as we were assured we could do. Keep in mind that the solar loan providers charge a hefty origination fee that might cancel out your tax credit. Moore Energy's high-pressure, it needs to be done now" attitude doesn't provide much room for due diligence before signing. This is the lowest form of conducting business imaginable." - Colin H.
Moore Energy has a sterling reputation here in southeast Pennsylvania, and for good reason: they provide outstanding customer service at reasonable rates. In Bucks County, where I live, Moore has installed solar panels for the vast majority of my neighbors. Matt from Moore Energy was the only solar company representative that volunteered to visit the site in person while I was doing research. The guy knew his stuff, was kind, and was a big help. His offer for our system was fantastic, and not only in terms of pricing. We ultimately went with a different firm, but it was a tough one that I pray I won't come to regret. Still, if you're looking for a solar company in Bucks County, I strongly suggest getting in touch with Moore Energy. They provide extremely reasonable pricing, and their customer service is second to none. - Kaden R.
It's been nearly eight years since these people set up my systems. We had several hard challenges to work around (including moving some fences and trees), and they was by far the most knowledgeable firm that came out to give me a price. They took care of it all. Moore and I installed a system on my roof and in my yard, and I'm not sure I would have been able to pull off the latter feat without his ingenuity. The other businesses informed me that I could only work on my own roof. Since I was hoping to pay nothing at all, I needed both. Only Moore saw the light and saw how to make it happen. I expected my power expense to be eliminated, and they delivered. The ground system more than doubles the output of my roof system. And my output has exceeded their expectations. This group deserves kudos. - Caden E.
Moore Energy was allocated to me when I signed up for a solar system via the City of Philadelphia's Solarize Philly program. It was a fantastic adventure! Roman Hryhorchuk kept in contact through phone and email, informing me of next steps and checking in to make sure everything was well. March's power bill was just $10, and that was after only a few months (early spring and wet). I'm overjoyed. - Max W.
When no other businesses got back to me, I was frustrated enough to contact Moore Engery. After hearing about my schedule, they quickly scheduled a meeting for the next week. When Roman arrived, he brought a wealth of useful information. He made sure the panels were in the right place, taking into account the angle and strength of the sunlight. A customized brochure outlining the position in its entirety was subsequently sent to me. The staff was professional, efficient, and kind. I was so satisfied that I made preparations for more solar panels the next year. This is a fantastic organization with which to partner. - Antonio D.
At this point, I have produced 42519 kilowatt hours of power and avoided the emission of more than 40 tons of carbon. When I create electricity, I avoid spending money on electricity. Therefore, there are advantages to the economy and the environment. Moore Energy's services in system design, installation, and operation are required to get these credits. Though time-consuming, the results are worth the effort. Moore was a pleasure to work with and very informed, helping us through issues with municipal authorities and service providers. At last, I was given proper information and invited to participate in all talks. The system is presently producing an average of 1000 kWh per month. The great quality of the work performed by Moore Energy has resulted in a very satisfying experience for me. - Steven A.

Moore Energy LLC Social media
Moore Energy LLC uses its Facebook profile to advertise its solar energy services. With just 15 subscribers, the page is not very well-liked and hasn't been updated in a while. A link to the business website, contact details, and some basic corporate information are all included on the page. However, there are no videos or other links put on the website, making it hard to evaluate the company's dependability or openness. Although the page's general design is uninspiring and simplistic, it does include some fundamental corporate information. Customers are urged to visit the corporate website or get in touch with the firm directly to have a better understanding of the business.
Moore Energy LLC is a solar power startup with a presence on the professional networking site LinkedIn. The website looks very polished and professional, with the firm logo emblazoned across the top. You may learn about the company's history, open positions, and service offerings on this website. More than 230 people follow the page, making it rather popular. These fans are a rich resource since they include both current and potential buyers. Posts range from promotional content to industry news on this page. Video documentation of their work is included as well. Despite the lack of testimonials on this page, Moore Energy LLC has a stellar reputation in other channels. Overall, the Moore Energy LLC LinkedIn profile is an excellent location for people searching for dependable solar solutions to go for information.
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Moore Energy LLC average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews344.6


Moore Energy LLC Pros & Cons

  • Highly Experienced
  • Outstanding Quality
  • Professional Staff
  • High costs
  • Limited financial resources
  • Weather Dependent

Moore Energy LLC Final Conclusions

Residential and commercial solar system installation is the area of expertise of Moore Energy LLC. To assist clients in lowering their power costs and maximizing their return on investment, they provide energy efficiency services. Customer evaluations have given Moore Energy LLC a 4 star rating overall because they consistently provide excellent customer service and have nice, experienced technicians and installers.

Moore Energy LLC locations

Main Address505 Keystone Rd, Southampton, PA 18966
Phone Number8005875534

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