Nelnet Renewable Energy (formerly GRNE Solar) review

A recognized supplier of solar energy solutions, Nelnet Renewable Energy focuses on designing and installing solar panel systems for residences and commercial buildings. They provide entire turnkey solutions that include monitoring, maintenance, and financial incentives to guarantee long-term advantages for their customers. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, Nelnet Renewable Energy is dedicated to offering specialized solutions that address the distinct energy requirements of its customers. Choose Nelnet Renewable Energy for trustworthy and skilled solar solutions that enable you to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on electricity.
Nelnet Renewable Energy (formerly GRNE Solar) review

Nelnet Renewable Energy (formerly GRNE Solar) overview

A recognized supplier of solar energy solutions, Nelnet Renewable Energy focuses on designing and installing solar panel systems for residences and commercial buildings. They provide entire turnkey solutions that include monitoring, maintenance, and financial incentives to guarantee long-term advantages for their customers. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, Nelnet Renewable Energy is dedicated to offering specialized solutions that address the distinct energy requirements of its customers. Choose Nelnet Renewable Energy for trustworthy and skilled solar solutions that enable you to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on electricity.

What Nelnet Renewable Energy (formerly GRNE Solar) has to say about itself

Nelnet Renewable Energy provides solar energy products and services. In order to fulfill its commitment to sustainability, Nelnet Renewable Energy develops, installs, and maintains solar systems. Nelnet Renewable Energy has risen to the top of the industry because of its skilled workforce. Making a beneficial impact on environmental preservation is the company's mission. Nelnet Renewable Energy collaborates with customers to identify their needs in order to discover the finest solar solutions that meet their budgets. Customers can count on Nelnet Renewable Energy to provide trustworthy and cost-effective solar energy solutions.

Nelnet Renewable Energy Solar Review

Year Started2012
Service AreasIL, IN, IA, NE, WI
Service TypesInstallation, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, Polycrystalline, Bifacial, Thin-Film, High Efficiency, All Black, with Integrated Microinverters, with Enphase Microinverters, with Enphase IQ7+ Microinverters, with SolarEdge Optimizers
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, Lead-acid, Nickel-iron, Flow, Saltwater, Vanadium Redox, Zinc-bromine, Zinc-air
CertificationsNABCEP, IAEI, NFPA, UL, CSA

Nelnet Renewable Energy (formerly GRNE Solar) website review is the website for Nelnet Renewable Energy, a prominent provider of solar installation services. The company has a long history in the industry and a stellar reputation for customer service. The website provides general information about the company's services and permits consumers to quickly obtain a quotation for their project with a few mouse strokes. In addition to a contact page, the website also includes a section devoted to frequently asked questions. Professionally designed, informative, well-organized, and user-friendly website. The required information is readily accessible to customers. The website is reliable because it contains all of the pertinent information regarding solar panels.

Nelnet Renewable Energy (formerly GRNE Solar) price policy

PackagesSolar Panel System packages - starting at $14,999, Solar Battery Storage packages - starting at $7,799, Solar + Battery Combo packages - starting at $18,999, Solar Shade Structure packages - starting at $14,999, Gas Generator packages - starting at $2,399, Roof Mount packages - starting at $8,999, Ground Mount packages - starting at $7,999, Flat Roof Mount packages - starting at $9,999, Pole Mount packages - starting at $9,999, Solar Hot Water packages - starting at $2,999
Payment optionsCredit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), debit cards, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and checks.
Payment discounts10% discount on energy storage systems, 10% Direct Install discount, 10% discount for veterans, 10% Senior Citizen discount, 5% discount on component upgrades, 5% discount on outdoor maintenance, 5% discount for first-time customers

Nelnet Renewable Energy (formerly GRNE Solar) online reputation

Customers have provided Nelnet Renewable Energy with a variety of comments, both favorable and negative. Nelnet Renewable Energy's capacity to provide a cost-effective solution, great customer service, and speedy issue resolution is praised by those who have had pleasant experiences. Long response times, erroneous estimates, and unanticipated taxes, however, left some clients unhappy. Anyone thinking about getting solar should think about Nelnet Renewable Energy. Despite the errors that have been made, if you take the time to complete your study, the service will satisfy your demands.
"My request for GRNE to install a Tesla wall charger took them four weeks to answer. Their response speed wasn't the only problem, however; they often postponed and kept me waiting without explanation for hours. They said that they couldn't make it because their kid was ill when I got in touch with them to ask where they were. Although I am aware that unforeseen circumstances sometimes occur, it was annoying to have to follow up with them to get information. I ultimately made the decision to pay a different firm to install my charger, and I'm happy to say that it works well. I would advise considering alternate companies before choosing GRNE if you want a trustworthy one that values your time." - Benjamin C.
"As the first anniversary of the installation of my solar system approaches, I regret to inform you that the quantity of power produced has dropped by 60% short of the forecast. The discrepancy is a considerable divergence from the initial estimate since it cannot be ascribed to outside causes like weather or other variables. I was promised a method that would lower my payment to nearly nothing for the full year, yet I am still paying half power bills. The system's already poor performance will likely be made worse by the fact that it looks the return on investment will take considerably longer than expected." - Ethan E.
"The solar panel manufacturer neglected to tell me that the state rebate was taxable when they quoted me the upfront cost plus refunds from federal and state programs. It wasn't until the next year when they contacted and requested my social security number so they could issue me a 1099 that I realized I would have to pay taxes on the state refund. This surprised me since I had assumed that the higher tax would result in a greater refund. In essence, the amount I got from the state was far lower than what the solar panel business had claimed." - Everett W.
"This company is a joke. They offered me a $30,000 device that they represented as producing 85% of my energy. If it yields 20% in a month, I'll consider myself fortunate. They first offered me a quotation, but when I required more roof support, they increased the cost by $900. Only roughly 30 2x4s were added to my joists. While they were in my attic, they drilled around 6 holes in the ceiling. The way the boards were carved was the greatest. One of their workers gave the boards a foot karate kick. The owner claimed that his guy was only strutting for another employee when I showed him the footage of his behavior. They marked the side of my home with their ladders. I discovered they had defrauded me after they had taken my money. Still to come is the finest part. My system was installed by them around three years ago, and now I'm receiving emails warning me that it's outdated and needs a new inverter to function. It is $520. This business is awful, therefore I would advise utilizing a another one." - Henry F.
"Experience was unacceptable. I would suggest doing some research on other companies if you can. They told us when we signed up with them at the beginning of the year that it was the ideal time to do so so that we could have our solar panels installed and crediting our electricity account all summer long while it's sunny to assist with the cost in the winter. We've already had two postponements for our installation date. Despite their assurances that they will soon schedule us. Since they have now postponed installation until the end of the summer, we are worried that we won't get enough credit to help in the winter." - Charlie D.
"GRNE installed an 8.0 kWh system and a 9.8 kWh LG backup power system for me in September 2019. The building department waited around three months to get a permit for my land since it is in an unincorporated county. GRNE rapidly implemented the system and immediately fixed any small flaws. The professional electricians' work impressed the county inspector much. While SolarEdge was unresponsive when I wanted to update the programming of my batteries, GRNE ran many programs on my system and configured it as necessary. Our salesperson Ryan is always available, but Ed, the project manager, is often booked. SREC's reimbursement is handled by GRNE, whose spirited team has my full support." - Oscar С.
"After looking into a number of solar installation businesses, we came to the conclusion that GRNE Solar was the greatest option in terms of both quality and cost. They were able to respond fully to all of our inquiries during the whole procedure. Our high expectations were fulfilled since the installation was carried out very carefully and precisely. We heartily endorse GRNE Solar and respect their expertise and attention to detail for your solar project needs." - Liam M.
"I found the whole process of studying solar energy to be extremely confusing when I first began. My comprehension of the foundations of solar energy and what I needed to know to interact with the installers improved thanks to the help of Energy Sage. Of all the installers, GRNE Solar had the best ratings and was the most responsive. Once I knew everything about the project, their prices were the most reasonable. In order to get my business, GRNE Solar went above and above, and I was extremely happy with their service. It was a significant undertaking for a single-family house to install a 10.18 KW system with 37 panels. As a result of the faultless installation, I heartily recommend them." - William A.
"I strongly endorse GRNE Solar because of their excellent services! They gave me cost-effective quotes, helped me plan the installation, and got the permits even though the town was taking its time. They were a small business, so I had quick access to their team of professionals who were familiar with my system inside and out and who patiently responded to all of my inquiries. Their communication and customer service were fantastic, and the installation proceeded without a hitch. I appreciate GRNE Solar's outstanding work on my system and their clear knowledge of the solar business. I really appreciate excellent work." - Mason J.
"I discovered that there were significant price range disparities after receiving multiple solar offers. I suggest doing research, obtaining several quotes, and steering clear of national chain solar panel installers that are pricey and use high-pressure sales techniques. Supporting neighborhood solar installers enables quicker resolution of problems. Ryan, the GRNE representative, pleased me. He patiently answered all of my inquiries, suggested the highest-wattage Q-cell 400-watt panels, and informed me that 24 panels would fit our roof. We acquired the most panels and the maximum wattage possible for our roof from GRNE since they provided the best pricing and value. The whole procedure occurred without a hitch, and our power bill has been cut by more than 80%. I heartily endorse GRNE!" - Michael D.

Nelnet Renewable Energy (formerly GRNE Solar) Social media
A new Facebook page and a name change for Nelnet Renewable Energy were made. The page quickly expanded and gained 346 followers as well as 310 likes. The page includes all pertinent contact details and a business operations synopsis. The articles on the website are often updated and include helpful information for potential and existing customers. Users express interest in the business by commenting on postings and liking them, and there are already reviews of the job completed in the feedback area. Overall, we can state that the page is growing, has relevant content, and can be trusted.
Nelnet Renewable Energy's page on LinkedIn is quite popular. It has more than 1,050 active subscribers. The page contains all contact information, a brief description of activities, and links to other company resources. The profile is frequently updated with new posts containing informative messages, photos, videos, and hashtags. Several photo-reports about the work done are also presented. It can be concluded that the page is very useful for customers in terms of a general understanding of solar energy and the intricacies of the company itself.
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Nelnet Renewable Energy (formerly GRNE Solar) average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1384.7


Nelnet Renewable Energy Pros & Cons

  • Experienced Team
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Comprehensive Solar Solutions
  • Maintenance Requirements
  • Dependency on Weather
  • High Initial Costs

Nelnet Renewable Energy (formerly GRNE Solar) Final Conclusions

As the business transformed, demand and supportive comments increased. With a solid internet presence to support it, Nelnet Renewable Energy provides dependable and economical solar energy solutions. The business should be commended for its knowledgeable and competent staff as well as its capacity to provide specialized solutions that satisfy client requirements. Even though there have been some cases of unhappy customers, the business is making every effort to make things right as quickly as feasible. The company is a dependable supplier of superior solar energy with an overall rating of 4.7/5.

Nelnet Renewable Energy (formerly GRNE Solar) locations

Main Address230 N Hicks Pl Palatine, IL 60067
Phone Number3128593417

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