NJ Solar Power review

New Jersey Solar Power is an industry leader in solar energy, including system planning, development, installation, and upkeep. They travel all over New Jersey to offer their solar services to homes and businesses.

NJ Solar Power overview

NJ Solar Power is a renewable energy firm specializing in solar energy system design, installation, and maintenance for New Jersey homes and businesses. Site evaluation, system design, financing choices, installation, and continuous care and support are just a few of the services they provide. Their mission is to assist lessen reliance on conventional fossil fuels and lessen the effect on the environment by offering sustainable, dependable, and reasonably priced energy alternatives.

What NJ Solar Power has to say about itself

It's well acknowledged that New Jersey Solar Power is the state's top supplier of solar energy. Their extensive selection of "turnkey" solar systems is offered for commercial and residential use, including government buildings. They work closely with customers throughout the duration of their solar panel installations as part of their customer-centric strategy. Being one of the leaders in the field, the business handles every step of the procedure, from start to finish.

NJ Solar Power Solar Review

Year Started2003
Company Websitenjsolarpower.com
Service AreasNJ
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and deep cycle batteries.

NJ Solar Power website review

The website that can be found at njsolarpower.com is the official website for NJ Solar Power, and it is a legitimate website since it contains in-depth information on the services that the business provides in addition to contact details. The website provides the sense of having been developed and maintained by professionals, and it is easy on the eyes. Because it gives correct information about the organization, the website is reliable and trustworthy; one can rely on the data it presents. High grades are given to the website in terms of its dependability.

NJ Solar Power price policy

PackagesResidential: starting at $19,990, Commercial: starting at $35,990, Industrial: starting at $59,990, Government: starting at $79,990, Non-profit: starting at $19,990.
Payment optionsCheck, credit card, and other methods such as bank transfer
Payment discounts0% APR for 72-month financing, 10% discount for customers who pay in full, 5% discount for customers who pay in cash, 3% discount for customers who set up direct debit payments, 2% discount for customers who have a referral from an existing customer

NJ Solar Power online reputation

Positive feedback has been left by clients of NJ Solar Power Company in New Jersey. Other people are pleased with the quality of the items and customer service, but others have had bad experiences with inadequate communication and delays. Prospective clients should do their homework and weigh all of their choices before choosing to do business with this organization.
"A very awful company. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to give this review a zero-star rating. Either way, if you value things like incompetence, destruction of property, inadequate communication, and a weak work ethic, here is the place to be. My husband and I moved to a brand-new home in New Jersey at the beginning of the year after residing in New York. When the time came, we decided to relocate and, after doing the required study, chose this company. We had always claimed that we would switch to solar power. Having solar panels on my roof for more than six weeks and yet not having them switched on because of failed inspections has been a real nightmare, rather than an exciting and smooth procedure. I would definitely choose a different solar business if I could do it all over again. A company that has been putting solar panels on roofs for as long as this one ought to be aware of the permissions that are required in order to start construction. Because the firm failed to get the required permissions, my solar panels have been lying on my roof for weeks without generating any electricity. Now, their workmen have irresponsibly destroyed my front step. The salesperson, who is useless and doesn't represent us even though he is the one selling us the house, informed my husband and me that the workmen will cover our property with protective materials before starting work. Sadly, this was not the case for me; in addition to being irresponsible and messy on my land, the installers also left a large black Tar stain on the threshold of my brand-new house. Naturally, we were incensed, but we kept it to ourselves as the staff promised to resolve the issue. So, my step hasn't been maintained for WEEKS, much like the solar panels on my roof that are presently off. The greatest part is that my spouse expressed his annoyance at being kept in the dark, and the proprietor of this business became aggressive with him. These kinds of businesses don't care about their clients and don't feel bad about screwing them up. All this firm has accomplished is to make us feel irrelevant and to pile additional stress on top of our already busy lives. This company takes on more work than it can possibly finish in a reasonable amount of time, then moves on to the next job. My spouse and I will be pursuing legal action, including contacting the Better Business Bureau, since this is just dreadful. I really wish I could alter my opinion, but there are better choices out there, so don't even consider dealing with this firm." - Liam C.
"The lack of communication and lack of attention to detail are major issues at this company. It is not my job to keep tabs on any problems that may arise with a company as a customer. The workers who installed my new home accidentally spilled tar on my front steps. I was patient and reassuring, so they just fixed it. Since then, they've told me "we're busy and it's been really hot," which is a lame excuse given that the problem has persisted for more than 40 days. If you can't handle being busy and interacting with customers, this probably isn't the best field for you, but I'm sorry to break it to you: your business is seasonal. As a director of operations, I am in constant contact with customers, brokers, suppliers, and tenants. I've never encountered a company with worse communication skills. If you want to know how to ruin a customer's day, destroy their front steps, ignore them for weeks, force them to call you over and over, and then tell them it's "fucking 100 degrees out" and hang up on them when they don't have an answer, you've come to the right place. There is no way in hell that I could endorse this firm. When I asked about this on the Fourth of July weekend, I was told I would have an answer by today. On top of that, I still don't have solar power, with the latest explanation being that the plumbing inspector is a tough cookie and requires permits even though, I'm sorry, but you work in Bayville, so you should have known better. Again, I'm the one who has to initiate contact instead of being informed of progress and assured of the company's commitment to satisfying the customer. This company is NOT worth your time." - Noah W.
"In October, one of my inverters stopped working. They even swapped it out, but the system is still malfunctioning. When I finally got through to them after many failed attempts, I was told that they are now accepting new customers! Since this is the case, I simply cannot endorse NJ Solar. They charged me $1700 for maintenance services they provided. But I'm back to paying for electricity and getting NO SRECs in return. I've had my system for a long time and am now searching for a company to make the necessary repairs. It's been long enough at 3.5 months." - James P.
"Our electricity panel's wiring issues prevented our solar system from being fitted with any CTs. This makes logical, however it means that the production and consumption data is not shown on my SolarEdge monitoring. However, this wasn't disclosed to me after the installation was completed. It took me many calls and emails to finally figure out why. I mistook our solar panels for not functioning the whole time! If you phone them and they don't pick up, try calling from a different number using Google Voice. Well, it appears to work for me." - Mason S.
"The 40 kW system was bought by our company. Now, the PVP inverter turns off every two or three days. NJ Solar won't do anything because the company that made the inverters in the first place was bought out by another company. If you have a big solar project, you should stay away from this company because they will tell you anything to get your business. But when things go wrong, they ignore calls and emails right away. In the long run, it's not worth it to work with them. Also, the housing of the inverter rusts a lot, and they don't care." - Sebastian J.
"Several people at NJ Solar have talked to me over the weeks and months leading up to and following the installation of the solar panels. Everyone has been friendly and accommodating. If you're a homeowner who would like to get rid of your monthly electric bill, you should look into NJ Solar. The fact that they use only high-quality, 100% made-in-the-USA materials was the clincher for me." - William M.
"At the beginning of the summer of 2018, my wife and I started talking to different solar companies. We sought out an ethical business to partner with. Do the job properly rather than quickly, cheaply, or telling us what we want to hear. The NJ Solar team, including Lucas, Henry, and everyone else involved, took the time to answer all of our questions and make sure we understood the proposal, warranties, deadlines, and responsibilities for every facet of the job. Eventually, we came down to two companies from a group of six, and Lucas and Henry demonstrated why NJ Solar was our best option. Their assistance to customers was excellent. Besides JCP & L, several other businesses requested that we complete load calculations. Once I explained the changes we were making and how the electricity would be used, Lucas took over and made it happen. These dudes realized that we weren't solar professionals and stepped up to the plate to do so. Also, they made sure we knew what was going on. Furthermore, as a local business here in Bayville, NJ, they were well-versed in the regulations of our municipality, and the inspections and permits were processed quickly and efficiently. As for the installation itself, NJ Solar showed up promptly, cleaned up after themselves, and got right to work. The team had two days to complete the project in early December, but they managed to get it done in one. They took extra care to not leave a mess in our house and to install everything properly. As soon as the system was operational, they spent considerable time explaining its features, including emergency shutdown and monitoring software. They made us feel like we were part of the family. If you're thinking about getting a solar energy system, you should definitely go with NJ Solar." - Jack D.
"A friend of mine suggested I get in touch with this company to have solar panels put on my roof, so I did. Everybody involved, from the sales manager to the technicians, was very friendly and helpful and did their best to make the whole thing as easy as possible. Without a doubt, in the future, I will refer them to anyone who asks about solar panels." - Levi F.
"Everyone I spoke to was pleasant and simple to get along with. The buying procedure was very simple. The salesman was a veritable encyclopedia of knowledge. There were plenty of other solar energy firms to choose from, but this one stood out due to its informative manager and reasonably priced quote. Even though we ran into some problems during installation, NJ Solar Power was always easy to get in touch with and quick to resolve any issues that arose. Excellent design and functionality characterize these panels. The outcome and support were excellent for me. I have already told our next-door neighbors how great they are." - Alexander G.
"Five of us decided to have Solar systems installed on our properties, and after doing some research, we settled on NJSOLARPOWER. Our HOA, Mount Laurel, and PSE&G were all pleased with the work, and the company gave us a fair price for the installation and was flexible with our schedule. After the second visit, the problem with the control panel (specifically, the panel's programming) was fixed. The staff was helpful and professional throughout the entire project." - Daniel K.

NJ Solar Power Social media

Anyone interested in learning more about solar power can visit the company's Facebook page at NJ Solar Power. The site frequently posts useful information such as news, product announcements, and customer stories. The page is well-designed and contains many attractive images. The profile is well-maintained and is popular with professionals in the area, customers, and residents of nearby towns. Several images and videos on the page explain various points, as well as many links that direct users to other resources. Visitors can learn more about solar energy and the services by reading the Q&A section. The page is credible because NJ Solar Power, a well-established and long-standing solar company, hosts it. The page regularly receives a significant number of likes, comments, and shares, which also makes it popular.
NJ Solar Power is a genuine, professional solar energy company with a glowing LinkedIn presence. Slick and simple to use, the interface presents important information, including the firm profile, specialties, and current personnel, in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition, the company's reputation as a reliable source of solar energy is supported by reviews and articles about it. NJ Solar Power's LinkedIn profile demonstrates, in general, why it is a dependable and credible provider for the solar industry.
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NJ Solar Power average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews484.7


NJ Solar Power Pros & Cons

  • Professionalism
  • Cost-Effective
  • Renewable Energy
  • Limited Service Area
  • Weather Dependent
  • Maintenance

NJ Solar Power Final Conclusions

Positive comments regarding NJ Solar Power's offerings and customer service have been received. While some customers complained about delays and poor communication, others commended the installation procedure, the use of premium materials, and the transmission. The attractive and educational social media pages and website of the enterprise increase the business's reputation and dependability. Nevertheless, a few unfavorable reviews mention delays. Before doing business with this organization, prospective clients should do extensive research and weigh their choices.

NJ Solar Power locations

Main Address90 Atlantic City Blvd.Bayville, NJ 08721
Phone Number7322690308

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