Best Solar Companies in North Carolina

Best Solar Companies in North Carolina

How To Pick a Solar Company in North Carolina and Save Money?

1. Regulatory Framework: With the state's Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard, North Carolina mandates 12.5% renewable energy by 2021.

2. Pioneer in Solar Energy: North Carolina ranks second nationwide in solar capacity, growing over 36% in 2020.

3. Local Incentives: Capitalize on state-level benefits, such as the Community Solar Program and the Solar Access law.

4. Climate Advantage: With an annual average of 213 sunny days, North Carolina has a prime environment for solar energy production.

5. Warranty of Solar Equipment: Prefer the companies that provide a warranty period of at least 25 years.

6. Exceptional Service Standards: Ensure high-quality professional installation, maintenance, and customer service.

7. Proven Track Record: Look for firms with a lengthy and successful history in the solar industry.

8. Competitive Pricing: Aim for a balance between a fair price and high-quality offerings, with systems costing an average of $2.60/watt.

Bear in mind, a solar investment is long-term; ensure your chosen company is compliant with all state laws and regulations. Given the right solar partner, you can not only alleviate your carbon footprint but also achieve substantial savings on utility bills.

How Much Electricity Solar Panels Generate In North Carolina?

Well, NC dwellers can hit efficiency gold with solar energy. Annually, NC sees 213 sunny days. That's potential power! Though efficiency varies seasonally, a 5kW system could yield lovely results. In summer, you could average about 20-25 kWh daily. Winter? Expect roughly 10-15 kWh. Your annual estimation? Around 6,000 kWh! Yes, that's impressive! Other factors like installation angle, panel age can alter this generation. However, these numbers provide a rough estimate. NC has the Solar Access Law, guaranteeing the sun’s availability for your photovoltaic exploits. Not to bomb you, but solar production has increased 200% since 2010 in NC! Harness energy with the sun, make the smart switch, and go solar North Carolina. Go for those good power vibes!

Solar Statistics in North Carolina

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Average Cost of Solar Installation in North Carolina by System Size

System SizeCash Purchase (After Tax Credit)Financed Purchase (After Tax Credit)

What To Look For in a Solar Installer?

1. Start by verifying the installer's credentials. North Carolina requires solar installers to possess a specific license.
2. Check the installer's experience. Greater expertise typically means a smoother installation process.
3. Inquire about warranties. A solid warranty can protect your solar investment long-term.
4. Look for customer reviews. This might give you insight into the company's reputation and service quality.
5. Consider the company's financial stability. Solar installations are long-term commitments, so choose a sound business.
6. Assess the proposed contract thoroughly. Ensure you're benefiting from North Carolina's SunShares program and federal tax credit.
7. Consider your home's sun exposure. North Carolina's temperate climate is ideal for solar, but individual site variation may influence performance.
8. Look into battery storage options. This could elevate your power supply, particulary during Atlantic storm season.
9. Understand the payment schemes available. Leasing, loans, and outright purchases all come with varying boon and burden.
10. Evaluate the post-installation services offered. Efficient maintenance will be critical for optimal system operation.

In Q2 2021, North Carolina ranked 3rd in the U.S. for cumulative solar capacity. With the state's solar-friendly policies, including Senate Bill 3, there's never been a better time for residents to go solar.


Is It Worth Investing in Solar in North Carolina?

North Carolina's robust policy framework makes solar investments highly appealing. The state ranks 2nd nationwide in solar capacity. In 2019, North Carolina boasted 5,499 megawatts of invested solar power.

Against the national average, solar costs in this state are 60% lower. Moreover, regulations like Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (REPS), highly incentivize this sector. Besides, favorable tax credits of 35% just sweeten the deal.

The laws governing net metering give homeowners an added win. Such laws help negotiate better deals with utilities. Besides, power purchase agreements (PPAs) are allowed under specific exemptions, giving investors added peace of mind.

Uniquely, the state features an attractive solar carve-out. This innovative program ensures that a portion of consumed energy must come from solar power. Consequently, it guarantees a healthy climate for solar investments.

The state's ample sunlight is also a selling point. Reports indicate average solar radiance of 4.5-5 kWh/m2/day. As such, solar systems yield higher electricity generation.

Therefore, the numbers crunch favorably for solar power investment in North Carolina. A combination of strategic laws, lucrative incentives, and abundant sunlight provides a compelling argument.

How Solar-Friendly Is North Carolina?

North Carolina, a star player in the solar market, holds an impressive 2nd rank nationally for solar capacity. Significant solar investment, which comes to a whopping $7.92 billion, echoes the state's pro-solar stance. North Carolina's climate is absolutely solar-friendly, receiving an average of 213 sunny days annually.

But, there's more than climate and economics in play. The state regulatory environment is also pro-solar. A legislative gem like North Carolina’s Public Utilities Regulatory Policies Act supports smaller solar initiatives. Equally crucial is the state's Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (REPS). It mandates utilities to source 12.5% of power from renewable sources by 2021.

Then there's net metering. Despite some criticism, the net metering policy allows solar consumers to sell excess power back to the grid, fostering a vibrant solar market. A 35% state tax credit bolsters these efforts further, making solar investment tantalizingly affordable.

Moreover, initiatives like "The Green Source Advantage Program" provide larger non-residential customers with a conducive framework for renewable energy purchase. Duke Energy's $62.5 million solar rebate program is another banner example of the state's solar commitment. North Carolina, it seems, has certainly embraced a sunny disposition!



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Firstly, know your energy consumption. It's essential for sizing your solar system. Examine your roof's health; a sturdy roof equals excellent solar installation. Analyze the sunlight exposure; optimal sunshine ensures high energy yields. Consider utility rates as well; the higher they are, the greater your savings. Also, ponder the aesthetics; neat install equals higher home value. Lastly, review state policies, incentives, and tax credits; they can significantly reduce installation cost. All things considered, North Carolina's sunny climate makes it a solar haven. So, savvy homeowners, it's time to bask in your solar benefits. Shine on!

  • First, conduct a comprehensive market assessment. Compare price points of various solar installation companies. Next, balance cost with quality. Don't compromise on service standards for cost reduction. Read customer reviews for unbiased insights. Request quotes from multiple firms for a competitive rate. Additionally, analyze the return on investment for each vendor. Always check for hidden charges, like maintenance fees. Also, consider companies offering attractive financing options. Lastly, pay attention to the warranty coverage provided. This astute approach will ensure cost-effective and efficient solar installation.

  • Absolutely! We take our credibility seriously. Our ranking isn't a free-for-all. We've got a stringent evaluation process in place. Not all players made the cut. Exclusions aren't arbitrary, they're based on non-compliance with our quality standards. Invalid licensing, poor customer feedback, or inadequate warranty terms can push a company out of our top rankings. Our goal is to provide users with the crème de la crème of solar installers in NC. We believe in quality above everything else. No exceptions, no shortcuts. Honesty and transparency are our guiding principles. Remember, we've got your back, always!


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