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Pe Solar doesn't charge any money to go solar. For your convenience, we pay the installation and engineering costs in advance.

PeSolar overview

Pe Solar doesn't charge any money to go solar. For your convenience, we pay the installation and engineering costs in advance.

What PeSolar has to say about itself

Pe Solar provides whole-system solar power solutions and solar panel installation. PE Solar offers turnkey solar solutions for both home and business installations of solar power. PE Solar is committed to giving you the tools you need to generate your own green electricity, whether you want to use solar panels and renewable energy to cut utility bills, do away with utility charges altogether, or have emergency backup solar power.

PeSolar Review

Year Started2007
Service AreasFL, GA
Service TypesEnergy Auditing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsSingle-crystal, polycrystalline
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries,lead-acid batteries
CertificationsNABSER, SEIA, Florida Solar Energy Center's certification "Installing Photovoltaic Systems", Certified Solar PV Installer by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners

PeSolar website review

The website is attractive, modern in design and informative about Pure Energy Solar's services. The site provides useful information about the various solar solutions available, such as their benefits, estimated cost savings, and financing options. Attention is drawn to the guarantee of a quick installation of the system in one day and the environmental friendliness of solar panels. The inconvenience is the lack of clear prices for solar systems and their installation.

PeSolar price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, credit cards
Payment discounts0% Financing, Solar rent, Tax credits, Utility discounts, Payback guarantee

PeSolar online reputation

In general, Pure Energy Solar is a company with an ambiguous reputation. The negative reviews outnumber the positive ones. Homeowners complain that the wrong amount of the tax refund was announced, the solar system was installed on a faulty roof, which caused problems and difficulties with reinstallation. Although, it can be noted that there are completely satisfied customers who liked the friendliness, availability and openness of the staff when there were questions from the homeowners. And also, they noted the payback of the system and the high-quality work of the installers.
"In March, I started the procedure for my solar system. Now that October has arrived, I am required to make loan payments for a system that has never been operational. On the financial company, which is a distinct matter, they misled me. They were paid by the loan business before the system was up and running. I was advised to read the tiny print, they said. I think I ought to have read more reviews. I have no power to influence how quickly the job is finished." - Jeanie Thompson
"The "savings" computed showed that, on average, my payment for the panels together with my new energy bill would be less than my typical power bill without the panels. This convinced me completely. I received written confirmation that I will be saving an average of $235.18 every month. This has not happened. I've complained about it many times, and each time I've been informed that it's because I consume more power than I did before I got the panels. This is Totally incorrect since I've had to maintain my thermostat at 80–81 degrees since I bought the panels and had to spend so much money, and my power bill still doesn't reflect the $235.18 savings. While they did come out and install 2 more panels at no charge, my electricity rates are still above $150 per month after 2 months. That makes $350 when added to the $200 payment for the panels. Prior to being offered this snake oil, my monthly power cost averaged $261.56. I absolutely wouldn't suggest solar power to my worst enemy! The cost of learning about buyer caution was high." - Melanie
"I was informed that solar panels would never be installed on a roof that required maintenance or replacement. They promised to check my roof to see whether it could support solar panels and to let me know. The solar panels were placed after they had finished inspecting my roof, as far as I can recall. My neighbor was informed by one of the installers that he would not climb onto that roof for fear of falling through it. A few months later, I learn that my roof has to be replaced. The solar panel manufacturer informed me that they were not liable for the roof's condition either before or after installation. I must take the panels down so that the new roof can be installed. For the removal and reinstallation of panels, PE wants to charge me $2,400. After that, they offered to do it for $1,600. Several solar energy providers I've spoken to have informed me that they typically offer one free removal. My complaint is that the solar panels should never have been installed in the first place. By placing panels on a subpar roof in this instance, they made a mistake and didn't own up to it. Recently, my daughter installed solar panels on a 3800 square foot house. I didn't suggest them to anybody and won't in the future." - Larry Edwards
"Similar to other concerns, they gave us the wrong amount of the tax refund and gave false information about how the loan will be processed. You could be okay if you pay cash up front, but you should exercise caution when working with this company's financing. Once our panels were placed, they weren't switched on for many months. Even though we were unable to utilize our panels, our loan continued to accrue interest. We were duped into believing that as long as we paid back the tax refunds, we wouldn't have to pay interest on them. Not so. These are misleading, and it's my fault for not paying greater attention, but I would avoid them." - Lucy Bartlett
"From the start, doomed. They said that if we allowed them to place a sign in our yard for free, they would let us participate in their Model House Program and provide us a wonderful bargain on solar power. They said that solar energy could be purchased with the savings from electric use. We saved the same amount of money each month, $200. It's not worth it since you'll incur debt and have a lien on your home from a contractor instead of paying APS." - Krissy M.
"PE Solar was dependable and professional from beginning to end. Their customer service and on-time completion of the task have really pleased us. I would recommend" - Brian Davidson
"Installed my solar system in August 2020. I am delighted with my outcomes as of today, June 30th, 2021. My monthly power cost has been $13 since December 2020. That's seven months with simply the hookup cost from Duke Energy being billed. Also, I will have a credit of 2600 KWH until July. In August of last year, my installation took about 8 hours, and following the municipal inspection, I was up and running in less than a week. PE Solar carried out its plan from the beginning. Excellent financing rate and a terrific price for the Solar! This has been a significant victory for me, and I heartily endorse PE Solar." - Satisfied Solar Customer
"I had no problems getting my solar system installed. Everyone at PE Solar was really friendly, approachable, and open to inquiries. My system got online and is operating well after the installation went smoothly. I was always able to contact them through text or email if a query or small problem arose, and I always got speedy resolutions to any minor concerns. Response times ranged from a few hours to just a few minutes. amid a pandemic, no less! Thank you very much. Definitely a recommendation." - Craig Spergel
"It was a blessing for me to discover Pure Energy Solar! They fitted solar panels to all of my houses at a very reasonable price and were a pleasure to deal with. I have saved so much money since the solar panels were installed since they worked really hard and got the job done quickly!" - Gillespie Merritt
"On each of the sites I have worked with Pure Energy Solar on, they have completely blown me away. They are an honest business that lives up to their reputation; they only provide the highest quality job for your money. Since I began working with Pure Energy Solar, I have definitely noticed how much money I am saving on electricity. I appreciate all the kind care you've always given me." - Bechtelar Dell

PeSolar Social media
The Pe Solar Facebook page is comprehensive and well-organized. The emphasis is on offering information and updates on services and products from Pe Solar. Additionally, Pe Solar-related good news and client testimonials are promoted on the page. There are numerous images on the page, including pictures, movies, and infographics. On social media, he also interacts with users, clients, and followers. The page effectively mixes content and valuable information, including links to articles with useful information about the business and energy-efficient solutions as well as a blog. Additionally, there is a shop component that enables users to purchase goods right from the webpage. The page also includes a helpful FAQ section with answers to frequently asked questions regarding solar energy. In general, the Pe Solar Facebook page is attractive and is a useful resource for finding out more about the company's goods and services.
To find out more about Pe Solar and its services, check out its profile on LinkedIn. It features a business summary, the most recent news, highlighted items, and job listings. Important details including a company's mission, values, and primary services are included in a corporate profile. Additionally, there is a section on energy solutions as well as a form for inquiries. Additionally, the page features the team's accomplishments, pictures from events, and Pe Solar's award wins. Customer reviews are also included on the page to give visitors a sense of the standing of the business. In general, the LinkedIn page for Pe Solar is a useful resource for people to discover more about the business and its energy solutions.
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PeSolar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews404.8


Pe Solar Pros & Cons

  • Offers products from leading manufacturers
  • Attentive managers
  • Pricing
  • Support issues after installation
  • Problems with misleading marketing
  • Poor installation

PeSolar Final Conclusions

A solar energy firm called PE Solar is focused on designing, installing, and maintaining solar energy systems for residences and commercial buildings. The business is dedicated to offering consumers cost-effective energy solutions that also assist them lower their carbon impact and save money on their energy bills.The advantages of converting to solar energy, such as cheaper power bills, enhanced energy independence, and less carbon emissions, are often highlighted in favorable customer evaluations of solar providers. Together with the caliber of the solar panels and tools used, they often stress the professionalism and expertise of the installation staff. Negative reviews, on the other hand, could point out installation difficulties like delays or shoddy work, as well as concerns with the effectiveness of the solar panels or the company's customer service.

PeSolar locations

Main Address1325 W Auto Drive #103, Tempe, Arizona, 85284
Phone Number(480) 264 0690

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