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Environmentally friendly energy solutions for homes and businesses are what Pinnacle Exteriors does. For over a decade, we have been designing, building, and installing high-quality solar energy systems for clients, and we also repair and maintain existing solar panels. Help the planet and your wallet by taking advantage of our services and developing a long-term energy plan for you.

Pinnacle Exteriors overview

Environmentally friendly energy solutions for homes and businesses are what Pinnacle Exteriors does. For over a decade, we have been designing, building, and installing high-quality solar energy systems for clients, and we also repair and maintain existing solar panels. Help the planet and your wallet by taking advantage of our services and developing a long-term energy plan for you.

What Pinnacle Exteriors has to say about itself

Pinnacle Exteriors is happy to serve as your local authority on solar energy products and services. The solar energy systems we create and install are among the most reliable, cost-effective, and productive in the industry because of our significant knowledge and experience in the field. We are committed to providing affordable, green energy to our customers. You may have faith in our skilled and experienced team to have your solar panel installation done quickly and correctly.

Pinnacle Exteriors Solar Review

Year Started2011
Service AreasPA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Construction, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries and lead acid batteries.

Pinnacle Exteriors website review

If you want to learn more about what has to offer, you've come to the right place. The company's website details their work and more. There are also portfolios of work, testimonials from satisfied customers, and contact information. The site is beautifully organized and easy to use. You can trust the reliable information provided on the site. All the data provided is confirmed, and customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Customers can have peace of mind knowing that Pinnacle Exteriors provides a satisfaction guarantee. The company is fully insured and bonded, so it can be trusted.

Pinnacle Exteriors price policy

PackagesSolar Panel Installation Package - starting from $3,500, Inverter & Racking Package - starting from $2,000, Roof Mounts Package - starting from $1,000, Panel-as-a-Service Package - starting from $0, Battery Backup Package - starting from $1,000, Solar maintenance & Monitoring Package - starting from $500
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) as well as PayPal and check.
Payment discounts10% military discount, 10% senior citizen discount, 10% multi-system discount, 5% referral discount, 5% early-payment discount, Family packages (10% off 3 or more systems), 0% financing

Pinnacle Exteriors online reputation

The vast majority of Pinnacle Exteriors' happy clients have recommended them to others. Customers have praised the company's helpful representatives and the speed with which they performed their installations. Others have commented on how pleased they are with the solar panels' performance and the money they've saved on their energy bills since installing them. Some consumers, however, have complained that the panels are not as effective as stated and that the installation procedure is lengthy. In sum, the solar services and solutions offered by Pinnacle Exteriors help consumers save money over time.
Beware!!!! What a horrible business! Terrible service, and even worse support staff. They are happy to take your money, but they won't return your calls or send someone out to check on the solar panel they reportedly replaced if it's not working properly. All they care about is making a profit off of you and will refuse to fix anything if it breaks. I wish I could give this firm zero stars if I could. Put your head in the sand, I wouldn't send anybody here. - Julian S.
When we called for a price estimate, we were handled horribly. Based on that one visit alone, I would never work with them. They kept us waiting for about three hours in the evening, joking about how we wouldn't accept their 'offers' with finance like we were a complete moron. I wouldn't go near there. Getting a price took a lengthy, and more than 80% of the information we were given was superfluous to our needs. - Jason K.
Three years ago, we had Pinnacle replace all of our windows. The salesman was quite kind, and we found generally positive reviews and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. I didn't mind the wait so much since I wanted the work done properly. Here we are, two years later. I noticed a musty odor in the living room. This only occurred on rare occasions, and no one else noticed the odor. After a few months, the musty odor became unbearable, and my husband finally tracked it to the window. After tearing off the drywall, we found mold because the window hadn't been properly sealed. The sirens began to sound. They tested the home and discovered mold beneath nine of the eleven windows. It will cost us $35,000 to repair the windows and nothing else to remove the mold. Pinnacle has come out to absolve themselves of blame. They told us to take care of the windows ourselves. A contractor recently checked out the windows and reported they weren't the appropriate size and the installation was a disaster. In our thirty-plus years as house owners, our decision to use pinnacle stands out as the one that cost us the most money. - Luis E.
Recent consultation for solar installation: salesperson, who made it apparent he wasn't a salesman, but a marketing consultant, sounded competent, but immediately resorted to high-pressure sales methods. A detailed estimate was out of the question until I signed a contract, he said. Beware the buyer! The original price of the system was roughly $55,000, however, promotional discounts reduced it by $8,000. When that wasn't enough to get us hooked, we told him we needed time to look into other possibilities, and he informed us the price would be $55,000 if we changed our minds and decided to proceed the next day. He had to phone his boss to let him know he was OK and on his way to the next appointment, but they managed to shave another $12,000 off the price tag by using funds that had been set aside for some other purpose. Used vehicle salesmen are the ones I've seen do the most outrageous stunts. The answer is no" As a result, I will not do business with your organization." - Henry G.
Although I have not yet hired this firm, a representative spent nearly two hours at my house today giving me a price. Although this company's services extend to the outside of buildings, I contacted them today for a price on a photovoltaic (PV) array system specifically for my home's roof. I'd heard good things about them from others, and now I got to try them out for myself. The salesman was so disorganized that he only had a presentation pamphlet from the shingle manufacturer to give me. No reading material of any type was provided to me. No one's name appeared anywhere, not even on the business card. It is challenging to retain enough information from a two-hour lecture to make an informed choice. For that reason alone, I can't see myself continuing my employment with Pinnacle. - Diego O.
The roofing work was completed efficiently and expertly. The workers were efficient and thorough in their cleaning of the whole property. On-time delivery and pickup of the dumpster were both guaranteed. I appreciate your promptness and the lovely roof color. All solar panels are now operational and have a stunning aesthetic. They are fully functional, so let's start using renewable energy right now. - Carlos L.
We couldn't be happier with our decision to have a solar panel system from Pinnacle put on our roof. The sales associate went above and above by patiently answering all of our inquiries. The setup process was very simple and well-organized. We love how the system complements our home's decor rather than clashing with it. My husband and kid really like the app since it enables them to keep an eye on the system in real-time. They're ecstatic to see all the trees we've planted today. Pinnacle Systems is without a doubt the best option available. - Lola R.
Thanks to Pinnacle Exteriors, we were able to realize a longstanding goal of ours and assist our children and grandkids inherit a better world by producing solar energy. From the first consultation and contract to project completion and online monitoring, they were with us every step of the way. They were well-versed in the subject matter, patient, and professional as they fielded my many inquiries. Even after the installation was finished, they were fast to respond to any queries we had. We're very glad we went with Pinnacle Exteriors for our solar panel installation, and we urge all of our friends, neighbors, and family to do the same! After just four months of using solar energy, we have already seen a return on our investment due to the significant decrease in our monthly energy expenses. Pinnacle Exteriors, you have my sincere gratitude for your dedication and professionalism. I appreciate you all. - Dana P.
The ultimate group performed well. We considered installing solar panels on our brand-new home. They took care of everything for us, even dealing with the utility company who had questioned our solar installation. The few times I did call, I always got a response or a return call within a day. This is, in my view, an excellent business partner. I have included a few images of the completed work. Pinnacle's primary responsibility is to ensure that there is sufficient electricity, yet there doesn't seem to be any solar panels in sight. - Alex F.
Our new roof and solar panels make us very pleased. Because of the affordability and viability of this option, we decided to pursue it. Our queries were all addressed by the salesperson, who seemed to know his stuff. We would have appreciated more regular communication on the permitting and scheduling processes after the sales meeting. When we called the office, though, they were always kind and helpful. Once they got started, the professionals were efficient and thorough in their work. Both the panels and the mounting job look fantastic on our roof. The technician provided detailed instructions on how to use the app and demonstrated how the system interfaces with the electrical infrastructure in our home, which is helpful. Overall, we're satisfied with the results and with Pinnacle. - Blake I.

Pinnacle Exteriors Social media
Pinnacle Exteriors, a solar energy provider, has a vibrant and trustworthy Facebook presence. Numerous visually appealing photographs and films detailing solar energy services and informative articles covering topics like energy efficiency may be found on this website. With over 500 likes and over 500 followers, this page is quite popular. Pinnacle Exteriors' Facebook page has informative blog entries, helpful links, and even solutions to frequently asked questions. The organization seems to be trustworthy and is doing a fantastic job of giving relevant information to its audience. Customers who have used the company's solar energy services tend to give it good marks, and there's a space on the website for them to provide feedback.
You can learn more about Pinnacle Exteriors, a solar panel energy firm, by visiting their reputable LinkedIn profile. On their About page, you may learn more about the firm, what they do, and how they want to get there. Nonetheless, there is a severe paucity of subscribers, with just 15 people now following the page. There are also almost no visuals present, including no videos. These problems may reduce the reliability of the page. However, the site's credibility is bolstered by its expert aesthetic, streamlined structure, and well-rounded content. The Pinnacle Exteriors LinkedIn profile is an excellent resource since it is well-designed and contains accurate details about the company's offerings.
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energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews2794.3


Pinnacle Exteriors Pros & Cons

  • Flexible
  • Eco-friendly
  • Professional
  • High installation costs
  • Limited warranties
  • Possible shade interference

Pinnacle Exteriors Final Conclusions

Pinnacle Exteriors installs solar panels for homes and businesses. For commercial and residential customers, the company provides solar panel design and installation services from accredited professionals. Pinnacle Exteriors has received several accolades for the quality of its solar panel installation and the professionalism of its employees. The company has received a satisfactory rating.

Pinnacle Exteriors locations

Main Address2222 S 12th St, Allentown, PA 18103
Phone Number4843506829

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