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Residential solar energy provider Rooftek focuses on giving Americans with homes solar power options. The business offers financing, monitoring, and maintenance services in addition to designing and installing solar power systems. In addition to assisting homeowners in switching to renewable, clean energy, Rooftek is committed to assisting them in saving money on their power bills.

Rooftek overview

Residential solar energy provider Rooftek focuses on giving Americans with homes solar power options. The business offers financing, monitoring, and maintenance services in addition to designing and installing solar power systems. In addition to assisting homeowners in switching to renewable, clean energy, Rooftek is committed to assisting them in saving money on their power bills.

What Rooftek has to say about itself

Providing long-lasting, environmentally friendly solar energy solutions, Rooftek is pleased to have you join our community. Our goal is to supply our consumers with solar energy solutions that are both ecologically friendly and economical. We have faith in solar power's ability to improve lives at home and in the world. Years of expertise and cutting-edge research have prepared us to provide the most complete, trustworthy, and efficient solar energy solutions on the market.

Rooftek Solar Review

Year Started2021
Service AreasUT
Service TypesInstallation, Roofing, Financing, Energy Auditing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and hybrid batteries.

Rooftek website review

Rooftek's main website ( gives off a professional and reliable vibe. The website has been well crafted, and it has a wealth of useful information about their offerings, including contact details. In addition, they provide a wide range of evaluations and comments from satisfied customers. The website seems to be routinely updated, suggesting that the organization places a premium on maintaining a high standard of customer satisfaction. Rooftek's main site gives out an impression of dependability and trustworthiness as a whole.

Rooftek price policy

PackagesRooftek Solar Basic System (starting at $3,000), Rooftek Solar Deluxe System (starting at $4,500), Rooftek Solar Premium System (starting at $7,000), Rooftek Solar Custom System (Price Quoted), Rooftek Solar Monitoring System (starting at $750), Rooftek Solar Pre-Wired System (starting at $5,500), Rooftek Solar Racking System (starting at $800), Rooftek Solar Roof Tile System (starting at $6,500)
Payment optionsCash, checks, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), PayPal, and wire transfers.
Payment discounts5% Military Discount, 5% Senior Citizen Discount, Up to 25% State and Federal Solar Incentive Rebates, Up to 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit, 0% Financing Options, 10% Referral Discount

Rooftek online reputation

Overall, Rooftek's buyers have had good things to say about the company. The customer support and the quality of the solar panels placed have been praised by many customers. They also liked how well the company worked and how fair the prices were. But a few buyers said that the mounting process was not easy. Also, some buyers said that the customer service was not good enough. Still, most customers who used Rooftek for their solar panel needs thought it was a great service.
"Overall, my experience with Rooftek was quite negative. On three consecutive occasions, they assured us that the repair personnel would arrive soon, but nobody ever came. After promising to solve the problem for weeks, they didn't do so when they eventually showed up. Furthermore, they failed to inform me that the leak had not been repaired and ignored my repeated attempts to contact them. Rooftek has refused to return my money, despite the fact that I am now dealing with a another firm since the previous one was so unprofessional and difficult. From the time I first contacted Rooftek until I handed over my deposit, they were always in touch and eager to assist. The new business I'm dealing with is very open with me and doesn't ask for money until the task is done well. Even though they appear kind and helpful at first, I would advise staying far away from Rooftek. As soon as they get your money, they will start treating you poorly." - Mark L.
"Thanks the company's sales rep, I felt at ease entrusting them with the installation of my new roof. But ever since I signed the contract, it seems like nothing but trouble. I really wish I hadn't signed with them. Additionally, I found out that they basically outsource everything, meaning that rather than RoofTek quality, I'm getting "some dude and his crew" quality. Complete and utter deception. Because I was worried about my dogs and any stray nails, I was also assured that they would clean up after themselves. They were supposed to clean up the debris, but I've had to do it myself. I really hope the roof and the craftsmanship are not indicative of how they have handled this situation." - Jorge D.
"Do NOT use RoofTek as a source of illumination. The irony! To provide a quotation, their representative visits my house. The first payment is made by me. There has been no contact for almost a week. To which they said, "Oh yes, we're aware of you... and, oh by the way, it may be more costly since you may need some metal strips for the installation (about $500). When the electrician arrives at the residence, he or she phones to ask how they will connect to the power supply for the fixtures. I interject, "Are you serious?!" They obviously have no idea what they're doing. I politely decline their offer to install anything and want a refund. They promise to carry it out. Then they charge my card again rather than provide the refund. Even as I write this critique, I have yet to get a reimbursement. It's absurd to be here. Leave and go to a competitor." - Conner W.
"The choice to use Rooftek was the worst I've made in my 25 years as a homeowner. They caused thousands of dollars worth of damage and refused to pay to have it repaired. The task was never completed, and they refused to cooperate with me. Their Vice President and Owner both ignored my calls. Their carelessness and inability to communicate have led to us having to take our dispute to court." - Nicolas K.
"Company that is completely inept and unprofessional. Totally botched the landscaping job, and I mean it literally. The work that was expected to take 7 days really took approximately 6 months to complete. I begged them to fix the issue, but they never returned to my house to finish the work to my satisfaction. It took about 12 weeks to install the gutters. Do not even consider working with this firm; rather, RUN! The most frustrating aspect of this whole enterprise was that I had put my faith in them, and they had never apologized for breaking it." - Elias I.
"These fellas rule. A big saw fell from my trailer, and one of Rooftek's workers stopped to assist me pick it up. He called four of his employees to come assist me carry it when we realized we couldn't do it alone. They are very kind individuals, and I want to work with them again if I ever have roofing needs. Many, many thanks!" - Emmanuel C.
"We needed a new roof, and I had always planned to install solar panels at the same time. Nature gave us a nudge earlier than we anticipated. However, our weighted mortgage payment came just as the tax credits were being cut. Everything came together nicely. I chose RoofTek for both jobs so that if something went wrong, I wouldn't have to worry about one company blaming the other. Since October (now March 3) everything has been working well, only one minor issue with the panels and system, which was promptly resolved. So far so good. THE SUNNY MONTHS HAVE ALREADY ARRIVED!!!!!" - Peyton B.
"Everything from the first consultation with the salesperson to the final installation was done flawlessly. We are overjoyed. It took me back to the days when professionals took pleasure in their work and really trusted the goods they were putting in. We are so pleased with RoofTek that we can't help but sing their praises. The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the city has already visited to examine it." - Jonah M.
"These people were amazing from the very first conversation I had with the salesman. My whole roof was remodeled. You offered me a deal that I just couldn't refuse. Every member of the staff was top notch. They were like a well-oiled machine in terms of cooperation. My living room ceiling was water damaged and one of their staff, but they fixed it. He really did everything to the highest standard. I wish I knew the names of the other people who were also on their crew. They really hit the mark! This is the firm I would confidently recommend to anyone. Absolutely essential. A huge thank you guys." - Trevor N.
"The service we received from RoofTek was outstanding. Our first contact was with Hudson, who was both helpful and patient as we went through the contract and answered our many insurance-related issues. Bryson and his crew did the actual installation. They worked on our home in a professional, courteous, and very polite manner. They were lightning fast and very effective. I'd refer everyone and everyone I know to this firm." - Omar S.

Rooftek Social media
Learn more about RoofTek and the solar energy solutions they provide on their official Facebook page. The combination of blue and yellow gives it a polished, pleasant, and user-friendly appearance. Since everything that might possibly be needed to create confidence in the organization is right there on the website, it is an effective tool. The portal also has videos that explain the value of the services offered. The page also has a large number of followers and a high user approval rating. This makes it more likely that RoofTek will provide satisfactory services, as shown by the positive feedback from consumers. Visitors to the site may get a feel for the services offered via the many photographs and videos shown there. In general, RoofTek's Facebook page is an excellent resource for learning about solar energy's various benefits.
Rooftek Solar Energy's LinkedIn profile is trusted. The site gives an impression of professionalism, with articles on the latest developments in the field clearly presented. The information is current and trustworthy because it is moderated. This page details Rooftek's past projects and employee successes, as well as testimonials from satisfied customers. There are also attractive graphics on the site, including movies, images and graphics. The company's commitment to offering cutting-edge solar energy solutions is evidenced by the regular addition of fresh information to the site.
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Rooftek average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews11804.7


Rooftek Pros & Cons

  • Experienced
  • Quality
  • Trustworthy
  • High Initial Investment
  • Limited Accessibility
  • Customer Support

Rooftek Final Conclusions

RoofTek offers solar panel installation for both commercial and residential properties. They tailor solutions to each individual's energy requirements and back them up with guarantees and support staff. Customers have given RoofTek mostly good feedback, praising the company's affordable prices and responsive support staff.

Rooftek locations

Main Address4080 South West Temple, Salt Lake City UT, 84107
Phone Number8018264888

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