Smart Energy Today review

After decades in this industry, we have realized that providing our clients with this particular solution is the most beneficial for them. It's possible that we identified some that you've never tried before thanks to our research. Or, maybe you are a clever person who has completed all of these steps before; if that is the case, feel free to jump forward as much as your heart desires.

Smart Energy Today overview

After decades in this industry, we have realized that providing our clients with this particular solution is the most beneficial for them. It's possible that we identified some that you've never tried before thanks to our research. Or, maybe you are a clever person who has completed all of these steps before; if that is the case, feel free to jump forward as much as your heart desires.

What Smart Energy Today has to say about itself

The headquarters of Smart Energy Today can be found in Olympia, Washington, and the company services customers not only in Washington but also in Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Pennsylvania, and California. Smart Energy Today is a home renovation and maintenance company that provides a range of durable high quality energy efficient goods meant to make homes and businesses more comfortable while saving money and lowering the carbon footprint at the same time. These items can be found on the company's website at Smart Energy Today is here to assist you in achieving your goals of enhancing the coziness and efficiency of your home or place of work, lowering your energy bills, and achieving greater energy independence. Smart Energy Today takes great pride in the quality of its goods and services, and the company is committed to achieving consistently favorable customer feedback.

Smart Energy Today Solar Review

Year Started2012
Service AreasCA, WA, OR
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing
Types PanelsMono-crystalline, Poly-crystalline, Thin-film
Backup BatteryLithium-Ion batteries
CertificationsBBB, NABSEP

Smart Energy Today website review

The website provides extensive information about to the services that are made available by Smart Energy Today. Solar panels, batteries, micro-hydraulic systems, and energy audits are only some of the topics covered in these sections. In addition, a summary of Smart Energy's dedication to environmental responsibility and superior service to its customers is included below. In addition, there is a space designated for comments and queries from customers, as well as a contact form. Customers will feel more at ease while purchasing online since the website provides information about the various payment options. Customers are given all of the information they need to make an educated choice and are provided with a broad overview of the services that are offered by Smart Energy on the website.

Smart Energy Today price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsBank transfer, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express
Payment discountsPayment discounts up to 10% if customers pay in full at the time of installation

Smart Energy Today online reputation

Customer experiences with Smart Energy Today clearly vary substantially, as seen by the company's conflicting ratings. Maintaining a level of professionalism and expertise. A number of consumers have commented on the salespeople's expertise and professionalism. Customers said they appreciated how fast and fully their demands were fulfilled. Customers like that Smart Energy Today doesn't employ low-cost panels and inverters built in China, but rather cutting-edge models sourced from around North America (including some from California). Happy Customers. Some clients have complimented our monitoring, servicing, and maintenance of their array systems. Overall, they were satisfied but wished they had made the transition to solar sooner. Several consumers have voiced their dissatisfaction with Smart Energy Today's poor communication and lack of reaction. They complained about not being heard by the firm and having problems getting their questions answered. Incorrect installs, failed verifications, and lengthy delays in problem resolution have been cited as complaints from a subset of consumers. They were unhappy with the procedure and the company's unwillingness to address their concerns quickly. Broken assurances. Complaints were lodged concerning promises not being kept throughout the selling process, such as the delivery of promised gift cards or the provision of promised paperwork. Customers have complained that they were not given enough attention when they reached out to Smart Energy Today for assistance. They were dissatisfied with the company's inaction and unwillingness to help them. These contradictory opinions need careful consideration, and the particular issues raised by consumers need to be taken into account.
"Nearly single Smart Energy Today/Lumio employee has betrayed me. Josh Miller, your sales representative, signed me over eight months ago. After summer, we still have no operational solar panels and no word from your group on when they will be finished. Our worst experience: Josh Miller on 4/14. We were promised 3 months of money if we signed that night. That night. 4/15: Smart Energy Today welcome email with goal 6-8 weeks from funding clearance and image showing maximum 12 weeks, which would have been 7/15. 5/10: Email asking property documents with my name. The lender required my husband's name since the house is in his name. 5/24: Signed husband-signed paperwork. 8/24 was the new deadline. 6/22: Solar panel installation. After the setup, I received a physical timeline with a maximum of 84 days and one configurable date step. Without knowing the variable timeline, the new maximum timeline was 9/22. The last timetable update I received should have been the goal date. 6/23: Morning inspection. Due to work, we had to reschedule after waiting until 1 p.m. Nobody called to reschedule. Rearranging the inspection required contacting Josh again. 7/2: Service Finance Company sent letter stating our first payment is due 7/28. Since just the solar panels were installed and our main panel needed to be replaced owing to age, we approached Josh about this. Josh would investigate this oddity. 7/21: Our first Service Finance Company bill. Josh again promised to investigate.8/16: Main panel replacement. The same day, Service Finance Company informed us that we were 19 days late and would be sent to collections. Again contacted Josh, who said he'd pay the late charge. 8/18: Lumio sent us a gift card for the first three months of payments. Since the primary panel was folded into the loan, we had to resign for a new amount, therefore the gift card was for 3 months based on the previous amount and did not include the late charge Josh promised. A person contacted to confirm that I received an extra gift card for the remaining. 8/19: Lumio solar panel installation survey. I mentioned my terrible experience in the survey. I replied yes to the survey's request for contact. I'm still uncontacted. 9/2: Seattle City inspectors expected a Lumio representative but found none. Josh advised against bringing Lumio representatives. Jennifer emailed that Lumio should have been present. Jennifer disagreed with Josh's claim that this was unnecessary. Rescheduled inspection. 9/13: Jennifer texted me to arrange another inspection, making me assume the 9/2 inspection didn't happen (her mistake). 9/17: Texted Josh for gift card update. No recognition. 10/12: Texted Josh about gift card again. Josh sent me an email that Alexa Gamble sent to Rachel, AJ, Catherine, and 7 others for follow-up. 10/20: Ivie texts for final electrical inspection on 10/27. She didn't respond to my sms seeking 10/28. 10/28: No show. 10/31: Ivie texts that the technician had an emergency and her text to me never got through, therefore the final electrical inspection is set for 11/10. 11/4: Josh's gift card text. No reply. 11/10: Seattle City Light Lumio inspection. Received further work. After two weeks, no one has told me when that will happen. I've only written to your organization. I have made many phone calls to follow up on your unwillingness to communicate and follow through. I'm surprised by your company's unwillingness to follow up with clients. Multiple persons have miscommunicated with us." - Raymond
"Everything was going swimmingly up until the inspection. My system failed inspection because it was improperly installed. They came out very away and helped me get set up, and they even covered the cost of the re-inspection. One of my panels ceased operating after I owned the system for 7 months. Nearly four months have passed, and it still isn't resolved. There were two missed appointments. You repaired the erroneous component and sent it to me. I had no clue anybody was coming, so their appearance caught me completely off guard. The incorrect component had been supplied, and it wouldn't be available until Monday. No one has returned since then, which was around three weeks ago. Every time I contact or send a message, I am assured that the issue will be resolved as soon as possible. Getting solar from this firm was easily among my worst life choices. When I've checked in on the repair, I've received several messages that have gone unanswered. Then, when one of the men finally replies, he tells me that things have been rough at the firm as of late and that he dismissed two employees himself that week—as if this were something to brag about." - Di
"False advertising! We failed the inspection and now we can't use our solar panels! Because no one can get the right forms to me in time! DON'T FEEL BAD! Nobody ever returns our calls. We fell for a con. Don't buy what they're selling you!" - Rachel
"On 9/21, I was invited to The Heathman Lodge for their seminar supper. Communicator Richard. He promised that this week and the next, a specialized installation crew will visit the area for individuals who sign an agreement with them to install a SOL-blanket or a solar fan. My future son-in-law signed a contract with a $16,500 down payment on 9/25 after being suggested by me. The next week, early in the week, he will be called to arrange and finish the job. The phone became silent after that. We attempted to schedule the work for 9/29, 9/30, and 10/01, but received no answer. We tried calling their main number on Saturday morning (10/02) and leaving a message, but have heard nothing back. On Monday morning (10/04) at 8:15 AM, we phoned again. The woman clearly wasn't giving this call any attention. She assured me she would go to work on this right immediately, but she couldn't tell me exactly when I might expect to hear back. Then she told us that it was too soon to contact anybody for a response. She ended the call by hanging up. The way the firm is run is despicable." - Jerry
"There is a rattling sound coming from the solar fans and insulation that were put on May 19th. I have tried calling 888-405-8689 many times, but no one ever picks up. No one has called me back after I left a message. Even after writing to [email protected], I have heard nothing back. How can a corporation that offers a 25-year guarantee on its product ignore clients who have shelled over $8000 for it? They entered you into a raffle for a gift card at their dinner if you gave them the names of three of your friends. We were awarded the gift card, but after four separate inquiries, we received no response. They promised to bring it out to you and never did. In this organization, honesty is not valued. Please think carefully about the company's lack of assistance before making a commitment. Also, don't give them the names of your pals; they're not reliable. It's the idea behind it that matters. They will not be trusted with major commitments if they can't even be relied upon to keep their word on little matters. After our house renovation and solar panel installation, I wanted to have them return to install a solar blanket, but they have entirely slammed the door on that possibility." - Diane
"Although I received quotations from SunRun, Vivint, and Tesla before deciding to go with Smart Energy Today, I did extensive research before making my final decision. Although Smart Energy wasn't the cheapest quote I received, it also wasn't the most expensive, it checked out to be the best value. This is because, as with anything you're going to buy (we bought, but I guess you can lease panels as well), it's ultimately not about what you pay but what you get. I decided to go with them since their salespeople impressed me with their professionalism and depth of expertise, addressing all of my inquiries thoroughly and promptly. Array system monitoring, customer service, and ongoing maintenance were my primary priorities. After doing some investigating, I found that their customers were completely satisfied and couldn't leave reviews fast enough to express how much they wished they had gone solar sooner. Considering the abundance of both positive and negative solar information available, I was beginning to wonder if this was all too good to be true. When I went further, I found that they weren't utilizing cheap solar panels and inverters produced in China, but rather cutting-edge models built throughout North America, including some from California. Since 2012, they have maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, which is particularly impressive in this day and age when it is so simple to complain and publish bad reviews online. Since my sales rep and I had been texting back and forth, I gave him a call to get a quote tailored to my house and energy consumption in kilowatt hours, which is different from the kilowatt rating of the whole system but easy to grasp after he explained it to me. I was already confident in my purchase, but Ryan went above and above to ensure that I fully grasped the solution they were recommending. In the end, I opted for a 6Kw System, which offset 113% of my yearly power use; since I had just bought a Tesla, I reasoned that the extra 13% could be utilized to charge my vehicle without installing more solar panels. Depending on how things go, I may also consider buying and reviewing one of Smart Energy's electric vehicle (EV) chargers. So far, so good, but like every other review I've read, I wish I had received the knowledge and made the move a long time ago since when I first considered it four years ago, it all looked so novel and futuristic. I'm glad I made the switch to solar energy, and I urge everyone reading this to do the same." - Roger
"Intelligent energy worker Tanner wood is a great asset to the team. He collaborated with us and provided us with accurate data.Cleaner electricity is something I'm looking forward to." - Kristin

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Smart Energy Today average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Smart Energy Today Pros & Cons

  • Offer a wide range of services
  • Committed to customer satisfaction
  • Offer discounts up to 10%
  • Installation cost can be high
  • Only a limited number of payment methods are accepted
  • Restricted Service Areas

Smart Energy Today Final Conclusions

In addition to installing solar, battery, and micro hydro systems, Smart Energy Today is an independent solar energy provider. They have an excellent Better Business Bureau rating and are certified by the Clean Energy Council. They provide a variety of services, are dedicated to their clients' happiness, and provide early payment discounts of up to 10%. They've earned a reputation as a contentious solar service provider and have gotten mixed feedback from customers. Researching and evaluating Smart Energy Today's reputation, customer reviews, and recommendations is a smart idea if you're thinking about using them as a solar energy provider. Gathering numerous bids and taking the time to analyze any applicable contracts or warranties may also aid in making a wise choice.

Smart Energy Today locations

Main Address2500 Mottman Rd SW, Suite 100, Tumwater, WA 98512 United States
Phone Number3604028618

2 local offices

Washington – Olympia 1001 Cooper Point Road SW Suite 140, Olympia WA, 98502
Oregon – Klamath Falls 1775 Washburn Way, Klamath Falls OR, 97603

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