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In Southern California, Solar 360 is the top solar business. Located in the city of Orange and supported by our roofing company, we provide great quality and have a team of professionals to make sure that your experience, design, and quality of the goods far beyond your expectations.

Solar 360 overview

In Southern California, Solar 360 is the top solar business. Located in the city of Orange and supported by our roofing company, we provide great quality and have a team of professionals to make sure that your experience, design, and quality of the goods far beyond your expectations.

What Solar 360 has to say about itself

Do you want to work with Southern California's top solar installation company? You're at the correct location. We are Solar 360, and throughout Orange County, Riverside, Los Angeles, San Diego, and the surrounding regions, we have installed more than 10,000 solar panels for tens of thousands of satisfied clients. We can assist you whether your household or business property needs a new solar energy system, battery backup, or solar system maintenance. While working with us, you can be sure to get only the highest quality panels, tools, and services. We'll quickly design the ideal system for your requirements, install it, and help you save money on your monthly electricity bills while lowering your carbon impact.

Solar 360 Solar Review

Year Started2013
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, General Contracting
Types PanelsSingle-crystal, polycrystalline and thin-film
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, energy storage systems
CertificationsBBB, SolarEdge Preferred

Solar 360 website review

Solar 360 Building Services has a website at It has a lot of information about the benefits of solar energy and how good it is for the environment. Great savings in electricity and the budget of homeowners are noted, examples and calculations of savings are given. The site has a colorful gallery of photos of the company's finished work. Offers a large number of solutions for installing solar systems on the roof of different materials. There is no information on the site on the cost of installing panels and systems, which makes it difficult for the client to make his choice.

Solar 360 price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, credit cards
Payment discountsTax Credits, Utility Discounts, Payback Guarantee

Solar 360 online reputation

Solar 360 is a company with mixed customer reviews and ratings. Homeowners note both positive and negative features of the company. For example, Solar 360's managers do an excellent job of advising customers, and the workers complete the installation of solar systems on time. At the same time, there are complaints about the unreliability of the design of the panels and the overvoltage of the electrical system.
"Hey messed up our roof, too! Tiles were cracked, improperly restored tiles, and parts were left totally uncovered. Even worse, their installer neglected to inform us of or correct a spot where he accidentally pushed his foot through the wood. We have been contacting them since the rain started and our roof began to leak for months, and the owner shouted at my husband for calling. Also, the controller advised me to be thankful for my solar power. Throughout 30 years as homeowners and several improvements, we had never had such a terrible experience. Choose a trustworthy solar company out of the numerous options available." - Gretchen H.
"According to a contract, the company doesn't uphold the warranty or provide customer assistance. Frank, the new owner, had panels erected in such a manner that they damaged our roof, resulted in over $5,000 in interior rain damage, and required $13,000 to fix. NEVER USE. They continued making empty promises to come out and finish the repairs despite our attempts to negotiate with them. Unless I kept checking in, someone would arrive for a few minutes to measure and then go. A few of our panels are also not working. Nothing to assist or encourage." - Katie B.
"They installed my system, and I was interested in learning more about how to add additional panels. No one called back or responded to my several messages. I'm hoping they notice this and get in touch with me." - Richard N.
"Rene Paez came over to inspect the location and offered me a recommendation. I agreed, signed the agreement, and made a $1,000 down payment. They contacted and stated I needed to pay an additional $4,300 after receiving the municipal permission (nearly 3 months). Naturally, they lost all credibility, and I had no desire to work with them any longer. Despite the fact that I've been following up with them every day for the last 2.5 weeks as I write this review, they still haven't reimbursed my $1000 deposit." - Dan S.
"Update: I retract my two-star rating. Right now, all I want to do is leave no stars. A month was spent with all the old felt paper off the roof and some of the fresh rolls lying against my wooden fence. from 12/17 until 1/16. At one point, the wooden fence gave way and began to tilt in the direction of my neighbor. That was first brought up by them. Once I complained to Solar 360 about it, they refused to replace it, claiming that the fence already had dry rot and that they would not accept responsibility. Basically, they claimed that the state of the fence, rather than the weight of the rolls that were resting against it for a month, was what caused it to fail. It to me only seemed like another pretext for not repairing what they had broken. In the end, I had to pay for the repairs out of my own cash. All the items that were resting on it were photographed." - Peter M.
"When I decided to add solar, batteries, and a vehicle charger, I dialed Solar 360. They contacted back within a few hours, and Dominique Rivas arrived two days later to try to first grasp what I wanted. Then, with excellent professionalism and experience, he gave me advice on what to do and was honest about any potential extra costs caused by required electrical modifications. I had a quotation in my possession two days later that was about in the center of reported LA $/W. Dominique had already given me all the confidence I needed, so I didn't even seek another quotation. A firm must be excellent if a person like him works there. The short version is that everything worked well, they attempted to save me money, handled the normal hiccups professionally, and I have been happy managing the business for the last 1.5 months. The team members that worked on my project, Courtney Ford, Jerad Flickner, Eli Scott, etc., were all excellent, hardworking, and extremely professional. So, it is January 24, 2020, and everything is working as it should. I'm posting this update because Solar360 has shown that they are not just a fantastic installer, but that they also continue to be committed to their clients long after the installation—at least in my situation. Jerad Flickner and the Solar360 personnel, if necessary, are fully devoted to getting everything right. There are often minor issues that need to be resolved." - andy k.
"I had a wonderful experience with Solar 360. Brian was my man all the way through. Being a proprietor of a small company, I value those who follow through on their commitments. My system is operational, and my installation went well. Brian and Solar 360, thank you." - Travis
"I was fortunate to find Charles Kim from Solar 360, and I would strongly advise anyone who wants to have solar panels installed to contact him since he is always available and very knowledgeable with solar systems and the process to follow through quickly with solar installation. There are many solar companies, and it is not easy to find one." - Becky N.
"2016 saw Solar 360 install a solar system for my home. Excellent, seamless, and on time. Never had an issue. Due to the Edison rate adjustment, there was no electricity bill up to this point. Attempting to upgrade the system with Solar 360 to produce additional electricity." - Berna V.
"Working with Solar 360 was a delight for me lately, and I was really happy with both their service and knowledge. My inquiries and worries regarding converting to solar power were patiently and expertly addressed by the staff. They collaborated with me to develop a unique solar system that met both my demands and my financial constraints. The installation staff was skilled and effective, taking great care to ensure that everything was set up correctly and was operating as intended. The installation procedure went without a hitch. I've seen a considerable drop in my energy costs since converting to solar power, and I feel good knowing that I'm doing my bit to protect the environment. I valued the process' openness and honesty throughout, and I never felt under any pressure to make a choice. To anybody thinking about switching to solar energy, I would definitely suggest Solar 360. Their degree of knowledge and dedication to client satisfaction genuinely set them apart from the competition. I'd like to thank Solar 360 for making my switch to solar energy a smooth and joyful one." - Emil N.

Solar 360 Social media account not registered
An excellent resource for learning about SOLAR 360 and the services it offers is its profile on the professional networking site LinkedIn. Displayed prominently are the company's stated goals, guiding principles, and offerings. There are various sections on the page that expand on the business concept, team, and backstory. You may learn the basics about our firm, how we got started, and what sets us apart from the competition in the "About the Company" section. Links to their website and social media profiles are included in the profile's contact information section. You can also visit the company's blog to learn more about their processes and achievements. The company's wares are laid forth in a light and approachable fashion in the Products and Services section. It details all of their primary products and services and features visual representations of their achievements in the form of icons and photographs. Employee images, bios, and contact details may all be found in the Team section. This makes it simple for interested parties to locate the group and get in touch with them to learn more about the services they offer. In general, the SOLAR 360 LinkedIn profile is a useful resource for disseminating information about a business and its offerings. It is a fantastic resource for anyone with an interest in teamwork because it is thorough, well-designed, and simple to use.
YouTube channel not registered

Solar 360 average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews324


Solar 360 Pros & Cons

  • Fast and efficient installation
  • Payback of the solar system
  • Prices
  • Problems with misleading marketing
  • Limited Warranty
  • Support issues after installation

Solar 360 Final Conclusions

To sum up, Solar 360 is a renowned and trustworthy organization that focuses on the design and installation of solar panels for homes and businesses. They seem to take delight in providing affordable solutions that enable their clients to reduce the cost of their energy bills, and their dedication to high-quality work and customer happiness is laudable. Several clients claim that during the installation procedure, the business personnel were informed, amiable, and supportive. Customers say they are happy with the whole installation procedure as well as the quality of the solar panels. Customer reviews, nevertheless, might sometimes be unfavorable. Delays in the installation procedure, poor communication, and price problems have all been brought up by some. With the help of a qualified staff of experts and engineers, the firm uses high-quality solar panels and inverters to create systems that are effective, durable, and long-lasting. The fact that they are constantly ready to answer queries and address problems further suggests that their customer care and support are unmatched. Solar 360 is an organization that, all things considered, is having a good influence on the solar energy industry.

Solar 360 locations

Main Address1586 N Batavia Street, Orange, CA 92867
Phone Number(714) 695 5542

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