Solar CenTex review

Solar CenTex is at the forefront of the movement to make our corner of Central Texas a hub for the solar energy sector.However, we also design, install, and monitor solar power systems that may immediately reduce your energy cost and lock in those rates for the next 25 years at historically low prices.

Solar CenTex overview

Solar CenTex is at the forefront of the movement to make our corner of Central Texas a hub for the solar energy sector.However, we also design, install, and monitor solar power systems that may immediately reduce your energy cost and lock in those rates for the next 25 years at historically low prices.

What Solar CenTex has to say about itself

Without a shadow of a question, solar is the "hot thing" right now, and as a result, more and more people will be after your money. Watch out! The only thing Solar CenTex does is solar. We don't mess around with heating and cooling systems, electrical wiring, or light bulbs. We're not like those companies we know that "re-brand" after receiving a long list of complaints from dissatisfied clients.The greatest solar systems in Central Texas are designed, installed, and monitored by us.

Solar CenTex Review

Year Started2012
Service AreasTX
Service TypesDesign, installation, maintenance and repair of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems; autonomous and networked solar energy systems; solar hot water systems; consulting in the field of solar energy for residential and commercial premises; and financing of solar energy.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and hybrid solar panel
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries and Tesla Powerwall lead-acid batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA

Solar CenTex website review

The premier website Solar CenTex ( is devoted to providing Central Texas with thorough solar information and services. For people, organizations, and communities interested in using solar power to generate clean, renewable energy, Solar CenTex is a great online resource. Users are welcomed with a contemporary and user-friendly layout on the Solar CenTex website, which symbolizes the company's dedication to innovation and sustainability. Visitors can explore the website with ease and locate the information they need thanks to its user-friendly layout and aesthetically attractive design. A variety of demands and interests are catered to by Solar CenTex's extensive service offerings. The website provides information about solar subsidies and financing choices, as well as home and business solar installations and solutions. The website offers comprehensive descriptions of solar technology, such as photovoltaic (PV) systems and solar water heating, empowering users to make knowledgeable choices regarding their energy requirements. Solar CenTex's emphasis on client education is one of its distinguishing qualities. The website provides a wealth of information to customers, including blog posts, guides, FAQs, and more, to assist them comprehend the advantages of solar energy as well as its installation and upkeep procedures. Visitors gain access to the most recent advancements and concepts in the industry because of the frequent updating of this instructional material. To further assist users, Solar CenTex offers a simple way to contact their staff of subject matter experts in a dedicated contact area. The website provides a practical approach to start a dialogue and investigate the prospects of converting to solar energy, whether you're wanting to schedule a consultation, get an estimate, or need individualized guidance. All in all, Solar CenTex is a fantastic internet resource for anybody looking for solar energy products in the Central Texas area. The website is a helpful tool for people and companies looking for clean and sustainable energy choices since it has educational information, a user-friendly layout, and a dedication to customer care.

Solar CenTex price policy

PackagesOn average, a home solar power system with batteries can cost between $10,000 and $15,000. A commercial system with batteries can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000.
Payment optionsCash, check, credit cards, and financing, PPAs
Payment discountsDiscounts for military personnel, retirees and first-time installers, special discounts for customers who purchase multiple solar energy systems.

Solar CenTex online reputation

According to consumer testimonials, there are differing viewpoints about Solar CenTex. While some clients had success and expressed satisfaction with the solar system installation procedure, customer service, and performance, other clients encountered significant problems and voiced discontent. The favorable reviews emphasize the expertise and professionalism of the Solar CenTex team, with special recognition for consultants like Sabrina who gave useful information, responded to inquiries, and made sure the installation went without a hitch. Customers have praised the solar panels' favorable environmental effects and the reduction in energy costs. Negative reviews, however, mentioned a variety of problems and annoyances. Some clients have complained about contact problems, such as missed calls and emails, and installation delays. Others who have solar systems have encountered technical issues, such as inaccurate metering or component failure. Insufficient documentation and a lack of openness were also mentioned as issues. While some consumers did have excellent experiences with Solar CenTex, there were also a few complaints, particularly in regards to customer service, system performance, and communication. Before making a choice, prospective customers should thoroughly assess the business and take into account these conflicting assessments.
"Solar CenTex is unrecommended. Our Solar CenTex experience. Bell County home and garden shows introduced us to Solar CenTex. In 2018, we contracted with them to install ground-mount solar panels behind our property. In October, our system was examined and commissioned. The contract required it to be completely operational by 14 November 2018, yet a section of the project failed to perform as expected. A small problem was fixed after a month of correspondence. We sold that house, relocated, and wanted solar at our new home. We contacted Solar CenTex sales for a grid-tied battery backup. Sales and installation prevented a 1-star review. Early July 2021 saw the papers, contracts, and $7k cheque. The installers began creating our ground-mounted carport solar panel array with SolarEdge inverters and LG batteries. By mid-July 2021, all contracts and electric co-op forms were signed, and installation started in late August/early September. By September, we thought our system was completely working and all documentation had been sent to the right organizations. Solar CenTex paid checks for almost $70,000, completing the project. Not true. On 28 April 2022, our electric co-op called us since our meter read extremely low consumption and informed us that we did not have the right meter placed, they had no record of our solar, and they had not verified the grid connected install. Solar CenTex did not explain the unfinished procedure. Our electric co-op scheduled an inspection after I sent the signed short forms. The electric co-op recorded and commissioned our solar setup on 28 May 2022. The SolarEdge monitoring app also has issues. We often discussed the SolarEdge app software's inability to modify battery charging/discharge settings with Solar CenTex. We had to contact Solar CenTex before weather events to alter our batteries' discharge capacity since we couldn't. We regretted installing a system only the installer could manage. In June 2022, Solar CenTex projected communication intermittency. Solar CenTex (owner) answered, “yes the cell service from the inverter.” That evening, SolarEdge fixed the app bug. Solar CenTex (warranty rep) advised I contact SolarEdge directly, and I informed them when the manufacturer resolved our issue. Installed in September 2021. On 28 May 2022, the electric co-op examined and correctly metered/sanctioned us to operate as a grid-tied system. Solar CenTex was alerted, but neither problem was explained. We are: Half of our system stopped providing electricity and charging batteries on December 8, 2022. Solar CenTex found the comm card failed. Solar CenTex (install team) placed a comm card on December 20 that was incompatible with our inverter. Solar CenTex was helping us reach maximum capacity before a Christmas week cold blast. As of January 27, 2023, our system is operating at 50% capacity. Before Christmas, we were told the component was ordered but hadn't delivered from the manufacturer. We have a "RMA number" but no part. We want to know when our $70K grid-tied solar system will work. My Solar CenTex review concludes that their customer service has declined since 2018. After installation, they treat consumers poorly. We hope this performance problem is unique to this setup and that others have not had as many Solar CenTex failures." - Kristina
"My wife and I decided to go solar in December of 2016, so we looked at San Angelo-based solar companies and ultimately went with one of them. We were relieved that everything worked out as anticipated during the installation. We were told to "call them for service" if there was ever an issue with the installation, but that firm has now moved out of San Angelo. Until 5.18.22 (the day we learned about the problem from our energy company), everything was running well. The power provider checked out the residence to make sure there wasn't an issue they needed to address, but it was traced back to the solar panels. The installer was promptly alerted, and the data he sought was made available to him so that a diagnosis could be made. We have no precise information on a service visit between our first contact with the proprietor of the solar firm on about 6.15.22 and 8.6.22. We were warned many times that receiving service in San Angelo would be difficult because to our location. His office manager assured us on 8.6.22 that a repairman would arrive on 8.8.22, which turned out to be accurate. The technician did show up, but he was unable to download the data he needed to diagnose the issue, so he said he would have to come back with the appropriate tools at some unspecified later date (he said "it would have to be scheduled by the office manager and the owner"). From 8.9.22 till 8.26.22, a service call was not rescheduled despite several attempts. The expression "no response, just crickets" comes to me when I think of the lack of response to my phone calls, texts, and emails. The first installation company, whose contract specifies "If there is an issue, we will come fix it," was ignoring us entirely. We were relieved to find Native Solar, who kept us apprised of progress and costs, responded promptly to our emails and phone conversations, and never made us feel like outsiders just because we reside in San Angelo. If you take a trip around San Angelo, you'll be able to see who has solar panels, and then you can easily get in touch with them to find out who installed them and how their service is. I'm going to let others know that Native Solar provides excellent service. They proved to us that they are well-versed in customer service. To use a popular saying: "all hat and no cattle," and I will be sure to share it around as well about the original installer." - Lewis
"I hate giving a Veteran-owned company a bad review, but when they lie about their proposal, withhold information, and cancel the deal and the owner, Howard "Scot" Arey, lies about refunding my deposit, I have no choice. Scot's staff sent this. She emailed me from a cold file to see if I was still interested. Emails prompted a meeting. She's a kind, hardworking girl. She didn't mean to hide or deceive me, but she did. Money, down payments, and financing were unclear. I felt like I learned more at each stage when it should have been offered from the start. She helped me lower the company's high selling pricing. I think she would have been OK if she had disclosed all financial details. I left the agreement and she asked me to meet Scot. I met them at my workplace because I felt obligated. Scot misinterpreted my questions, making the encounter unpleasant. I denied it. I left because his staff was deceiving me and I wasn't receiving all the facts. Scot attempted, but I was set. Since his employee told me I would receive my $250 deposit back if the sale fell through, I requested it. Scot then debated the agreement, and I gave him another opportunity. However, I supplied all TVLB-required documentation. TVLB did not respond to my message. After some time, I decided to stop since this was too much trouble and foolish. Scot was unhappy but refunded my deposit. Two weeks later, Scot informed me he changed his mind. He thought I cheated the TVLB procedure. I stated again how he was wrong and all I tried to resolve the difficulties, but he ignored my emails. Before buying solar, check the company's reputation. Verify your financial obligations and make sure you understand. These individuals definitely have an excellent product, but the owner's dishonesty is unacceptable. Whoever joins this firm, good luck. I wish you luck." - Nathan
"You scoundrel!! Explanation required! I won't be leaving a bunch of reviews as you suggested. Just responding to your remarks. My husband phoned you to have me take down my review since you've known about it since I posted it. Don't fret about how risky my method is...The problem was solved with Austin's Solar Lighthouse. A team that is both affordable and competent and informed. You might try calling them for assistance. Likewise, I wish you a wonderful Christmas!" - Anna
"To put it mildly, my interactions with Solar CenTex were not positive. I used the website's contact form to ask about their solar installation services, but I didn't hear back from anybody for weeks. I made an effort to contact them in different ways, but there was still no response. It was annoying to have my questions dismissed when I was really considering switching my company to solar power. After having a horrible experience with Solar CenTex due to their unresponsiveness and poor customer support, I decided to go elsewhere. I'm hoping that in the future they will make changes to how they interact with clients and how they handle customer service issues." - James
"Sabrina, our consultant, exceeded all of our expectations. She knows her stuff, and she was able to answer all our queries. She offered to be reached for clarification at any time. We are quite impressed with how quickly our 33 panels were put. Since the program went live, our monthly power bill has been less than $15.00, and that's with the pool system always on. We appreciate your help, Solar CenTex." - Willie
"After Solar Centex finished installing our system at the end of January 2019, our power cost started going down almost immediately. We got an energy bill of $6.20 in April, and since then, we haven't had another one. Sabrina came out and explained everything to me, including how solar panels work and how the installation process works. Solar Centex, you guys did a great job with the design and installation of the solar energy system. Call Solar Centex if you're serious about switching to solar power; you won't be let down." - Kenneth
"We had heard horror stories about firms that don't even have an actual office in Texas, only salespeople, so we knew we wanted a local dealer when we began searching for a solar installation company. Almost quickly, we met a few of them and learned that their employers were based on the east and west coasts and that they were contracted out to install the panels. We finally located Solar Centex and Sabrina Arnold after hours of surfing the web. This firm sets up shop in Harker Heights and provides its own installation staff. Everything went off without a hitch. Sabrina made sure we understood the installation procedure and had all the details we needed to claim tax credits. The greatest aspect is that our 25 solar panels provide enough energy to power 35% to 38% of our home's electrical needs." - Timothy
"We chose Solar Centex for the installation of our solar energy system because (1) it is a local business, (2) its reputation has been consistently positive in online reviews, (3) its employees hold NABCEP Board Certifications in both PV Technical Sales and PV Installation Professional, (4) it employs a certified master electrician, and (5) some of its employees use the same components/systems that are put into customers' projects. Covid-related supply delays resulted in a lengthier installation time than anticipated, but we are pleased with the finished product's aesthetics and functionality. The fact that we can install a pergola is an added plus. Sabrina and Chris have been great at keeping us updated on the status of our project and answering any questions we've had along the way. Prompt responses were given to all of our inquiries, any necessary adjustments were made and handled to everyone's satisfaction, and we were given extensive details on every part of our system. The real installers were as productive as the conditions allowed. For laboring so hard through the Texas heat, we owe them an enormous debt of gratitude. They were also quite helpful in either providing direct answers to our queries or directing us to someone who could. In conclusion, if you're thinking about installing a solar energy system, you should use this organization." - Mangawang
"Solar Centex just finished installing a system for me, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Like many others, I was first wary of making the substantial financial commitment required to switch to solar power. But Solar Centex not only lived up to my expectations, they far surpassed them. From my first email with Sabrina, who was there for me every step of the way and answered all of my questions, to Trinidad, who oversaw the crew that installed my system, everyone was professional, courteous, and punctual. The promptness was really appreciated. even after everything was finished, sabrina came by to conduct a walk through and make sure I knew how the system operated and answer any follow-up questions I had. this included a visit from the owner, Scott, to make sure everything was functioning well. The whole thing was the best possible experience for me. If you're thinking about switching to solar energy, you should work with Solar Centex. I'd want to express my gratitude to everyone at Solar Centex for making my experience so positive." - Andrew

Solar CenTex Social media account not registered
The Solar CenTex LinkedIn profile is well-organized and contains useful information about the business and its core beliefs. Included on the page are the company's current staff, a picture, a full description of the business, and a goal statement. The portal also includes consumer feedback in the form of testimonials, articles, and a news section that highlight the company's dedication to satisfying its clients. The page has more than 200 dedicated fans. The page also has a contact form and links to the company's other online resources. The Solar CenTex LinkedIn profile is comprehensive and well-written, summing up the company's offerings and ethos quite well.
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34 Subscribers

Solar CenTex average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews954.8


Solar CenTex Pros & Cons

  • Comprehensive Services
  • Experienced and certified installers
  • Variety of payment methods and financing options
  • Limited availability in some regions.
  • Limited selection of solar energy products
  • May be expensive for some homeowners

Solar CenTex Final Conclusions

The general performance and reputation of Solar CenTex is relatively mixed, according to comments and consumer evaluations. While some customers have had great experiences and praised the company's expertise, professionalism, and smooth installation, others have had significant difficulties and voiced their dissatisfaction. Some consultants' extensive knowledge was praised for its usefulness in answering questions and easing tensions throughout the installation procedure. Customers who have had installations go smoothly also benefit from lower electricity costs and an increased appreciation for the environmental advantages of solar power. However, complaints have pointed to a number of problems, such as a lack of openness and transparency and problems with communication and installation. Unresolved problems, poor service, and a lack of quick replies to consumer inquiries were cited as sources of customer unhappiness. Overall, it seems that Solar CenTex has had both happy and unhappy clients, suggesting some degree of instability in their output. Prospective customers should weigh these contradictory opinions, thoroughly assess the company's products, and maybe seek more information or counsel before making a final choice. These comments are based on the opinions of a small sample of Solar CenTex customers and may not be representative of the company as a whole. A comprehensive investigation and careful deliberation are both necessary to determine whether Solar CenTex is the best option for your particular solar power requirements.

Solar CenTex locations

Main Address1901 E FM 2410 Harker Heights, TX 76548, United States
Phone Number2543931340

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