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Turnkey solar systems are installed by certified specialists for residential, business, and nonprofit applications by Vulcan Solar Power, LLC. The system design, permitting, installation, and final hookup are all handled by VSP for solar installations.

Vulcan Solar Power overview

Turnkey solar systems are installed by certified specialists for residential, business, and nonprofit applications by Vulcan Solar Power, LLC. The system design, permitting, installation, and final hookup are all handled by VSP for solar installations.

What Vulcan Solar Power has to say about itself

Vulcan Solar Power installs complete solar power systems for commercial and residential clients throughout Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia. In addition to providing full-service system design, permitting, installation, and connections as a licensed General Contractor, VSP also offers these services. We are able to provide the most cost-effective solar energy systems with the best economic returns because of our all-encompassing, bottom-to-top strategy. From the first site assessment to the final installation, we make going solar simple by providing free consultations, system designs, and quotations.

Vulcan Solar Power Solar Review

Year Started2019
Service AreasTX, AL, MS, GA
Service TypesInstallation and maintenance of solar panels, solar energy storage solutions, energy efficiency solutions and consulting services, financing options
Types PanelsMono-crystalline, Poly-crystalline, Thin-film, Bifacial, Flexible.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium
CertificationsNABCEP, InterNACHI, SRCC

Vulcan Solar Power website review

Informing visitors about the services, goods, and sustainability activities of Vulcan Solar Power is well done on this website. The homepage has a striking image of a solar panel farm, and the navigation bar links to pages that provide information on many elements of Vulcan's activities, including its corporate information, the locations of its installed solar panels, its future ambitions, and how consumers can get involved. A blog and contact form are also included on the website so that visitors may keep informed about the development of the business. With a banner that reads "Our Green Certificates" at the top of the webpage, it also amply demonstrates the business' dedication to environmental sustainability. Overall, the information on this website successfully conveys what Vulcan Solar Power offers in terms of its services, goods, and sustainability initiatives.

Vulcan Solar Power price policy

PackagesSolar Panel Installation - $2,500, Solar Battery Installation - $2,000, Solar Panel Maintenance - $500, Solar Panel Cleaning - $200, Solar Panel Repair - $400, Solar Panel Monitoring - $100.
Payment optionsCredit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay
Payment discountsDiscounts on solar panel packages, solar batteries, solar inverters, solar charge controllers, and solar accessories

Vulcan Solar Power online reputation

The majority of customer testimonials for Vulcan Solar Power are quite good and emphasize the business' efficiency, superior product quality, first-rate customer support, and knowledge of solar energy systems. From initial consultation through installation, customers find that switching to solar energy with Vulcan Solar Power is hassle-free. The business gives consumers useful data on energy output and return on investment, enabling them to make an informed choice about switching to solar power. Competitive pricing offers a cost-effective alternative, and the business guarantees consumers will save the most money possible from their solar energy system. The solar panels provided by Vulcan Solar electricity are of the highest caliber and efficiency, and consumers have noted that they generate more electricity than other similar goods on the market. However, a few unfavorable comments stick out. Another client voiced dissatisfaction with the system's effect on the environment and complained that poor customer service and dangerous materials were utilized during installation. One client had problems during installation, including faulty panels and no support or reimbursement from Vulcan Solar Power. Even if the majority of consumers have been pleased with Vulcan Solar Power, these unfavorable evaluations show that there is still room for improvement. Addressing these problems can enhance overall customer happiness and experience, particularly in the areas of product performance and customer service.
"The system has produced intolerable noise, and because of the constant buzzing, it is difficult for me to unwind or even sleep in my own home. I have spoken with Vulcan Solar Power about this matter numerous times, but despite my repeated pleas, they have not taken any action to resolve the situation. This system's noise pollution has interfered with my everyday activities and made me feel as though I am not in the house I paid for but rather in a factory. It is shameful that Vulcan Solar Power would produce such a subpar item while making no effort to fix any issues that might emerge with customers." Mark Z.
"I've been looking at solar energy choices to lower my electricity bill and protect the environment, but Vulcan Solar Power has let me down. I received reassurance that their solutions will be environmentally friendly after chatting with them. However it's obvious that this isn't the case now that I've had it installed. The technique makes use of hazardous substances that are harmful to both human health and the environment, like lead and cadmium. In addition, the installation process was disorganized and ineffective; it took considerably longer than anticipated and left my yard in disarray. Inadequate customer service was another issue. My calls were rarely returned promptly, and I frequently received false information. To top it all off, my system has performed only mediocrely at best." Nick S.
"The installation required a lot of room and was complicated, neither of which I had. In addition to the fact that it cost me a fortune, it took days to properly install the panels and wire them. After the system was installed, I discovered that it was not generating as much electricity as was claimed. Testing revealed that some of the panels were flawed and needed to be replaced. This required considerably more time and resources. In addition to all of this, Vulcan's customer service is abhorrent. They did nothing to assist me with my issues or compensate me for any expenses I paid. I feel wholly abused and would never advocate for Vulcan Solar Power to anyone. This business is a scam." Sally D.
"It is supposed to be an efficient solar power system, but in low light conditions it simply does not deliver. I have witnessed first-hand how inefficient it is in this environment, as the energy generated was significantly lower than what other systems are capable of. The system also takes a long time to start up after the sun goes down, meaning that it is not ideal for powering essential household appliances and devices during nighttime hours. I recently contacted their customer service department to try and address this issue but was met with unhelpful responses and no action taken." Nancy T.
"When promoting the possible cost savings from switching to solar power, the salesperson failed to clarify that the system has a limited amount of energy storage capacity. This means that I will need to purchase a second energy source because my solar panels won't be able to supply enough power during periods of high use. As a result, solar energy becomes a lot less appealing choice monetarily, and I feel taken advantage of by the salesperson." Lu I.
"It was an easy and efficient process, and I can say without hesitation that it was absolutely worth the money. The quality of the products is top-notch, and customer service throughout the process has been outstanding - from the initial consultation through to installation, every step of the way was seamless. Moreover, the tax incentives available for my area made the whole purchase even more affordable. The team at Vulcan Solar Power also went to great lengths to ensure that I got all the information necessary to understand exactly how much energy I could expect to generate and what kind of return on investment I could expect over time. Since getting my system up and running, I'm already seeing savings on my electricity bill - and I'm confident that those savings will only increase as the years go by." Mandy M.
"They offer high quality, reliable equipment and knowledgeable support personnel who are always happy to assist. Their scalability is a major plus - you can easily adjust the size of your system to fit your specific needs without having to buy new equipment. Plus, their competitive pricing ensures a cost-effective solution. The team at Vulcan Solar Power are experts in their field and have an immense amount of knowledge when it comes to solar energy systems. From the initial consultation to installation, they make sure that everything is done correctly and safely. They go above and beyond to ensure that you receive maximum savings from your solar energy system." David D.
"I'm pleased that I chose Vulcan Solar Power to help me go solar. Throughout the entire process of having my system up and running, the team was really helpful, and I always felt fully informed. Everything went easily and efficiently, from the initial evaluation of my energy requirements through the installation. A key factor in my decision to go with solar energy is its dependability. Even if clouds gather, I will always have access to the sun as my energy source. The fact that my electricity expenditures have dropped drastically and the system has been operating flawlessly since installation made me happy as well. Customers receive unrivaled service from Vulcan Solar Power. They provide a wide range of solar systems in addition to professional guidance and assistance." Yuka O.
"The solar panels are of high quality, with a highly efficient design that generates more power than other comparable items on the market. What truly distinguishes them is their unrivaled safety record. Their dedication to safety is obvious in every part of their manufacturing process, which employs only non-toxic materials. Furthermore, their personnel have extensive experience and knowledge of solar energy systems. Their customer service is also excellent; they reply immediately to any inquiries I have and are always willing to assist with maintenance or repairs if necessary." Taras Y.
"The quality of the solar panels is top notch, with a very efficient design that generates more power than other comparable products on the market. What really sets them apart though is their unparalleled safety record. Their commitment to safety is evident in every aspect of their production process, using only materials that are non-toxic to the environment. In addition, their technicians are highly experienced and knowledgeable about solar energy systems. Their level of customer support is also outstanding; they respond quickly to any questions I have, and are always willing to help with maintenance or repairs if needed." Mykola I.

Vulcan Solar Power Social media
The Facebook page for Vulcan Solar Power is a useful tool for the business to interact with its existing clientele and attract new ones. Numerous articles on the website emphasize the business's environmental initiatives, ongoing projects, and client endorsements. This enables prospective consumers to discover more about the services offered by the business and to get a feel of what its clients think of it. The page also offers a direct connection to the Vulcan Solar Power website, enhancing the business's online exposure. This Facebook page effectively promotes the services of Vulcan Solar Power thanks to its distinctive blend of educational postings, client assistance, and advertising.
Vulcan Solar Power's Linkedin profile is an excellent platform for advertising the company's offerings and making contact with prospective clients. In a well-structured and comprehensible report, the corporation outlines its origins, current activities, and corporate social responsibility. A link to the company's website is also provided, allowing readers fast access to any items or services they may need. In conclusion, this website serves as an efficient means of advertising Vulcan Solar Power and raising the company's profile.
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Vulcan Solar Power average reviews

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Vulcan Solar Power Pros & Cons

  • Durability
  • Tax Incentives
  • Cost Savings
  • Noise Pollution
  • Environmental Impact
  • Space Requirements

Vulcan Solar Power Final Conclusions

Within the field of renewable energy, Vulcan Solar Power has successfully positioned itself as a frontrunner. Because of their extensive services, indisputable dedication to the happiness of their customers, and unwavering dedication to protecting the environment, they have become a reliable provider in their sector. Their online presence, which includes their website, Facebook page, and Linkedin profile, highlights the efforts they make to remain current with the most recent technological developments and to sell their services to prospective clients. In general, Vulcan Solar Power is an honest and dependable company that provides solar energy and other services linked to this industry.

Vulcan Solar Power locations

Main Address3809 4th Terrace North, Birmingham AL, 35222
Phone Number2056798666

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