Galaxy Solar Co LLC review

A full-service solar energy provider, Galaxy Solar Co LLC focuses on designing and installing solar photovoltaic and thermal systems for residences and commercial buildings. Galaxy Solar Co LLC offers specialized solutions that are catered to the requirements of each client thanks to its team of skilled installers, certified electricians, and solar consultants. The business provides a broad variety of services, including system financing and maintenance as well as energy audits and analyses.
Galaxy Solar Co LLC review

Galaxy Solar Co LLC overview

A full-service solar energy provider, Galaxy Solar Co LLC focuses on designing and installing solar photovoltaic and thermal systems for residences and commercial buildings. Galaxy Solar Co LLC offers specialized solutions that are catered to the requirements of each client thanks to its team of skilled installers, certified electricians, and solar consultants. The business provides a broad variety of services, including system financing and maintenance as well as energy audits and analyses.

What Galaxy Solar Co LLC has to say about itself

Galaxy Solar Co LLC, the best provider of solar energy solutions for households and businesses. Our objective at Galaxy Solar Co LLC is to supply you with the energy you need while lowering your carbon footprint. In order to deliver the best possible experience, we supply the most modern solar technology, including solar panels that are energy efficient. Let us help you in taking action to preserve both the environment and your cash. Our educated crew is ready to offer you the greatest advice and instruction on how to utilize solar energy to your benefit.

Galaxy Solar Co LLC Solar Review

Year Started2019
Service AreasAZ
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, bifacial, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow-battery systems.

Galaxy Solar Co LLC website review

Galaxy Solar Co.'s main website,, looks to be a real corporate website and offers comprehensive details on the firm's goods and services. It is well-designed and gives users all the information they want to decide whether or not to buy from the business. Regarding reliability, clients seem to have a positive opinion of the website and there don't seem to be any significant complaints regarding the company's goods or services. Before making any purchases, it is, however, always advised to conduct some research and read reviews.

Galaxy Solar Co LLC price policy

PackagesSolar Panels: starting at $5,500, Solar Batteries: starting at $2,500, Solar Inverters: starting at $890, Solar Charge Controllers: starting at $119, Solar System Installation: starting at $2,000, Solar O&M Services: starting at $95/month, Energy Storage Systems: starting at $6,000, Marine Solar Systems: starting at $3,500, Solar Monitoring Package: starting at $69/month, Home Automation Package: starting at $149/month
Payment optionsCash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, and check.
Payment discounts10% off for seniors, 5% off Military Discounts, 10% off for bulk purchases, 10% off for returning customers, 10% off during special holiday promotions, 10% off first-time installation, 5% off referrals for friends and family

Galaxy Solar Co LLC online reputation

Customers of Galaxy Solar Co LLC have generally had a good experience. They have applauded the business for offering high-quality goods and services, as well as a skilled and amiable workforce. Customers have, however, pointed out areas where the business can do better, including response times and customer service. Galaxy Solar has the ability to provide an even better experience for its consumers with further investment in customer care and faster response times.
"In 2020, my husband and I invested in an Galaxy Solar Co. solar panel installation. We had only been in our house for a few months, so there wasn't much of a track record for our electricity use. Therefore, we questioned the reliability of the research and wondered whether the proposed system would be enough to meet our needs. According to Trevor, who sold us the system, "set the thermostat to any temp you want and you will be fine," and if we ever run out of power, he'll foot the price and install new panels for free. Last year in July, our electric bill was about $80. Then in August you get a charge for $90. Our Galaxy Solar Co LLC project manager was called, and to make a long story short, our system is now producing the promised amount. Our salesperson assured us that the system would eliminate our electricity costs entirely, but that was not the case. Our choice to buy from this firm was largely influenced by this assurance, but it turned out to be false." - Tanner K.
"The installation of my system took place in April of 2022. My inverter has been changed seven times since installation, each time for reasons Galaxy Solar Co has been unable to explain. The latest inverter was eventually installed by a SolarEdge technician (the inverter's manufacturer) and has been functioning normally ever since. After a year, however, Galaxy Solar Co's audit showed that our system was generating within the 8% promise. However, the amount of electricity produced was only about half of what our house needed, so I still have a big bill. I was duped by Galaxy Solar Co's "this is your new electric bill" pitch, but the reality is far worse since their system is so modest. Extremely dissatisfied with the design and customer service. If you're worried that your installer is trying to sell you a system that's too small for your needs, I suggest finding a new one." - Paul R.
"Difficult to deal with on any level. On May 13th, we had our solar panels installed. They botched the installation, so it didn't pass inspection; it required many phone calls to get them to come back and correct it, and then more calls to get them to submit the paperwork with the city; finally, on July 3rd, they were able to switch on the system. On July 21 (less than three weeks later), the system shut down, and they won't be able to inspect it until August 12 (nine days later). Therefore, we will have received fewer than three weeks of output from our system during the three peak solar months of production this summer." - Cristian A.
"Our house recently had a solar panel system installed. Although it was installed on the due date, it took two more utility bills to get it turned on. Another week has passed and our app still shows zero solar electricity produced. Some days it was 75 degrees and the rest were overcast. He explained that it should take a few hours for the app to become available. On the seventh day, nothing. For $50,000, you'd think someone would have to keep an eye on these shiny new systems to make sure they really do what they're supposed to do." - Miles G.
"My experience with es solar has been quite negative. It's been almost a year of trying not to think about this $40,000 problem. They failed to show up on scheduled installation days, attempted to use a different system than what was bought without consulting us beforehand, and were subsequently disapproved when an inspection revealed missing parts. The majority of the system was implemented around three months ago, yet it is still broken. We are now saddled with both a full power bill and an ineffective solar energy bill." - George A.
"These people helped me acquire solar for my house. Very knowledgable and competent. Additionally, they provided me a cheaper quote than the other business who arrived and displayed their inventory. For my solar, they offered me a cheap interest rate of 3. I will suggest them to everyone of my family members and friends." - Mark K.
"With so many options, it was crucial that we work with a dependable business. Our choice to go with Galaxy Solar was inspired by a recommendation from a friend. They were helpful, kind, and knowledgeable in answering all of my questions. We installed solar panels for the first time last summer and saw significant savings throughout the season. I regret that we waited so long to install the solar panels. It turned out to be simple and uncomplicated! This is the only solar business I'll suggest to anybody who is serious about making the switch. Do it; you won't be sorry you did." - Jorge T.
"My solar panels were installed by Galaxy Solar almost 2 years ago. A few months ago, I relocated and had solar panels installed on my new house. I have used this firm twice now, and both times I have been pleased with the service I received from my representative. Throughout both, he was a source of information and care." - Conner O.
"The representatives from the firm were really pleasant to deal with; they were informative and kept us updated at every stage; they helped us get funding; and they delivered a product that is not only practical but also makes us feel good about ourselves and the world. With this battery, we can meet one of our criteria for self-sufficiency and always have access to electricity. Even with the incentives, Galaxy Solar Co LLC was helpful. Excellent service and a pleasure to recommend." - Nicolas T.
"Despite my long-standing interest in solar energy, I had no plans to launch a solar installation just yet. After discussing the suggestion with Lew and tweaking it many times to account for both immediate and long-term demands, everything fell into place. After working with Lew, I realized that it made no sense to put off beginning this initiative, even with all the global unpredictability. Working with Galaxy Solar Co LLC's crew was a delight. It's obvious that everyone there enjoys and values their job. Chase and his installation team function like clockwork. Before the planned installation, Chase called me to go through some of my concerns. On the day of the installation, he came back to the home to go over the details with us. Chase and his group have my highest recommendation. This installation is spotless. Thank you to the office staff as well for their rapid attention to any issues that arose or potential delays in the project. The crew was more than willing to answer my questions and explain everything that was going on. Six months after the installation, the system is performing as expected. Having control over one's own energy supply is fantastic." - Elias O.

Galaxy Solar Co LLC Social media
We found the Facebook profile for Galaxy Solar Co to be credible at first glance. There are glowing recommendations, praise from satisfied clients, and details about the team's experience and training here. With a clean, white backdrop and a vivid blue font, it exudes a sense of contemporary minimalism. Its intent is quite apparent, and it improves the Solar Energy Company's public profile. With over 1,600 followers and regular participation from individuals of various ages, genders, and locations, the page enjoys enormous success. Numerous photo-videos and dependable external connections to papers, journals, and research in the field are provided. Customers may also expect frequent updates from the organization, providing them with information about the company's goods and services. In sum, you can trust the data and statistics on this page about Galaxy Solar Co to be correct and up-to-date. account not registered
YouTube channel not registered

Galaxy Solar Co LLC average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews105


Galaxy Solar Co LLC Pros & Cons

  • Expertise
  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Limited financial resources
  • Low brand recognition
  • Weather Dependent

Galaxy Solar Co LLC Final Conclusions

Residential and commercial solar panel installation is the company's area of expertise. Galaxy Solar Co LLC is a solar energy provider. Customers regularly praise the company for its professionalism, high quality work, and affordable prices. Based on customer reviews, Galaxy Solar Co LLC's rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Galaxy Solar Co LLC locations

Main Address5324 E. Fairbrook St., Mesa, AZ 85205
Phone Number4804159762

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