South Coast Solar review

Customers have been able to "go solar" with South Coast Solar's assistance since 2007. We take great pride in being a SunPower Master Dealer and providing our customers with access to the world's finest solar panels. Customers pick us because we have earned a solid reputation for treating them fairly and honestly and providing them with the high-quality materials and expert solar installation they need.

South Coast Solar overview

Customers have been able to "go solar" with South Coast Solar's assistance since 2007. We take great pride in being a SunPower Master Dealer and providing our customers with access to the world's finest solar panels. Customers pick us because we have earned a solid reputation for treating them fairly and honestly and providing them with the high-quality materials and expert solar installation they need.

What South Coast Solar has to say about itself

South Coast Solar has been in business for more than 14 years, making them an accomplished Electrical Contractor in the fields of Energy Storage and Solar Panel Installation. We're a SunPower Master Dealer, so you know you're getting the greatest solar panels available anywhere. We know how crucial it is to back up our high-quality goods with expert installation and maintenance. That's why we safeguard your solar system and property using expert methods and top-tier supplies.

South Coast Solar Review

Year Started2007
Service AreasSC, LA, GA
Service TypesSolar panel installation, solar system design and engineering, solar activity monitoring, maintenance and repair, energy storage and financing, consulting services
Types PanelsMonocrystalline and polycrystalline photovoltaic (PV)
Backup BatteryLithium ion batteries, lead acid, AGM and gel batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA, CALSSA,

South Coast Solar website review

South Coast Solar ( is a recognized South Coast solar energy firm. Their website showcases their offerings, experience, and sustainable energy dedication. South Coast Solar's homepage is clean and aesthetically attractive, demonstrating their devotion to solar energy. The site's style makes it simple for individual and business customers to explore and discover information. South Coast Solar's website highlights its offerings. The firm provides home solar installations, commercial solar projects, and renewable energy consultation to satisfy clients' energy demands. The webpage details solar energy's environmental and financial advantages. South Coast Solar shows consumers how their solutions have reduced their carbon impact and achieved energy independence via articles and case studies. South Coast Solar's interesting portfolio is available on their website. This displays residential roofs and big commercial arrays. Each project record covers location, system size, and electricity produced, enhancing the company's industry expertise. South Coast Solar's contact page improves user experience. The contact form and contact information make it simple to ask about a project, receive an estimate, or get professional advice. Overall, the South Coast Solar website is useful for South Coast solar solution seekers. Its appealing design and thorough content demonstrate the company's dedication to sustainable energy and its capacity to supply dependable and efficient solar power systems for residential and business clients.

South Coast Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $20,000
Payment optionsCash, check, money order and financing options
Payment discountsDiscounts for customers who pay the full amount in advance, as well as discounts for customers who pay by check or money order, discounts for referrals and for customers who pay by credit card

South Coast Solar online reputation

Opinions of South Coast Solar seem to be divided, with reports of both good and bad experiences, based on the customer testimonials that have been supplied. Reviews that are unfavorable complain about installation delays, poor communication, and challenges with repairs or replacements. Long wait times for panels and installations, as well as difficulties passing inspections, have been highlighted by customers. Customers who were not satisfied with the company's slow problem-solving processes that resulted in added expenses and lost time. On the plus side, several customers commended the expertise and professionalism of certain corporate personnel, such Rebecca Olinde. They placed a strong emphasis on clear and effective communication, thorough explanations, and support throughout the process. The successful installation, decreased power costs, and pleasant solar system experience were mentioned by happy consumers. It is crucial to remember that these evaluations only represent the experiences of a small sample of consumers and may not accurately reflect the general caliber of South Coast Solar's offerings. Before making a choice, prospective customers are urged to do more research, contact references, and discover more about the company's previous experience.
"We signed the contract in March and have been waiting for the panels and the installation for over a month, but the worst part is that they still haven't passed inspection in North Carolina. The panels had been collecting dust on the roof. Since the NC county inspector denied their installation, I have been attempting to get in touch with the owner Robert and Charros to find out when they can pass inspection. It was a terrible decision on my part to work for this firm. I haven't seen any results from the solar panels yet since they need to pass inspection first. hence, I have no clue. Next month I'll be responsible for two bills: electric, as I'm still plugged into the grid, and loan installment, since I'm still obligated to make payments while not really utilizing the product. This makes me suspicious of the opinions of others." - Scott
"In May of 2021, I placed an order with this firm for the installation of a solar and powerwall system. The month of August 2022 has already passed, and they have not yet finished the installation. They told me they were going to arrange something but then canceled it many times. I've been informed that the Powerwall is now out of stock and that they expect to get a few units this month. That is something that I have been hearing for the last year. If you are interested in solar energy for this year, you should go elsewhere." - Tony
"I made a deal with South Coast Solar in 2015 to have solar panels installed on our roof. A complete 25-year labor guarantee is included in our Consumer Protection Plan, as stated in our contract. The solar credit on my power bill stopped appearing in July 2021. Someone I spoke with at South Coast Solar said they'd need to inspect our setup in person. in October of 2021, he showed up and informed me he knew the inverter needed to be changed but lacked the staff to do it. I tried to get in touch with him many times in 2022 to set up a repair appointment, but each time he gave me the same lame excuse about not having the staff available to replace the inverter. He recommended that I get in touch with Sun Power (the panels' manufacturer), but Sun Power made it quite clear that they are not liable for maintenance. So, I have been given the runaround. My system broke down, but South Coast Solar says they don't have the "manpower" to fix it. If you need servicing in the future, don't bother with South Coast Solar since they'll simply take your money and forget about you. I have a worthless solar panel installation and wasted 1.5 years of electricity credits. If you care about quality work, don't use South Coast Solar." - Chung
"A solar energy system from South Coast Solar was just installed at my house. The system was installed promptly and competently by courteous workers. Overall, I'm happy with the system and my decision to work with South Coast Solar." - Martha
"I had South Coast Solar build a solar energy system for me not too long ago, and I'm not happy with it. The employees were not very educated, and the installation procedure was lengthy and inefficient. The system's performance has been subpar, and I've encountered many issues already. South Coast Solar is not a company I would suggest to anybody." - Brian
"South Coast Solar did an excellent job installing my system, and I couldn't be happier with it. The whole thing worked out well, from start to finish. Rebekah, the sales lady I worked with, was amazing. She was extremely thorough in her explanations, and she addressed all of my concerns. Rebekah kept me apprised of our progress and the following steps many times. Everyone I dealt with, from the office personnel to the installation crew, was helpful, knowledgable, and happy to answer any questions I had. You are welcome to conduct your own study, but we have spent a great deal of time comparing different solar panel brands and have concluded that SunPower panels are the best in terms of performance, durability, and warranty. After using solar panels for a month, my first bill from Entergy was just $8.55. The only thing I would change is starting earlier. Call South Coast Solar and ask for Rebekah if you're thinking about installing solar panels; you won't regret it. Really appreciate South Coast Solar and working with Rebekah." - David
"The second solar business we contacted for quotes was South Coast Solar. Rebekah Olinde from South Coast Solar made it easy for us and reassured us throughout the installation. The first business that gave us a price tried to sell us unnecessary digital circuit breakers and other "top of the line" equipment. Our installation was delayed, but that was because of problems with the supply chain brought on by the pandemic; South Coast was not to blame. Rebekah and the rest of the South Coast crew have been wonderful to deal with. If you're considering solar energy, this is the firm to go with. Reach out to Rebekah if she can help. You won't be let down at all!" - M. S
"Rebekah did a fantastic job explaining everything to me, and she was really helpful in providing me with everything I needed to apply for finance and the tax credit. Scott was extremely helpful above what was expected when a problem arose with the energy provider throughout the installation process. I have already recommended a number of people to South Coast Solar based on my positive experience with them." - Ledet
"We collaborated with Rebekah on the design of our solar system, which includes battery packs; she was extremely helpful in making adjustments to the system so that it would better meet our requirements. Although the installation was delayed as a result of problems with the supply chain (batteries), she and Mandy did an excellent job of keeping us informed of the developments and accommodating our timetables. The installation went really well, and now everything is operating just as it should. On a clear and bright day, the results that Rebekah obtained from the model that she gave are spot on." - Brian
"South Coast Solar was easy to work with thanks to my salesman, Rebekah Olinde. She was well-versed in the product, patient with my many inquiries, and perceptive to my requirements (both in terms of what I hoped to get out of the system and in terms of the scheduling of my financial obligations). She went so far as to look into a tax issue. The set up was completed quickly and expertly. Everyone I spoke to was kind and ready to assist me figure out the system. Now that the panels are up and running, it's exciting to track their output and satisfying to realize that my efforts are making a positive impact on the environment. The installation of my secondary battery excites me." - Nancy

South Coast Solar Social media
The Facebook page for South Coast Solar ( is a lively and educational space where the business actively engages with its followers and disseminates helpful solar energy knowledge. Visitors to the website may anticipate updates and news on South Coast Solar's most recent initiatives and accomplishments. The business displays its expertise and professionalism in the solar energy industry by posting images and details of its successful solar panel installations. The Facebook page serves as a forum for knowledge and information exchange. South Coast Solar provides information on solar energy trends, new technology, and energy-saving strategies. This could contain texts, manuals, and films that aid website visitors in comprehending the virtues and potential of solar panels. On South Coast Solar's Facebook page, user feedback and reviews are crucial. Customers and other interested parties may interact by asking questions, commenting on the operation of the business, or just expressing appreciation for the solar panel installations that South Coast Solar has performed. In an attempt to provide customers the best assistance and happiness possible, the business actively replies to comments and messages. The Facebook page for South Coast Solar demonstrates the organization's professionalism and dedication to solar power. It provides access to information about goods and services as well as a forum for discussion, idea sharing, and the growth of the clean energy community. The South Coast Solar Facebook page is an invaluable resource for finding out more about the business, its work, and its success in the solar energy sector if you are interested in solar energy and searching for details on a reputable and competent service provider. account not registered
YouTube channel not registered

South Coast Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews994.7


South Coast Solar Pros & Cons

  • Provides a wide range of services
  • Uses high-quality, efficient solar panels
  • Offers financing options
  • Installation costs can be expensive
  • Batteries are not included in many packages
  • Not available in all areas

South Coast Solar Final Conclusions

Customer opinions on South Coast Solar's overall performance and reputation are conflicting. While some reviews are complimentary, complimenting the professionalism, expertise, and effective installation, others are critical, pointing out problems including delays, poor communication, and difficulties in repairing or replacing. It's crucial to remember that these evaluations only reflect a tiny sample of customer experiences and may not be representative of all of South Coast Solar's clients. Prospective clients are urged to do more research, seek out more advice, and get in touch with the business directly for more details. It would be beneficial to take into account a wider range of customer and testimonials, as well as aspects like company history, industry certifications, and any additional awards or recognition they may have received, in order to form a thorough opinion on South Coast Solar's overall performance and reputation. A more accurate evaluation of South Coast Solar's total performance and reputation will be obtained by doing due diligence while reviewing their services, which includes contacting them personally and inquiring about their procedures, warranties, and customer support.

South Coast Solar locations

Main Address2605 Ridgelake Dr, Metairie, LA 70002, United States
Phone Number5045297869

4 local offices

South Carolina – Columbia 1219 Bluff Rd, Columbia SC, 29201
Louisiana – Metarie 2605 Ridgelake Drive, Metarie LA, 70002
Louisiana – Metairie 2605 Ridgelake Dr, Metairie LA, 70002
Georgia – Gainesville 301 Green St NE, Gainesville GA, 30501

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