Sunco Energy Solutions review

Sunco Energy Solutions is an ESCO (energy service business) that offers full audits, designing, installation, and maintenance of energy-saving systems. It assists commercial, industrial, and residential clients in making their buildings more eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

Sunco Energy Solutions overview

Sunco Energy Solutions is an ESCO (energy service business) that offers full audits, designing, installation, and maintenance of energy-saving systems. It assists commercial, industrial, and residential clients in making their buildings more eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

What Sunco Energy Solutions has to say about itself

Putting the consumer first, Sunco Energy Solutions uses advanced technology to provide our customers with affordable solar and energy storage solutions. Our staff of qualified engineers and technicians has extensive experience in planning and designing systems for both residential and industrial applications. We are pleased with our reputation for offering advanced energy services tailored to each customer's specific requirements.

Sunco Energy Solutions Solar Review

Year Started2004
Service AreasFL
Service TypesDesign and Installation, Energy Efficiency Solutions, Electrical Services, Monitoring Solutions, Grid Services
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and AGM batteries.

Sunco Energy Solutions website review

Very little can be learned about Sunco Energy Solutions by visiting their official website. The information shown is limited to contact details. It seems the site's primary purpose is to educate visitors about solar energy in general, rather than to promote the business itself. There isn't enough there to determine whether or not you can trust the site. Sunco Energy Solutions' website does not inspire confidence and provides few useful details.

Sunco Energy Solutions price policy

PackagesComplete Home Solar System: Starts at $19,995, Grid-Tied Solar System: Starts at$14,995, Green Heat Pump System: Starts at $6,995, Outdoor Solar Lighting: Starts at $999, Sunco Energy Solar Panels: Prices vary per panel, Solar batteries: Prices vary per battery, Solar Inverter: Prices vary per product, Solar Pool Heating: Starts at $3,995, Solar Attic Fans: Prices vary per fan, Solar Security System: Starts at $1,999
Payment optionsCash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover cards, PayPal, credit card, and check.
Payment discounts10% discount for new customers, 5% discount for seniors, 10% discount for military veterans, 5% discount for customers who refer a friend, 10% discount for customers who pay their bills in full, 5% discount for customers who sign up for a budget-billing plan, 5% discount for customers who link their account to AutoPay.

Sunco Energy Solutions online reputation

The majority of customer reviews for Sunco Energy Solutions have been favorable. Customers have complimented Sunco Energy Solutions for their knowledgeable and accommodating personnel, prompt responses, and selection of high-quality products. On the other side, some people have complained about how expensive the services are and how few customizing possibilities there are. Nevertheless, Sunco Energy Solutions offers clients high-quality energy solutions that are created with their best interests in mind, despite these criticisms.
"If you have elderly parents, take this review as a caution from me. My 85-year-old in-laws were taken advantage of by Sunco Energy Solutions. My 85-year-old in-laws fell victim to the salesmen's persuasiveness and signed a 20-year contract without their knowledge. That's a serious crime! They had no idea they were signing a contract, and the salesman didn't bother to clarify what they were signing. My spouse's parents signed the document thinking it was only a letter of intent. When my sister-in-law phoned the main office, she was transferred five times before anybody took any action. Sunco Energy Solutions did the right thing and terminated the agreement right away. This is something that might happen to your parents if you don't warn them. Elderly people are very receptive and defenseless. Advise them to avoid buying from any door-to-door vendors. Do your homework on these solar energy providers before making a hasty choice you'll come to regret." - Romeo U.
"If you don't want your home leaned on, don't allow these individuals in! We wanted to hear their proposal, so we welcomed them in. We told them to come back and explain how it would be implemented, and that we would at least CONSIDER the idea. They were on my roof a few days later!! Don't let on what they're up to! Nothing was signed by us!!!! Telling them to get off my roof was a must. After that, it was a no-brainer to call it off. My agent just informed me there's a lean on the home we're trying to sell. We DO NOT have panels to gather electricity, contrary to popular belief. Infinite energy, you have my eternal gratitude." - Marvin N.
"What a terrible business! Something about it just didn't add up. They told me I couldn't find a better bargain elsewhere, and when I did, they charged me $2,000 to cancel. Be cautious and seek many quotations before making this commitment. If you work with a trustworthy firm, solar energy may be fantastic." - Ramon W.
"Your claims concerning covid are complete nonsense. The guy who knocked on our door didn't wear a mask, and he didn't even bother to get the one he'd left in his "car" when I requested him to. I won't say who it is because I don't want him to feel singled out or lose his job. This can no longer continue. Not wearing a mask was my INSTANT red flag; no one likes it when a stranger walks up their driveway and starts chatting to them or tries to sell them anything without giving them at least 6 feet of personal space. Absolutely not! We are unable to proceed with you and your solar firm at this time. Your "covid memo" should be updated to reflect the reality that you do absolutely nothing to ensure the safety of those around you." - Ricky L.
"They get a gold star from me since at least my panels are shown. However, the solar panels were erected and the system seemed to be operational when we signed the work completion contract in March 2020, but we have yet to get any power from the system. But....they haven't been able to get solar permits granted. Since Sunco Energy Solutions has already been compensated, I can only assume that they are ignoring our corrective notice from the city inspector, without which we would still be waiting for solar to be operational. Still waiting for this horrible job to be finished, and who knows what Sunco Energy Solutions thinks of it at this time." - Jaydon R.
"Since Sunco Energy Solutions does so much community service, we learned about them. We had the best possible experience with Philip as our representative. Very competent and well-versed in all aspects of the system. We had a lot of questions, and they were all answered. They even broke out exactly how a TruUp works. While we were shopping around for quotes, no other businesses mentioned this." - Byron V.
"The Company Is Great. Really Great Help. I'd have them come see my granny. They have a great deal of integrity and expertise. They are very knowledgeable about the equipment they offer and set up. I can't say enough good things about the work they did for me. I've utilized them on many times, the first being the installation of a high-quality solar power generator made in the USA that features Sun Edison components and SMA inverters. The effort put into this project was unmatched in excellence. I also have a home automation and security system set up. They picked up a technology bundle that met all my requirements while remaining inside my budget. I think I may soon be their greatest admirer." - Alec M.
"I researched and spoke with three different solar firms before deciding on Sunco Energy Solutions. The quality of their installation was excellent, but what really sold me was that they were over 40% cheaper than the first estimate I had gotten, and around $5,000 cheaper than the second. Sunco Energy Solutions did all the footwork to get the municipal permits and HOA permission for me, since I live in a complex with a HOA. It's smart to shop around for the best price when making a purchase of this size, but if you can only choose one, make it Sunco Energy Solutions." - Jamari H.
"Sunco Energy Solutions's system has been approved for operation. The whole operation ran well and quickly. True story: I've never previously encountered service quite like this. We began looking at solar panels last year. Three huge solar energy providers were contacted for price estimates, and each one of them made me feel like I was just another number. Zack at Sunco Energy Solutions was really patient with us, and he clarified everything and kept us informed as we worked. Sunco Energy Solutions's price strategy allowed them to easily outcompete its competitors in the solar industry. The installers and surveyors were prompt, polite, and thorough in their work. I've decided with complete assurance to suggest these individuals to my friends, family, and neighbors." - Bryant F.
"I had Sunco Energy Solutions energy come out and set up a security system with cameras and an alarm, and they offered to teach me while they were there. Although I was initially nervous about hosting so many guests in my house, everyone turned out to be wonderful and considerate. Sunco Energy Solutions has my highest recommendation. David and Nick performed a fantastic job of communicating with everyone involved." - Orlando B.

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Sunco Energy Solutions Pros & Cons

  • Sustainable Solutions
  • Savings
  • Knowledge
  • High Upfront Costs
  • Limited Availability
  • Poor After-Sales Service

Sunco Energy Solutions Final Conclusions

Sunco Energy Solutions has been operating in the renewable energy sector for over 40 years. Solar panels, wind turbines, and cogeneration systems are just some of the energy options they provide to both home and business clients. Sunco Energy Solutions has been in business for many years and has earned high marks for the quality of the services they provide.

Sunco Energy Solutions locations

Main Address11420 US Highway 1 #104, North Palm Beach FL, 33408
Phone Number5618414141

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